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Prometheus 2 plot, possible just speculation not FACT

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DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 6:43 AM

As i mentioned on THANATOS_CONTAGION post, i had a conversation with someone i know, who said they had spoken to someone who has some idea of what Prometheus 2 is about...

I can only take these as pure Speculation but this person did 6 months ago or near enough, say that they also seen some concept work for the movie....

Anyway here are the things this person was hinting at, and by no means can we take these as FACT in any shape or form, but may be interesting to discus these points if they are some area the movie could go....

1) The Movie will have 3 Plot Elements, and Shaw and Davids mission to find the Engineers Homeworld is just one of those.

2) The Engineers are not God or our creators, but a servant race for some other purpose. So merely as David is to Mankind.

3) Shaw and David will not be getting the Answers they want, what they find is truely Horrifying Agenda. Revalations that seperate even futher the original answers Shaw thought they would find when they got to LV 223 in the first movie.

4) The Movie will give us more of a link between LV 223 and LV 426, and it will provide some answers to the Alien fans but it wont be a Alien based movie.  

I guess the fanboys fix will come from Alien 5

5) There will be two Monsters One new, both will have loose connection to the Xeno but they will be different.

6) There will be some connection between Engineers and Prometheus Myth but this is loosely.... related to the Fire.

7) The movie will not be based largely on Shaw and David shena****ns aboard the Juggernaught but there will be some screen time devoted to Shaw and David during the trip but not actually interacting as such on the ship. As Shaw will be incapacitated for the most part.

8) Prometheus was not the FIRST company mission to the Zeta 2 system.

9) The Black Goo is not quite how its shown in the movie, they are going the route that it is the Origin of Life, the Blood of Life and all creation.  And kind of like from the Tree of Life and Forbiden Fruit.

Pretty much i guess how the Comic Books Fire and Stone was going.

10) If we are expecting a evolution and more depth to the Ancient Aliens connection, this wont be the case but we could see a slight connection as far as some Ancient God connections. As far as Hierarchy and Order of creation.

They kinda said like how David is part of that Hierarchy.

11) David wishes to play God himself and continue the order of Hierarchy.

12) They are following some ideas from Star Beast as far as connection between the said Hierarchy of creation seen in the movies. This could be regards to Engineer connection to their purpose. And connection to Sacrifices.

13) The movie plot has kind of a Matrix and Blade Runner theme to the Agenda of the creators. And Engineers.

14) The movie will have larger cast than Prometheus and so not a small Cast as we may have thought or been led to i.e Shaw and David on a ship to find a God.

15) The comic books followed LV 223 and 426 and while the events show what could happen, the comics are to be considered a alternative. But underlying themes could be explored.

Updated *** as forgot at time of writting this.

17*) There could be some ideas and things that they never got round to include from Prometheus that could be done in Prometheus 2

They said kind of like how AVPR shows what happens to a Face Hugged Predator to create Pred-Alien.... this event is not canon to Alien Franchise, but it is accurate as far as a what if Predators was part of the cannon and got impregnated with Xeno Embryo

The above is kina what was said, it may changed bit word for word as i trying to remeber every detail...

The Person did say to me months before that some Concept work seemed to show like Clones of Babies with tubes and it had a Matrix look as far as how Mankind is kept in Stasis and the Matrix and Alien Resurrection clones and the 6th day Clones Scenes....

Another showed a very Giger looking Facility with a Bio-Mechanical Humanoid connected to it, in a simular fasion to how the Deacon Mural looked in Prometheus.

Again is any of this true...? I cant be sure, but i take it as a pinch of salt, and i expect as months go on we shall see more hersay rumours etc...

LOL anyone remember the early Prometheus screening that was actually nothing like what the movie was... so just assumption and made up based on maybe Scenes shown from Trailers...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Ancient Alien

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-05-2015 1:29 PM

seems like they also will need to explain what happened "2000 years ago" and make it cool (without offending any religion of course!)

that has to have some significance.

I really hope they dont do another "time travel" movie. That has really been worn out, unless they can really reinvent that whole concept, much like The Walking Dead revitalized the tired old Romero Zombies


Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-05-2015 2:04 PM

BIGDAVE - This is extremely interesting! I greatly enjoy the way in which you have described some of the possible elements that could show up in the next film! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share this with us! :)


ChestbursterMember839 XPApr-05-2015 2:57 PM

I am interested with Weyland not being the first company to make that trip!!!

Not a map, an invitation

Ancient Alien

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-05-2015 3:19 PM

i'd like to see detail of the Orray, and learn more about what the Engineers' business is all over the galaxy


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 3:46 PM

Im sure we all have a list of what we want to see, certainly think some more clues would be good... but we cant be sure of if we would get that.

The person said also but i did not catch all of it that the movie has in principle been planned out for a while ago but was put on hold because of other commitments to cast members they want to cast and also some other work Ridley was working on...  And that the movie has since then gone through a few  changes of ideas as Ridley who is someone spontaneous and can after Drafts was done, come up with few tweeks and changes.

I guess while the movie was on hold, he may have had a few ideas pop into his head over time and so changes could have been made, this spontaneous nature could explain why some Scenes in Prometheus was re-shot with Scenes that was never part of the Shooting Script.

So all hints are that the broad ideas have been thought of for some time.

The person also said Ridley would be working with many of the team who worked on Prometheus and some ideas that never made it could be added to this new movie.. Forgot that point and also that the Budget would be 50% more and seems this could be Ridleys Pet Project....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 4:01 PM

Again this could all be complete fabrication and i guess i am going to take it as such for now, as some things sound a bit odd to me..

