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According to COMINGSOON.NET: "Ridley Scott Promises Familiar Aliens in Alien: Covenant"

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MemberOvomorphDec-12-2015 4:31 AM

The next set of Prometheus sequels are going to go all-out apparantly on the original Alien Xenomorphs lifecycle - Egg, Facehugger, Chest-Burster to fully-grown Xenomorph andossibly more insight beyond that if reading between the lines suggests as such... Read the article here, it is on other reputable websites now as well...

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AdminEngineerDec-12-2015 6:42 AM

Yep, many sites are rolling with it, it's big news. Lots more yet to come too I feel before we get our first set photo.


Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberDeaconJan-07-2016 5:01 PM

Seems the  case and this is a big U-Turn on the no more Dragons and comments.....

I have a theory as to the U-Turn but i think its a case of show some stuff now, to cash in on the expectactions and antisipation because the General Audience are not interested in God like beings who created us and then wanted to destroy us and what ever else they had created and the History of this Race..... Which is a shame as the Space Jockey was the biggest Alien Mystrey.

Yet it seems people expected to know how the Xenos and Eggs came to be.... i think they are covering this and then if the next movie does well, they can explore the Engineers more in future movies as i am thinking that covering enough of the Xeno Origins now will allow Alien 5 more freedom without stepping on the toes of future Prometheus movies... with Alien 5 showing Engineer Tech and different kinds of Xenos and maybe experiments on the Biology....  a more Alieny Prometheus sequel and a Alien 5 that touches on the Engineers in part could build fans expectations and interest in futher exploring the Engineers.

so it makes sense....

However...... we may not see a full Xeno Movie... think about it Alien Covenant bypasses 10 years after Prometheus... it seems to be showing us the Engineers homeworld, but its a place that has seen destruction with no Shaw.. or Engineers in sight... No answers to Shaws Questions and the purpose of going to Paradise.. no insight into LV-223 and what went down there..

Instead a movie that happens 10 years after David leaves (which we are led before that he cant do without Shaws help)...  are we really going to forget Prometheus never happened?  So we are going to show David on a Dark World, who is found by Human Colony ship Crew, and the World has something Evolving on it....   linked to the Xeno or the Xeno and then....

Can we really see another 2 movies after this to bridge the 18 years from Covenant to Alien... 2 more movies following the aftermath of Covenant what becomes of her crew, David and what ever Organism is evolving on that world....

Two movies that would then directly link to the Space Jockey and Eggs on the Derelict within 18 years? (nevermind discard Shaw and David and how they got to Paradise and what became of the Engineers).

Do we thus get led to the Xeno being a creation  after the events of Covenant and that what ever is evolving on Paradise is the Xenomorph and thus David is the first to come across or have a hand in its creation and then somehow it gets on LV-426 within 18 years?  The Derelict seems to have been on Lv-426 for longer than 18 years.....  and what about LV-223 its not coinsidence the Moon is in the same system,  no coinsidence of the Mural, Fresco the Xeno DNA we saw in the last movie and Alien... so maybe its no coinsidence of the 2000 year old outbreak and the Juggernaught with 3 dead Engineers in Chest Busted Cryo Pods.

So the Xeno we could see could be a re-introduction left over remains of a War that saw the end to the Engineers on Paradise, and also let to the Derelict thousands of years ago.... a Planet that had seen War, and still had some of these Bio-Weapons left behind.... or the method for how they came to be....

So David and Covenant movie could show us not how the Xeno came to be in Alien...  but how it can be made to be  after Prometheus.... im kind of going for the Xeno being kind of lets say Brew...  or a Food Dish that was created via a recipe thousands of years ago... and some of this dish remains on the Derelict on LV-426.

If David comes across or the movie shows in the timeframe of Prometheus so after 2094 and by or after 2104 we see the same recepie followed with the same results then that gives us enough of a answer for the time being....

I feel it has to be either this..... or that the Xeno Scenes we see could actually be a Flash Back Scene or Hollogram Scene set back thousands of years ago?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-02-2016 1:21 PM

Thanks HyperNova


I hope that it won't be a pure Xeno movie but that we will see more about the Engineers and how they make biological weapons (I think that is what we can call the Xeno). They should keep some mystery about the Xeno while explaning some of it. When it comes to movies like this it is probably best to leave some things up to the imagination.


Maybe the Xeno is one of the Engineer's bio weapons? That could give the Engineers a potential to be really frightening life forms if done right.


MemberDeaconFeb-02-2016 2:39 PM

Yes i hope so too and i thought this was what route they was taking.....

