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Alien: Covenant ..... The Story So Far!

Alien: Covenant ..... The Story So Far!

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DeaconMember10324 XPJan-13-2016 3:46 PM

I am starting this Topic to discus the Plot of Alien: Covenant as it unfolds, and to use information that was released after the COVENANT Name Change.  So we can gradually discus how the Plot Thickens as more information is released from now until the Movie is out and try and peice together what we feel the movie is going to be about and what path it will be taking us down.  I only wish to try and use information released after the Alien: Covenant Name Change... but we can draw upon other information released prior if any new information released after the Alien: Covenant Name Change supports it.  Feel free to add any extra information and discus what you feel the movie is going to show us based on Official Information released.

Plot Synopsis

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created in ALIEN with ALIEN: COVENANT, the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with PROMETHEUS -- and connects directly to Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world -- whose sole inhabitant is the "synthetic" David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

Confirmed Cast

Update: 30 January... Noomi Rapace (Shaw) will not be apearing. (or may not be shooting in Sydney).

Michael Fassbender (David* plus another role?),  Katherine Waterston (Daniels),Demián Bichir, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smolett and Callie Hernandez, Alex England

Danny McBride, Billy Crudup (Both in Talks)


Harry Gregson-Williams

Concept Artwork:

Wayne Haag


Additional Plot Information (Not included in the Synopsis)

*The Movie will take place 10 years after the events of Prometheus (year 2104+).

*The World the crew of the Covenant will arrive at will have a Evolving Creature that the Engineers or their Technology had a role in its origin.

*The Movie will try to answer who made the Beast (Xenomorph) and for what reason.

*The hints seem to be that it was a Bio-Mechanical Bio-Weapon and it will explain that.

*There will be all 4 Stages of the Beast (Xenomorph?) Egg, Face-Hugger, Chest-Burster, then the Big Boy.

*The movie (or sequels) will re-introduce the Alien (Xenomorph) back into the Franchise.

*Ridley feels the Franchise did not fully explore the Creature, and that without that Creature based of HR Gigers Work the movie Franchise would not have worked.

*The Movie will have 2 sequels at which time by the end we shall know the Xenomorph Origins and why the Space Jockey got to LV-426 or at the very least why/how did he get that Organism inside him.

*They will be comming in from the back end and will eventually reach Alien via the back door.

*Elizabeth Shaw will play a minor role at very least in the Next Movie, but there is not explantion to why.

*David will be reprising his role and that of a Doppelganger.

*The Emphasis seems to be on the David the Covenant finds as Synthetic.

*The World the Covenant finds is a scene of Disaster.

*The Movie will be shot in New South Wales, with Shooting Locations and a lot of work done in Sydney at a Movie Studio (Sydney Fox Studio).

*The Movie will feature Monumental Forest and Monumental Rock and the rest will be in the studio with fairly Formidable CGI.

*Micheal Biehn added in a interview about Alien 5, that both movies are set in similar theme, but that they take place on Different Worlds and Aliens is set THOUSANDS of years after Alien: Covenant.

*The Movie would be on the same tangent as Alien 5 but they would both be treading different paths, and Alien 5 goes out next after Alien: Covenant and seems they know more than they let on about Alien 5 Title, but Ridley then said it would be a Alien: Prefix but after both movies we shall see how the bus is being driven... pointing to some connection between both movies?

So feel free to discus of add information to the above and try and draw up any ideas of what you think may be happening as far as Alien Covenant mainly....  but if you wish how it could connect to other movies both past and future to the Franchise.

Update * Mid January 2016

*There will be a Chest Buster Scene that would be more gruesome than the 1979 Original

Update * End January 2016

*Alien Covenant is casting Extras aged between 8-40 who are either Very Small and Thin, or Very Tall and Thin but who also have to be very Strong and Athletic and skilled as Acrobats, Contortionists and the like.

*Noomi Rapace (Dr Shaw) may not be apearing in the next movie.  (But this could mean not part of the shooting in Australia)

Update February 16 thanks to Enoch333

Wayne Haag Confirmed to be working on Some Concept work as of Fall 2015 and Harry Gregson-Williams to be working on the Soundtrack

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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NeomorphMember1602 XPFeb-19-2016 12:55 AM

Enoch333: I disagree, for example they had new ships in Star Wars if you look at the different movies so why wouldn't they be able to do so in Prometheus? Designs improve and so on so it could be done in Alien Covenant also but I understand what you mean.


Yes the characters are the main worry, the design of the ship and so on was good. I hope that they will pay some attention to what people disliked about Prometheus.


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 8:22 AM

Fingers Crossed they do.....

Here are problems Prometheus had.... these would kind of sway to what i would see as Problems.

*Pacing... the movies pacing was off and it was not a long movie which a extra 40 Minutes would have made all the difference and effected the next point!

*Characters... there was little effort put into Characters we could attach and connect with, ok you have Characters that dont matter but the ones that was supposed to, they did not give enough time to develop them into a way we was supposed to care. So only real Characters they did make effort with were.... David, Shaw, Holloway, and Janek and also Vickers and Weyland to a degree.

