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Is there any hope for the prequels?

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NeomorphMember1566 XPJan-06-2016 1:18 PM

I'm very sceptical of where Ridley and fox are going to take this story with ALIEN: Covernant. I'm interested to know how you all feel about it.

Are you feeling positive or negative about it?

The poster was good though!


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XenomorphMember1318 XPJan-06-2016 4:28 PM

Very positive. They really can't mess it up for me(unless they change the location from an alien world to a Wal-Mart!....."Saw the Xenomorph in the toy section! Get him!! It's headed towards women's clothing!!  Blam! Blam!").

Space suits, Space monsters, Spaceships! Can't Wait!

But..If I was an investor...I would be concerned and would want to see a plan. I'd not give them a dime until I saw a rough script for 3 movies.


EngineerAdmin22765 XPJan-06-2016 5:46 PM

I'm hopeful for the franchise. I think Ridley and co. have a relatively solid plan in mind now that John Logan has revised the script. All in all, I'm feeling pretty positive about it. I mean, either way they take the story at this point it will please fans. Either focusing on a closed end like the Xenomorph or expanding into new territory, either approach will make fans of either film happy. 

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TrilobiteMember9516 XPJan-06-2016 11:35 PM

I share your anxiety. I remember before Prometheus was released speculation about what the movie would reveal about the Engineers and the Xenomorph envisioned many crazy and creative possibilities, yet when the movie was released what we got was very little ultimately. I found the movie ignored key beats that would have made for a more enjoyable film and in terms of the narrative, all we got was an "ambiguous" goo and tall, bald proto-humans. All fans will know of Spaihts script and how much of it remains in the movie, leading to the confusion for average movie goers that this was a direct prequel to Alien, which was just another faux pas imo.

Ultimately, though visually stunning, Prometheus was a huge let down for me. Regards Ridleys return, I find him a director of extremes - sometimes he nails it such as with Black Hawk Down, other times he screws up royally, such as with Hannibal. I feel with Prometheus we got the Hannibal Ridley, lets hope for Covenant we get BHD Ridley.


FacehuggerMember143 XPJan-07-2016 8:24 AM

Yes Gavin huge let down but only because it could of been so mind blowing - right ideas poorly executed...But they have learnt there lesson and part 2 will be the come back - I am hopeful!


Black hawk down :O erm not quiet his best film but far lets hope for alien RIdley! The martian was promising deffo better than most of late from him...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


FacehuggerMember425 XPJan-07-2016 8:59 AM

I'm not sure how to feel about the prequels. Prometheus was a pretty big let down to me and instead of answering questions it just brought up others. Now supposedly the next movie will address the xenomorphs but we'll see. As of now not really expecting too much.


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-07-2016 2:14 PM

The answers could be stairing us in the Face.... Literally...

Let take a look at Alien and ill try and be as quick as i can lol ;)

Blah Blah Blah... (main story) then we have this Alien Ship, and its Dead Pilot that seemed to been there for a Very very long time... he was chest busted and in the Cargo Hold was Eggs, we see the events of one of these Eggs that infects Kane and we see the 3 stage Life Cycle of the Xenomorph...... after we see these events, we pretty much can safely assume the same happened to the Space Jockey......  

Futher movies explored the Xenomorph, they added the Queen to show us how the Organism Procreated, which then led us to conclusions of how the Eggs got onto the Derelict but in a way that does not mean they was laid by what ever Chest Busted from the Space Jockey, they could have been laid by Queens and placed there... we simply dont know...

These Two Mystreys was what Prometheus was originally planned for and that was who was the Space Jockey (Race) and what connection did they have with the Xeno Bio-Weapon and those Warships... (Derelict).

This is where the Prequel started, while it was not showing us exactly the event of the Space Jockey, it showed us how a SIMILAR event could happen.... the Plot showed our Space Jockeys had created and experimented on a variety of organisms related to the Xeno-Biology... and the movies climax could have led to the Space Jockey..... or a similar event had happened thousands of years ago on a different area of LV-426.

The other Plot they showed us was the Space Jockey Race was a Humanoid Ancient Race who had played a part in the creation of life on Earth and Mankind, and vistited us over and over.

It is this Plot that Fox and Ridley felt they should explore, and tone down the Xeno Elements as we allready have seen the Xeno done over and over, and the Race Behind the Xenomorph and the Tech they used to created maybe the Organism, and Mankind and indeed various forms of Life thoughout the Galaxy was a Epic and Bold Plot they wanted to concentrate on..

We got Prometheus... that tried to show us the above, while giving enough small clues that the Engineers/Space Jockey was the same Race, and they both played a part in Experiments related to the Xenomorph and that the Ships had the same purpose....  The movie left clues but also did so in a way that was not really coherant... a lot of flaws and holes was left.. this is Lindeloffs style for you, full of half explained and abandoned stuff and contradictory ones.

These led the movie to be a disapointment, people just never got it... and for others, they was disapointed that it did not explain the Xeno or Derelict and had no Xenos in it and the Xeno at the end was a disapointment (they would understand if they studdied the movie in depth).

Ridley and Co started ideas on what to do with the Sequel... which was to follow Shaw and David and there search for the Engineers homeworld for Answers... Shaw had her Questions and David has maybe his own Agenda... this is where we was going..... Ridley had hinted after Prometheus they never wanted to show God in the first movie, but we shall see them in the next movie and that they are not a Benevolent Race....  And David was bringing Hell with him.

Latter Rappace had said that they are going to do a 2nd movie where they are to search and find God, but maybe they find the Devil... Ridley hinted Paradise may actually be nothing like Paradise at all.. and more of a Hell.

He had hinted that the Xeno had been done to death, and they wanted to explore something else.

Fast Forward more and Ridley mentions the Engineers as Fallen Angels, and he goes on to sugest they had some dark Agenda for us and that the Sacrifcial Engineer Scene was a sign of Good being done, and the LV-223 Scenes as Bad being done.... 

We fast forwards to this year in the Summer after a long time of no information... and again Ridley then mentions Shaw and Davids mission and the dynamic and potential for dialog and story and chemistry between how and when Shaw puts David together, and when she does that she is basically at his whim.... she knows David is dangerous but he is very persuasive.

Ridley said they want to explore the Biological connection between the Xeno and its Origins but they want to introduce a more fresher form in the next movie, as the Original had been done over and over. He mentions how in the Paradise Lost that the Fallen Angels have the most Fun.

Ridley then still brings up the Engineers and Fallen Angels connection and mentions Paradise Lost Poem.... then he changes the Name to Paradise Lost, he mentions how Paradise was always a dark world in his mind, and even said at the time of Alien they had the idea LV-426 was Paradise....    Ridley then mentions the theme for Paradise Lost now with Alien: Prefix follows theme of Paradise Lost Poem, he mentions how in Miltons Epic you have guy who is attractive and gets all the girls and goes to all the clubs, while another is not as attractive and stays at home doing nothing.

Ridley then told us that if the Engineers are our forerunners, then who made it possible for Worlds they Seed to be able to support life, for planets to be in the right place, the right distance from the Sun, is this just coinsidence etc..... and he even said some Scientists now Question if the Big Bang was a Accident? and so if so where is the Big Guy in all of this...

