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Prometheus 2 Plot Leak, Mulitple Androids

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DeaconMember10358 XPMar-25-2015 9:23 AM

Prometheus 2 Plot Leak, Mulitple Androids

I was trying to comment on the news article above..... but could not so i have made this post as a reply.

This is news that maybe adds some weight to the rumour a while ago of multiple David 8 Androids, but this does not 100% prove this rumour was true as nothing is Fact until Ridley or Fox comfirm it.

Ridley had also sugested that the only way forwards is to follow Shaw and David, and he has hinted that LV 223 and its events are too connected to Alien and the Deacon was connected to Alien and that they wish to do something new and fresh and no more Dragons... i.e Xeno.

However Ridley has been misleading in the past with comments so that he can steer us away from some subjects, so maybe we cant rule out a mission to LV 223 and Ridley would want to keep as much of the movie as secret as possible and the only 100% plot device from Prometheus that kind of had to be explored was Shaw and Davids search for Paradise, as well if they was not going that route then what else would they be doing apart from back to LV 223.

Which i think is something that has to be done, as Prometheus left us some unanswered questions and half clues in Prometheus but more than that it left us with some kind of incontinuity as far as the Franchise goes.

You see in Alien the company are aware of the Derelict SOS and we now have to ask, how did the company not find Shaws SOS, and why send the Nostromo to LV 426,  the company seemed to know a little more than was let on, and if they could decode the Space Jockey signal and also recieved Shaws then they would have more of a idea of what is going on.

Even if they never go back to LV 223..... but then why not?

The company have over and over tried to get hold of the Xeno Organism and failed and when they finally achieve this, they fail to control it (Alien Resurection)   and after the events of Aliens it seems the only way to get this Organism was via Ripley and the Sulaco Escape Pods.... (Alien 3) and latter via Ripleys DNA (Alien R)

But we have to ask why? when LV 223 has a whole host of Engineers secrets, and Technology and at the very least the company would known that Prometheus had detected clues from a Alien Race that had in theory created or played a part in our creation.  Why would the company not want to find out what become of Prometheus crew?   And surely if they sent out a probe and detected Shaws SOS and also that the location is not far from the Alien SOS they had detected.

Curiosity killed the Cat, and its certainly something the Weyland company would want to explore.  They would want to wonder what could have caused the downfall of Prometheus, and what connection the location of the two signals are.  They would know that something went down and the crew simply did not disapear but some horrific event must have led to their demise..

Then we have the incontinuity that should they go back to LV 223 or even if not, surely by the time of Alien and and Aliens how can they not detect anything left on LV 223, as LV 223 has pretty much still got the Temple Standing, there are many Engineer Secrets and Technology to be had.  There are many more Temples/Facilities or so it seems.

And certainly is many more Engineers Ships (as David said so) and so surely there are more treasures to be had on LV 223 than the desperate attempt to obtain a Alien Organism on LV 426 especially after many failed attempts.

Surely LV 223 is a better reward, and if they managed to obtain anything of use from LV 223 then why bother the persuit of the Organism in Alien and Aliens, especially after Aliens...

So yes LV 223 is something that can not be left uncovered....

With regards to Alien 5...  well i guess depending on what they find on LV 223 and how they want to persue that would maybe lead to them not needing the events of Alien 3, and also what if the Derelict is not destroyed after the destruction of Aliens... this again would cause a problem as to why persue Ripley in Alien 3 and R....

So maybe the changes to Alien 5 could be connected to somehow something on LV 223 or even the Derelict being salvageable....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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XenomorphMember1310 XPMar-25-2015 11:29 AM

  If they are going to use androids.......Then this opens the possibility of Guy Pearce returning as a android version of Peter Weyland(Peter 1?)...think Pearce would jump at the chance to return.  I think the Android division of Weyland would be honored to bring Peter (or his daughter) 'back to life'.


OvomorphMember22 XPMar-25-2015 12:05 PM

I'm thinking that somehow the crashed Juggernaught in Prometheus will somehow end up being the one with an entire hanger built up, over and around the entire thing. And in the spirit of parallel story telling threads set-down in the prequels may perhaps be picked up down the line in the latter films of the up-coming sequels.