*Characters PT2... they did not make good use of Characters... the movie had to many like trying to be clever tongue in cheek gags and bit Goofy/Cheesy...  it was not seriously written like Alien... Aliens had 1-2 Characters in this Cheesy way but it was done right considering the use of other Characters... in Prometheus, more than what was needed was done in a Cheesy way for a Serious Sci Fi movie.....

Then we had Milburn and Fifield... and the lets pet a space Cobra....  now the Spaights draft the Characters behaved more realistic but in a boring way... Lindeloffs draft they was better written and had better explanations for what was happening.

So the Shooting Draft was where things where changed for the worst.

*The movie was too ambigious, and connections not thought out... we dont need Spoon Fed Answers but it was far too incoherent in some aspects.

*The movie in connection to above, could have gave a bit more light on Xeno DNA connections and connections between Xeno and Engineers.... but i guess a 2nd movie could have done that... but what if there was no 2nd movie? And also they said a 2nd movie would steer away from such things... leaving the Xeno/Engineer connection a bit of a mess for some to figure out.

some of the unused concepts would have helped, and just that few more seconds looking at clues and odd vague comment pointing to a few things... like how it was done well with Janeks, tale about Nuke a Science Lab due to a outbreak comment!

*The movie needed to use better effects to portray our Engineers so we see them as 10ft+ Race, but no Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Special Effects were used and we could clearly see the Engineers were nowhere near as big as the Space Jockey the scale was all messed up, mainly with the Last Engineer and Human interaction scenes... but the Ghost Scenes too... where the keen eye would see they appeared only 8ft Tall.

*EDIT/CUT this is the biggest problem, there was a better cut to be had, they way some scenes were changed for some reasons that then meant others had to be cut as it would conflict with the other edited scenes, left the movie a mess.


However it seems Fox and Ridley have felt here are the main reasons that Prometheus failed to a degree..

*Not enough Xeno DNA that people could connect with the 1979 movie Alien

*No explanation to how the Xenomorph came to be, and how it ended up on the Derelict.

*Movie went to deep into Religon/Mythos and Gods connection of the Engineers, rather than about a Alien Race who have deadly Bio Weapons and why.

*Movies clues where to ambigious for people to understand and connect to Alien Universe.

*Movie lacked Lead Characters that Alien and Aliens had... again David being the exception.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 8:47 AM

As far as Ship Designs......  Everyship in Alien Franchise looks a bit different, i dont think they have to keep a certain style...

They never give the movie much thought and consider all contridictions  before they release the Plot...

Originally it was to be on LV-426 they changed this to a near by LV-223 so we can get some kind of connection to Alien, but not have it the same World.... in doing this it meant they was off to a System some 39 LY years away in Zeta 2 Reticuli..

whats the problem with that?  Nothing? Apart from the Ship Design....

Prometheus was in its prime, (yet Viral site claims it was 20+ years old) it was a very high tech peice of engineering, and Ridley claimed the Nostramo was like older in time of Alien and seen more use and also was less quality.... i guess they saying Prometheus was a 4-5* Hotel.... Nostramo was a 2-3* Bed and Breakfast lol

But Nostramo was built in the year 2101..... but the Quality is fine... i mean they never had the Technology in 1978 to produce futuristic looking ships interiors as they can now... but the Nostramo and Sulaco both looked very good....

The problem came with the Speeds.....  Nostramo seemed able to Travel to Earth at a rate of near 50X Light Speed... the craft was launched in 2101....  while Prometheus was launched in 2072 and so i guess the Prometheus 30 year difference would allow for the fact it was only able to travel 20X Light Speed...

So again not much of a Problem.......

But with Covenant is where they now face such a problem....

Is the Covenant going to be aesthetically pleasing as the Prometheus inside and out, or more like the Nostramo?  or maybe kind of in the middle?

HOW FAR..... is Paradise? This is the KEY QUESTION.... one i hope they have really thought about.... The Synopsis says on the far side of the Galaxy... well thats 10's thousands of light years!  But Prometheus was going to a place in the darkest part of the Universe... well thats vastly futher than a Galaxy yet they went just 39 Light Years.

But we cant read into that much because as with Paradise being Dark and Dangerous.. it may mean as far as Sinister.... so LV-223 was one of the most Sinister places in the Universe.... as yes it was a place these Engineers were making something deadly and evil to use on Earth.

Determining how far Paradise is... has impact to how Logical the Movie would be...

This would then have to fit in with the few Questions... that could effect the Design of the ship....

1) When did the Covenant leave on its mission to Paradise.

2) Where is Paradise Located in Light Years.

The movie is set in the year 2104 by the time it arrives... if they have the ship had left about the same time or prior to Prometheus and Paradise is vastly futher away...  we then have to hope they take into account the Speed of Prometheus and that it can cover upto 20 Light Years per year.... unless they explain why Prometheus took so long to get to LV-223 because we would assume a dying Weyland would want to get there sooner rather than latter...

If you have a illness and have weeks to live and never been to Australia... and its your dying wish.... why would you travel from the USA or EU by Boat.... surely you would want to go by Plane!

So i hope they take into account Ship Design as well as Age, and Technological Range.....   i.e we have to assume Prometheus Class has a Range of 200 Light years over a time of 10 years.