They want to eventually answer the Questions in Alien and show us why these Engineers made such Evil biology and for what purpose and by the end of the next few movies we shall find out this and the Xeno and all the Answers.

=====> Then we get a Change of Plan... we get Alien: Covenant, and a Plot that seems to miss out the Engineers, and Shaw, and only has David on a World all on his own, and a Colony ship the Covenant arrives, but on this World they thought would be uncharted Paradise what they find is disaster and that there is something evolving on the World created by the Engineers or there Tech...

Ridley then sugests they want to show us who created the beast, where it came from and why and that they also want to show us by the time they finish a now 2 more Alien Prequels after Covenant,  who made the Xeno and why and eventually get to Alien and why the Space Jockey was there and what happened to him.

The movie will show us seeds to the Xeno, we shall see all 3 stages of the Organism in the movie.... and it will re-introduce them to the Franchise.


We are going to now get 3 movies... before Alien... not Two... and the next we shall see the Xenomorph in all its 3 stages, yet before they was not going to show us this at least not until the very last movie..... Now we get to see the Egg, Face Huger, Chest Buster and Big Chap... they are going to show us the Xeno.... and then we have 2 more movies to follow to bridge the 18 year Gap from Covenant to Alien... 2 more movies to deal with the aftermath of David and the crew of the Covenant?  Xenos?  and maybe no real signs of Shaw or the Engineers?

Then we have Alien 5 that will introduce the Xeno again and deal with Engineer Tech, and no doubts that means Alien 6....  all these movies to COVER THE XENO?

WHEN... Prometheus set us with a bigger picture of who the Engineers are, and that is a Ancient  Race who Create and Evolve Life not only on Earth, but all over the Galaxy.... and some other Force or Hierarchy that can manipulate or even create Worlds and stars to allow for this to happen....

Big Bold Theme....

Are they going to TRASH all of that to give us 3 Prequels to Alien that covers the Xeno... and then 1-2 sequels to Aliens that does the same....

I dont think so....

Covenant to me.... is to the Franchise just as say Rogue One will be to Star Wars... that movie bridges the Gap between SW EP 3 and 4.... i think Covenant bridge in part a Gap between Prometheus and Alien 5..... and that the next movie would cover the events after Prometheus and prior to Covenant and indeed events prior to LV-223 outbreak....  and whole Engineer Agenda...

Covenant is a movie to take advantage of the antisipation for Alien 5, to cash in on that and Evolve the Story to give us the Xeno Clues now.... so that Alien 5 can do its own thing without spoiling anything if these answers was left for the final Prometheus movie.... and after this maybe Fans would lose interest in Alien 5 and Weaver would be more older.... so they slot in some of those answers now...  then Alien 5 can touch upon Engineers... and then after Alien Covenant and Alien 5 we would see more of a connection between the Engineers and Xeno and maybe get fans interested in finding out about the Engineers...

Thus the next two movies after Covenant can then take care of that...

Thats my Hunch...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPJan-07-2016 5:14 PM

Positive! The next one should be awesome! Multiplies androids? Hack yeah!



DeaconMember10416 XPJan-07-2016 5:36 PM

That would be interesting and we did have a leak before about Multiple Davids.....  But a source i had way back in March did say latter about May time that we would not be seeing a Army of Davids... which means there could be more than one... but not many.

Fast Forwards months and Ridley did say David will play the Android in multiple roles, and has a doppelganger and thus there could be TWO Davids or we see David in TWO Forms.

More clues could well add up to Two Davids, as far as time frame.. the movie is set after Prometheus 10 years after, and same person (costume designer Janty Yates ) who informed us off that, she also said that the new Space Costumes for the Crew are new and only David wears the older type.... this means the Covenant is a ship that is newer than Prometheus and departs some time after Prometheus.... there is thus potential that this ship also has a synthetic onboard?

But we cant garuntee this.  Another possible answer is that the David on Paradise or where ever the Covenant lands, may not be the same David from Prometheus... and maybe that David and Shaw are off someplace else? and so the company had another ship inbound to Prometheus or set off after?   But i do kind of think that when the Synopsis sugests the survivor of the doomed Prometheus mission, then it could well be David from Prometheus.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPJan-07-2016 7:08 PM

I'm confident we'll get a really fun movie out of this, but then I thought Prometheus was really fun.

I'm glad this is in Ridley's hands, it'll be interesting and beautiful at the very least, and it's bound to depict some hideous things. We're certain to get a movie worthy of the name Alien, which is more than can be said for the majority of the franchise. Just don't expect another Alien. That won't happen.

If they manage to make this truly scary and still intellectually consistent with the best of the franchise, they will have performed a miracle. I would expect tension and revulsion and paranoia, yes, but not primal jump scares. Not a movie based on them, anyway.

There's more to these stories now, Alien worked on the level it did because it was simple, and novel. But there is no novelty left for the Morb and its antecedents, now. So I expect to be disturbed on a different level. No matter what, I expect to be entertained. I have more hope for this than any of the things Blomkamp seemed to be planning. What a kook.


XenomorphMember1318 XPJan-08-2016 6:15 AM

2 Davids....But who is to say they are both androids? What if the Covenant David is flesh and bone? Maybe he worked on the original David and they used his likeness.

David Collins worked on the original David 1...he left the firm in 2078 to explore the galaxy aboard the starship Covenant...David 4 had just begun production.

With Cryo Sleep they could be the same age.


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-08-2016 8:16 AM

I like how you delve into your own ideas MonsterZero... its interesting concept... however its kind of similar to Weyland of Alien 3 who Bishop was based off.. Still could be interesting.

The time frame of events is set 10 years after Prometheus so the year 2104, the costume designer did say only one of the old suits would return and thats Davids, and the others are new....  This however does not mean New as in the Timeline of the Franchise...  the Engineers Pilot Suits etc they was New Design based off the Space Jockey but looked a little different, these suits despite being a new design as far as Production and Costume Design team as well as Engineer Pressure suit underneath could actually be suits set in a time before the Space Jockey... they certainly older than 2000  years.

So new Space Suits designs could mean that, it does not have to mean the Suits are set in the year after 2094 at all,  they could be set from years before Prometheus... and also with regards to the Covenant we cant say for sure that the ship is Produced after the Prometheus mission in 2091....   We have to assume its either a ship that is not as advanced or on the same level as far as FTL as the Prometheus or that it is a ship that would not be ready for Maiden Flight as of the time when Prometheus left our Solar System.....  as if not then we have to ask why would Weyland want to travel on Prometheus if a other ship could reach LV-223 before the December 2093 Timeline

If we look at David in more detail...

Prior to the Plot Change we had the following...

* David was in two peices, the Prometheus David would have needed Shaws help to put him back together again.... Ridley hinted that Shaw is reluctant but has no choice and David is very persuasive.

* We had the Multiple Davids Rumour, that had to be taken as a Rumour and no more... and the source i had agreed we will see more than one David but not to expect a Army of them... which seems to hint at a few Davids.....  but again the source can only be taken as Rumour like the other leak of Hell on Earth Muiltiple Davids too. (which my source says there is no Hell on Earth).