For instance 8) that Prometheus was not the first mission to that system, could they had been mistaken and mean that Prometheus is not the only mission to LV 223?  Or indeed that a mission had been sent out prior to Promethues...?

Who knows, be interesting to see how they can explain that one, unless its a probe of some kind?

Did seem that no one knew what they would be in for.... but then could David had? But he did seem facinated by what he found... maybe we have to ask would Weyland risk the journey on a whim and off chance that there may be nothing, did the company kind of know there may be something? 

I am sure the Weyland Viral site sugested the company was aware of a signal of Alien origin from LV 426 so maybe that was enough to convince Weyland its more than coincidence.

5) Two Monsters, one new... i know Ridley said there would be a New Monster....  we have to assume was that something to do with Paradise or what David is carrying?

Thats what i would have been led to, but with the rumour other week about indeed a mission back to LV 223 could mean maybe our new Monster is there and leaves David and Shaw to find God and not Alien related shena****ns.

But it would be interesting to find out what happened to the Deacon and Hammerpedes and we have to remember even if we assume that the Urns in that temple, have split all of its Goo and the stuff is now ineffective, and the Urns from the crashed Juggernaught likewise....

Even if we dont include the Deacon and Hammerpedes, there seems to be more Temples, and David said there are many more Ships, which means more than one more and with Ridley saying David is bringing Hell with him and what if the Goo infected God or a Machine..

This would assume the ship he and Shaw are on, had a cargo of Black Goo, if this does then we could assume the many more ships also have Urns on them..

So the potential for new Monsters is massive due to the nature of the Black Goo.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-05-2015 4:05 PM

BIGDAVE - That is very exceiting news! If the budget increase happens to be true, that could provide for an incredible amount of added detail that would lend the next film a vast array of visual possibilities! Thank you so much for making us aware of this (hopefully true) information! Please, continue to keep us updated! :)


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 4:11 PM

I would also be interested regarding the Star Beast connection, and what is not borrowed from that in terms of Engineers and Xeno etc connections?

Prometheus kind of borrowed the Urns maybe from Star Beast and Mural and Temple, and it also borrowed the Trillobite as this Squidlike Face Huger is actualy not far off what Star Beast Description of its Face Huger was...

What else could there had been that not used? The Life Cycle was used in Alien and changed in appearence only... so cant be that.

The movie showed us Sacrifice and the Mural has Bald Heading Humanoids with two kind of Face Hugers that was the other two Giger Designs that never used....  i think this is where Spaights draft borrowed idea of them creating 8 different kinds of Xeno...

The only thing i can thus think of really is the Giant Beings in Star Beast did not create the Star Beast, they was transporting the Leathery Urns to their Derelict Ship..... these Giant Beings evolved into our Space Jockey.. so could it be saying the Engineers did not create the Xeno or the Original Organism that it came from?

Or could it be the Temple was described as being built by a Ancient Race that used the Star Beast Organism for some ritual purpose where they used another Organism for the Sacrifices?

Could this mean the Engineers was created for being Hosts?

I just dont know, be interesting to discover more of the goings on with LV 223 and how they can connect it to LV 426 and i dont think they would tell the Space Jockey Story, so how else can they do that unless it shows us more clues as to the Urns and Egg connection?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 4:33 PM

Well i would not get too excited for now, this was the day after April Fools, and for all i know the person could be telling porkies, he is a bit of a geek and Alien fan boy who actually thought Prometheus sucked..... but this guy is one who told me, he heard it off someone else who has inside knowledge...

Well thats easy to say, and with these kinds of hersay only time would prove it to be somewhat Factual or complete fabrication...

Also its quite easy to maybe draw some conjecture based on what we know so far...

We know for sure the movie will be made, we know it has gone through a lot of changes, we know that Shaw and David find the Engineers Homeworld, we know  Ridley said they wont find God but some nasty SOBS as he said they basically are not Benevolent...

We know Ridley said he did not want to meet God in the first movie and so that means the Engineers are not God and something else is higher up on that lader.

We know Ridley said they would be introducing a new Monster that would be different to the Dragons of the Franchise and Deacon but would be a fresher take on the Original...  Recon Ridley is going to create a new Alien that will follow the Life Cycle he intended i,e not how Aliens evolved it.

We had rumour of more than one David and now a greedy company that wants to send a mission to recover what ever it can from LV 223....

so yes based on those things its easy to come up with some points, and so i guess anyone could do so..... 

If they go to LV 223 they are bound to run into some trouble, they cant simply find Engineer Technology and Sucsessfully take it to Earth, else why persue the Xeno after Alien? etc..

A lot of stuff was known from the Comics, as Dark Horse said they calibrated with Ridley and Fox as they did not want to step on any toes, but then found out they was essentially the same toes... this shows some ideas of the Goo and LV 223 in the comics are what Ridley and Fox had in mind for those matters, this does not mean they would ever show us that on screen.

So there are a lot of clues that could easily allow someone to use conjecture to semi-fabricate stuff....

I would also think its pretty safe to assume the Budget  would been bigger, but 50% that takes it to what $180M mark?  The new Star Wars movie is $200M and thats huge movie..

So a 50% increase would mean a Star Trek into the Darkness Budget and to be fair i dont think that movie is a huge as Star Wars would be....  And so Budget does not sugest how big a movie could be..... Like the New Terminator Movies Budget is similar to say Pacific Rims and would i say that is as big a A List movie?