FacehuggerMember159 XPMar-25-2015 12:11 PM

One thing that going back to LV-223 might give us is the story about the merger of Weyland and Yutani.  Maybe Yutani is a company specialized in weaponry and they come to aid Weyland in returning to LV-223 from a military angle.  I mean, would Weyland really go back to LV-223 without something to keep them safe while collecting data/specimens (assuming they know what happened with their "scientific" expedition via Prometheus and its crew)?

Full article from Christopher Marc for reference here.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-25-2015 12:39 PM

While certain elemants of this leak ring true, i'm very sceptical about its validaty. We have to ask, what does this person gain from leaking it and could he really have gained inside information (given the security surrounding the original Prometheus scripts?)

I'd like to know if there was any leaks surrounding the original and, if so, how many, if any of said leaks, were realised in the film?


The poster was good though!



OvomorphMember13 XPMar-25-2015 1:20 PM

It's like goo leaking from an urn....

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-25-2015 1:42 PM

^ Thats mental ^ is that you in that helmet Ruh?

The poster was good though!


Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-25-2015 1:49 PM

Ruh; is that tobacco in your helmet?

The poster was good though!



OvomorphMember13 XPMar-25-2015 2:47 PM

LOL Hooka helmet indeed!  The ultimate is the Space Jockey Helmet long career ambition to boldly go where angels fear to snork.  The Spice must flow


 If he had a helmet there would be less distractions


FacehuggerMember357 XPMar-25-2015 4:33 PM

Having recently watched CHAPPIE, I think MonsterZero has a good point with the idea of having an android Peter Weyland, or something related to that. Maybe even multiple Weylands. I think plot changes have come about due to ideas about how to use technology. Ridley may not be doing Bladerunner, but I just wonder what ideas he may have had for Bladerunner have overspilled into P2. I am more than prepared to entertain the idea of there being multiple Davids. In a strange way it makes a lot of sense.


OvomorphMember22 XPMar-25-2015 4:42 PM

I would equally like to see them entertain the idea of rivalling multiple Bishops!!

And perhaps that could be the reason for many strange happenings and explanations as to how an egg actually got aboard if there will be no going down Aliens: Colonial Marines route with the Sulaco being intercepted but it would add interesting depth and parallel-story telling themes to Lance Henrickson's portrayles... 

I would love to see an android vs android fight in an Alien based film... that would be cool! A David 8 fighting against another David 8!!


XenomorphMember1310 XPMar-25-2015 5:31 PM

   I think Peter Weyland would use the best parts and the latest tech for 'his' android bodies. Making his android series far superior!....but unfortunately they can't be trusted. Seems Peter's androids are a little dangerous.......some lab tech deaths and other problems.....All the Peter Weyland model androids were reportedly destroyed.



OvomorphMember14 XPMar-25-2015 6:52 PM

Wasn't the head of the company revealed to be an android a couple times in the video games?  I could easily see Peter Weyland uploading his mind into his own personal Weyland android or showing up within the David collective somehow.  

I'm picturing a David that can't quite free himself from Weyland's underlying programming + his love for Lawrence of Arabia (which Weyland shares with David).  Basically, half the Davids become unable to free themselves from Weyland's mind/influence/cultural programming, and David goes to war with himself.  A war begins between the Davids, within and without their minds, to free the collective.

Maybe the Davids end up at war with themselves over whether or not to drop the bioweapon on the Engineers.  There are Engineers alive on Paradise, but Weyland wishes for David to drop the goo on them from orbit, to test the results.  Once everything is dead, Miss Shaw can conduct archaeology as she was intended to do. Archaeology still works if the group in question is dead.  Maybe Weyland corp gathered enough data from LV-223 that they're ready to finish off the entire Engineer population before they get another chance to use the goo on us. Weyland plans to have squads of military-type Davids exterminate all the remaining Engineers, in order to steal all the fire before the Engineers become a problem. Shaw descends to the planet with a supposedly good David to warn the Engineers what's going on over their heads.  Ms. Shaw & the good Davids ally with the Engineers in order to stop the holocaust.


PraetorianMember3925 XPMar-26-2015 9:06 AM


wait I though the weyland-yutani corporation went bankrupt and was bought out by Walmart in Alien Ressurection, also it was the United Systems Military that was trying to control the Xenos not the company.



