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new alien film set to wipe out 3 and 4 from existence.

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MemberOvomorphMay-15-2015 4:31 PM


\\\" I Want To Go Where They Come From\\\"
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MemberXenomorphMay-20-2015 4:20 PM

What if.....Aliens never happened? it was a cryo dream? Then we only have 2 movies Prometheus and Alien. I would love to see a script for Alien 2!

I wouldn't have a problem if we/they wiped out Aliens Alien3 and Alien:R.

Go back to pure horror for Alien II.


                               A   L    I     E    N      I     I


Hope someone writes it!





MemberXenomorphMay-21-2015 2:41 AM

Yes Yes That s more like it !!!!


MemberDeaconMay-21-2015 4:10 AM

Well Blomkamp had said a few things about the new Movie and he says it wont discount Alien 3 and Alien Resurection from the Franchise, but his movie is set to take place after the Events of Aliens...

How his movie will side step Alien 3 and Alien R but not have them eleminated from the Franchise is a tricky question.... the easiest route would be they are both dreams...

The movie is however not going to discount Aliens, it would be set after Aliens, it is also reported to have some ideas from Aliens Colonal Marines Game i think this would be the Derelict?   It seems safe to assume the movie could take place many years after Aliens and not right after and this would help to cover up why Ripley would look some 30 years older...

Not much is known about the Alien 5 movie apart from Blomkamp believes his ideas give a better and more justified follow up to Aliens... (or is it just a cheap cash cow excuse to cash in on the Franchise and bring back Ripley) prepare for Alien 6, 7,8 etc lol ).

From what we know, some of his ideas had to be changed as they conflict with what Ridley intends for the Franchise in regards to certain things and i think the best bet is what becomes of Engineer Technology and Alien DNA and Black Goo after the events of Prometheus 1-2 etc and before the events of Alien and Aliens.... 

I will go and assume that in order for Alien 5 to happen and be set after Aliens we have to ask where do the Aliens come from...?   Alien 3 had to go the route that a few Eggs got on board the Sulaco and that that means nothing was left to Salvage on LV 426.

Blomkamp could be going the route that either something is left to salvage on LV 426 after the destruction of Hadleys Hope... or maybe something could be gained from near by LV 223....

Which his plans may had conflicted with Ridleys as far as Engineer Tech, Xeno DNA left to salvage on LV 223 after Ridleys Prometheus Franchise has finished in the timeline and what is left on LV 223 and LV 426 by the time of Aliens...

We always wondered after Prometheus, why does the company waste its time going after the Xeno in Alien and especially Aliens when LV 223 has more rewards and yes more Engineer Ships..... and especially when we look at Alien 3 and Alien R and all the efforts to persue Ripley for the Xeno DNA and Organism......  WHY?

Only logical one is because there was no Alien DNA or Space Jockey Tech, to obtain after the event of Aliens....

Blomkamp may have came up with a idea that they could actually do that, and his concept work shows the company recover the Derelict.. or maybe even a Engineer Ship from LV 223....

If Ridley had plans to show us why there is no Xeno DNA and Engineer Tech to be had apart from the Derelict on LV 426 after the events of his Prometheus Franchise, then Blomkamp's ideas on how the company could resurect the Xeno could conflict what Ridleys plans are for what becomes of the ENGINEERS TECH etc.

It seems for sure that Alien 5 is being redone in a way that it does not contradict or conflict with Prometheus and Alien....

Other things that Blomkamp's ideas seem to show is that the company either experiment with the Xeno DNA to create new forms, or they come across new forms of Eggs or even experiments by the Engineers that created different kinds of new Xeno DNA.

Then we also see Ripley is incorpirated with Engineer Bio-Tech to become part of some Alien/Space Jockey Hybrid Suit....


This information now is a ASSUMPTION and not any facts but my own interpretation...