I guess its how serious is Fox about this movie?  Seems Ridley will be working on it instead of Blade Runner, so it guess its up there on Fox's Agenda.... I would assume however a more realistic Budget of $150 mark.... than a 50% increase.

so yeah some stuff sounds fishy to me, but thought i pass it on as even if this person does not know anyone in the know, some of the things are same as what is kind of known and some is some speculative ideas and  they always fun to discus...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember12 XPApr-05-2015 4:37 PM



DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 4:58 PM

Yes and i would say Rumours.... now if i was the middle man, instead this person i spoke to, so i knew someone who i trusted who had inside knowledge then i could maybe consider it more solid.... but this person is a bit of a Fanboy Geek? not that all of them are. or that Geeks make stuff up, but there is the potential for that, or even if he is telling the truth about what he says, who is to say the person who told him is not making it up?

@ Ancient Alien....

I think your wish would come true for certain...  i am sure not showing how David managed to fly the Juggernaught and not showing us the Orrey and its Star Map again would be a missed opportunity..

The same goes with the Cryo Pods and if Shaw goes in one....

In the ideas i had for Paradise, i had a scene showing us that, David then wishes Shaw Sweet Dreams and a pleasant journey, after that Shaw is at Davids Whim... my draft ideas then had Shaw having dreams, but not in a way that David can read them, maybe i could evolved it that way if he had that visor on him.... but i also had it that David had dreams and well flash backs and he also start to have psychological problems like Donny Darko and Frank... only Davids Frank is Guy Pearce lol...

It would be great to see such things in the sequel as the dream scenes did add some of the pacing and themes behind Shaws Questions and Faith... and also they wanted to show David watching Weylands Dreams and talking with him in them and Weyland was Young in these dreams.....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Ancient Alien

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-05-2015 5:59 PM

yes yes Big Dave thats good! We also need to see David (or Davids) go absolutely nuts, because he's the first of those Ash and Bishop robots right?!

I'm glad to hear this movie is even going to be made. 

Thanks for the inside scoop Big Dave! I'll take it for what it's worth- Inspiration and Hope!

The other interesting thing is Alien was hugely influenced by star Wars back in 77- 79, and now these two franchises are at it again back to back! I think good ol competition will raise the bar for sure! And Prometheus came out before Gravity scored huge box office, and then we had Interstellar, and those last two Tom Cruise sci fi flicks that were pretty ****ing good... This is all good for sci fi! Exciting times for sure!!!


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-05-2015 6:15 PM

Well again, this person can not be taken as 100% Fact not at all...

I can give a rundown about what Prometheus 2 would be about most likely based on FACTS and a few Substantial Rumours, that does not take into account any of those  points i made from a potential leak.... 

So i could give a list of what is more definately what is known..... but no doubt Ridley is playing his cards close to his Chest...

For example... 14) Larger Cast!

Well Prometheus was cast with what? 33 people i think...? there about, even if we only consider the Theatrical Release Cast then that is still 25 cast members...  So can we see more cast members?

Maybe and if they do show a mission to LV 223 would we see a board meeting that organises such a mission?  If we go to a say Weyland Headquarters be that on Earth, a Space Station or even on Mars, then we could catch glimpse of people in the back ground who we dont really see up close, these may even be uncredited cast....

Scenes like this would allow some more cast, and maybe this is what that person is on about as far as unused ideas from Prometheus?  I know the drafts did have a meeting between Shaw and Holloway and Weyland to pitch to them the Star Map etc... this was set orbiting Mars, and once version even on a Mars that was being Tera-formed...

This was something they wanted to add but was cut before shooting, maybe some shots of a Mars Base etc could be shown then.. we just dont know for sure.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-05-2015 6:42 PM

Ha ha now look what you've done.


PraetorianMember2674 XPApr-06-2015 11:57 AM

Interesting stuff BigDave!

I really hope that the budget is increased. James Cameron practically gets a blank check and to spend as much as he wants. It's about time Ridley Scott was given a similar deal. Mind you he does pretty damn well with a smaller budget, every penny is up there on screen, for all to see!

Perhaps an adult Deacon will make an appearance after all, along with another new monster? Having introduced the baby Deacon, I think it would be a shame to not incorporate the adult version into the story, even in some small way.

A second company having visited LV223, pre Prometheus.....Yutani, or, as a cheeky tie in to BladeRunner, how about the Tyrell Corporation? Anyway, someone beating Weyland to the punch sounds pretty interesting. Perhaps they were the catalysts for the unfortunate series of events which befell the Engineers?

The Engineers creators, or Gods, [in name only]....well, as many have speculated, they are most likely something horrendous, something mankind would probably view as evil, alien, unknown and unimaginable. Too monstrous to comprehend, Lovecraftian-Giger beings?

Talking of Giger, I do hope that part about the concept art happens, and the use of some more Star Beast script ideas!

Anywhoo, whatever happens, I'm stoked for the sequel/s!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-07-2015 8:21 AM

Lone to answer what you put i think its certain the movie has a larger budget but how much larger, well we may not know for some time but 50% increase is considerble but maybe its not impossible, as the Alien Franchise is one of Fox's biggest assets and seems they have taken a lot of time with planning the movie as it was given the Green Light even before Prometheus came out on DVD so a $180M Budget could be possible, but  i think it would have to be at least $150M

As far as Deacon and LV 223, well if indeed there is another mission to LV 223 then there is the potential to walk into the Deacon or Hammerpedes.... if not we certainly have to see some kind of contamination with the Goo.  Unless its purely only Androids that Go and they can be infected.... or unless the only Goo is in that Temple that Prometheus visited and its all but dried up by the time a LV 223 mission goes...