But seems that Fox/Ridley now feel its time to instead give us a more Xeno Movie, and indeed showcase the Original Xeno again.... reasons... well i think they Gauged that Alien 5 was making more interest that a Prometheus 2 off to get answers to the puzzle that was Prometheus, while not moving away from the Xeno....

so they feel the wider Audience never got Prometheus, many never maybe knew it was connected to Alien, those that did could not quite understand the connection or Lack of Effort in making it clear.... some may have been disapointed we never saw Xenos, or how they came to be and the Story of the Space Jockey.

Sadly the % of people who have ever seen Prometheus... or on wider scale the Alien Movies, would not have understood the purpose of Prometheus... only a small % in general who was intrigged by the Questions... about the Engineers and wanting to find out more about them, than the Xeno.

So Fox has decided to go about a more Xeno Connected movie Prequels.

Also yes the emphasis now is on the Xeno being a Bio-Weapon... it does not mean the Black Goo may have been such.. like in Urns... but it may have led to the Xeno, which was then used as a Bio Weapon... or Vice Versa.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-03-2016 11:39 AM

BigDave: I can understand that people didn't know that Prometheus was connected to Alien. I didn't understood that until a friend told me so. Maybe it was bad writing that made it difficult to understand. Hopefully it won't be a pure Xeno movie even though the new creatures could be Xeno-related like it shares a gene or two here and there (compare it to how you have genes from your grandmother's grandmother).


As far as Xenos at least we got the Deacon, that was enough for me. One disapointment is that they removed the Xeno-Fifield but then he wasn't a Xeno in the way as say Alien and Aliens; these are the Xenos the way I view them. The squid alien wasn't an alien as in Xeno but it was OK I am not sure if any people had problem with the Squid I think that it was alright it looked kind of slimy.


The interest in the Engineers: I think that this is the fault of the studio to an extent. Had they not gotten rid of things that made sense then people might have been more interested in the Engineers (I probably would have).


The black goo should have been explained better, that was one of the problems with Prometheus although I understood it somehow after I watched the movie an X amount of times. My impression of the black good is that it was a bio weapon used to transform things or at least that it could be used as such if you take in mind what effects it has.


MemberDeaconFeb-03-2016 12:21 PM

The Movie had borrowed a lot of unsused ideas from the Original Story that Started the Whole Franchise... and this was O'Bannons Star Beast... there was a lot that was never used from that Draft and Sketches that never made it into Alien, or appeared in future movies... 

The Urns, The Squid Face Huger all had take influences from unused Original ideas from Star Beast. These things where also included in Spaights draft.....

The Xeno DNA was toned down for Prometheus but there was enough Clues if the movie had not Cut some scenes, well Edited them and if they had gone with a few ideas they worked on and then dropped.... and other Scenes if we had just  that split few seconds more and better shot of them they would have been massive clues... especially if dialog was to accompany the shots that was relevent....

The movie did explain a lot of stuff as far as non-visual... comments made by David, Shaw, Holloway and Janek all aided to point us in the right directions...  For example had Shaw not mentioned about some kind of Outbreak, had Janek not mentioned about the Science Facility he had to Nuke and compared it to what was going on here....  if these dialog were not present then it would have baffled us even more.

So yes some Scenes, Mural, Altar, 2X Frescos had we seen them for slightly longer and closer and a more close up of the Chest Busted Cryo Pods of the Engineers, then these scenes with more better longer shot and odd wayword comment by the Crew would have provided more Clues.

We have DNA Clues.... The Hammerpedes, the Body apart from the Head is very much like the Face Huggers Tail.... the Hammerpede had Acid for Blood.....  but so did the Trilobite...  i covered this before....  the Cinema release the Engineer had a Face Burn and because they chose to use this shot... they could not show other shots prior, wich included the Engineer getting off the Floor of the Jugernaught, and running across the surface of LV-223 with no Helmet. and then finding Shaw, after he first noticed the Violin Girl and Crouched down to pick up a Book as all these shots he had no Face Burn.

Now watch the Trillobite vs Engineer Scene again in very slow motion... you see a apearing, disapearing and reapearing Face Burn... this shows the Original Shot when the Trilobite was released we have never seen... as the Engineer must have been burnt during the Fight Scene.. How?  Simple just as the Engineer was lossing ground despite putting up a good struggle we cut to him having Face Burn out of the Blue......   What happens to most animals on Earth, including Humans when cornered, trapped and held down with no way of escape... a common primal instinct is to Bite... and the Engineers Mouth was close to the Tentacles of the Trilobite.

