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Prometheus two starts off as the Deacon stalks survivors of the Prometheus mission

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-18-2015 12:52 PM

has anyone considered the possibility of additional survivors from the Prometheus mission? I believe that two security officers likely survived the Prometheus mission and act as cannon fodder for the Deacon to stalk in the beginning of Prometheus 2. likely they do not survive since it takes two years for the rescue team to arrive.

In the scene where David is calibrating Weyland's exoskeleton suit, 3 security officers are seen as a detail for Weyland. Note that this scene takes place after the Fifield zombie wrecks havoc. One of these security officers dressed in the space suit with the orange lines (not sure why the suits changed) but the other two are dressed in the blue space suits used in the firat two parties outside. 

The party to go wake the engineer only included one security officer suggesting the other two went off and did something else. I propose three different ideas for what the what happened to the security officers 

1) the security officers stayed on the Prometheus as it crashed into the Juggernaut and are killed 

2) the two security officers stayed on the ship and eject from pods as Vickers did.

3) the security officers drive the rover for the party to go wake the engineer. They stay with the rover and survive, giving them perhaps an edge they need survive for some time.

this may be a cool concept as the two security officers who are likely an elite ex-military detail for Weyland who have necessary skills and weapons to survive. The Prometheus comic book series also highlights this idea of people surviving in a sort of a survivor esque way on the hostile planet. these two security officers may stumble across new monsters as they explore the caverns trying to survive and maybe stumble across some answers that the fans are looking for. since it would take the near the two years to be rescued there could be a lot of potential stumbling upon.

just some crazy ideas of mine we shall wait and see...

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XenomorphMember1304 XPMay-18-2015 3:19 PM

Yeah, I could see this. They would quickly run out of air/water/food....if they escaped the Deacons notice.

But...There is plenty of water and fresh air in the mounds...but not sure where they would get food? Maybe Engineers have some source of 'food'. Testing new food sources would make for an interesting chapter! Not sure I would want to eat anything on that planet.

Where were the goo canisters produced? Is there a canister factory deep inside the planet? Maybe they  find the 'goo' laboratory...or a place where the Engineers stored their horrific 'mistakes'?

Are the Juggernauts built on LV223? Maybe they find the source of the juggernauts.

One problem i not having David to open door and chambers for them...I think their adventuring would be short lived.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-18-2015 4:33 PM

A short-lived adventure could still be very entertaining especially if it gives an oppourtunity to answer some questions. Running out of food would be a problem for Shaw as well.

Maybe they end up making their way back to the lifeboat to check it out, it supposedly had two years worth of food. Perhaps they make it back before the deacon births? Or even better, after it births!

To see the deacon stalk an engineer who wakes up to the mess that has been created could also be good cinema.


XenomorphMember1304 XPMay-18-2015 4:43 PM

Would love to watch a Engineer versus a fully grown Deacon....Not sure how big the Deacon will be.....It starts out very big(compared to a Xeno)...probably gets huge! might need multiple Engineers to take it out.

Lifeboat would work...Though the Engineer was able to pry open the air lock doors(with his bare hands!).....not sure if the Deacon is smart enough to open the doors? Could be stuck there reading books and playing piano! ...or waiting for the rescue ship.


OvomorphMember23 XPMay-18-2015 8:08 PM

These fantasies of cat and mouse games between previously unknown survivors on LV223 and a fully grown deacon are only just that... fantasies, if Ridley Scott will be directing the next installment. He already said that the Beast is finished, and "there is only so much snarling you can do". So rest assured Ridley will not be going down that road. I don't read the comic books, but Ridley always wants to go in whole new directions, rather than re-tread old plotlines. This is why he didn't like the Spaith's script, and brought in Lindelof to put a whole new spin on the story for P. I think we'll be seeing something quite different again in P2.

The new Blomkamp movie will be something else all together. Perhaps lots of snarling and chasing in that one. But I think P2 and Alien 5 will be far apart in timelines with little if any crossover. 


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-01-2015 7:55 PM

Ya i think scott will throw us something new he makes film for himself so. I do feel leaving out the deacon is kinda lame . Iwanna see it mature


DeaconMember10195 XPJun-07-2015 4:50 AM

I would be suprised if they did not go back to LV 223.. this is one thing that has to be covered in the Alien Movie Timeline...

But will we see the Deacon?  i dont know... yes as far as i could count there are 3 other Survivors but they could have died with the Crash of Prometheus...