But what a boring plot that would make if they simply just find empty Urns with no threat from them or anything that was effected by them prior (Deacon or Hammerpedes) and also to just find a Dead Engineer or Engineers... 

At the very  least they would surely find the Lifeboat and inside we would have the body of the Trillobite and Engineer and that  would give the Company a chance to maybe try to experiment upon them?

As far as Tyrell Corporation, it has been linked with Alien Franchise so who knows, but i am not sure what that person meant by Prometheus is not the only mission that has gone to that system..

Does it mean one before? One sent off around the same time?  a Probe, or does it mean within the context of Prometheus 2 that Prometheus was not the only mission... so could imply a latter one...  i just cant be sure..

And again the stuff that was said can not be taken as 100% fact at all, we shall have to wait and see.  Same as the unused ideas from Star Beast as in regards to connection between the Engineers, their creators and the Xeno?  Who knows and again it could be just fabrication.

But there are some clues left that paints a picture...

I will next do a more FACTUAL list of what Prometheus Part 2 could contain...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-07-2015 8:45 AM

OK So here is a list of what is more factual points to the Prometheus Part 2 Plot!

1) David and Shaw definately make it to another world, and most certainly could be the Engineers Homeworld, or at very least some other destination David wants to take us.

2) They will ecounter some beings related to the Engineers, and may even find Engineers but what ever they do find, are not nice beings at all and far from Benevolent.

3) They must also encounter another being, or race or something that is above the Engineers in the Hierarchy. As our Engineers are not Gods and the first movie did not Show God, but the 2nd could show us God, but not a God in the traditional sense.

4) Shaw will not get the answers she was hopping for, and what she hopped to acheive and find out when she had got Weyland to Fund a Mission to LV 223, will now turn into something horrific and that what they find could be more closer to the Devil and Fallen Angels. They hopped to find Paradise but would instead find more like Hell.

5) Davids head will be attached, and he would be able to function near as normal, Shaw is persauded by David and David is able to fly the Engineers ship and pilot it to Paradise.

6) The Juggernaught that they have taken does carry Biological Weapons, the same as what the one in Prometheus destined for Earth does... It will be carrying the Black Goo.

7) We will see the effects of the Black Goo unleashed and this would be at the hands of David himself, he is bringing Hell with him and we could see what effects this stuff has on God or Machine!

8) There will be a new kind of monster unleashed one that is different to those we see in the Alien Franchise and also the Deacon, but something that is a more fresher take on the Original Monster.... quite how or what form that would take is unknown but it could most likely be the result of what David unleashes upon the beings he finds. 

Or maybe himself?


The above are FACT!  they are based from what Ridley said and i can find the exact qoutes that leads to the information above.

Now these Points below... are kind of Factual, but should be taken as not 100% Fact.

9) The events of Prometheus 2 in some part will provide us with a link to the Xenomorph or at very least some connection between LV 223 and LV 426 as the movie will have some links to Niel Kompkamps Alien 5 movie....  some things in his movie had to be changed, this is mainly around one Plot device or Thing, that in Alien 5 would conflict with a similar Thing and Connection that Prometheus 2 will show us.

10) There could well be a mission to one of the LV 223/426 worlds that will for most part or maybe entirely comprise of Androids.  This could mean more than one David 8 model.  

11) This mission would involve trying to figure out what happened to Prometheus, what posed a threat that killed the crew and what kinds of Technology could be had by the company. Could this mission lead to how the company finds out about the LV 426 signal?

12) By going the route of a mission to either LV 223 or LV 426 the company or at least the crew they send to which ever destination are bound to uncover more clues towards our Engineers and the connection with their experiments on LV 223.

Then we have the below that are assumptions and observations on some of the very last comments made.

13) The movie could be steering away from the Gods Angle as far as connections between Engineers and interaction with mankind and our creation as far as the reasons for it witin context of our Many Ancient Belief System as far as godlike beings who create mankind to worship and serve them and nurture and look after their creation...

They could merely be avoiding such things, or even totally going to show us that such connection is far from the real Agenda.....  No More Gods!

14) They will be steping away from Alien as in the form we know from the Franchise for something fresher so we wont see no Xeno, and maybe no Deacon at all No More Dragons!

But they will have to cover some kind of link between the experiments on LV 223, the Engineers purpose, the purpose of the Urns and Juggernaughts and vaguely get some connection between this lot and the events on LV 223 and what we see in Alien....  This would be done in a way that wont go the route of a Xenomorph fest.....  But Alien 5 will show us more of a Xenomorph fest as well as other connections with the Xenomorph purpose and DNA and Experiments maybe related to LV 223 and LV 426 but some of these had to be changed to not step on the toes for how Ridleys vission for the Goo and Xeno and Engineers and Derelict/Jugernaughts are connected as opposed to the ideas that Kompkamp has as far as evolution and DNA of the Xenomorph!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1221 XPApr-08-2015 5:14 AM


thanks for sharing


its very well thought out and put together.




where they go with this is going to be mighty interesting. i dont know if i have anytging to add but i agree completely that:


shaw will have to reattach davids head - otherwise she is helpless


there will have to be another story arc. what happens on the jugg alone wont be enough


Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-08-2015 12:55 PM

BIGDAVE - I am extremely interested in seeing what these other beings (the creators of the Engineers) are! I certainly hope they are more in line with the original Space Jockey design we saw in Alien; a more biomechanical organism! That would be fantastic! :)