If this is so, and had they kept such a shot... it would futher connect Acid Blood Trait to the Trilobite....  and also if they had used one of the 2 other Fifield Concepts they also would have shown more Xeno DNA.

These things would have allowed us in general to connect the Goo to Xeno DNA... futher explantions are if you read Spaights draft about the Nano Scarabs and replace Scarabs with Goo then compare to Prometheus and the ANSWER is Clear.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-03-2016 12:27 PM

As far as a less Xeno movie.... i would assume that YES we shall see the Original Egg, Face Huger, Chest Buster and 1979 Xeno apear.... but maybe this would be shown as a Flash Back Scene or Hologram one?   this would be my prefered Answer.....  and allow something different to be in Covenant that has evolved by the time the Covenant Crew Arrive... but who knows...

Micheal Biehn says he was told Alien: Covenant is set THOUSANDS of years prior to Aliens... which maybe means some Scenes are... this would fit in with the Prometheus 2000 years ago outbreak and when things went bad for the Engineers, and also how old the Derelict looked..

But we cant be sure what Time Frame the Xeno will be introduced.... Ridley said Re-Introduced so it could be created within the Movie, but as in by the same methods that was used thousands of years ago... i.e the Xeno would also had Originally existed thousands of years or more ago.... but it could be re-created latter via the same means...

For example... if David used more black Good to poison a Male Covenant crews drink and they had sex without a condom... then the Female could indeed produce the same or very very similar Trilobite as Shaw did... only 10 years after Shaw had hers..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-08-2016 12:43 PM

BigDave: I am not sure if there were enough Xeno DNA in Prometheus if a lot of people didn’t get that it was an Alien prequel. It wasn’t until a friend told me that it was an Alien prequel that I understood that it was the case. There could have been more clues and that they could have been done better (the Fifled Zombie and so on).


Yes Shaw said something about an outbreak but an outbreak of what? That was too vague for me. Her comment about that told me nothing. Janek’s comment about the military installation made some sense. Of course it was good that they made these comments but they were far from enough at least if you are no a total Alien geek.


The acid that the Hammerpedes had was a clue but I don’t understand how it can go from being a Hammerpede to being a Xeno. Both the Hammerpede and the Trilobite had acid for blood (the mark on the Engineer in the end was like a burn). Is there a version of Prometheus where the Engineer has no burn? That is lame if so and is probably made to confuse people if that is true. One version that I have watched had the burn there all the time which was good. My understanding if this is that the Engineer was trying to defend himself and bite the Squid, he got burned because the Trilobite had acid for blood. To me that scene helped a lot because it made me connect it to the squid thing that attached itself to the face of one of the persons in Alien (1979) that they try to remove the alien from and then the acid burns a hole through different floors inside the ship. The Squid Alien was kind of cool even though I bet some people thought that it was lame but then many people seem to think that almost everything about it was lame (go to As a side not: some people very much dislike Prometheus but some of them seem to act on emotions and just hate it but to me that is just irrational.


I don’t think that the scene where the Engineer picks up a book would have been that interesting to me I would probably just have thought “well what ever on with the show”. Your comment about that animals bite when they get afraid makes sense.


A Xeno movie: Sure having Xenos as a flash back could work for me but what about those in general that watch the movie? Maybe people in general want more of the Xeno but then I am not the one to make a guess about that since I don’t know. I would like to see new monsters but maybe let the Xeno be a part of that biological arsenal of weapons? Perhaps it could be a bad thing since it would reduce it to just another monster. The Xeno should still have something special about it IMO and not just be another bio weapon but maybe the most advanced bio-weapon, that could allow some mystery to still surround it. A new kind of monster would be cool but in order for that to work they need to do something special for it to be better than the Xeno.




MemberDeaconFeb-08-2016 4:30 PM

Great Comments and you hit the nail on the head... The Xeno was special... by showing the Original Xeno too much and dont forget we have 3 movies to come and next movie we will see the Original Xeno from Alien.... and by the 3rd (4th Prequel) movie we shall find out what happened to Space Jockey and how those Eggs got on the Derelict...

Thats a lof of Xeno for something Ridley said was COOKED! then we have a Alien 5 and you bet ya a Alien 6 at very least and they look to feature a Xeno Queen and Xenos... so again with 6 more Alien movies looking in the Pipeline... would having all 6 have too muc Xeno actually Harm the Xeno more than the AVP movies did?  I think so.