As far as a fully grown Deacon i have covered this before and i would assume it would likely stand between 15-20 feet tall... so about as Tall as a Xeno Queen

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember62 XPAug-03-2015 7:53 PM

I often wondered if the other structures off in the distance had the same canisters within them, or were facilities for making other types of weapons or strange biotech.


DeaconMember10195 XPAug-04-2015 8:51 AM

Well they did look similar structures... and David said there was "many more" ships which surely cant mean just one more they took off in at the end... 

And so the Complex they visited in Prometheus does not look like it would hold many many more ships... so yes Logically it could mean that other ships are docked to other complexes.

As for other types of Bio Weapons..... this could be the case.... we have to remember that the Plot for the Alien Xeno Organism has changed from Star Beast to Alien series to Prometheus....

For the most part of the Franchise it was hinted at being a Bio Weapon or could be used as such and this is what the Company wanted it for.... Prometheus showed us these Engineers conducted experiements on Biological Organisms that could be used as a purpose for destruction and their War/Cargo Ships are used to deploy such a Bio Weapon.

If we look at Spaights draft which is what Lindeloff based his off, in Spaights there was one Large Cavenous Complex that held a number of varient Organisms related to Xeno DNA....   Spaights even went off record to sugest the idea was these Engineers had created 8 different Organisms based off similar DNA.

So yes i would say there is  potential that each Complex holds a different variation of maybe Xeno DNA... by that i think the Experiments contained within those Temples and the Xeno Organism share a common DNA source and ancestor and its prehaps our Engineers who are genetically conducting experiments upon such DNA to create a variety of Biological Weapons.

This may not be factual however and is just based on if we take the many Complexes we seem to see with how in Spaights draft there was a number of different kinds of Bio Weapon Organisms...

If this is the case then the Ship Shaw and David are on could contain a different DNA/Organism than the ones we saw in Prometheus.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember62 XPJan-14-2016 9:29 PM

I've read Spaights draft, but it was a while back. Thanks for the reply. Your answer is in line with what I was thinking.


TrilobiteAdmin9516 XPJan-15-2016 2:14 AM

The fate of the two security officers you mention is likely depicted in this concept art for the movie, which was included in the book "the Art of Prometheus"...

This art I believe was based more upon Spaihts' original script before Damon Lindelof was brought on-board to add some ambiguity (wink, wink Big-Dave) to the movies narrative.

Originally the Deacon was meant to be the antagonist of the movies fourth act - attacking the crew of the Prometheus after being born from the last Engineer and causing the Juggernaut to crash land.

In all honesty the more I look back at it I think Prometheus would have been better had they just ran with Spaihts' script - it was cleaner and more concise than what we got in theatres and the Deacon was a more interesting and theatening antagonist than "Bob" the Engineer ever was.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPJan-15-2016 4:21 AM

I personally hope they keep Lv223 out of Covenant altogether. I'm really not interested in seeing what becomes of the "deacon." This is a great opportunity for Ridley to put a whole new take on it.


The poster was good though!



DeaconMember10195 XPJan-15-2016 10:08 AM

Spaights draft followed  4 events as far as Xeno-Related Organisms.

We had one kind that was from Holloway.

We had another that Shaw had removed from her via C-Section

We had another that got onboard the Engineer Ship that the Engineer killed.

Then we had the Ultramorph at the end, well the Final Act.

As far as the Deacon goes, i am not really sure we would explore it but we do not know what kind of U-Turn the next movie has made..... Ridley says the next movie will Evolve from the First and before Lindeloff had refered to the Deacon in a way that sugests it is a Ancestor to the Xenomorph.

So we cant rule out the Deacon getting onto the Ship, but that would pose a few problems, such as how can David survive against it and also the Chest Buster Deacon scene to me implied it happened after David and Shaw had already Taken Off.

So i dont think the Deacon would be shown....

But i think they have to cover LV-223 at some point as it causes a incontinuity with Alien and Aliens and sequels, as far as and especially with Alien 3 and Alien R as the only way to obtain Xeno DNA and a Queen is via Ripley....

Why not go to LV-223.... but this is something that can be answered as the next Alien movie by Blomkamp will ignore Alien 3 and Alien R

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1540 XPFeb-02-2016 9:14 AM

Necronom4: I agree that we don't need to see what becomes of the Deacon. Eventually it was put there as a fan-service and to show what different events could lead to (we also got the squid alien).

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