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-09-2015 5:09 PM

Who knows.. but i guess something like that could help explain away the size difference to the Space Jockey, which to many still seems 25ft+  when it was actually 15ft .. compared t our Engineers who supposed to be 15ft thats then revised to 10ft for production and well we only get the illusion of a what 8ft odd race.... when actual fact they was 7ft 4" to 7ft 6" but hey did they know some would actually take notice and measure ;)


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember40 XPApr-11-2015 6:35 PM

It would be great to see unused ideas of Carlos Huante

Carlos Huante portofolio


Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-12-2015 1:56 AM

BIGDAVE - Indeed! I would find it extremely compelling to see the original Space Jockey design get a little more spotlight! It is such a fascinating creature - and very haunting! :)

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-12-2015 1:57 AM

SHAMBS - The art you presented is stunning! I agree with your sentiment; I certainly hope some of this conceptual imagery gets a little more consideration for the next film! :)


OvomorphMember23 XPApr-12-2015 8:00 AM

Very interesting this, on a tangent I really liked AVP Requiem and have been thinking about the predetors weapon that found its way to the company, so I have now started to wonder if the other aliens in prometheus 2 might be preditors or something like them or even if the preditors got to the lv what ever it wa first. The info is intruiging though.



OvomorphMember40 XPApr-12-2015 9:34 AM

@Something Real, part of me is interested in these designs from Carlos Huante portofolio (Although I'm not a fan of the idea of the spacesuit). Mostly because that organic suit looks like a living creature by itself:

Almost as if the engineers were parasites using another species for their benefit, such as these shrimp using these jellyfish as transportation and food:

As I said, I'm not a big fan of the humanoid wearing suits, but if there was no other choice, I would have preferred that the suit itself is a creature apart from the user.


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-12-2015 11:42 AM

First a Big Thanks to Chris Picard for the News Article... again i will add that until we get anything that confirms these or information is released that rules out any of them, we are to take them with a pinch of salt, but i have had a look at put some my two cents about maybe how these add up....

First.. Carlos Huante portofolio

Very interesting concept work some of it i dont like, and also one Space Jockey suit looks a lot like what Neil Kompkamps was for Ripley...

But i do like the opening scene, if you watch the Portofolio it kind of reads like a story, we have a strange Humanoid Race with Large Elongated Chins and Heads... we then see one is Sacrificed, and we then see a Engineer well Humanoid who looks like our Engineers, we then see this being a few shots latter looking over some kind of Organism that has come from some kind of Spore we then see some shots of a Space Jockey kind of design that looks less of a suit but more of a mutation.

This then leads to a outer kind of Elongated Head and like layer of translucent material around the arms much like how Flying Fox or Squirels have that allow them to fly and the head and these arms are indeed like the Jelly Fish around the Shrip as shown by Shamps

Some of the other Space Jockey work looks very nice... but again like a Mutation and not quite a Suit, well it looked more part of the Engineer like the Pressure Suit does.

Anyway we then get to Concept work for Spaights draft and then Lindeloffs... boy there was some good stuff there.. Nice how the Ultramorph some of the work matches the Deacon Mural...

Anyway looking at some of the shots i highlighted above got me thinking about the information i was given (Leak) and so indeed what if a Humanoid Race that was not so Human, created Mankind to perform a task... eventually this race (Engineers) some of them rebelled and either the Original Race created a new Race to replace them using Engineers DNA and not their own (so as to not create a as inteligent race) very similar to the Annunaki tale.... or indeed the Engineers decided to create Mankind so they have a race to serve them or replace them for the purpose they was intended for....

Just as this carries on with how Mankind creates David 8 and we see seeds that David 8 does not want to serve Mankind but even surpass and maybe destroy us.... could we be seeing a similar theme in Prometheus?

Is this where the Hierarchy points, the vague Ancient Believes point, and stealing of Fire points come from?  The Engineers Stole the Fire of their Gods to create us...

I think maybe this could be potentially what could be going on.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-12-2015 4:55 PM

Ok i am going to attempt and give my two cents to each of these and ill try keep it short ;)

1) The Movie will have 3 Plot Elements, and Shaw and Davids mission to find the Engineers Homeworld is just one of those.

Now this depends what you consider a Plot Element?  I would consider as we already know that Shaw and David are on there way to find where these Engineers come from, this is surely the Main Plot that we know about.. so from Shaw and David onboard the Engineer Ship to landing on Paradise and what ever they find is Plot 1?

Plot 2 well there was rumours of multiple Davids, and then latter about a mission to LV 223 so if we assume the company sends another Mission to LV 223 then this surely has to be another main Plot.

But a 3rd?  Trying to think what logical way that could go would have to be either we see some goings on back on Earth that path the way to introduce Yutani or maybe what becomes of Weyland as far as who runs it now?  

Would flash back scenes from Engineers Past be considered a Plot, what if we are shown as the Sacrifical Scene Full was, a scene showing us something about the connection with the Engineers and their History...  or maybe but unlikely  flash backs that show us like the Sacrificial Scene.. but show us what happened on LV 223?   But then would both of those not be a part of Plot 1 and Plot 2.... and i doubt they will show flash back of Engineers visiting Earth.

So i think the most likely candidate is 

Plot 1: David + Shaw and Paradise and what they find and events from that.

Plot 2: Mission back to LV 223 to discover whats left of Prometheus and see what can be found to the companies advantage... What treasures does LV 223 hold.

Plot 3: Something that maybe shows Seeds to Yutani company and potential envolvement and what could lead to the Merger with Weyland or signs that could lead to it in future movie?