Yes we need a bit of Xeno... Sadly what you may want and I, and others on here may not be what Fox think the mainstream Audience want or need.

I will fill you in on the Book Scene... it would have gone hand in hand with the Engineers Intrigued look towards the Violin Girl.... and so paint a picture that this Engineer was somewhat fascinated by our Culture, maybe he was suprised how far we had developed since the Engineers Stopped comming to Visit us....  

Also the Engineer was Intrigued and somewhat fascinated by Shaw and her Questions... the Whole Engineer Speaks Scene, paints a different picture so does the Full Sacrificial Scene...  and we HAVE NOT seen the Full Accounts of both those Scenes even on the DVD/Blu-Ray extras....

Scenes were Cut because it seems they wished to Tone Down the significance and importance of the Engineers Role in  the whole Agenda of Things....  so the movie was cut in a way to portray the Engineer as just a Grunt, Tasked with Tasks like Transport and Test the Bio-Weapons and also be used as Sacrifices...

Shaws Outbreak comment goes in line with the Black Goo getting loose, and changing the Engineers DNA.....  I have a theory that explains the Dead Bodies various Holes, and why they was all stacked up as they was...  

In a Nut Shell The Goo can cause a volatile reaction depending how it is used, if we look at the Sacrifical Scene... look how it was tearing apart the DNA of the Engineer, breaking him down Molecule by Molecule..... it was a voilent chemical reaction....

If you look at a Mento in a Bottle of Coke... it causes a voilent chemical reaction too, what happens if you are quick enough to drop the Mint in and Seal the Lid Tight?  The Reaction is contained in a Pressured Container and Eventually it would try and explode out of the quickest point it can... if the lid is not on tight it would blow it off, if the Bottle has a few tiny holes. and cover them up with Celotape....  the reaction would build up pressure and then explode out of those holes.

Thats how i see the Holes in the Engineer... some disagree and think they are Chest Busters... maybe.... but Holes are in various parts including the legs of the Decapitated Engineer.... maybe they are wounds by the Xeno?

But we see the bodys and even some helmets are empty, not even a Skull or Skeleton Remaining......   But what if inside was broken down Engineer DNA a Chemical Reaction that sees the Broken Down Material Explode? Then you would have Holes and have no Remains i.e Bones...

The Head was brought back to life and started to mutate, when they tried to disinfect and decontaminate the head it Blew Up....  

The Head did not in the Big Head/Mural Room because this rooms atmosphere somehow maybe caused the reaction to stop.... maybe why the Urns never leaked until the Humans with no Helmets Contaminated the Room.... 

The Pile of Engineer Bodys where all behind another Door that if you see the Map on the deck of the Prometheus... when F and M are by the dead Engineers... it leads to the same Big Head/Mural Room..... this would explain why the Engineers where heading to that Room for some purpose... maybe it would halt the infection?

Thats just my take on it all, and i could be wrong.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-08-2016 4:38 PM

The Xeno DNA.... there was links.... The Goo basically contained Xeno DNA...  The was like lets just say imagine the Sacrifical Engineer, and when his genetic material that was broken down entered the Water Fall.... what if he was Sacrificed in a VAT... or a Glass Room with a Hole in the Floor to collect the broken down Material into Jars..

Said Jars would contain a substance that when poured into the Water Fall should have the same effects and thus Pass on Engineer DNA? 

We see the Urns pass on Xeno DNA, so something related to the Xeno may had been Sacrificed using the Sacrificial Goo....   Originally the altar had the Sacrificial Bowl, and another a Urn... and not the Green Crystall.... The Deacon in the Mural is in Cruciform Pose... which is a Sacrifcial one... Christ is remembered in this pose not for God, but for his Sacrifice for Mankind..  Christianity is the Worship of Christ for his Sacrifice on that Cross so that whoever remembers his Sacrifice and Worships him will be Saved.  Spaights Draft (or was it Lindeloffs?) the Engineer held his arms out in Cruciform pose just as he was being Sacrificed.

If you take this on board and then read Spaights draft about Nano Scarabs which shows..

Scarabs Consume Engineer and his DNA ====> Scarab Bites Ancient Primate and Injects its cargo of DNA and Primate Evolves into Early Man.

Fifield knocks over a Urn and tiny Scarabs fly out and one breaks though his Helmets Visor as he swats some and Acid burns though it and another gets in and bites Fifield.... Fifield Mutates into a Xeno/Fifield Hybrid..

Replace Scarabs with Goo and the Answer is there all along...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-08-2016 4:59 PM

If we assume the above to be correct... have to only look at the unused Fifield Concepts to see his mutation was more Xeno DNA than we got....