* Ridley then teases that he has big plans and something SPECIAL instore for how David manages to get to Paradise in one peice and not in two peices.... now Special has to be more than a simple stitch his head back on? seems Ridley is hinting at the way David is in one peice again could be something very interesting.

Then we had the Alien Covenant name change and new Plot...

* The Covenant Crew find "Synthetic" David on his own, the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus mission..... if we read into this...  then the emphasis is on SYNTHETIC!  and it pretty much points to who they find is David from Prometheus... now in one peice and with no sign of Shaw.....  the costume designer informs us that there is this David in the Prometheus style Space Suit.

* Ridley then hinted that Fassbender would reprise his role in two forms of David, and we would see a doppelganger.   If we look into this, then it confirms there would be Two Davids.... but this could mean either.

1) Two Androids... one from Prometheus the other from another Mission (as Costume Designer said there is just one Prometheus style Space Suit worn by the once headless David).

2) Two versions of David, as in at some point something happens to David 8 Android and he becomes a new version of himself.....

3) We cant rule out the   doppelganger indeed being a Human version of David....

If we look at the other points of the emphasis on SYNTHETIC! David that is found by the Covenant and how Ridley has something Special instore for David....

This leads me to TWO CONCLUSIONS..... that is that One Form of David is not EXACTLY SYNTHETIC!

Thus we must have....

a) David 8 that upgrades himself at somepoint into something less Synthetic (something that Fire and Stone had covered with its Android ELDEN after the Black Goo was used on him).

b) As you said MonsterZero... the other David is not a Synthetic, and thus is either Human that David was based on but then we have to ask if this is the case is it the first David Model, as that was 2025 and so by 2104 if we assume David based on a Age of 30 to 35 then the David that the Android was based off would be 109 years plus and please no more Old Man Makeup Fassbender.... i dont think they would do that.

But then how do we know that each Generation of David is different looking and if so then a David 8 likeness would have been in the year 2072 or just before as thats when David 8 Pre-Orders had started.... which would put a Human likeness at the age of about Mid 60's.

However indeed we can still play a Human David at the age of about 40 within the timeline if this David is in Cryo Sleep and is on some long mission, if the mission has set out in the year 2070+ then it would be on a Ship that we must assume has similar FTL capabilities of Prometheus and thus about 20 LY per Year Travel which could mean by 2104 this Ship carrying the Human David counterpart could have Traveled upto around the 600 Light Years distance....

(funny enough the Source i had sugested that the World Shaw and David are going to is located at near the Galactic Centre and 600 Light Years from Earth..... this puzzled me as the Centre of the Galaxy is 25'000 Light Years, they then said its located halfway between Earth and the Galactic Centre... which i then thought was 12'500 Light years and not 600).  It was only a month or so latter when they gave more detail and said the System is within the Constelation of Ophiuchus which then made sense... as its near the Galactic Centre as far as the Ecliptic goes.

Futher information i then studied as far as Ophiuchus  is that its within the Dark Rift, Galactic Centre  of the Disc of the Galaxy and not as in close to the centre of the Super Massive Black Hole at Centre of the Galaxy.  The place is also refered to as the Gate of the Gods and Serpent Bearer...)

This source information as i said cant be taken as FACT!  However Ophiuchus  system is mentioned in Paradise Lost and has a lot of connection with God, Creation the secret of Immortality in various Religons and Cultures and connection with the Garden of Eden... and low and behold there are a number of Stars with Planets that are within that constellation that are at about 600 Light Years distance.

But we cant take that as Fact at all.... but going back to how another ship carrying a Human likeness (or Replicant) of David based on the likeness of David 8 at a age of in 30's would if they left in the 2070's on a Ship whos FTL is not faster than Prometheus would indeed reach near enough 600 Light Years by the time of Alien: Covenant in 2104

The other explanation is if this Human likeness was what David 1 was based on in 2025, then  the first Major FTL ship  had been produced within the year 2034 the Heliades Class which we have to assume is not as fast as Prometheus... but there is nothing to sugest a Human that David was based off could have set off in the 2030's or early 2040s on such ship on a Long Distance mission....  and thus a 65-70 year mission which if we assume the Heliades Class  can travel upto Half Prometheus Speed would give it a range by 2104 of between 500-600 Light Years.

Again using various assumptions on Heliades Class Ships Speeds and time a ship could have set off to Paradise... and using Prometheus ships FTL Speeds and similar Spec Ship setting off after this class was produced and finally also the FTL Speeds of the Nostromo Class that was produced in 2101 and thus 10 year span all seem to put a Range of 500-600 Light Years.

Maybe just Coinsidence?

So yes we can not rule out a Human that David was based on, leaving either in  the 2030's or 2070's on a Mission to Paradise.... it cant be ruled out... and it would fit in with the something special planed for David or Fassbenders Character in the movie...

When Covenant was announced i had discussed many times the synopsis to me read that the crew of the Colony Ship had been setting of for a World that was like a Paradise, and thus a Potential Earth like World, that could be settled with little or no Teraforming...

And that surveys had detected the potential for this and a mission that would be a long distance one that would take a very long time could be what we are seeing.....  and in the duration of Travel from Earth to this World.... by the time they get to this World which happens to be Paradise... the World has seen Disaster maybe at the hands of David?  But also we have to consider that a World say 500 LY away, if its Sun was to Super Nova today... we on Earth would not see that Stars Light stop, untill 500 years time.

Thus as far as Multiple Davids... the Clues add up to either.

A) David will evolve himself into a new form within the movie a non sythetic form (as with Eldon from Fire and Stone Commics).

B) A Human that David was based off is on a Mission to find a new Earth like Paradise and is on a ship in Cryo Sleep on a Long Journey of 30-60 years.

Considering Aliens and the shock how Ripley survived 50 years in Cryo Sleep, i would assume that the David 8 is based off a different likeness to older models and thus the Human counter part had set off on the Covenant in the late 2070's or 2080's no a 30 year Mission that would thus cover 600 Light Years.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-08-2016 8:33 AM

Major Noob ...

I am going to make a Prediction for you based of what Ridley had said and changes and as far as Alien 5 and i wont use what (the source had said) about Old Plot..

The Sci Fi Genre usually gives us a few themes...

1) Action, 2) Horror, 3) Thriller Ride, 4)Futuristic Science, 5) Breaking (Science) Boundaries and 6) Mystery

* Alien was a movie that mainly pushed for Horror and Thriller it had Futuristic Science and a little Mystery, with minor Breaking (Science) Boundaries (Xeno Life Cycle).

* Aliens was a movie that was mainly Action (as other aspects was known from Alien) it only loosely evolved Futuristic Science and Breaking (Science) Boundaries 

* Alien 3 was a movie that went to Thriller aspect again with tones of Horror and pretty much never evolved any other concepts.

* Alien R went mainly the route of Breaking (Science) Boundaries with Action movie, that loosely contain Mystery

* Prometheus was a movie that was all about Breaking (Science) Boundaries and Futuristic Science and the biggest part was MYSTERY with some minor Action and Horror added.