7) The movie will not be based largely on Shaw and David shena****ns aboard the Juggernaught but there will be some screen time devoted to Shaw and David during the trip but not actually interacting as such on the ship. As Shaw will be incapacitated for the most part.

This is connected to the first Plot point, i think they have to show us some interaction between David and Shaw onboard the Juggernaught, we know Davids head goes on, we know he must Pilot the ship and we know he cant get his head on without Shaws help and that he has to convince her.

There surely has to be some dialog and scenes between them onboard, it would be a missed opputinity to not do so,  there would be a great dynamic and tention in the scene and this scene would path the way for how Shaw and David interact throughout the movie.

Shaw incapacitated must mean she goes into Cryo Sleep..... and we have to wonder do we get to see David wondering around the Engineers Ship, maybe learning stuff on the way like he did during his journey on Prometheus while the crew was in Cryo Sleep.

Only way i can also see time dedicated to Shaw and David yet not actually interacting on the ship could be maybe David viewing Shaws Dreams again? how can he do that without the Visor he had in Prometheus mind?

In a draft i was working on, i had it that Shaw had dreams on board while she was in Cryo and also David had dreams and well also visions  well delusions, kind of like how Donnie Darko  and Frank.. only Frank was Weyland.. lol

Will they use Dreams like they did in Prometheus who knows.... it surely would be a way to bring more cast members in.....


8) Prometheus was not the FIRST company mission to the Zeta 2 system.

Now im not sure if i misheard this right, but im sure they said not the First, but it could had been not the only Mission... now if it was not the ONLY this could fit in with as Plot 2 with a mission to LV 223 after Prometheus.

If it was not the FIRST well this would really baffle me..  could it been a Probe or unmanned mission? Could it mean a Android mission was sent before Prometheus?  could it mean they had been to LV 426 and not LV 223?   I just dont know...

This is a interesting point if indeed its about a mission that reached the system before Prometheus but how could that be and how they will cover that, if thats the case. I am just not sure....

I guess the Weyland site does show that our Weyland Company has traveled as far as 3249 LY from Earth (yep this makes us wonder how come Prometheus took so long to travel to LV 223 at 39LY).

The site also says the discovery of LV 426 was 2039 and they hope to send a mission there within the next century... could that be Nostramo? or had they sent something else earlier?

If this information about a mission before Prometheus is correct and i hear it right as that Prometheus was not the First to that system....   Then im not sure how they would cover that... maybe this could be Plot 3? Showing us a earlier mission? But i would think Plot 3 maybe could be about the Company on Earth and Yutani or is the timeframe of Prometheus 2 going to be way before any such event?

Maybe the 2nd mission to LV 223 discovers or shows us not only Prometheus wreckage maybe it shows or makes mention of other wreckages or probes on LV 223 or LV 426.

This one has me a bit stumped as to what  it could mean and how much would be shown on such a event as to show or hint that Prometheus was never the first mission... it could be something vague, like before the company sets off to find out what happened to Prometheus and we get some dialog like "thats the 2nd mission we sent to that system that we have lost, is it worth the risk to send a 3rd"  Maybe this is when they could say, "we can send a unmanned mission of Davids" ?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-12-2015 5:28 PM

2) The Engineers are not God or our creators, but a servant race for some other purpose. So merely as David is to Mankind.

Well Ridley had said he did not want to meet God in the first movie which rules the Engineers out as being God, and he refered them to Dark Angels or Fallen Angels and we know in context of Angels that they was the servants of God.  And looking at the removal of the Elders scene and the cutting down of Engineers scenes that now portray them with more simple motives and objectives... they now seem to be portrayed as Biological TERMINATORS.

Also we see Sacrifice a lot in the movie, not only the opening sequence but the Mural showed us two Face Huged what we can assume Engineers, and ultimately its the Engineers unwilling Sacrifice that led to the Deacon... is this what their purpose or in part was?

3) Shaw and David will not be getting the Answers they want, what they find is truely Horrifying Agenda. Revalations that seperate even futher the original answers Shaw thought they would find when they got to LV 223 in the first movie.

This has me thinking.. Shaw wanted to meet our creators and get some answers to why we was created, what she found was we was created by these Engineers and they was connected to us, but they wanted to destroy us for some reason, and the place Shaw thought was a invitation, just leads them to a place these Engineers was creating and experimenting with something Horrific that was meant for us.

She wanted Answers off the Engineer but Weyland would not let her, so now she wants those Answers.. Why create us?, and Why then destroy us?.

How can Shaw hopping to find these Engineers or their creators for these Answers take a horrid turn for the worse, or what she finds is not what she had hopped?

Ridley sugested they find some beings but they are far from Benevolent and they are not Gods in the traditional Sense, and that Paradise is more like Hell... Ridley must have something very disturbing as far as what they find and the Agenda is.

But what can that be? This is something we can only speculate at, was we created for a more sinister purpose?  The franchise does have a emphasis on Sacrifice.... was we intended for that?  

Does these Engineers or their creators even know we was created, is was the Engineers used by their creators for some Sinister purpose?

Ridley hints what would happen if the Goo was used on God or Machine, is David the Machine? or is God more Machine...

I think this topic as far as what they find and the Agenda of these Gods or who ever is top of the Hierarchy commands a Topic to itself.

But i assume we would be shown this no case of Godlike beings creating Engineers and then us in some happy tale like the Bible God/Angels and Mankind or even other cultures throughout Mankind.. But something very dark and sinister.

6) There will be some connection between Engineers and Prometheus Myth but this is loosely.... related to the Fire.