Shaw becomes Pregnant..... her Sterile Eggs become impregnanted by Xeno DNA Sperm from Holloway or by the Goo itself (that may not be Goo!) the result is we see Shaws Egg gets fertilised by Xeno Goo infected Sperm or Xeno Worm Goo (yes Goo could be Worms). I can explain this theory if wished.

Once a Egg is Fertilised it then starts to evolve into a Embryo.... if we compare this rough sketch it roughly shows Embryo of a whole manner of Life on Earth Primate, Fish, Borvine, Bird, Reptile, Vermin and Amphibian.


Each Stage 1 Emybro are nearly the same... the Embryo changes when it grows and takes on DNA from its Mother....  its more complex than that, but what i want to point outs is a Embryo is a base Lifeform Canvas... that each of the above all appear to be similar at that stage....

If the Black Goo ( Eye Worms) evolved and mutates DNA to take on Xeno Traits, then would not infecting a Egg mean less Human DNA that allready formed that does not need changing?

So the result is a Organism that has more Xeno DNA... but still carry a fair share of Human DNA.... this is why Shaws Baby in effect becomes a Face Huger a Human/Xeno Hybrid one... or Human/what ever was in the Mural...

This is why the Deacon was born near fully formed, like a Mamal Offspring does and its why we see a Placenta, and it has 5 Human Digits on Hands and Feet and has Enamel Teeth.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-08-2016 5:31 PM

"One version that I have watched had the burn there all the time which was good."

Yes they cut out a lot of scenes, you see Ridley shot the Engineer vs Shaw Scene and was not happy, felt it diminished the Engineer so he got them to re-shoot the Engineer comming into the Door and then rushing to attack Shaw....

By doing this and not take the time to remove the Burns Make up.... they then had no choice but to Cut all other prior Engineer Scenes after the Crash, include being thrown from his seat, getting up, running across LV-223 surface with no Mask, and then enter the Lifeboat and Admire the Book, and Violin Girl on the Screen....  all these had NO Face Burn and so had to be cut...

So we are left with a Engineer who got burnt in the crash and very upset about it....

"One version that I have watched had the burn there all the time which was good."

Howver this is not the case ... if you have Prometheus on DVD or Digital UV or Blu-Ray and put it into a PC and use a media player like say Media Player Classic Home and pause it at 1hr:50min and play it from then in real slow motion like 6X slower and you will see the Burn is there and goes, and comes back and goes and comes back..

Here is a example i have just done... we see big burn... no burns... bit of a burn in last image.... shots after this the burn is back to full.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-09-2016 8:15 AM

Big dave: Thanks


Alien 5 and 6 are not movies that I am not very interested in. They messed up with Alien 4 (Ressurection, spelling?) so I am not very interested in another Xeno movie it seems that they are over-doing it.


The Space Jockey could be interesting. What if the Space Jockey was a part of the Engineer society where the Space Jockeys ware a part of their military structure that went out there and annihilated potential threats? In this way the Engineers and Space Jockeys are not really the same, you understand.


As far as cut scenes go maybe there were scenes that showed more of the Engineers and made them make more sense. I think that there are many cut scenes (that is my understanding of it at least). Maybe they could have made the Engineers look more interesting if they would have kept some of these scenes in the movie. One of the first impression that I got of the Engineers were probably that they were alright but that they were not explained enough almost like “OK that is cool but then what?”


You mention the holes in the chest of the Engineers I recognized that too. It is interesting how you see more details in it the more you watch. I am not sure if they had already made the Xeno by then or if it was a creature close to the Xeno or chest burster. To me it would be more interesting if they wouldn’t have created the Chest buster in Prometheus but that it came later.


If the room would halt the infection then it must be something in that room that would make it so and then what would that be?


The scarabs would probably have been better.


That is interesting about the Deacon, I wasn’t aware of that. I think that it was cool when the Deacon showed up but I also found the Squid interesting.


As far as cut scenes I wonder if it was Fox that wanted them to be cut out or if it was Ridley that was one of them that wanted it to be so or maybe a mix. My opinion is that they cut a lot of scenes that should have stayed there because they explained things more (Fifield and the map for example) and the Engineer burn.


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2016 11:35 AM

I will tackle to the best of my knowledge the cut scenes, some they had explained why others i will give my two cents but they was never explained by Ridley etc..  Ones that they explained i cover first.