Ridley had then came out and said he was disapointed with the Horror aspect and that a future movie he would want to Scare the Sh$" out of people and push Breaking (Science) Boundaries and Mystery.

Looking at Alien 5 its looking like a Breaking (Science) Boundaries and Mystery with Action thrown in....

Which leads me to think the ideas for Prometheus Sequel would have been Breaking (Science) Boundaries and Mystery with Horror/Action thrown in....

The Plot Change now, seems to send us down the route of the above but throwing in more Horror/Thriller theme in as opposed to other aspects but still Breaking (Science) Boundaries and Mystery type movie.

So i think he would want to show us the Xeno... but i think he would also want to push something new, and something that can Scare us and suprise us like the Original Alien did... but the Xenomorph cant be the answer for this... so there has to be some part or element related that pushes boundaries...

I think Ridley would no doubt want to TOP!  The Chest Buster and Shaws C-Section within the next movie..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1318 XPJan-08-2016 8:53 AM


I think Fassbender would love the human/synth dual role.....(Aliens 3 Bishop synth was destroyed and Bishop human only was a cameo part.....Would have loved seeing them interact....Watching the movie it just seemed logical that synths are based on living humans..probably their inventors or the janitor. lol)

David with a beard and glasses. Maybe half human? Some mutated synth/human freak.

I'm hoping Alien: Covenant is a haunted house(planet) romp!

Need set pictures!



DeaconMember10416 XPJan-08-2016 9:28 AM

Indeed i think we pretty much can conclude its likely he would either Evolve himself into a New Form that is not Synthetic..... or that the other David is not Synthetic where we then get the Problem of how old is this Human David... and which the only Logical way is that he was in the likeness of David 8 either in the 2070's for David 8 model or 2030's for David 1 model.

Thus opens up Travel onboard a ship that would allow for a 60-70 year journey or 25-30 year one.... which the latter i think its most likely.

Can you imagine the Dynamic?  David finds himself stairing at his Doppelganger but a Doppelganger that is Human.... imagine the Emotions David would be going through... in part he would be Jealous as well as he would feel Superior the potential for the Dynamic in such a Scene is amazing....    David 8 is not Unique....  the Human David would be...  and the Human David would be amazed at how David 8 got there and how he seems to have developed a bit of Free Will and is somewhat more unique than the other David 8's which there would be thousands maybe?

This is a interested Plot if it was what is going on and one that would fit in with a Colony Ship hopes to find Paradise but does not.....

But we dont know when the movie is set.. it is set 10 years after Prometheus but this is just the Arrival Date of the Covenant and not its departure Date...

The whole Synthetic and not concept has been done in Alien 3 but never have we seen the Synethtic meet the non Synthetic.

The other option is Evolved David... we have seen this in Fire and Stone, but it could be explored for the next movie as the source said "while Fire and Stone is none canon, the next movie would explore similar themes".

I think this fits in with the Agenda and Story of David, a David who wishes to be more Human in Some ways, but different in others... he wants a SOUL!  and he may want to play God and by Transending himself with the Goo he could achieve this... like Pinocchio, if this is the case i think its amazing idea too.

But also to remember when Pinocchio got his wish... he is then condemed to Mortality... just as Adam and Eve was for taking the Forbiden Fruit.....   If the Goo is a Forbiden Fruit (as the source claims) then there could be a consequence for David..

I think if David Transends himself but then gets infected by Xeno DNA.... and gives rise to the Origin of the Xenomorph this could well work.... but then for two sequels to cover the aftermath?

We also have the Time Difference... but this could be explained via some event that causes a tear in Space that throws David and the Juggernaught back into the past.....  i would not want it to be that Engineers Ships can Time Travel at Will, due to well potential Plot Holes there in... unless No Engineers are left after thousands of years ago... or the few that are, have no intention of acting against Mankind and had made a pact to leave Mankind alone and to its own devises as the War and Rebelion within the Engineer Ranks was too costly and the few that remain decide to make a COVENANT to reframe from using the Bio-Weapon and to also go back to Earth.

These Two Scenerios are what i think could work...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1318 XPJan-08-2016 11:28 AM

I like both ideas.....

I'm just not sure of the Engineers timeline?(who is? probably not even the writers!) Were the opening scenes in Prometheus supposed to be ancient history? 2000+ years ago? Or some ritual they did every day? ("Your turn, get undressed and meet us down by the falls..")

just how long have the Engineers be hibernating? when David woke him....I got the feeling he had been under decades...not centuries? Needed more cobwebs!! A simple question from one of the crew..."David how long has he been in cryo sleep?" Would have helped a great deal.


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-08-2016 4:52 PM

This is the question we have no answer on screen about... yes we could have had David determine the time he was in Cryo-Sleep or even mentioned when they was to go to Earth before things went to Pot as he said.

We know the Outbreak occuried about 2000 years ago, well this is when the one Engineer had lost his head and so the Ghost Engineer scene we first saw was 2000 years ago...

we dont know when the 2nd Ghost Scene happened... but if we take Davids comments as "they was heading to Earth before things went to Pot" as a indication that some event prevented this and maybe then lead to the Outbreak.

I would say that the Engineers had gone into Cryo Sleep again about 2000 years ago give or take... Spaights draft had some details but can we consider it as Canon as far as events go as there was a different kind of reason in that draft for dead Engineers.  (Chest Buster and wounds caused by something that attacked) but the time frame was 1700 years ago for when the Juggernaught was to leave for Earth.

So both drafts and the movie support the claim that what ever went wrong that killed off the Engineers happened thousands of years ago... about Two Thousand to be more precise give or take.

Ridley had confirmed the Derelict had been on LV-426 within a few hundred years of the outbreak on LV-223.

As far as the time of the Sacrificial Scene, Ridley did say that Scene could have taken place on any world and not just Earth... Spaights draft has the Scene as 12'000 years ago but we have to bare in mind his draft was to show how the Engineers Evolutionary Tool (Nano Bugs/Goo) evolved Ancient Primates to become Mankind.  And not the start of life on Earth.

Ridley did say the Derelict/Juggernaught Tech is Millions of years old, and so the Saucer Shaped Seeding Craft is older than this... prehapse Billions of years ago... We have to remember that Lindeloffs draft however as describes a Juggernaught.

So to best answer those Questions here is what we can take from the Movie Prometheus and ignore the Drafts or Ridleys comments.

* The opening Scene is either the start of basic life (Building Blocks) on Earth or the Catalyst for Evolution from Basic to Complex Life thus that Scene was either over 3 Billion Years ago (about 3.5BL?) or depending on a few theories about how single cell life become multi cell life the scene could be set 600M to 1 Billion years ago....

* The Outbreak had occured about 2000 years ago give or take and it would be likely that the Last Engineer entered Cryo Sleep at a point of about 2000 years ago.... But we cant be sure if the Engineer and the other Chest Busted Cryo Pods so the Ghost Engineer Scene on the Juggernaught happened 2000 years ago or prior or after.... but i would assume around the same time.

We however can not know for sure if the Engineer had, at anypoint awoken after the Outbreak and gone about some business and then went back into Cryo Sleep... its just one of the Many Mysteries.