OvomorphMember12 XPMar-26-2015 3:07 PM



TrilobiteMember9516 XPMar-28-2015 6:02 AM

One thing that seems to have been forgotten was Ridley Scotts original intentions behind doing the Prometheus movies. The first he has already achieved; to reveal the identity of the race of alien seen, and ignored in 1979s Alien - to answer the question "Who was the big guy in the chair".

But Ridley also had two other reasons for starting the Prometheus franchise, one of which was to uncover the how and why the company knew of the derelict Juggernaut on Acheron LV-426, whereas the other was to realise on the big screen the Alien homeworld.

The multiple Davids is an interesting idea, and completely viable as seen in The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions and will most likely be used on a return mission to LV-223, Paradise however I suspect IS the Alien homeworld, and the how and why that would make that possible is what will make the wait worth while - IMO at at least.


DeaconMember10358 XPMar-28-2015 7:58 AM

Certainly be interesting to see where they go with it as there is so much much potential...

Interesting you feel that Paradise will be the Homeworld of the Alien, i think do you mean as far as the Xenomorph or its decendant?

The clues i got dont take me that way, but they leave me stuck between two...

1) The Xeno or related Organism is something the Engineers or a faction of them came across and then continued to re-engineer this lifeform and use it to futher evolve their Tech, as we are shown our Engineers are a race who go around seeding DNA on worlds then manipulating the DNA to create a whole manner or things...

Could the Xeno be something they either..

i) Created from Scratch.

ii) Created from something they came across, either by accident or purpose.

2) That the Engineers are part of some bigger picture and that the Xeno is something the Engineersand maybe what ever created the Engineers also created the Xeno for two different purposes, that is why there is a connection between the Engineers Bio-Tech and architecture and the Xenos.

So the Engineers borrowed there Tech maybe from reverse Engineering the Xeno.

There is some connection to the Xeno Bio-Mechanical Look and also the ability they have to produce their Hives i,e as far as the building material and a connection to our Engineers Building Material and Technology.

So the question should be.. does the Xeno (or its origins) and its Bio-Tech come from the Engineers, or does the Engineers Tech come from the Xeno.... or do they both come from something else.

I had been taken down the route of 1)...

But could be that we are going the route of 2)..

Due to Ridleys comments, where he sugests he never wanted to meet God in  the first movie and so our Engineers are not Gods.. but something else or some race is above them in the order of creation and hierarchy...

Ridleys futher comments about what happens if the Goo is used on God? or a Machine, again could lead to there being a higher being or race or even a Machine at the top of the hierarchy...

If we look at a lot of Gigers work, it does show us a lot of Bio-Mechanical things such as Factories and Bio-Mech Industry... 

And as you brought up Matrix, if we see the Matrix and take out Humans, what we have is indeed something similar, add a Giger twist to that, throw in God like creator and then i think this is a path we are going...

No more Gods and Dragons!


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


EngineerAdmin21815 XPNov-27-2015 7:56 AM

Multiple Davids in Alien: Covenant CONFIRMED! We were right Big Dave ;)


XenomorphMember1221 XPNov-27-2015 8:44 AM

That's great. 


Any other  juicy tidbits ??


Anyways thanks . 


DeaconMember10358 XPNov-27-2015 4:26 PM

Indeed some things are starting to add up now..... as was said in March and that come November 2015 we shall see Information finally and officially come out regarding the next Installment and the Franchise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPNov-27-2015 4:36 PM

"Any other  juicy tidbits"

I guess the Topic i started in April lol..... have to try and re-do it a bit, i have a few Posts i wish to start... One being a What happened to Space Jockey and look at Holes in the Clues and Clues that lead us down certain path.

I think also a thread on Alien: Prequels.. starting with Covenant and what we know so far... as in Offical Clues and Comments and where this seems to be sending us...

You could always oduodu PM us ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPNov-27-2015 4:38 PM

Yes Chris... some interesting things comming to light.... whats interesting is a 600 Staff and Cast to be Employed for the movie for Production and Shooting in Sydney.....  i am sure thats LARGER than Prometheus Total Credits....  ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1221 XPNov-28-2015 1:29 PM


What you have provided
Is great and it is good
That you did. And its
Appreciated because 
You and Chris took a

I was just pulling your
Leg about the tidbits.
Its clear that your source
Was more or less correct.
But that neither he or
You or Chris at any stage
Said it was the de facto

Thanks to all of you at 
Least pointing us in a 
Direction. I think
Scified will continue to
Grow and I understand
That some things take 
Time to happen. 