* Sacrifical Scene.... Ridley made a few comments regarding this, and basically points he made are as follows.... They was not over impressed with how the Elders were portrayed, they felt the Scene gave away too much about the Engineers (they wanted keep some ambiguity) and he then came out and said they did not want to meet God in the First Movie.  

I assume that they was not 100% Pleased with the Elders and maybe they was not Godlike enough, the Fact he said they did not want to meet God, means they have our Engineers we saw as being a servant race and their is a higher Race above them and maybe the Elders are to be replaced with ideas of something less Frail/Mortal looking.  The Sacrifical Scene was never shown in Full... even the bit on the Furious Gods, shows Elder Speaking but in reality this was a Two Way Conversation...  Sacrificial Engineer Daniel Twiss said he had to learn and speak a few lines of Alien Dialect. There was also 9 Engineers in Total including Sacrficial Engineer.

*Engineer Speaks Scene... Ridley said that they felt the longer scene was unnecessary and it was made short to do with pacing and a longer conversation would have made no difference to the Plot.

In reality i assume, they have decided to Tone down the Engineers... no longer maybe do we have Engineers and Elders as far as Ancient Engineers, i assume the removal of the Sacrifical Engineer Elders, could lead to them introduce and re-design who ever replaces the Elders... Also the Full Engineer speaks to David Scene, was long winded and if they wanted to portray the Engineers in a more simple form... and that the Engineers simply did not like Mankind at that point, then made sense to cut the scene down for the Purpose of showing and portraying the Engineers in a different Light.

Again we have not seen maybe the Full Scene..... Fasbender said he had to learn pages of Dialect to speak to the Engineer, and also Ian Whyte also had to learn to speak the same back..... So a potential Longer Scene was Shot, and they cut bits out and not even deleted Scene was the full one... and they dubbed over Ian Whytes Dialog with another Voice over and some of the Voice over Dialect was just made up jiberish.

*Last Battle Scene.... Ridley felt the Scene diminished the Engineer, he basically disposed of the Crew after he Tore Davids Head off with Ease, but Shaw gave him a bit too much of a Fight..... 

They re-shot the scene and also some parts of the Trilobite Scene, so it portrayed the Engineer in a different way.... I would assume in part also the Engineer seemed to Toy with Shaw rather than kill her which he could have done to easy.... Yes Shaw got the Upper hand but we have to remember she had a Axe...

The Truth about the Scene may never be really known... was it re-done because Ridley felt the Fight diminshed the Engineer.... or did he also feel some parts of the Scene portrayed the Engineer as a being that had some wonder over Mankinds Achievements (Book on Floor, Violin Girl) and so maybe if they wanted to portray the Engineer as a Agressive SOB who was upset with Mankind, these scenes had to be cut.

Either way by re-shooting the Fight Scene while Face Burn was there, would mean they could not show other scenes, including the Full Scenes of the Engineer on the Lifeboat before he found Shaw, and also Scene of him running to the Lifeboat across the surface of LV-223 with no Mask. 

So the Scenes leaves us to see the Engineers are used for a certain purpose, and the Engineers were Angry Towards us, and after the Engineers Ship was Rammed by Prometheus and Crashed, the Engineer suffered a injury and burn and so with that he was off to the Life Boat to finish off the remaining Humans who were alive.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2016 11:53 AM

Ill try cover other scenes quickly....

*There is a selection of Scenes that was cut that we see on the Deleted Section, many of these Ridley said just interfered with the Pace of the Movie.... but another reason could be that they decided to Tone Down some of the Religious Mottifs and themes, as it seems a lot of stuff was put into the movie idea and dropped and some that was shot had been cut down....  as far as being too much based on Religious undertones.

*There was also Alternative Scenes shot for Fifield Attack... they had worked on a Fifield Animatronic Prop but this was abandoned and they just used make up for Sean Harris and had him before the Scene.... they later then used this as a template in some shots to CGI overlay a CGI Fifield that was more Alien Looking but Ridley was happy with the Performance that Harris had given and chose to use that shot instead.

Is this the Truth?, did they want to tone down the Xeno DNA, or was they not impressed with the CGI Shot.

*Other Scenes that may have given more clues, such as the Shedded Skin that was found, and the First Alien bigger Worms scene....  i can understand worm scene removal... but not sure on the reason for the Skin scene.