As far as the Ritual of Sacrifice i can try and help with this... Ridley had said that Engineers are chosen for this duty and it is a great duty for them to Carry out, and the selected Sacrifice would like Ancient Cultures be treated as a Prince for a year until the day of the Sacrifice where they would then perform the Ritual which is for the greater Good of the Engineers and their Purpose and Agenda.

Spaights Draft seems to imply that the Cloaked Engineers watch the Sacrifice impassively and so they have no emotion over the event. The Sacrifical Engineer take the substance slowly as if he has reservations.

Lindeloffs draft shows the Sacrifical Engineer has fear in his face as he knows what destiny now befalls him, but one of the Elders places his hand on the Sacrifical Engineers shoulder, and with the other offers the Sacrificial Substance... The Elder speaks to the Sacrificial Engineer as if to say Good Bye.... and so there is more Emotional Significance to Lindeloffs draft but there is a greater cause for the Sacrifice a greater importance...

Ridley said the Engineers are very Ritual in their Culture and while the Sacrificial Scene is not the only way they can create life or spead their DNA... Its the way they CHOOSE to do so.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1221 XPJan-10-2016 2:37 AM

What gavin said

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPJan-10-2016 10:43 AM

It's great to see so much optimism, i really didn't expect it. The main reason i'm feeling so negative about the whole thing is because i thought (maybe naively) that Ridley had the whole thing planned out after Prometheus. Then i start hearing reports of Ridley not knowing where to take the series. Then they bring onboard a writer who would be more suited to writing a new series of beverly hills 90320 (Green.)

We have two re-writes of the script with John Logan being the latest. Ridley seeming to have gone back on what he said about the Giger Alien ("it's cooked etc.")

It all stinks of insecurity to me. I must admit, bringing John Logan onboard to (probably) iron things out, does make me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

However, there is still the fact that this is going to be a prequel to the best science fiction film ever made and how many, if any, prequels have been great or even good?


The poster was good though!



DeaconMember10416 XPJan-10-2016 3:43 PM

I think here is the Problem they had and its the same Problem i had when i worked on my take for a Prometheus Sequel.......

No soon as they opened the Pandoras Box, that the Engineers created mankind, and that the  Engineers are who Ancient Man had interpreted as Gods... and then they threw in a lot of Bible References... and how these Engineers wanted to destroy us... then why create us?  Did we do something to upset them?

Its a Big Bold Plot.... that opens a lot of questions if we take what we saw from the Movie.

If the Engineers wanted us destroyed and are not from LV-223 then do the other Engineers on Paradise feel the same, do they want to destroy us to. If so then why have they in 2000 years not sent a Ship to investigate LV-223.   Was the Engineers on Paradise aware of Mankinds creation or even LV-223.... this would help with some of the problems above poses...

If thats the case of either a) Paradise Engineers dont know about our creation, Earth or LV-223 or b) They did but felt it was not worth there time.   Then we have to ask no soon as David and Shaw get to Paradise then the Engineers would know about us then and that we can use their Ships..

Surely they would want to set out to investigate us... this leads to a plot hole because there are no Engineers in Alien Franchise apart from the Space Jockey... Unless Paradise is vastly far away and David and Shaw dont even arrive by the time of Aliens... that could allow a reason for no Engineer Visits in Alien Franchise..

so these loop holes.... and Questions like.

*Why was we created, to then be destroyed?

*What remains of the Engineers now, why have they not came back?

*How was they connected to us and Ancient Culture (interpreted as Gods)?

These are big themes to explore and Ridley went futher to say the Engineers are Fallen Angels, and also that the Engineers created Life on Many Worlds and Finally hints that they are not Gods, as they did not want to meet God in the first movie but they will in the next.

These are ideas that are hard to cover... if our Space Jockey was like the Predator and just a Alien Race who had some reason for the Cargo or maybe they was off to destroy Earth so they can take over the World, or they wanted us to be used as Hosts for the Xeno or that somehow the Xeno can be used to extract DNA from us in the aftermath...

Then that Plot is easier to tell..... no soon as they went the route that the Engineers are Angels/Fallen Angels, and the likes of other Ancient Cultures depictions of God and they wanted us destroyed for something we had done... then it makes things more harder to cover.

But they must have had a rough idea of where they are going with this.... But its hard to do, as well this was one element of my Prometheus 2 that i just could not get down to a Certain Plot, i had many ideas, and explanations for LV-223 from the clues of that movie that all never seemed to quite give me a satisfying Plot that i felt did not have any holes.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-10-2016 4:19 PM

I think this is why they had to work on so many drafts, and go through two writters and then Ridley confirmed in November 2015 the Draft is Done and Finished, and he did mention the beast was cooked, and it seemed they was more interested in the Engineers and Agenda and who is above them and Shaw and David...

I would assume that they hit a SNAG! When Alien 5 was announced... Fans seemed to be more interested in a New Xeno Movie,  and they may have been disapointed that Prometheus never had any Xenos, and the Xeno DNA was not shown much or the Origins... and the mention that Prometheus 2 could be going futher away from Alien and onto something Fresh...  maybe is something fans never wanted as much.

They wanted answers to the Xeno and how LV-223 fitted in, Shaw wants to know why the Engineers created us and maybe we would explore more to do with the Engineers and what other role they played in the Universe and the Xeno was a small part of it that the movie franchise was trying to move futher away from.... so some fans would have wanted to find out more about the connection between Xeno and Engineers and why they wanted to use it on us and how it was created and what role LV-223 played...  rather than what connection this Bald Headed Humanoid Ancient Gods had with Mankind and Earth and History and what else they are upto...

I think Fox could see the Anticipation that Alien 5 had with fans, compared to Prometheus 2, and also the casual fan would not have understood Prometheus or even made any connection with Alien.. it was just a Lindeloffs Space ;)

Ridley and Fox sat down with Blomkamp and his ideas... and some of them was going to conflict Ridleys ideas with Prometheus 2... we have to assume Blomkamps ideas touched upon Engineer Tech, and where Mankind can obtain it from, the Xeno DNA and Origins, LV-223 who knows but something they was trying to expore related to the Xeno and Engineers, their Technology and maybe places where Engineer Tech and the Xeno are in the Galaxy.

So they had sat down and changed some things that conflicted with Prometheus 2...

Then we get the new Ridley would be Producer for Alien 5 and it was going ahead....  then we have it put on Hold and Prometheus 2 would come out first.....

Finallly after a period of no news, we had some that seemed to back up themes that Ridley was on about before... i.e Shaw and David off to find the Engineers, who was Fallen Angels in Prometheus and we will find out why they created us to destroy us, we would find Paradise is not Paradise and find Fallen Angels and Devils....but yes also maybe touch upon the Xeno a bit. As we would see something Fresher a  Fresher form.

Alien: Paradise Lost was announced, with Production of Fall 2015 and Shooting in January 2016 then March 2016.....  and then release of May 2017

Then a week latter or so we get Alien :Covenant and a synopsis that differs to what Ridley seemd to have been heading for the direction of the movie.  We get Alien 5 on hold... we get a new Writter in to re-write the Plot that is now Alien: Covenant...  and a plot that will show us the Xeno and hint at its Origins...  and a Shooting time of after March/April 2016 and release of October 2017.