I think Blomkamp's movie would be set a fair number of years after Aliens, like 15-20 years.... and i think the idea was the company either  and/or get their hands on the remains of the Derelict or another Engineer Ship/Black Goo and they some how like in Alien R carry out experiments on the Xeno DNA and by doing so they create a few new forms of Xeno... or mutations based on using Xeno DNA they re-engineered from what they recover on LV 426... or they come across some Engineer Black Goo either on the Derelict or LV 426.... or LV 223.

At some point Ripley finds out that indeed the Horror has not ended and indeed the company have got their hands on Xeno DNA and Engineer Tech and she goes off to try and put a stop to the companies plans..... at some point she must find Engineer Tech and become part of it... or the company try and experiment with he Tech on her, but it back fires for them.... Ripley is now suited up in Engineer/Xeno Bio-Tech and can interface with Engineer Ships and put a stop to the companies plans...

This is the broad strokes of what i have managed to peice together from what is known and the concept works....... another thing is this........ XENO QUEEN and it looks like its comming from the Derelict or Engineer Ship that is in a Hanger that is in some Oriental Land... so maybe Yutani Hanger....  So Xeno's are on Earth

Blomkamp did say he had a title for his Alien movie but its a bit controversial and give the movie away too much and Ridley liked the name but felt it give too much away.. maybe also it would link a bit to theme Ridley was covering in his Prometheus 2...

Could Blomkamp's movie had been Alien (Hell on Earth) and when Ridley said something had to be changed as it conflict with his Prometheus 2, did some people on the Internet then think hey... maybe its because Prometheus 2 is Hell on Earth and so thats where that rumour started from..... but apparently it was someone who spoke to Ridley who said working title was Hell on Earth...

I will be seeing the person who informed me of stuff Friday, see if he has any gossip on that but i think his source is reluctant to speak about stuff now....  But from what i was told there is nothing really to sugest the movie would be Hell on Earth as far as Xenos and DNA and Engineer ships running amok on Earth in a timeline before Aliens etc.  from what info i was given it seems the movie is more about what Shaw and David find in what they said is near the centre of our Galaxy far away from Zeta 2 system but they said that story is only one of 3 plots within the movie... they gave no indication of those but no clues to sugest that the company bring back Engineer Tech to Earth, at least not as far as large scale outbreak of stuff on Earth....

Which makes sense because if they have a Engineer Juggernaught why bother with the Derelict on LV 426?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphMay-21-2015 4:26 PM

I would be shocked if there wasn't a LV223 storyline in Prometheus 2/3....Trillion dollar spaceship and the founder of the company is missing?!....They have to send someone, or something, to investigate.

The Juggernaut has a map of all the planets the Engineers have 'seeded', I'd like to see Shaw and David visit one!...and if they survive...make their way to Paradise....

Yutani might be an alien culture? anyone consider that? 



MemberDeaconMay-22-2015 10:30 AM

It would have to make logical sense...

What are the options.... if all we have is David 8 and Shaw on  the Engineer Ship?

1) They go to Paradise, while on Earth we have some scenes of what happens to Weyland Company and Yutani  and maybe David 8 robots rebelion....    could see something like this...

But what of LV 223 wont none of the companies want to infestigate, especially if David managed to transmit some information?

2) David takes the Ship to Earh and  he either unleashes Hell on Earth, or the company have a look at the Jugernaught and they then unleash Hell..... this could be the case as there is a reason Alien 5  had to be changed in regards to how and what the company got its hands on as far as Engineer Tech....

But such a event would be a bit of a incontinuity with Alien and Aliens unless David drops the ship off to Weyland outpost and not Earth...

Nope Logically David would be going to Paradise which leaves  Option 1)

There is a Option 3 which is Engineers come to Earth either after our discovery of LV 223 or David turning up on Paradise but again... this would be a ncontinuity with Alien and Aliens.