*We also had the movie cut and edited all over the place and a alternative Scene in the Hanger during the Fifield Attack.... one where this attack happened while Weyland was being escorted to the Rover.... the full scene reveals its Shaw who drives over Fifield.  If you consider this Scene and look at the pacing of scenes before and after Shaws C-Section and the Fifield Scene you can see they seem to Flow odd.... if you consider there was another Scene with Weyland being escorted in the Hanger and Shaw Reversing the Rover and how this would now fit in,  then the pacing seems better.

what happened here and why is anyones Guess really. But i think it could just be to do with setting a different pace to the movie and remove and edit some scenes to shorten the movie.

Again we have not been shown in Full the Original Full Fifield Attack Scene... only snip bits during some of the Trailers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-09-2016 12:05 PM

Big Dave:


About cutting the sacrificial scene: I don’t think that it would have given away too much by having it the way it was originally. If they would have kept it they could still elaborate on that in a second movie. Alright that they would like to keep some ambiguity but this movie had too much so to some people cutting it might have added to the confusion. They should have kept it the way that it was originally IMO. I remember that he said about God in the first movie but I still think that they could have kept it and elaborated on it in the next movie. Not Godlike enough maybe not but they could have kept it and also when they are on the Engineer homeworld they could film more about their religion and so on there (creation of life and so on) without it then make the Engineers look like less life forms.


Maybe they could have kept the face burn if they had re-arranged some scenes? So instead of having scenes ABC they could have had scenes C A B so to speak. This was probably because of bad editing. You can probably do a whole other Prometheus movie by using the cut scenes.


Once again they could have kept the face burn, that could have made more sense of the Squid alien as far as connecting it to the Xeno. Maybe this depends if you believe that the Xeno or Engineers are the most important but I think that there is room for both but that doesn’t mean that we need to have a pure Xeno movie which we by the way already have (four movies and soon maybe five).


The purpose of the Engineers should be better explained in future movies I think. I don’t think that it was very well explained in this movie at least not as good as it could have been. The Engineers are interesting but they could have been better introduced in Prometheus as far as the explanation of who they are without then giving away the whole story.


Pacing: I feel that they put too much importance on pacing rather than explanation. Pacing is OK but I would rather have a movie that makes sense.


Having Fifled as a zombie was disappointing I wish that they should have kept the Xeno Fifled because it looked so much better. The result wasn’t very good as far as the look of Fifled goes. A bad decision made by Scott if it was him that decided to use the version that we see in the movie not to say that it was bad but I would have preferred the other version (CGI Xeno).


I don’t remember where they found the shedded skin was that when they were in the cave where Fifled (?) fell into the goo?


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2016 5:06 PM

The Shredded skin would have came after they Got lost and prior to the encounter with the Hammerpedes.

"About cutting the sacrificial scene: I don’t think that it would have given away too much by having it the way it was originally"

Yes the deleted Scene did not give away much at all.... it showed some Ritual Purpose and Frail Engineers, which could have led to a lot of assumptions from us, including are these Engineer dying out and the Sacrifice was needed to prolong and procreate the Seed DNA? 

But of a long winded way, as the Scene seemed to show either the start of how Building Blocks of Life Began...  which means Billions of years to reach Mankind, or the start of Evolution from Basic Life to Complex and so Many Hundreds of Millions of years to reach Mankind.

But Ridley said this scene did not have to be Earth, all it shows is that this is how the Engineers Seed Life....  He said its not the only way they seed life, but just the way they chose to do it.

It has a Ritual Purpose to it, a Purpose for the Greater Good to the cause of the Engineers..... Ridley refered the Scene to Ritual Sacrificed by Ancient Cultures like Mayans where a chosen Sacrifice would be Treated as King/Prince for a Year and then on the Anniversary of their Apointment they are to be Sacrificed into a Volcano.. so that the Tribe can Benefit from a Better Harvest the Next year.

The only things the Scene Gave away was..

*Engineers get old, and some of them are Ancient and Frail but Wise, but they Age Vastly Slower than Mankind. Thus Elders are Ancient Engineers.

*There is another Race of Engineers who are old and Frail Looking who create other Engineers in their Image. Thus Elders are Ancient beings who created Engineers.

The Scene also showed us a Pain and Sorry in the Faces of the Elder, Emotion and the Engineer.... as if this Sacrifice was needed for some Greater Purpose and maybe they wish there was another way to achieve the Purpose of it all.

So it showed a Human/Emotional Side to these Supposed Godlike beings.

And so i feel maybe that is something they felt did not portray the Engineers in a way they wanted to... i.e as a Powerful Enigmatic Race, with a clear unwavering Purpose void of Emotions and only Purpose....

Maybe in the whole context of this... the Frail Apearence of the Elders was something else they was not keen on...

