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Alternative Alien Quadrilogy/Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

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MemberOvomorphNov-27-2015 11:31 AM

A Fan Fiction Alternative Alien Quadrilogy.

Author's Note: I have tried not to mess with anything established as canon in Alien and Aliens (though I have no problems with re - imagining Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection) and I surmise that these stories are running in parallel with the films sorta like Dark Horse Comics original Aliens series. Even though they are only fan fiction I will still have explanantions as to why some of these events were unknown by the Company in the movies, I feel that for me, logically I need to include them.

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare. Aliens: Quarantine. Alien: Lockdown. Alien: Contamination.

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare. (2119: 3 years before Alien).

Alien Prequel. Intended to be a more direct prequel to Alien than Prometheus. The crew of the Weyland - Yutani Deep Survey Vessel the USCSS Kurtz intercept an alien transmission in the Zeta II Reticuli system and land on moon LV 427 (the Evolution's Nightmare of the title. On this planet, humans are at the bottom of the food chain!) to investigate. They discover an immense Biomechanoid city, an alien Bio - Weapons research and development facility. The Kurtz is overrun by Xeno's and Alien/Human hybrids. Complete.

Aliens: Quarantine. (2142: 20 years after Alien, 37 years before Aliens).

A sequel to Evolution's Nightmare. More of an Aliens style action tale. Two survivors from the USCSS Kurtz encounter an apparently abandoned space station. Investigating further they find the station is in quarantine, it has been overrun by an Alien hive. Minimal emergency power and life support are functioning. They encounter a small group of survivors barricaded in a secure location, and must make their way through the station, overcoming mechanical and physical barriers as well as the Alien threat, to reach a docked mining shuttle and escape to a Weyland - Yutani correctional facility in the same system.

Alien: Lockdown. (2142).

This story is my version of Alien 3, they reach the Weyland - Yutani prison facility on Erebus 191 (Which is more high tech and has guards and weapons) they find that Weyland - Yutani has a secret experimental research ship (the USCSS Willard) on the planet and are using the prisoners in hideous experiments with xenomorphs. The company release the xenos in the prison to eradicate all witnessess and the protagonists must team up with prisoners and guards to escape the xenos and try to reach the scientist's ship before it departs, stranding them on the alien infested prison planet. 

Alien: Contamination. (2191).

Alien: Contamination = Alien: Resurrection. The Kurtz survivors depart the Tau Ceti II system in the USCSS Willard. Whilst the crew are in Hypersleep on the return journey to Earth, the ship is struck by a meteorite and its navigational/hypersleep systems are damaged. Far off course, the ship is intercepted by the heavy cruiser USMSS (United Systems Military Stellar Service) Robert. E. Lee. It is now 2191. Earth and most of the colonies have been overrun by Xenomorph infestation. The Robert E Lee was fitted out as a research vessel and tasked with finding a solution to the Xenomorph threat, they are experimenting on the Xeno's to try and develop a Viral weapon (possibly involving Black Goo?, sourced by a military expedition to the site of the ill fated Prometheus mission?). As usual when Xenomorph's are involved things get out of control fast, the protagonists must escape the ship (without shooting the place up, which would be a really dumb thing to do on a spaceship! It's why Dan O'Bannon gave the creature acid blood, so you couldn't just shoot it!) fighting all sorts of hideous xeno mutations using their wits and ingenuity instead of guns to escape. We find out in this story why the Company had forgotten about the Xenomorph by 2179 when Ripley is rescued.

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare was heavily inspired by Dan O'Bannon's original Star Beast screenplay and the works of H.R. Giger. I wanted to explore how Weyland - Yutani became aware of the Xenomorph and how Ash came to be aboard the Nostromo (without revealing every little detail on the Space Jockeys/Xenomorph origins, I feel these things don't need to be shoved in your face, it's better to reveal snippets of information and retain some mystery about the creatures).

I wanted to add a little nod to Prometheus (the ill fated Prometheus mission of 2093). Even though I was disappointed in Prometheus, I am optimistic with all the info/rumours so far released, that the Prometheus sequels are shaping up to be far more satisfying and rewarding films. But as we don't know exactly where Alien: Covenant is going as yet, I best leave that stuff alone for now.

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare is complete and posted, all feedback on this story is very positive and encouraging, so I have started on the next chapter in my Alien Quadrilogy. As a preview I am posting the Aliens/Star Beast inspired prologue to Aliens: Quarantine. All feedback, suggestions, ideas and criticisms most welcome. Let me know if you wanta read my stuff, and if so I will post it when complete.

They are written as screenplays because I suck at writing proper fiction and I envision them in my head as movies as I am writing them anyway.



A busy control room, control consoles and banks of machinery, linked by bundles of cables and conduits. A steady hum of chattering machinery, human voices and radio transmissions fill the control centre. Technicians scurry back and forth bearing seismic scans, progress reports and loading schedules, whilst Comm. Techs relay updates to the docked cargo ship USCSS Armstrong, which is loading ore and unloading station supplies. A technician calls over to Chief Mining Engineer Connelly, who is overseeing the loading schedule.