This is Covenant set out the same year as Prometheus, and was of similar Technology then it should mean Paradise would be about 200 Light Years away.  If Paradise is futher then i hope they have it that Covenant leaves after Weyland is dead i.e after say year 2095 and simply in the year 2091 the Technology for faster ship than Prometheus did not exist and by the time it did Weyland would have died.

Or Yutani for example had better ships but would not let Weyland use them... this i think would be silly....

Anyway we cant look into Weyland Viral site for to much information because Mankind had traveled as far as 1600 Light Years before Prometheus was ever Launched.... so if thats true then well they had ships that should got to LV-223 in weeks. Easy!


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 8:57 AM

As far as the Plot...... i hope this movie or the next two cover these important factors.

1) Are there any Engineers or Hierarchy on Paradise when David arrives, if so what happened to them by the time Covenant arrives... if there are none when David arrives then will we get clues as to why not...  And if there is no one to answer Shaws Questions, how do we get some of the answers... There are ways to do this with no Engineers.... but it would be a shame to never see a Engineer or Hierarchy again in the franchise... even if its Ghost Engineer Scenes.... but i feel to make the movie work and next movies they have to show us a alive Engineer or Hierarchy.

If not surely they cant dangle the Engineer Carrot and never explore it... like with the Space Jockey when we saw this Giant Being in that Chair and no one never explored who he was, where he was from and why he was there and with that Cargo.... until Prometheus attempted to answer this Question.

2) Explain to a degree what happened to Shaw.... maybe we never see how David gets put back together, and how Shaw could survive the journey i.e Cryo Sleep... but i think by the next 2 movies they have to say what happened to her they cant have David not mention it... maybe he dont to the Covenant... or says she never made it... but be nice for the audience to get more clues to why and what happened.

3) They have to cover what the Hell happens to LV-223 from between 2094 and at very latest 2150 i.e when Hadleys Hope was set up....  as LV-223 is surely a better place to make a Colony.... unless

a) LV-426 has some Minerals etc to Mine that LV-223 has not!

b) The plan all along was to get the Colony infected with the Xeno... which would then mean they have to explain how the company knew about the Xeno life-cycle and surely LV-223 has much more Treasures than just a Derelict ship with a Egg Cargo.


These are just as important as...

This is how the Xeno was made, this is how the Xeno got on the Derelict and this how the movies link to Ripley...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 9:34 AM

Now i dont think we need a Spoon Fed way of getting Shaws Answers for how the movie seemed it was going.... prior to Alien Covenant and we dont need Shaw to be there for the answers... here are the Questions Prometheus raised *!  here are ones Shaw wants to ask *? some of which overlap.

*? Why did the Engineers play a role in our Creation?

*? To then want to destroy us or change us with the Bio-Weapon on LV-223?

*? The Engineers were Mortal but played a role in our Creation, but who created the Engineers?

*! Why did they leave clues to LV-223 for Mankind?

*! What was the LV-223 Engineers Agenda, and its it different to the whole Engineer and Hierarchy Agenda?

*! Better Explanation for why and what purpose LV-223 had, was it always a Bio-Weapons Fa****y?

*! Why did the Engineer never come back to LV-223 or Earth to finish the job?

*! Did those Engineers or Hierarchy (on Paradise) know about Mankinds Creation or Evolution and did they know LV-223 was being used to create such Evil Biology?

*! What state is the Engineers/Hierarchy Culture in as of the time David arrives at Paradise and what became of such a Advanced Ancient Race?

*! The movie was losely hinting at God/Creation/Worship and Mythos connection to how these Engineers were seen as by Ancient Man... Ridley made refferences to Fallen Angels, and the Tale of Paradise Lost....  are they going to loosely show us why these connections where vaguely shown?

*! Where are any Engineers now? are they all gone?

*! We need a bit more information on the connection to LV-223 and Xeno DNA, did it Originate from LV-223 or some place else, and what Genetic Connection on LV-223 was there and when/how did that come to be on LV-223?

*! Ultimatelty be the end of the Franchise, we have to know how the Xenomorph came to be and what purpose did it have for the Agenda of the Engineers/Hierarchy!

What we really dont need to know is.... why the Goo was going to be used and what happened to the Space Jockey because the answers would be answered when trying to adress the above.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 9:47 AM

So yes we never had to get Spoon Fed Answers....

They even dont have to show what happens from when Shaw has David Head in that bag and body and to when David Arrives at Paradise... the notion that he would be put together would tell you something had to happen without having to explain it..

Same thing with the Space Jockey, by answering some other Questions we can get to know what happens, without showing the Space Jockey Alive and on that ship and then the loading of the Cargo or Evolving of the Cargo and then how he got infected and then Chest Buster and what happened to the Chest Buster...

None of those have to be shown to know what happened depending how other Questions are answers and clues... same would be with David on Paradise as to how he got there.....  the only thing is they would have to explain in a way why Shaw is not with him.... especially if in future movies she plays NO ROLE at all.