So maybe not literally?  A) Prometheus created Mankind, B) He stole Fire from the Gods to give to Mankind that helped start our evolution as a civilisation, C) he betrayed his kind/brothers the Titans and sided with their Children and lesser Gods the Olympians. D) He then betrayed them to help Mankind giving us forbiden knowledge and Fire.

These are but just a few things Prometheus stood for... what if we swap Prometheus for a Engineer or a Faction of Engineers, or even one of the Beings above the Engineers in the Hierarchy who then betrayed his own kind.. in similar ways to the above...

If we try connect the Myth to Prometheus.... did this figure, create or play a part in the Engineers, did he then side with the Engineers in them overthrowing their creators... but then he later created Mankind or taught us stuff that the Engineers did not want us to learn.  Could the Fire be the Sacrifical Substance?

If some kind of Agenda as far as rebelion, creation, rebelion and Prometheus being either a Elder or what ever the higher race is, or Engineer or even represent a faction of Engineers or higher beings that was involved in somekind of War and Rebelion and Creation of Mankind...

I think something like this is what i would say fits in with Prometheus Myth, and its also something along one of the ideas i had for what is found on Paradise.. but then i had a few ideas lol

10) If we are expecting a evolution and more depth to the Ancient Aliens connection, this wont be the case but we could see a slight connection as far as some Ancient God connections. As far as Hierarchy and Order of creation.

They kinda said like how David is part of that Hierarchy.

Again as above, maybe we may get some lose links to the Hierarchy of creation..... we know in Bible/Koran Terms thats God = Angels = Mankind, in the Greek Myths its Titans = Olympians = Mankind. In the Sumerian we had Anunnaki = Igigi/Igigu = Mankind.

So we have Engineers = Mankind and then before Engineers what ever beings Shaw finds that are at the top of the Hierarchy but maybe they would show us the Hierarchy  connection and not so much to much if any Ancient Aliens connection...

11) David wishes to play God himself and continue the order of Hierarchy.

David is the next in line of that Hierarchy, Some Race/Being or Being or what ever.. created our Engineers, who created or was used to create Mankind who created David 8 and Androids.

David showed signs that he felt he was superior to Mankind, he showed signs that he was rebelious to us and not subservant, and he wanted his Father Dead..... He notices that our creators are Mortal.

And maybe he hopes to find who created them, and maybe with the Bio Weapons he is carrying (bringing Death) he too wants to be God and ultimately destroys these beings and in doing so becomes as God himself via the Black Goo or he creates his own creation via the Black Goo that he unleashes upon the beings at the top of the Hierarchy. Thus David is now the King!

I can only assume that something like this is what fits in with that point 11)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-12-2015 6:12 PM

14) The movie will have larger cast than Prometheus and so not a small Cast as we may have thought or been led to i.e Shaw and David on a ship to find a God.

Maybe a bigger Budget and also if Ridley wants to show us something Epic that can branch off onto its own seperate Franchise... then maybe yes we could see larger Cast..

Does it mean Main Cast? You see Prometheus had a typical cast of what

18 Crew Members inc David, plus hidden Weyland thats 19 cast!

4 Archaeological Assistants during the Island of skye Scene.

3 for Shaws Dream (young Shaw + Mother and Father)

3 Engineers, Sacrifical + 2 LV 223 Engineers (actors who played them).

1 Violin Girl..

Thats 30 Cast Members not including.... The Elder Engineers which is what another 7-8 Cast Members unless some of the other cast members played some of the background Elders as we saw 3 close up...

Nevermind the Africans in the dream scene which was what 30 easy....

So Prometheus total on screen Cast as far as from Shot Scenes would be near 70....

So it would be interesting to see how Paradise has a bigger cast... unless they mean main Cast as far as who was shown in Prometheus, so we exclude Africans, and Elders Engineers and Violin Girl?

Who knows... depends what we shall see in Part 2..... Ridley had said he has grand ideas for the Engineers and Franchise that is not limited to Space Jockeys and Xenos...  The movie and Ridley hints that the Engineers have created life on MANY Worlds. This leaves a potential for a lot of Alien races, or maybe Mankinds creation is not limited to Earths system? 

What if we get a LV 223 mission sub plot, that could give the potential for more Cast... what about if we see board room meetings or shots from Earth or Mars, where we could have people in small roles or back ground.

Then what if we have flash backs and dreams? again these could be more Cast members..

So Larger cast could mean by just a few, and not really mean vastly larger and it depends if it means Cast as far as the Prometheus Crew, Engineers and Shaws Father, Mother, and young Shaw and Violin Girl to compare against.... or does some of those not count as main cast?

So how much more Cast, that depends.. i think there is potential for it, especially if there is a sub plot or two which include mission to LV 223 and also maybe some plot involved Weyland Company or Yutani who knows..

*) Bigger Budget 50% Increase!

There would be more likely a Bigger Budget.... Fox would know that Prometheus disapointed, and i am sure Ridley would pitched a bigger idea for Part 2 and that a larger Budget would allow him to bring that vision on to the screen.

So yes its more likely it would get a bigger budget, and it seems this movie is a Pet Project of Ridleys that could be more important to him than a number of his previous and future projects...

But 50% increase would give us a Budget of about $180M which would be a $50M + increase?  I would say yes he movie would have a bigger budget and i would say at least $150M  but i could say the maximum would be $200M so maybe a $175-180M is the middle ball park?

I think $150M would be needed, but upto $180M if this is true i am sure it would help go far as far as what Ridley wants to show on screen.  And to deliver it...

I am sure more freedom a movie length of 3 hours and extra $50M Prometheus Budget would have gave us something more Epic...