This to me seems that Fox realised they would need to Answer the Xeno Question more, maybe Alien 5 has some ideas that if it came out after the Planned Prometheus 2-3 would spoil Prometheus 2/3 well give away ideas....   and if they went ahead as planned and moved Alien 5 to after they have done Prometheus we then have the problem of what if fans get fed up of waiting the Anticipation dwindles.... and especially if Prometheus 2 does not give Alien fans enough Answers or Xeno DNA.... and also after 2 more Prometheus movies.. Sigourney Weaver would be getting on a bit....

So going a Back End route... by revealing more about the Xeno sooner, and a movie that would show the Xeno, even if to a degree would please fans more... it would set up for Alien 5 to then explore and do what it wants with Xeno DNA, Engineers, Engineer Tech and what is left of the Xeno and Engineer Tech in the Timeline of post 2179... without then treading on the toes of Prometheus...

A Part 3 to Prometheus (Alien: Prequel part 2) could then also cover the Xeno a bit more but expand on the Engineers more, maybe fill in the gaps between Prometheus and Covenant and if a more Alieny  Prometheus Sequel pleases fans, and then Alien 5 is a hit too and covers Engineer Tech and expands on Engineer creation of the Xeno...

Then both of these would get more fans interested in Prometheus 3rd and 4th movies.

So its a No Brainer and makes Perfect Sence.... and i think this is what is being done...

* I cant see them throwing away and abandon the Dynamic that Shaw and David would have had from the end of Prometheus to Covenant (2094-2014)

* I dont think they would leave the Questions from Prometheus and what Shaw wants to know all unanswered,

* I dont think they would abandon exploring the Engineers, and Ridleys comments about Paradise Lost, Fallen Angels and God and creation and even how Worlds came to be.

*I dont think they would push the events of Covenant in 2104 to connect to Alien 18 years latter, as far as directly.... i think we could see the Xeno Re-introduced and how would explain how it could have came to be... but i dont see it show us how the Eggs on the Derelict came to be after the events of 2104.

*I dont think they would not explore LV-223 and show why the company does not persuit the rewards on that World after Alien rather than a failed persuit of the Xeno via Ripley in Alien 3 and Alien R..... there has to be some reason why LV-223 has nothing to give.

These are all things i feel the Prometheus/Alien Prequel Franchises would have to touch upon before its conclusion.

There are clues... that would sugest this and that Covenant is not a Direct Alien Prequel as far as timeline...

LV-223 Outbreak happened 2000 years ago and the Mural and Frescos had Xeno connection, the Urns had a Xeno Connection, the location near LV-426 is more than Coinsidence, the Juggernaught had Chest Busted Cryo Pods.

The Derelict apeared to had been there for thousands of years... and Ridley confirmed this many times over the years...

Finally Micheal Biehn let it slip that Alien: Covenant was set thousands of years before Aliens... now maybe some scenes are.... as the Sacrificial Scene in Prometheus was set Millions at least before Prometheus Mission timeline... the Ghost Engineer Scenes where set thousands of years ago..... but maybe Biehn ment that the Alien Prequels in part would take place thousands of years before....

So yes there is HOPE for the Franchise

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember143 XPJan-11-2016 1:23 AM

Necronom: yes I too am in the disappointed camp and was shocked by Ridley saying "just got to think what the hell to do next" but only because it could of been a classic and just got ruined buy a number of factors in the end. It was still amazing in some ways and that's were the hope lies. I had such high hopes thinking he had had all those years planning away 3 or so parts of an epic. Only to realise he had thrown it together and even done a massive u turn at the last script change. Not the solid world I was expecting I guess o bannon was that world and he's gone :( . 

Anyway the hype is gone now and expectations low so it can only do better in my eyes. Writers can sometimes pull out amazing scripts as well from nowhere I have noticed and I think that may be in hand now like you say. Most of my hope is also held up by the over all sorry and the fact it can still be amazing. 

I'm not sure how much of the xeno we will see... it might be more of a new or similar type of xeno or new angles on its existence and links to alien through the back door as such. And it might be a prequel but it's a new story and it seems this part may be fairly separated from part 1 (new characters places etc) so that's good I think too...And if it's all a big mess up it's be a sad laugh to bash in the forums :p ...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-11-2016 8:39 AM


There are really 4 sides to the Prometheus Attempt at a Prequel to Alien

1) Those who somewhat enjoyed Prometheus and the route it was trying to take despite its flaws and so fans who had high hopes that the next 1-2 movies would be put together better and gives answers to the Questions posed by Alien and new ones in Prometheus.

2) The Alien Fanboys who are only interested in the Xenomorph and the Space Jockey, who some may even had been disapointed the Engineers are the Space Jockey and the whole created Mankind Plot.  These guys want to see Xenomorphs.

3) The Casual Sci Fi fan who would not have quite been able to make a connection between Alien and Prometheus and thus more Xeno exposure would have been required... never mind the way the movie was put together that made it hard to understand.

4) Casual Cinema fans out there, who may not even had noticed the movie was a Alien movie and for these guys, well Prometheus would have been a very odd movie that made little sense.

And so while we have fans of Prometheus who was looking forwards to David and Shaw finding the Engineers and what their Agenda was, what remains of them and why did they create us and then want to destroy us... and more explanations to LV-223 and its purpose and connection to Xeno DNA... but to mainly follow the Engineers, and their HIERARCHY

But we have to remember its about Big Bucks and Fox, and if they want to invest in a Story the worst thing they can do is forfill the wishes of group 1) Prometheus fans... and have the next movie not draw much and then have them Can the Franchise with yet more half answered Questions.

They would know they have to get a interest from groups 2-4 and i think thats one reason for a more Alieny Connection....  also the Alien 5 movie was gaining more interest from the General Public.

Dont fear djamelameziane as i have said over and over... i dont see Ridley going the route of making a mainly Xeno based Flick that leads to Two more Xeno Flicks then Alien.... not when also we have a Alien 5 and no doubt there would be a 6 that would concentrate on the Xeno DNA.

I think the way they are going is what makes sense.... and after the next 3 movies to be released.... Alien: Covenant 2017, Alien 5 2018 (i would assume) and Alien: Paradise Lost 2019 (i would assume) i think after this, Fox and Ridley can bring out movies based on Prometheus and the Engineers that would steer away from ALIEN.... 

At least i hope so.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-11-2016 9:00 AM

Lets look at the Worst Fears then.....

Fox and Ridley decide that the Engineers Angle was a error.... and so they drop everyhing they had been working on and leading upto and Prometheus... and leave it as a mystery....

We will see a New Alien Preqeul.... it would carry the Alien Name and Brand... and we shall see a set of movies that would in most part connect the Xeno DNA and Origins and link to Alien and the Space Jockey........

We get a movie set 18 years before Alien, and for fans who did not follow Prometheus or see it, they would see what a movie that shows a crew of a Space Ship explore far reaches of Space and come across a World that they would find David on his own... i am sure that he and Prometheus would be mentioned in the movie in someway... and we shall see Rappace as Shaw for a short time.... and fans who never saw Prometheus would not really know the connection.