We dont have to be spoon Fed, Originally Shaw never had to get Answers directly.. shes not gonna have to find a bunch of Engineers or Engineers Creators who then say, well we created those Engineers some Rebelled and wanted to Harm Mankind.. Blah Blah... not in a way that would tread closer to a Engineer re-telling of the Bible Creation, Rebelion Tale etc. Not too Literally...

it can be done in other ways....

Lets look at Prometheus... what Questions was they trying to find out...

* If these Star Maps in Ancient Culture lead us to that place LV-223 will we find evidence of our Creation and Creators?

* Will we find out why we was created and meet these creators?

* If indeed the Star Map does lead to a place where some beings are who played a part in our creation ...Why did they stop comming to visit us?

They never found a group of Godlike beings who said... hi welcome children yes we created you, and for this purpose and this is why we never came back etc...

Nope!  We found out they had played some part in our creation, Genetically they match, they never came back because they are all dead by the looks of it....   They had fallen victim to something Horrid a Bio-Logical Threat.... they they had created, that was intended for us... but it back fired.. got out of hands and destroyed nearly all of them...

Only one left alive, who apeared to hint that Mankind was not invited to this place, they also never come from this place and that what ever they was doing on that place as far as the Evil Bio-Weapons it was intended for us.. and this awoken Engineer then resummed the mission that they had intended to do thousands of years before...

I think just how they got those Answers that raised Questions... is how if think Shaws new Questions should be Answered but in a way that Answers some of the Ambigious elements of Prometheus and then lead new Questions that a next movie could answer...

But now it seems Alien Covenant is a new direction, we cant be sure how many of these things would be adressed!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1602 XPFeb-19-2016 2:33 PM

Big Dave:


I didn’t think about the pacing that much but they would have needed more answers.


The characters were really disappointments. Most of the characters were just boring unfortunately/badly written. Exactly some of the characters that were important but that I didn’t care for much were for example Shaw, her boy friend (what ever his name was), and Weyland.


Milburn and Fifield is a chapter in itself. I didn’t like them at all, they just seemed stupid. Maybe they were not that fun in the Spaight’s script but at least they made more sense. What ever if they were better explained in Lindeloff’s draft if they were explained like crap in the final movie?


Yes it was too ambigous, they didn’t need to give us spoon feed us answers but having the story being more explanatory. I think that they should give us some more answers to the Xeno in the next movie not going some other route. Sure we don’t need a pure Xeno movie but at least we should be given some more answers.


The Ghost holograms were interesting but the explanations to the Engineers could have been a lot better. I think that it was really dumb to not give subtitles to the Weyland Engineer conversation since it would explain Weyland’s motivation (something that I have discovered later what the conversation was about because the movie didn’t explain that conversation DUH).


“However it seems Fox and Ridley have felt here are the main reasons that Prometheus failed to a degree..

*Not enough Xeno DNA that people could connect with the 1979 movie Alien

*No explanation to how the Xenomorph came to be, and how it ended up on the Derelict.

*Movie went to deep into Religon/Mythos and Gods connection of the Engineers, rather than about a Alien Race who have deadly Bio Weapons and why.

*Movies clues where to ambigious for people to understand and connect to Alien Universe.

*Movie lacked Lead Characters that Alien and Aliens had... again David being the exception.”


It seems that they have understood the main problems, which is what they need to see in order for things to improve.

Sure the ships can look different but they can look at different designs that exist in reality but of course imagination is good too when they shall look at space ships and so on.


I didn’t mind that it was set on another planet, that was alright. Of course one can get technical about the ships but I am not sure if the people in general that watched the movie cared about that (the science geeks probably did).


Yutani is a part of it but I have never thought that she was very important in the Alien franchise. I never looked at the Weyland web page because I don’t think that you should need to do that much work yourself in order to understand what the movie is about. Here is another thing that they made a mistake with before Prometheus was released.


Since Paradise seems to be important to the Engineers it would be nice if there are some left in order to see how their society is made up and so on. Some live Engineers would be better than holograms because they already tried that which wasn’t very convincing.

Leave the explanation about Shaw to be told briefly just let David say something about her and leave it at that.


I think that they should show some connections between LV-223 and LV-426. Hadleys hope was on LV-426 and not LV-223 as far as I know but I can be mistaken about this. The company probably knew about the Xeno by Alien (1) so how is the connection between that and what happened with the colony in Aliens? Maybe the company planned these colonies by the time of Prometheus.


We could get some of the answers to Shaw’s questions but maybe not all just these that are the most important to understand the story.


As far as David getting his head back they just need to show that it happened not how because honestly I am not that interested in that issue. When we see him getting his head on we can assume that he talked her into doing that.


Sure they got some answers but that raised more questions that were something that was bit annoying. I am not sure if this is a Lindelof way to write things but I understand that some people get annoyed by it.


Alien Covenant should give us answers to questions that were put in Prometheus otherwise it would be lame. I think that Ridley and Fox understand that people want answers or else it is good bye to Prometheus. The movie will probably go into a new direction and I guess that it will be for the better even though it might not be 100% satisfactory.


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 3:45 PM

Yes by pacing i was refering to the movie seemed rush from point to point where as a little more time spent on some of the Characters could have made the Audience feel connected to a few a bit more... there was some on the deleted scenes and Lindeloffs draft did flesh them out more...