17*) There could be some ideas and things that they never got round to include from Prometheus that could be done in Prometheus 2

What could this be.... who knows.. as there could be many things.... i know Ridley did want to include a few scenes.... there was the rumoured under water Scene relating to Shaw and Holoways Findings, but this was Spaights draft.... Then we had the Weyland Dreams on a Yacht that they was going to film, and the reason they hired Guy Pearce they never hired him purely for Old Man make up, they was going to have dream scenes of him young... otherwise they was going to cast a older actor but they signed Pearce up on basis of the Yacht Scene.... but this would now have no relivence to Part 2

Unless they will do scenes of a young Weyland, flash backs or dreams by David?

What else did they want to add that never got used?  Maybe Scenes from Mars, or a Space Station.... i think this would fit in well with a board meeting scene as far as to show us who now runs Weyland and also set up the return mission to LV 223

A similar Scene was planned for Prometheus where Weyland would meet Shaw and Holloway on a Space Station around Mars or even on Mars.. again this was Spaights draft mainly.

But then they said ideas... that could mean almost anything really... im trying to think could it be things related to the Engineers and Xeno or the Goo...?  i am not so sure.

The only thing that stands out to me is maybe some dream scenes or scenes of a younger Weyland, and maybe the showing of a Weyland Headquarters in Space or on Mars..

But who knows...

Anyway thats a few i gave my two cents on...

Next will be points that link to LV 223/LV 426 The Goo, and New Monsters...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-12-2015 7:22 PM

13) The movie plot has kind of a Matrix and Blade Runner theme to the Agenda of the creators. And Engineers.

As far as Blade Runner connection?

There was rumours of Tyrell Corperation being connected to Alien franchise, not only in the Weyland Viral Sites where there was Emails to Weyland from Tyrell but also in Alien there was some connection as far as the Bios of the Crew.

Ridley had mentioned a connection between Replicants and Androids and how they are similar only one is Organic the other Synthetic.

But thats not to say the movie would connect to Blade Runner, it could be that it is similar in some other way...  as the person did say its connected as far as connection to the Creators and Engineers and Agenda?

Replicants are basically Engineered Biological Androids, they are indistinguishable from Humands apart from a Emotional Test...

They have a set lifespan of 4 years...

Could this be connected because we see Replicants in Paradise? created by Humans... or maybe Engineers created another race of Humans without a Soul with limited life spans.

Weyland says David is like a Human but he will never grow old or die, but he lacks a Soul...

Could the Engineers be basically similar to Replicants?

Interesting is in Blade Runner Roy Batty requests more Life from his creator... which gets refused....  just as Weyland wanted from the Engineer and got refused...

So maybe the Blade Runner theme could be the connection to Replicants and not having a Soul?  Or connected to Engineers.

Or does David want to become more Organic and gain a Soul?

Who knows but maybe this is where the movie can have a kind of Blade Runner theme or connection..? Or is the whole exploring way of the movie going to be connected?

Blade Runner did have a Genetic Engineer theme, this is what our Engineers do... is this what Weyland can do if it gets its hands on Engineers Secrets?

Blade Runner also had Religious nodes to it and religious symbolism like Prometheus had.

I just dont know but i am intriged to say the least.



As far as Matrix...

Well the movie shows us a rebelion between Humans and Machines and a War which the machines Won, but Humans blocked the Machines power source which was Solar Power.. so the Machines found a alternative source by using Humands bioelectricity

I can only think is this a Paralel to the Engineers.. being Humans in Matrix and the Engineers creators being the Machines from Matrix.. or Vice Versa?

so some kind of War against Engineers and their creators? Are they Machines?  Ridley did say what if the Goo was unleashed on God or a Machine?

Maybe it means how Neo was grown from Birth in a Vessel like Tube similar to say how Clones of Ripley 8 was, Similar to the Engineers Cryo Pods....  In the Matrix the Machines basically procreate us from Early age and Grow us in these Vessels where we are connected to drain our bioelectricity while we are being kept alive and our brains are living in a fake world called the Matrix...

I dont think Paradise would go the we all live in a Matrix route, so maybe its the connection of how these machines grow Humans in these Vessals...

Is the Matrix and Blade Runner connection as far as themes, or something from those movies... that the creators of the Engineers are Machines.. or certainly not Organic, and they create in Vessels Clones of Engineers?

The person did say one Artwork showed what looked like the Scene when Neo awoke from his Matrix in the Vessal and we saw thousands of them all lined up... and some contained like Babies similar to those in Alien R when they was cloning Ripley 8.

Does this mean that it showed a Facility where Engineers are cloned on mass?

Could this be what they are getting at?  

They also added the other concept work showed a Bio-Mechanical Facility with a Bio-Mechanical Bieng connected to it like the Deacon was in the Mural....

Funny enough the Deacon (Shaws) from Prometheus was shown in the Fire and stone Comics to finally become connected to the Temple, just as the Deacon in the Mural

Does this show some kind of Bio-Mechanical Being connected to the whole Facility, does somehow this Facility need this being just as the Machines do Humans in the Matrix?

Does this Bio-Mechanical Beings essence what is used to clone the Engineers or its its essence what creates the Black Goo?

Im not sure but when the person described the concept work and mentioned the Blade Runner and Matrix feel to some of the elements of the plot.... the above is what my imagination could come up with that could connect the two?

who knows..... if its kinda true then indeed its a plot that is very very sinister and not what Shaw would expect when she first set off to LV 223 in search of our creators...

Its a plot that well kind has hints as far as some elements of Paglens Transcendence style or writting goes...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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