So we are going to get a movie about this Android on a World that is now a Scene of Disaster that has some Creature Related to the Xeno Evolving.... a Crew of Human Explorers.... and then we shall see the stages of the Xenomorph, that could climax in a scene with the Alien we all came to know and love from the 1979 movie... unless this creature wont appear as a cameo like the Deacon that sets up a 2nd movie?  Are they going to show us Xenos on the loose killing the Crew of the Covenant....?

What of the Aftermath....?   Another Two movies after this and so 3-4 hours more following the events of the Aftermath of the Crew of the Covenant uncovering David and a horrific beast Related to the Xeno or even the Xeno itself?    The movie would introduce the Original Monster and its a case of do we see it on screen a lot in this movie, or would the next one carry on with a more Xeno Flick.

Then 3-4 hours of futher Film to carry on with what remains after Covenant, and 18 years to link to Alien.... without mention of detail of the Engineers hands in the Xeno DNA creation, the Juggernaught ships.... LV-223 and also this Shaw who makes a Cameo?

How are they going to have to explain in 3 movies and 18 years that the Crew of a Colony Ship find a Android on a Alien World that has Alien Xeno DNA and will see the beast unleashed again... how is all this going to link to the Xeno Origins and Space Jockey on LV-426 by not covering the Engineers and their past, and LV-223...?

It makes no sense and goes against what Alien seemed to show....

So have no fear.... they will have to show us the things we wanted to know after Prometheus, i cant see how they can get around any of it.....

Here is the deal with the Xenomorph.... as the movies have so far shown us, as the Drafts to the movies in the past have shown and as Ridley had sugested in interviews..

The Xeno is some Ancient Biology, who's roots and Ancestry be that a path of Genetic Ancestry prior to the Alien Xeno that leads to that Beast... or a path of Ancestry that leads to other Organisms evolved from that beast.....  They all have a connection to LV-223, they all have a connection to the Engineers and what ever events had caused the Fall of such a Ancient Race.   Those Ships Juggernaught/Derelict are all maybe Millions of years old... certainly both the Derelict on LV-426 and the Outpost with more those ships on LV-223 all have a connection to the Xeno DNA and Bioology and use as a Weapon for some purpose.... and at a time that these things had occuried thousands of years ago.

There is a Engineer/Xeno connection, there is a LV-223/LV-426 connection and it seems that the Timeframe when things backfired and caused the death of the Engineers and the Fall of their Empire was about 2000 years ago.

Ridley confirmed both events had happened a few thousands of years ago.

Micheal Beihn's leak sugests that the Plot in Part for Covenant or at very least its sequels take place  thousands of years before Aliens....

And so i think we have to have Faith.... that all things have not been abandoned.... just they have to use XENO DNA and explanations sooner so that they can get more interest in the future of the Franchise... and also allow Alien 5 and onwards to not touch upon any ideas regarding the Xeno DNA, origins, Engineer connection and what is left of Engineer Tech and the Xeno after the events of Aliens..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-11-2016 9:29 AM

I will make a Topic that is about ALIEN COVENANT... what we know so far... and read into all the clues to see where this is taking us.... and unless they are going to downplay Prometheus and its mild links to the Xeno DNA and Engineers and Questions that movie left... and unless they are going against everything Ridley had said regarding the Xeno and Space Jockey.....  I think we can make a idea of what is going on......

And its not a case of   Covenant Crew ==>  Arrive at World that is not a Paradise ==> Find David the Android ==> See Xeno related Organism evolve ==> See the Original Monster re-introduced and the events of after 2104 lead to 2122 and the Derelict Directly.

Nope its not happening.....

The information about the movie... Proves it.... lets look at some points.. even if we ignore Prometheus that movie never happened.... ignore Ridleys comments about Engineers, Fallen Angels and Gods and Paradise Lost connections....

What does Covenant tell us.... ?

In the year 2104+ a Human Colony Ship the Covenant arrives at what it was lead to think would be a Paradise... (Earth like World with little or no need to Teraform?) what they discover is a World that is not Paradise, its a World that bares the Scars of Destruction... with its only inhabitant a Lone Android David.... (Survivor of the Prometheus mission) but he is not alone.... there is something Evolving on that World... something the Crew would no doubt come face to face with... a Horror Reborn... the Xenomorph.......

Can we expect to be shown the events of this encounter and movie lead to the Xeno Origin and Space Jockey in Alien some 18 years latter?

Lets look at some supporting Clues that seem to show the Synopsis is not all that there is... and yes i wont use any thing off screen in the past about the Xeno/Engineers and i wont even go to bring Prometheus into it directly..... (just information relating to Covenant and after the Title Change).

Start from a Blank Canvas.... lets look at clues that add more to the Synopsis than that Plot leads us to....

* Noomi Rapace returns as Shaw... in a minor role... how? and would the audience ask who is she, what led to the events of the small role she would play?

* David the Android on this Alien World, how did he get there? Does he appear in the brief scene with Shaw? is this to be a Mystrey or covered in a future movie? or in part shown?

* David has a doupleganger, the emphasis in the Synopsis is that he is SYNTHETIC, Fassbender will apear in Two Roles.... could this be that David Evolves? could it be that there is another David Android on the Covenant? Could it be that there is a likeness None Synthetic doupleganger on the Covenant? 

* They are to show how the Xeno-Biology came to be and who made it, and on that world by those who's home it was/is.. this implies Engineers must get some mention or beings related. As all clues in the comments regarding covenant and the creature evolving sugests its Origins, are not of the event of Covenant but before that crew arive and thus either something on that World that is created in part by the Engineers... or something created with the Biology they had created that David would have onboard the ship he arrived at Paradise in.

* Micheal Beihn sugested that the movie follows similar theme to Alien 5 but is set on different Worlds, and Covenant is set THOUSANDS of years before Aliens.

* We have shooting locations... of Epic Forests... Epic Mountains, and then Formidable CGI Locations.... while Paradise is described as bieng Dark and a scene of Disaster... so how can that World have Lush and Lively Forest and Mountains.... and then Dark Sinister CGI World?

We can assume the movie starts of covers the Crew of Covenant in flight like Alien did, and Prometheus did after the Sacrifical and Cave Painting Scenes.....   so is Paradise a Place of tranquility wonder Forrest and Mountain Ranges.... when the crew of Covenant arrive?  Nope as they hoped to find such a thing but they do not...

So there has to be such scenes set before the Crew Arrive... is this at a time when David arrives? or a time before that, Flash Backs like Prometheus Sacrifical Scene?

I fail to see how a incomming Ship, that arrives at a dark world, a scene of disaster where just a Android and Xeno DNA Organism awaits them.....  Fits in with Epic Locations... bare in mind Austrialia would be used for these.

And its Forrest and not Jungle.

so you see so far, we can work out that the synopsis does not cover what is going on and there must be some Flash Back Scenes from the Past.... be that prior to 2104 and after 2094 or thousands of years ago....

There must be a Reason Paradise is not Paradise... there must be a reason, for how we find out why the Xeno Bilogy was created by those who used to call Paradise Home....  either that or Paradise was Paradise before David arrived and the Xeno Boilogy was something David brought with him from LV-223.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-11-2016 9:51 AM

Most of the movie would be shot in New South Wales.....