Have you read Lindeloffs draft?  You will see afterwards that Ridley and Fox made a mess of the movie and not Lindeloff.... Stupid Scenes... well there was good explantion in Lindeloffs draft...

I was going to re-write Prometheus make it a movie that was better to see on Paper... i was not going to re-write the lot... just what would i have done if Ridley Scott showed me the Spaights and Lindeloff Drafts and asked me to do a re-write and then i would not change much....   I would Cut 10% of Lindeloffs draft... i would add about 20% Spaights... then add another 20% that would Tidy up Scenes and be less ambigious..... for a movie that on Paper would add about 40 Min to the running time...

But i never got round to it....

But to be honest when you read Lindeloffs drafts you will be like, yeah sounds pretty good.... not much you would add unless you wanted a Xeno Fest Movie.

Its the way the movie was Finally Shot and Edited and Cut that made the mess of things... I dont think Lindeloff is to blame much apart from some dialog being a bit Goofy and Cheesy... Its how the draft was put to screen thats the Problem.

A lot of Ambiguity was in the Visuals too, but Lindeloff said the Answers are there... and by that i think its the Dialog that gives the Clues, such as Shaws "there was a outbreak" and her "its us" when she looked at the DNA and Janeks comments about the Mission he had to Nuke a Facility because some Scientists Spilt something.  Other comments like Davids "sometimes to create one must first destroy" it the Dialog that gives the most hints, than the Visuals....

I feel the Visuals could have been less Ambigious but is anyone but Ridley to blame for this?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 3:51 PM

Spaights draft was on LV-426....  While his Plot Devices were more coherent  and thought out and Characters acted in a more cautious way, they was all a bit bland.

Lindelof did a better job in evolving things... only they became a bit incoherent   and he added a bit too much Goofy Elements to the movie... But i dont mean the Fifield and Milburn getting Lost and trying to Pet a Space Cobra... these were not in his Draft.

But we dont know whos Draft the Final Shooting draft came from... was it another by Lindeloff or did Ridley and Fox re-work his Draft into a Shooting Script that well they messed up....

I completely dont know really where Covenant is going.... the clues and Synopsis seem a U-Turn.... but then the Shooting Locations, Micheal Beigns Comments and Noomi Rappaces Reaction to if she is part of the movie... all hint to maybe some elements of what we had thought we was going to see could still happen.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-19-2016 4:07 PM

I could throw a few good ideas around.......

*I think we have to see Flash Backs of the Engineers, hopefully more than the Sacrifical Scene even extended one... but we dont have to focus on them in detail...

*I think we could do with seeing a Engineer or few, but with the Alien Covenant U-Turn i feel there are none left to speak of... but i would think there had to be some remains of them prior to Davids Arrival.

*I would think there was more going to Shaw and David, but we dont have to see every aspect... we saw the Juggernaught leave at the end of Prometheus and we have to the  assume.

a) It was Shaw and David, in which case Shaw put him back together or must been some way David needed Shaw to be able to Pilot the Ship.

b) As above but only David makes it to Paradise, which means David must have been assembled more as how can a head get rid of Shaw? and be greeted by the crew of Covenant.

c) The Juggernaught at the end of Prometheus was not the one David and Shaw was heading to take... but this would just be plain stupid.

*But since the U-Turn like how we never saw David and Shaw and how they managed to take off on the Juggernaught, we dont have to see the Gap Between Shaws SOS and the Juggernaught setting off to Paradise?  We dont have to see what happened during the Journey...

Shaw is not in the movie, yet she first played a minor role...  the movie is set 10 years after Prometheus... with a Evolving Creature... I think it would be a good idea if the crew find David alone.... but then he later shows them Shaw and says she became ill on the journey and needs Medical Assistance...  and what if we see Shaw gets Chest Busted...

This would leave us wondering... how the hell did this happen... and also where are the Engineers..... i think this could be left ambigious so the next movie via Flash Backs could show that David has unleashed Hell on Engineers and Infected Shaw...

*Covenant name has to play a role... i would like to see it as a Agreement between David and Engineers, Shaw and Engineers or in the past Engineers and there Agenda to visit Earth and Destroy us... a Pact to reframe from something.....

What i dont want to see is what it seems we are going to see.

*Daniels as a new Lead Lady... with 2 more sequels how can she be one to play the Lead Role... unless she goes off to another World for similar answers to what Shaw wanted...

*Xeno Movie Fest.... we have 2 more after Covenant... how much screen time to Xenos do we need... and what of the aftermath of a Engineer Homeoworld... no Engineers, a Crew of a Colony Ship.... Xenos unleashed and killing off lots of the crew... and what at the end... Daniels would survive... what about David and what side or role would he play..... and how can they do another 2 more movies if there are no Xenos left.... if there are then how does Daniels survive the next two movies?

*Ripley... yes Ridley said there are links to Ripley but its a big suprise... he has a very big suprise and plans for how we find David on Paradise and also the Ripley link.... i hope any Ripley links are vague... and are a distant relation..... i.e Mother, Father, Unlce, Auntie or Sister...  and i hope its not Daniels...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1602 XPFeb-20-2016 4:51 AM

Big Dave: Yeah I have read Lindelof’s draft and even though the characters were less good than in Spaight's draft they were at least better than what we see in the movie. As far as stupid scenes they seem to have some explanation in Lindelof’s draft even though they were inferior to what Spaights did.


