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A Clue to the relationship between Xeno and Human?

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MemberOvomorphNov-09-2015 10:18 AM

Reading Giger's Alien the other day I noticed a pic of Giger working on the alien suit. The carapace was not fitted to the head as yet and the Xenomorph clearly has a partial human skull, eye and nose holes and then the Alien mouth.

Now as this was never seen in the movie could this be a clue as to the relationship between human and xeno? Did Scott, O'Bannon, Giger intend for humanity to be somehow involved in the xenomorph evolution?

Is this a possible clue that will be explored in Alien: Paradise Lost?

I apologise if this topic has been addressed before, but unfortunately I don't have the time to go back through all the old Prometheus/Alien posts to double check. I am working my way through the more recent posts. 

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MemberDeaconNov-10-2015 9:12 AM

Been busy the last week so ill make it quick..... Yes one idea was to have a Human Skull that was inside the Clear Dome of the Aliens Head.... The idea being because the Organism takes on traits from its Host....

There had been a person i had spoken to who had some information about the sequel and they said the idea they are building upto is that the Origins of the Xeno is connected to Humans and not Engineers and seeds of this will be shown by the end of the 2nd movie.

They are as always vague and so quite what they mean by that, is not known but they do indicate that Humans played a Part and are the REASON for the Xenomorph in Alien. 

What does this mean? Who knows, just that Humans play a more bigger role than Engineers did is all.

*Did Humans have a part in the creation? was it Human DNA more than Engineers?

*Where Humans used in experiments by Engineers, or was the Xeno created by Man?

*Was the Xeno created as a response to a threat from Man or the Engineers?

*Had Humans triggered a Event that led to the Xeno, thousands of years ago?  Or is Time Travel involved some how? i.e is the Xeno created after Human events within the time frame of Prometheus 2-3 (yet in Alien the ship appeared to had been there for a very very long time?

Only futher clues the Source had informed me about that could relate to the Xeno are as follows....

The Origins i.e Genetically Starting point was created by the same beings who created the Xeno and Engineers.... they did not sugest the same who created Mankind, Engineers etc... just those who created the Xeno also created the Engineers thus the Engineers did not create the Xeno... as far as the true Origins.

Prometheus was not the first time Mankind/Humans have been to the LV 426/223 System i.e Zeta Reticuli.

The next movie will link more clues to LV 223/426 and Xeno DNA but it wont be a spoon fed Xeno movie, just more clues like the first movie only less ambigious and that the Origins had major clues in the first movie just they was vague and you needed to look for them.

There will be unsused elements from Star Beast, that was never used in any previous movie and these would relate to the Rirtual/Religious and Sacrifical role of the Engineers.

We will see two Monsters related to the Xeno, one of which is from a new event that happens in the timeline of Part 2 and will losely go back to the Original Giger Design and David will play a role in its creation.

The movie has some links to Paradise Loss as far as Serpents and Dragons and our Engineers and that a few scenes from Paradise lost will be portrayed in a way to what is going on and this is as far as Punishment/Serpents that provids Freedome from Bondage.

So its case of take that lot with a Pinch of Salt.....  but apparently the Plot is Big and Bold, and it could be the role of the Engineers is diminshed as far as what Prometheus was trying to show us..... they are part of a Hierarchy that does not Start with the ENGINEERS and does not End with DAVID.

so yeah it could be that Humans play a bigger role in this than we first thought or think as far as going back to the Alien movies...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Veteran MemberMemberOvomorphNov-10-2015 9:46 AM

To see the eyes of the beast one would be hypnotized with fear! Alien abduction victims always express the terror they have when they see those large eyes like being hunted by a malevolent evil force! I find it interesting that HR Giger had a version of the 'ALIEN' with eyes. As far as all this relates to humans and xenos I think back on Giger's Facehugger Mural...that another humanoid figure was present in the process of transplanting the beasty hints at a sacrifical ritual offering.  So that might be the link to humans and Xenos is that the Engineers (or what ever created Engineers) to harvest humans only for the purpose of sacrifice to other things. Then there is the Alien slime which is an evilution of the Black Bio-Goo! Kind of like the Alien version of The Blob?

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