Here are some Forrest and Mountain Landscapes from that area...



Do these look like a Paradise?  I would say so, and especially for a World Humans would love to find as a future Earth....

These Locations or similar could be touched up via CGI but ask yourself....

Do they look like a scene of Disaster? a Dark World?   Nope!

Would they be Scenes used to be set on Earth as far as a Base HQ and starting point for the Covenant to leave?  Nope!

How could such Scenes fit in? 

Most likely...

* Paradise when David arrives?

* Paradise set thousands of years ago?

* Some place on Earth or other World set thousands of years ago?

But why? and would showing such Locations work with not showing us Engineers?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-11-2016 4:16 PM

So i know some may not have much confidence with what seems a U-Turn but i am not sure they are throwing away the ideas they had before.... I will make note of all the Clues about the Prometheus Sequel was setting up to be starting with the oldest first... these are all from Ridley Scott himself.... not word for word but point he had mentioned.. i can find his Comments that point to these Plot Points if anyone wishes.

PROMETHEUS 2 the Evolution from End of Prometheus untill Alien: Covenant name change.

========= 1) Right after Prometheus was out on DVD =====

*The movie would logically go where Shaw and David are heading, Ridley said you cant have them going off with big Questions and not follow it up.

*They will be heading to the place David refers to as Paradise, the place the Engineer who he spoke with told them that they came from (Engineers Homeworld).

*Shaw will have to put David back together, she may have her reservations, but without David she is going no where... and David can be very Persuasive.

*They did not want to meet God in the first movie.. (Engineers are not God then).

*They was not pleased with the Elder Engineers, they never looked Godlike enough.

*They meet some biengs but this beings (Engineers?) are not Gods, and they are not Benevolent.

*David is bringing Hell with him, and what happens if the Black Goo is used on God? or a Machine?

*The movie would be heading away from Alien, the Franchise will distance itself more from the 1979 Movie.

*Ridley sugested indeed something Mankind had done around 2000 years ago may have caused the Engineers to want to destroy their wayward children so to speak.

*Ridley sugested that its possible Inteligent Life had been on Earth before Modern Man, and Mentioned Atlantis and also that maybe creation then destruction to re-start over may have happened a number of times.

============ 2) above was main information released prior to 2015 ========

*The Xenomorph had been done to death, its been cooked to death.

*There be no more Gods and Dragons.

*What Shaw and David will find will not be a Paradise but a Dark World.

*They will arrive at Paradise and they will meet God or the Devil (Rappace comment).

*Mankind is not the only Humanoid Life these Engineers have seeded in the Galaxy.

========= 3) All went Quiet  for while ==========

*Shaw will put David back together, but they have something special planned for David (in one piece) but they do not wish to give it away.

*They (David and Shaw) will be off to the place of the Engineers, but will find a place of Disaster.

*They will be trying to introduce a fresher form of the Original Monster for the 3rd act.

*They will be showing us who would create such Evil Biology (Xenomorph/Black Goo).

*They will be showing why they created such a Bio-Weapon, (as Protection but from who).

*By the time they finish the Franchise we shall know who created the Xeno, and why and when!

*These Engineers may have created us, and been the forerunners to Mankind (and other Human Life in the Galaxy).

*But then who is responsible for Worlds to even Support Life, for Planets to have the right climate, right distance from the Sun.. for Worlds to have everything needed to support life, was this accidental?  Ridley does not think so, and even Questions was the Big Bang even Accidental?

*If not then where is the Big Guy in all this? (God)

*There is more than one Earth like plannet in the Galaxy, there could be many thousands.

*The movie will follow themes from Paradise Lost (John Milton).

*They always felt the Fallen Angels from that Poem had the most Fun...

*We have one group/bieng who is handsome has all the Girls and goes to all the Clubs.. while the other is not as handsome and stays at Home.

=========== End of Plot Points =========

So it seems we have a U-Turn but i cant see them throwing all the above away!   Also the supposed source i had, had informed me of a lot of stuff at the end of March, information gained from Early March... they futher went into detail with information given in March, in May swore me not to pass any on as far as detailed versions OPPS!

This information was passed on before  2) i.e the Gods and Dragons.  And from then until even Alien: Paradise Lost, a lot of this information was quite close.

So who knows whats the Plan now, but i think they would go back to cover some of the ideas they had before the U-Turn i am sure of it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1318 XPJan-11-2016 6:03 PM

Wow. Like the New South Wales location.....was thinking it was typical Aussie outback...looks like Oregon or California.

Can't wait to see the Ship design! Wonder if it will be Nostromo like?

Prometheus was spacious and first class...I suspect the Covenant will be tight and cramped?


OvomorphMember13 XPJan-12-2016 1:59 AM

HOPE, like a flash back to Hadleys Hope, always welcome.  Feeling very positive about the direction of this sequel.  What's not to like about a Colony/Mining ship and a whole lot of crew discovering a totally bio-mechanical hell hole of a planet.



DeaconMember10416 XPJan-12-2016 8:12 AM

LOL Love that image Ruhaniya ...

Battlestar Galactica meets Aliens....  but to be honest we cant rule this out, not at all... not saying BSG exactly but as far as that universe was based on their being a Human Colony out there in the Galaxy that is unknown to Earth and vice versa....

Ridley had said a long time ago... and one point i forgot to add...

*Mankind is not the only Humanoid Life these Engineers have seeded in the Galaxy.

*There is more than one Earth like plannet in the Galaxy, there could be many thousands.

When we consider these which i will add to my other post.... and Ridley saying that Earth may not be the only place where Humans are.... it allows them to explore a Prometheus Franchise set the other side of the Galaxy with another colony of Humans and then introduce a different kind of Xenomorph and this Franchise would not step on the toes of Alien at all.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-12-2016 8:38 AM

As far as the Shooting Locations.....

This is not a Fact, we could see Rocky Terrain as in the Outback.

#This would be ideal for a dead planet like Mars, hence why a lot of movies feature Mars would use this location and some in the USA....  this kind of location shot at night or near dusk and then CGI over the top could be used as a Dark and Desolate place..

Australia also has some Jungles.... but these are in the Western Side....

But as Ridley said "monumental forest and monumental rock"  so i guess i was wrong?   As Rock does not mean Mountains... so who knows...

As Monumental Rock in Australia would give us locations like this...

But they did say Forrest too and as most of the shooting is within New South Wales, which is a area that is most abundant of Australias Forrest locations... and many are set around rolling hills..

This would still give the opportunity to show us a Lush and Lively Green World with Forrests and Mountains.... and then another shot of such a World After... where it is dead and baron.

Scientist have predicted Mars could have been more like Earth Billions of years ago... and Earth in a Billion years could become a dead planet much like the Outback looks today. or Mars.

So there is a chance to show a Forrest/Mountains and then Desert/Rocky Locations as a Before and After....  reading into the comments and Synopsis this is what it leads me towards and when we throw in Micheal Biehns comments about being set thousands of years ago, i think in part this is what we could be seeing.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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