It seems to me that Lindelof explained Weyland better than what we see in the movie.


As far as a Xeno movie goes well I would add a bit more Xeno to it but maybe not much. I would probably have had other kind of monsters in it. Yes I agree that the way they edited it made it worse than what it could have been. Important scenes were cut and in the end you end up like “what was it that I saw?” and it makes little sense.


Spaight's dialogue was better but than the dialogue that Lindelof did but eventually Lindelof's was better than what we see in the final movie so I put it in this order as far as dialogue is concerned:


  1. Spaights
  2. Lindelof
  3. Final movie


Maybe Lindelof said that the answers are there but they are not satisfactory and too vague. They should have cleaned that up after Lindelof re-wrote it. Perhaps there were some answers in the visuals but to believe that people will understand the story from vague visuals and some dialogue if it is vague is maybe to believe too much as far as how much attention people pay to things. I don’t say that viewers are stupid but I say that you can’t stay extremely focused throughout the whole movie something that Lindelof’s draft required (even less so than the final movie). The visuals should have been less ambiguous but I am not sure if Ridley is the only one to blame because maybe Fox had its part in it also, even though Ridley also played a part.


I guess that those to blame are 1. Fox 2. Ridley 3. (and much less) Lindelof


Spaight's version wasn’t perfect but at least it was better than Lindelof’s and what we finally got. It wasn’t a perfect movie but I would have preferred if they had more of the Spaights script although in a modified way so a higher percentage of the final movie would have contained more of the ideas that Spaights had.

I didn’t know that the Fifield and Milburn fiasco and them getting lost was not in his script. I wonder where these dumb things came from? Alright so Lindelof is not to blame so who did these stupid decisions? We will probably never know the answers but I am still curious to know about that.

As far as where the Covenant is going well I don’t know but I prefer to be surprised when I see that but the visuals is not the most important thing. The characters are the most important thing at least to me.


From reading this message board I can see that many people have interesting ideas not only you but other people as well. What if some of these ideas make it into the final movie, that would be cool although I doubt that a lot of it will be there.


The Engineers: I hope that we will see more of them since they seem to play and important role. Maybe some people want to see more of a Xeno movie but since they played an important part in Prometheus it would be a shame to totally get rid of them because if they do the risk is that it will just become another Xeno movie. The Engineers (as well as the characters in general) must be made interesting or else it is done.


If Shaw isn’t alive in the movie I think that they need to mention something about how she died, I think that David could tell it in some way. Maybe David could show Shaw in some hologram so she isn’t there in person but she is there so to speak. This might work at least she should be given some importance in Alien Covenant although she shouldn’t be the main focus by far. Didn’t you say something about Rappace’s reaction when they asked her about Prometheus 2? Maybe that is what her answer (or non-answer) means?


OK so David might create hell for the Engineers but why would be kill Shaw? This is something that I don’t understand.


I think that Daniels might be interesting and maybe she will be the one that will get some of the answers that Shaw asked? I think that this could be alright if they make Daniels an interesting character. Maybe some people would be disappointed by this but I wouldn’t.


Hopefully they won’t make this into a pure Xeno movie although they could have more Xeno elements in it (we have already seen them in four movies + the Deacon). I think that Daniels should survive depending on if they make her into an interesting character.


The Ripley connection: I don’t think that it needs a lot of work. Maybe some character that has got a fairly small role could be a clue to this. I know that Ripley was an important part in the Alien movies but she should not be the main focus in the series from Prometheus to the Alien movies especially if they plan to do some more Prometheus movies. It seems that Scott likes to surprise people and would having Daniels as a relative to Ripley be too obvious? At least I think so.


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-20-2016 4:26 PM

Very good posts Dave and Thoughts Dreams.

I wanted to ask you something about Prometheus filming that might have some relevance to Covenant.

Not so long ago, I came across this really good article on our SCIFIED about Prometheus filming in Spain (I knew about that) in Alicante and Ciudad de la Luz, but two years ago when I watched almost 4 hours long excellent do***entary (Furious Gods) about Prometheus filming, there wasn't anything about Spain at all or anything about the scenes of that type (water and beach)...


So, in this topic many of you discussed about those scenes that were filmed in Spain for almost full three months (which is oddly long time; you could film whole movie in that time)... We know that yacht scenes were never filmed but we have them in screenplay... But what if they had something more (that wasnt on that script) that is going to be in sequel... Maybe Ridley filmed significant part of second movie there and now he is going to complete filming for second and third movie and publish two films in a short period of time... Maybe Rapace filmed her scenes back in Spain...????

What do you think??
Dave forgot to mention this...! :) :)

Remeber the Ridley's interviews back in 2013, when he said that the script for second is already ready...(source
Here is the article to confirm this:

So what the hell happended???
Now is 2016. as far as I know... :)

He said back in 2013 that Peglan finished the script... maybe Green and Logan togeher with Peglan wrote the second and the third by now...?
Maybe Ridley all along planed to shoot all those three sequels back to back...??