Hey chief Henryk's on the horn, he's had to shut down the excavator on level thirteen. Seismic scans have detected a large cavern.

                              CONNELLY. (Sighs in exasperation).

Great. We're behind schedule on the loading and Captain Garrovick is on my case, they still have a stop over at Erebus One Nine One to offload supplies and if they miss their launch window we're gonna have some mighty pissed off spacers to deal with. Tell Henryk I'll be down ASAP to check it out.



An industrial loading dock. Caterpillar Powerloaders are unloading freight containers onto electric freight haulers for transport to the station's Supply Storage Level. Automated ore loaders are loading the Armstrong's cargo holds. Director of Mining Operations Kruger is liasing with the Armstrong's cargo chief, he consults the IPad Infinity he is holding.


That's the last of our supplies unloaded. They've fixed the gravity feed on Loader One, ore loading will be completed in two hours.

                              CARGO CHIEF GRADY.

OK I'll inform Captain Garrovick, we'll make our launch window no problem.

                              CONNELLY. V.O.

Connelly to Kruger, we've got a problem on level thirteen boss. Scans have detected a large cavern, Henryk's shut down the excavator. I'm gonna go take a look.


Christ what next? We can't afford any more delays, the company's profit margin on this operation is negligible. They stripped the costing to the bone to outbid Weyland-Yutani on the ICC contract award and if we get too far behind schedule we can all kiss our bonuses goodbye, keep me posted.

                              CONNELLY. V.O.

Will do boss.

Kruger goes over to a tech operating a powerloader. The powerloader deposits the freight container onto a cargo transport, which drives off into the station. Kruger converses with the operator.



Miners Henryk, Villegas, Matusak and Stuckey are clustered around the shut down excavator. Connelly exits the lift.


What have we got here Henryk? We need to get this excavator back online ASAP.


Scans have detected a large sealed cavern, 100 cubic metres in volume.

Henryk hands Connelly his IPad Infinity. Connelly checks the scan data.


There's an atmosphere in there, Oxygen/Nitrogen. OK there's a metre of rock to get through, Villegas, Matusak you're up, let's see what's inside. 

The two miners manhandle a portable excavator drill into the shaft and begin to bore through into the large chamber.


The excavator breaks through. The two miners remove the drill and as they do a gust of stale air wafts out of the cavern.


Fuck me, that's rank.

Stuckey is dry retching, overcome by the foetid air released from the chamber.

                              VILLEGAS. (Laughing).

You can talk. You make some pretty rank smells yourself when you have beans for breakfast.

Villegas and Henryk  wielding sledgehammers, enlarge the opening to the cavern. Connelly goes over to an equipment locker and takes out four heavy duty torches and hands them out to the miners, he takes one for himself and closes the locker.


Connelly to control, we're proceeding into the cavern.

                              TECHNICIAN. V.O.

Copy that.



The cavern is obviously an artificial construction: The chamber walls have a skeletal appearance, ribbed tubes dividing the skeletal walls into sections. Rounded, bulging outgrowths top each section, a large opening in the outgrowths feed into organic pipes which all converge in a central point, a raised area in front of what appears to be an altar. Murals depicting alien rituals involving biomech, vaguely humanoid creatures and bizzare mechorganic machinery cover the altar. The raised dais contains a number of sealed leathery urns about a metre high.

The five miners are awed at what they have discovered. They explore the chamber and inspect the alien murals.


Connelly to control, the chamber is artificial it's not a cavern, Kruger needs to see this.

                            TECHNICIAN. V.O.

Kruger's with Captain Garrovick, the Armstrong is prepping for launch. I'll send him down soon as he comes in. 


Jesus look at this shit will ya? Very fucking weird, what do you think this place is?


Looks like some sort of temple. Goddamn it, ICC are gonna shut us down and bring in the first contact teams, Kruger's gonna be pissed.


There goes everybody's bonuses. We're lucky we found this thing, at least we got guaranteed shares in anything they find in here.


Hey chief somethings happening.


The leathery green "Urns". With a wet sound four flaps open on one of the urns, One by one four more urns open.


Hey guys I think there's something alive in these things.

The men approach the urns and look inside.



The USCSS Armstrong has finally departed. Kruger enters the control room, he addresses a Comm. Tech.


What's the status on this cavern on thirteen, how long before we can get the excavator running again?

                              COMM. TECH.

Chief Connelly reported in to say they were about to enter the cavern. He checked in 15 minutes later, it appears to be an artificial construct. No updates for the last hour.


Kruger to Connelly what's the Sitrep on thirteen?.......................Kruger to Connelly, respond please....................This is Kruger is anyone on level thirteen reading me?...........................



The five miners are lying unconscious around the dais.

                              KRUGER. V.O.

Kruger to Connelly respond................Damn it, Henryk, Villegas is anyone reading me? I'm on my way down.


Connelly, the mining chief has a Facehugger attached to his face, it undulates in time with his breathing. The camera pulls in for an extreme closeup on the alien parasite.


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MemberOvomorphNov-29-2015 11:00 AM

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare. Aliens: Quarantine. Alien: Lockdown. Alien: Contamination.