So that leaves a Option 4 that would revolve around some Mission back to LV 223

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMay-26-2015 11:46 AM

Ok spoke to someone i know (Friday) and they said the source they had wont spill any beans and that not happy lots rumours now comming about stuff and some are misleading.

They said the things i was told was rough point with out going in detail...

So he said be like plot leaks for Prometheus 1 by saying the movie is a Alien Prequel but wont lead to events of Alien but it would show us who the Space Jockey are, what their purpose is and what kinds of experiments they work on and they are behind the creation of the Xeno but also many lifeforms in the Galaxy including our own Solar system.

Which give rough idea of what Prometheus is about but not exact details...

This is what the points that was passed on was meant to be...

The person did say that Prometheus 2 will involve a setting on Earth and Company and Engineer Tech but dont want to go into details but its certainly not going to be Black Goo being unleashed on Earth to bring about mass apocalypse i.e (Hell on Earth) but more like Hell on Paradise.. but Paradise is actually Hell anyway.

The movie wont contradict the events of Alien or Aliens, but said Weyland Yutani works mysterious ways like the Iluminati (take of that what you will)...

I asked about the new Monsters, and he said the person wont tell no more only that one of them is completely new and another is similar to the ideas Ridley had forseen for the Original Alien and its life cycle prior to Aliens... but they are not trying to replace the Xeno.. i.e making it that the ones in Aliens and Queens dont exist.

I asked about the Matrix theme, they said just relates to the Engineers and their purpose and nothing to do with Earth. But this person does not know muct because the Source never gave full details... most stuff he just given broad hints without the details.

They said from what they gather indeed Alien 5 movie would be about the company getting hold of Engineer Ship and experiments on Xeno Eggs.... and its that movie that would be about Xenos getting lose on Company Instalations like Alien Resurection.

I asked about Production time and he said he was not directly given exact details just that the Draft is done, the ideas of how they want to visually produce whats on Draft to Screen are being fleshed out and that one of the movies... (i assume Alien 5 or Prometheus)  would be worked on from Winter to Spring and that it seems Prometheus 2 production and shooting looks set to be done for sure within 12 months.

He said a Fall 2016 and Summer 2017 are likely release dates for the movies.... but he not sure which order that would be.

I said what about Shaw dying.... half way through he said he should  not say but Shaw does not technically die... so what the hell that means i dont know..

I get the impression he knows more than he is letting on but does not want to pass it on.... maybe because of my post on here that had lead to a number of rumour sites lol.  He was not too keen talking about stuff mind..

We talked about Star Wars instead lol but nope he dont know much about that only like what sites on internet have been saying, and he is not happy with some of the ideas... but said as long as there is no Ja Ja he can live with it lol

But then the person could be making the whole lot up as he is well kinda Geeky and kind person who has little friends so could make stuff up....  But they did say about Transcendence some 7-8 Months before release and i searched back then and not much info on the movie plot..  to verify what was said, but no soon as i saw the movie 10 months latter well 75% was accurate...

They did add that the principle idea of the movie is about hierarchy of creation and how Sacrifices are needed to allow for evolution and the movie will show seeds of father/son, creator/creation conflicts throughout the hierarchy of creation.

It will show us Davids evolution and uniquieness and how he sees himself as superiour to his creators and his creators creators and he wants to be as God himself.  Shaw has a part to play a important one but she is far from the main Element of the movie,  The Monsters are also only a small part as is the company.. The main focus is about creation and how creation and evolution is not as Shaw believes are or even Science on Earth, and that it is very dark and sinister and in ways that Holloway was closest to what is actually going on with his comments to Shaw and David in Prometheus.

Not sure what he means by that unless, its how their is no such thing as God and that all you need is a Petre Dish and so Life is just a experiment that can sometimes go right and sometimes go wrong but is no way a devine creation by God... or even God like beings as far as the purpose of creation as seen from our Ancient Cultures be that the Bible, the Hindus, the Koran or Ancient Greeks etc

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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