Big things have small beginnings.


NeomorphMember1602 XPFeb-21-2016 4:58 AM

Enoch333: "But what if they had something more (that wasnt on that script) that is going to be in sequel... Maybe Ridley filmed significant part of second movie there and now he is going to complete filming for second and third movie and publish two films in a short period of time... Maybe Rapace filmed her scenes back in Spain...????"

I think that I remember that in a way but I honestly don't know. Just because they are shooting some scenes doesn't mean that they will be in the movie. Even if they shot these things they might have changed their minds about it but if they keep them in Alien Covenant it will help as far as the release of the movie is concerned because then they already have some material but then the scenes need to make sense.


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-21-2016 5:27 AM

I agree with you! All I wrote are just my speculations (I doubt they are correct)...
but who knows.

Big things have small beginnings.


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-21-2016 2:01 PM

Some updates for crew: Dave add Chris Seagers as Production Designer (100% correct information) and  Roger Gillespie as Head Plasterer for Alien: Covenant (thats new info).
Tim Giessauf (Linkedln link) will serve as Production Runner (SFX Production Assistant) in Alien Covenant (also new info), Dan Walker - Concept Artist (worked on Martian and Star Wars ep 7)... 

Damien Drew - Art Director

many more soon! :) :) 


Chris Seagers

Roger Gillespie
 (Linkedln link) 

Tim Giessauf


  1. James Farrington – Pre-vis Artist, Shot Creator
  2. Jason McDonald – Visual Effects
  3. Andrew Chan - Assistant Art Director
  4. Mary Barltrop – Location Manager (from October 2015; for Australia)
  5. Genevieve Blewitt – Soft Furnishing Lead
  6. Belinda Cusmano – Set Designer (Chris Seagers is her Chief)
  7. Francesca Sabeto – Prop maker
  8. Sara Joyce – Props maker
  9. Stuart Brown – Creature & Vehicle modelling, Shot creation and Compositing
  10. Gloria Bava – Tailor in Fox Studios, Australia
  11. Warren Harrington – Second Assistant Accountant
  12. Rebecca Vujanovic - VFX Coordinator

P.S. Many of the crew can be found on LINKEDIN!!!

Big things have small beginnings.


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-22-2016 5:25 PM

Dave, add Demián Bichir on cast list ;)

Big things have small beginnings.


OvomorphMember81 XPFeb-23-2016 9:52 PM

I find it very interesting (I'm Australian) that Ridley is filming in Australia. One thing I found very strange in Prometheus is that the Australian Aboriginal peoples were not listed amongst the ancient star map examples of the ancient peoples of Earth. The Australian Aboriginals left paintings and etching up to forty five thousand years ago. These predate almost all other renderings and contain celestial maps, alien like likenesses and very strange humanoid imagery. I look forward to seeing if this history makes its way into Covenant.


OvomorphMember81 XPFeb-23-2016 10:07 PM

Looks familiar?

look familiar?


OvomorphMember81 XPFeb-23-2016 10:16 PM


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-25-2016 9:12 AM

Four new cast membersAlien: Covenant Adds Four More To Cast! From left to right: Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smolett and Callie Hernandez Alien: Covenant Adds Four More To Cast!

Alien: Covenant Adds Four More To Cast! From left to right: Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smolett and Callie Hernandez


Big things have small beginnings.


NeomorphMember1602 XPFeb-25-2016 11:05 AM

Enoch333: Is it OK for you to put links to where you get your information from? This would make it easier to see if there is some truth to the information since everything that is written isn't correct but at least it seems interesting.


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-25-2016 11:09 AM

I only post verified infos in this topic... ;) and Hollywood reporter posted this info as usual...

Big things have small beginnings.


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-25-2016 6:48 PM


WOW.... yes that surely would fit... we can see last image to depict our Engineers, and others Xenomorphs... i know they are not... but they do look just like they could fit within the whole Alien Engineers Ancient Aliens Concept that Prometheus was pushing.

@Enoch333 will update the information thanks ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember8 XPFeb-26-2016 3:33 AM

One more cast member... :)

Billy Crudup

Big things have small beginnings.


EngineerAdmin21074 XPApr-18-2016 4:22 PM

We can now add that the Trilobite and Giant Head Statue will also be appearing in Covenant!


NeomorphMember1602 XPMay-09-2016 11:02 AM

It seems interesting Chris, I wonder what kind of function that they will have? The Trilobite was an interesting part of Prometheus.


DeaconMember10324 XPMay-10-2016 7:13 AM

Will update the main Topic, but i will cover changes here.

*We now know the movie is set after Prometheus as far as Time-frame of the Covenant mission, due to the Logo Weyland-Yutani the Merger has happened prior to the Covenant Ship leaving for Uncharted Paradise.

This means the Ships Crew Departed we have to assume at least a year or two after Prometheus and a year or two prior to Alien Covenant, we dont know Facts yet and so we can only assume the Merger has happened between 2094-2103  with maybe a 2095-2100 being around a ideal Ball Park.