Timeline of events: 2119 - 2192

2119: The USCSS Kurtz lands on LV 427. Infested with Xenomorphs the Kurtz self destructs. Broussard and Elias escape.

2121: The Company become aware of Zeta II Reticuli, the Xenomorph and the transmission. (A Deep Salvage Team discover the Kurtz' Black Box).

2122: The Nostromo is diverted to Zeta II Reticuli. The Nostromo's crew are decimated by the Xenomorph. Ripley blows up the ship and escapes in the shuttle.

2124: There is an ICC enquiry into the loss of the Nostromo (One of the crew's family has uncovered evidence from an anonymous source that the Nostromo was deliberately sent into peril). The two executives who hatched the plan are eliminated by the Company. Using bribes and political machinations the Company covers up the incident and the Official report issued by the ICC states the Nostromo and refinery were destroyed as a result of an asteroid collision. The file is closed. After losing two ships and a refinery plus payload, the Company cut their losses and the Kurtz transmission is buried in the Company database.

2140: A Company Bio - Weapons Division executive stumbles upon the Kurtz transmission in the database and as enough time has passed since the Nostromo's destruction, they despatch a research ship the USCSS Willard to Zeta II Reticuli to source Xenomorph specimens for study.

2142: A Con - Am mining station unearth an Alien temple and Eggs. The miners are infected and they spread the infection to Deep Station Melville. The USCSS Willard enters the Tau Ceti II system, intending to stop over at D.S.M. to replenish supplies before proceeding to Zeta II Reticuli. The Willard intercepts the distress signal from Con - Am 87 and the research team realise they don't have to go to Zeta II Reticuli to obtain specimens. They jam the distress signals, acquire some eggs from Con - Am 87 and proceed to Erebus 191 to begin researching the creatures, using prisoners from the Weyland - Yutani correctional facility as lab rats. The prison authorities are unaware of what is really going on aboard the Willard, believing that it is just normal medical research the prisoners are volunteering for.

2142: Broussard and Elias abaord the Kurtz' shuttle reach Deep Station Melville, it is infested. They encounter survivors in a secure location, and they all escape in a mining shuttle to Erebus 191. The survivors brief the prison authorities on what occurred on D.S.M. and Con - Am 87. The Weyland - Yutani research team release Xenomorphs into the prison to eradicate all witnesses and cover up their horrific experiments. The protagonists succeed in taking control of the USCSS Willard and escaping Erebus 191, they set course for Earth and enter Hypersleep.

2142: Fearing that they will be held responsible for the deaths of all those on D.S.M., Con - Am 87 and Erebus 191. Weyland - Yutani claim there was an outbreak of Rigellian Plague on Con - Am 87 which spread to Erebus 191 and Deep Station Melville. They despatch "Medical Quarantine Ships" to Tau - Ceti II (in reality they contain: Clean- Up crews to remove all evidence of the Xenomorph and their experiments). The ICC place Tau - Ceti II under quarantine, no shipping may enter or leave the system. The USCSS Willard is listed as a Plague Ship: To Be Destroyed on sight.

2143. Con - Amalgamated file for bankruptcy and all assets are acquired by Weyland - Yutani in a corporate takeover.

2143: The USCSS Willard is struck by a meteorite. It's navigational and hypersleep systems are damaged, the ship is off course and the crew aren't revived from stasis. It drifts for 49 years.

2143:After the loss of the Correctional facility on Erebus 191 and the USCSS Willard, the Company give up on obtaining the Xenomorph. They detonate Fusion Bombs in the Tau Ceti II system to eradicate all evidence on Erebus 191, Con - Am 87 and Deep Station Melville,(ostensibly to eradicate the plague). All references to the Kurtz, the alien signal, the Nostromo's diversion/destruction, the Xenomorph and Zeta II Reticuli are deleted from the Company database. (Which explains why the company has seemingly forgotten about the Xenomorph/Nostromo/Alien Transmission in 2179 when Ripley is rescued, all the executives involved are dead or long retired).

2179: Ripley is rescued by a Deep Salvage Team. The colony on LV 426 is infested. The Atmosphere Processing Station explodes, Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop escape. They depart in the USCSS Sulaco and go back to Earth where they all live happily ever after! (Until the Earth is infested with the Xenomorph that is).

2185: A Bio Tech Systems ship the USCSS Clarke stumbles upon Xenomorph Eggs in the Tau Ceti I system (possibly the Xeno homeworld), the ship is infested and it returns to Earth. It crash lands in China and the Earth is overrun by a Xeno infestation.

2188: The infestation has spread to the colonies, only a few isolated outposts are free of infestation. The authorities dispatch vessels tasked with trying to find solutions to the Xenomorph threat

2192: The USCSS Willard is intercepted by the USMSS Robert E Lee in the Epsilon Eridani system. Earth and the colonies have been infested. The researchers on the Robert E Lee are trying to develop a Viral weapon to be used in eradicating the Xenomorph infestations. The Space Jockey Homeworld! The Apocalyptic Climax!

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