So i expect a Re-design of the Elders or Godlike beings above the Engineers to be more Awe Inspiring and Powerful, and the Engineers Portrayed more as what David 8 is to Mankind and that is as a Tool to complete Tasks, so that Mankind does not have to.

The Full Sacrificial Scene however did have Two Way Dialog Between the one Elder and the Sacrificial Engineer... we HAVE NOT seen this Scene and its will we ever?

And i think the Engineers and the beings above them are going to be Portrayed differently and re-designed/re-vamped.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2016 5:17 PM

"Maybe this depends if you believe that the Xeno or Engineers are the most important"

Alien left Two Unanswered Questions...  One was explored.... but we are left with the Chicken or the Egg (Xeno/Queen) Question.

The Two broad Questions where..

1) How did those Eggs come to be, from where, and why and how... and what was that Space Jockey doing with such a deadly Cargo... how did it get there (Cargo and Jockey) and for what reason.

2) Who was the Space Jockey, why was this being on LV-426 with that Cargo, where are the rest of his Race... what is their Agenda and reasons for having such Bio-Weapons.

Spaights draft Answered both, the  second one it showed the Space Jockey was a Giant Humanoid Race, who had some contact with Ancient Mankind and even played a Part in the Creation of Mankind...  and thus are maybe who Ancient Mankind Interpreted as Gods..... But at some point they had intended to destroy what they created.

They never answered Why, and what else they created?

The first one they answered as these Engineers had also created or experimented on a Xeno-related Organism to create a number of different related Organisms, they then intended on using these on Earth... but these Deadly Bio-Weapons Got out of Hand and killed them all off but One!

They again never explain exactly how and why, but it was not too ambigious.

Fox and Ridley felt that the answers to Alien Question 2 was far more important and so they Evolved and Expanded this, in a ambigious way so that maybe a 2nd movie could explore this in more detail.... and they decided to Tone down the Xeno DNA and Answers to Alien Question 1

No soon as they explained the Space Jockey are a Ancient Race who created Mankind, and maybe other Life in the Galaxy and are thus Creators of Life (maybe not all Life) and that they played a role in the creation of the Xenomorph and it was intended only as a Bio-Weapon.

The ENGINEERS instantly became the more important Topic and one they wanted to explore more and hense Lindeloffs re-write of the Draft....

But after the disapointment to get Prometheus over to the wider Audience, and get people to see a connection with the Xeno and Alien... and then seeing how Alien 5 seemed to be gaining more interest...

They may now start to Tone Down the Engineers Aspect and Explore and Fully Answer the Xeno Question.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-10-2016 6:53 AM

Big Dave:


I remember that Ridley somewhere said something about why no one wondered who the Engineers were so he wanted to explore that. I have seen a documentary on Youtube when he said something like this.


The two questions are interesting and could make a great movie if done right. I would like to know the agenda of the Engineers even though we do not need to have the answer being spoon fed.


As far as having the Space jockey being humanoid that could answer the question to how the Engineers are related to mankind but maybe they can do something more with that idea? I don’t think that Spaights were really wrong but eventually his ideas could have been better developed. The ideas of Spaights were at least better than what we got.


Why and what else the Engineers created is something that could be really interesting. I think that they should have kept more of Spaights script but they should also have changed it a bit so a development could be possible. Unfortunately they changed too much so much of it became nonsense compared to what it was earlier.


I would really like to see what the other Xeno-related organisms look like, this is one reason why I am looking forward to Alien Covenant. Of course a movie needs more than cool monsters to be good but that is at least one reason.


Having the focus being more on the Engineers isn’t wrong in itself but they need the movie to make sense and a lot of time it didn’t. Like I said having it ambigious is OK but there is a line between ambigious and nonsense. Unfortunately a lot of it in Prometheus crossed the nonsense line (Lindelof and Fox). There are good and bad things about Prometheus still I think that the movie in general is OK (not shitty and not great but OK which is somewhere in the middle of these two).


Getting the movie over to a bigger audience: If they can not do that then it seems to me that it was Ridley and Fox that did something wrong. They should listen to why people think that it wasn’t good enough and hopefully they have done that.


If they will show a new Xeno movie it might give Fox some money but I am not that interested. After all Alien Ressurection wasn’t very good (to say the least) and besides we are now 19 years from Ressurection (it was released in 1997) so I am not sure how you can keep people interested in the Xeno after all this time at least not at that level which they need to have in order to make some money from it. Hopefully they will keep some mistery left when it comes to the Xeno because if they answer everything about it in a sort of ABC style then what is interesting about it?


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