*The Covenant Ship or a Lander/Shuttle lands on the surface of Paradise, but it is destroyed. How and when is unknown...  Due to a attack by Xeno related Organisms?  By Engineers? Or by a Member of the Crew or David as a Sabotage to Prevent the Crew from leaving Paradise... or something else leaving Paradise?

*Head Statue, we see they are producing another that looks a bit different but who is to say that similar markings ( cuneiform)  will be added later.

Is this Head Statue on LV-223 and so someone visits LV-223 or is it a Flash Back on LV-223 maybe thousands of years ago?

Is the Head Statue found on Paradise, or shown as a Flash Back on Paradise thousands of years ago?  We dont know at this point.

As far as the Trilobite its only a hearsay, there is not comments from Cast or Crew or Photos on Set to suggest  if this is real or not....

What we do know is that Xenomorph style Monsters will appear and (i have heard Fassbender joined shooting weeks latter than rest of the crew and that the Xeno-suit Actors started shooting last week).

so as more information comes out maybe we can find out more....  The Trilobite Scene was supposed to be shown and also reports of Weyland-Yutani Security Shooting at something...

It was all vague and so we cant be sure if there is the Trilobite or similar and if its a event Post Covenant Crew arrive or a Event on LV-223 or a Event thousands of years ago... as at the moment the Trilobite can not be confirmed.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-09-2016 2:11 PM

I definitely want a darker tone and look to the set, like Alien. Possibly with a little "dry heat" for comfort.


FacehuggerMember127 XPJul-12-2016 8:03 AM

To the OP, where is A:C going?  Who knows; it seems to have changed a few times!  Ideally, the story is what do Shaw and David find, which is the "Origin of the Engineers" (as opposed to the "Species"- with apologies to Darwin).  But we have this other ship and crew, and the fact that it's going to take several movies to get there (hopefully), as we "backdoor" to the original Alien movie. 

For me, Prometheus (with all it's faults) raised more interesting questions, than the original Alien franchise (which spun way off track, due to many reasons as covered here).  A:C may do the trick yet again, taking us in another direction that eclipses Prometheus (he said hopefully).  Who knows.

As to characters/crew in space.  Isn't it a bit ironic, that in this century, only the best and brightest are selected for space travel, as opposed to the visions presented here, where commercial exploration brings out the "dregs" of society?  The concept of who would "throw away" their life by crewing one of these ships.  Well, historically, the explorers of the past came from all walks of life, some with "nothing to lose" to be sure.  Some drawn by greed, or a lust for high adventure.  Some one step in front of the hangman! So now we just have these swashbucklers, with science degrees.

Personally, I think I would probably go into space, if given the chance.  What is it that you would cling so tightly to on this planet?  You live, you die, end of story.  The chance to get off-world and see things, do things, learn things never before imagined?  You bet.  But as always YMMV. 

As to character development, especially Milburn/Fifield.  First of all, being a former military guy, the concept of someone just saying fuggit, I'm out of here, and returning to the ship, is alien (huh) to my concept of the chain of command.  You don't just let guys quit willy-nilly as they please.  Then their actions once they go rogue are really strange, unless Fifield shares with Milburn and they are both smoked.  But yeah, in general, you are left wondering WTF at the actions of a lot of these characters some times.  Sometimes tight editing leaves out the rationale for their actions I suppose. 

Speaking of character development/where the storyline could go, consider DNA re-combination, as touched on by A:R.  Would it be possible for black goo to combine with human/engineer/whoever DNA and create/re-create life forms?  So many possibilities here.  For example, how about some of Janek's (or Chase, or Revel's) DNA combining with black goo, from the collision/explosion above LV-223 at the end of Prometheus. Or what would black goo do with organic/mineral material, once spilled all over the planet?  Not to mention what would happen if the deacon drank some.  That's a real **** sandwhich for anybody that ignores Shaw's warning and diddy-bops down there.


You would ASSume that's where A:C is going, with David (and Shaw?) bringing a cargo-load of that **** with them; the assumption is it somehow combines with other DNA (whether by accident or purpose), and then cue in new ship and crew.


What's interesting is the black goo seems to cir***vent the lifecycle of the original Alien species, being able to combine directly with foreign DNA for results, making eggs, facehuggers, gestation/chest-bursters obsolete.  But all these things are back by popular demand? 






DeaconMember10324 XPJul-12-2016 9:29 AM

It seems Alien Covenant is set to touch upon the Xeno more than planned Prometheus 2 had... but indeed needing 2 more movies after Alien Covenant to get to Alien does leave a lot of screen time to just purely explain how the Xeno was made and why.. and the Space Jockey what happened to him.

As far as what happens to the Goo when its spilled out and effects organic/mineral material, the Fire and Stone comics may have that Answer.

They worked with Fox and Ridley close... and the Source i had about Prometheus 2 said those comics should not be classed as Canon to the Franchise of movies but what was shown in the Comics is pretty much what would happen under the same cir***stances.

And so yes the Goo would evolve and create and effect plant life too, i am not sure about Synthetic Material though..

Apart from Material that is very Alien and Part Organic i.e HR Giger inspired Bio-Mechanics... maybe the Goo can evolve that sort of material?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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