I just wish I could help.


When is xeno alpha 07 joining scified ?? Will the
Weyland yutani archives
Cease to exist ?? Will 
There be a new website
Where he will operate 

Thanks for the changes Chris. 

I'd just like to say I feel
That I have nothing more
Contribute because I
Feel that Prometheus
Has done its job. Its set
Up the rest of the 
Franchise. If all I achieved
Was making people 
Aware of its existence
And possibly why it
Perhaps had flaws 
Then at least people 
Might be interested in
Seeing the sequel/s.

May the passion be 
Strong in you all !!


OvomorphMember4 XPDec-01-2015 2:11 PM

I think that the reason their is nothing for Weyalnd corporation to pursue is that Shaw will have destroyed it, reason to be told in this or a latter movie. 

I strongly suspect that David or one of his 'breed' will be in charge of Weyland corp hence the search for the alien life form and that their desire to find it is two fold; one to wipe out humanity so they can take over, and to find a way for andriods to self perpetuate.  I have a feeling that the engineers in Prometheus had gone rogue, were similar to our Andriods ie created by another life form, and saw the use of the goo as a way to breed with us being the brood mares.


Anyway fun times.


DeaconMember10358 XPDec-02-2015 6:12 PM

Ok here is a recap of what i was told in March and was about last week in March sometime around 27th 2015 unless stated otherwise or as a update....

Production Information

1) They had finished a Final Draft as of October 2014.

2) The movie was scheduled to Wrap up main Shooting in March 2016 but this could have been a misinterpretation but March was signifcant as far as Shooting, so it was either Wrap Up March 2016 which i think is what was said but it could have meant Shooting to start March 2016.

3) They had started fleshing out ideas of how they want the Draft Story to be looking as far as visuals and some doodles had been worked on around the Fall of 2014 and some concept work had been worked on in February 2015

4) Main Production should begin in detail around Fall 2015 (hints some could begin before then). And Ridley will be working with a number of Production Team who worked on Prometheus.

5) The Movie would require and have a LARGER Cast than Prometheus, emphasis on Larger (but never said how much Larger).

6) The Movie would have a 50% Larger Budget than Prometheus but Fox would be more flexible with certain Scenes if they would go over Budget some what... for example a few Shots was never done that was intended for Prometheus due to Budget... Ridley would be allowed a bit more slack on the Budget Strings.

7) Production and Shooting had been held up because Ridley and other Cast Members had Commitments, mainly Ridley with offer to do The Martian, while other Cast Members for Prometheus 2 are tied up. And that the movie has since then gone through a few  changes of ideas as Ridley who is someone spontaneous and can after Drafts was done, come up with few tweeks and changes. And a few things had been slightly changed since then but as of March it was pretty much similar to the Final Draft they had in October.

8) Movie Release date was not mentioned but they assumed we would be looking at a March 2017

Update around  June 2015 they said after Ridley had confirmed after lack of news and concerns the movie was on Hold, Ridley said the movie will be his next and shooting to start in the New Year 2016 (January) that its likely expected the release date would now be March 2017 to May 2017. But definately between Spring and Summer 2017

9) Update August In the Process of September to December 2014 ideas about the Plot and Draft had been fleshed out as far as how they want things to look and so then Concept work started at the end of the year but also carried on early 2015 but its a work in progress as not much time is dedicated due to Ridleys other Projects.

10) Casting was not yet done by March 2015 but they would have some ideas who to draft in and yes we all know Rappace and Fassbender are scheduled but off course they have to work around those Actors and others they want to sign up.. Work Schedules


Plot Information

11) The Movie will have 3 Plot Elements, and Shaw and Davids mission to find the Engineers Homeworld is just one of those.

12) Shaw and David will not be getting the Answers they want, what they find is truely Horrifying Agenda. Revalations that seperate even futher the original answers Shaw thought they would find when they got to LV 223 in the first movie.


13) The movie will not be based largely on Shaw and David shena****ns aboard the Juggernaught but there will be some screen time devoted to Shaw and David during the trip but not actually interacting as such on the ship. As Shaw will be incapacitated for the most part.

They re-informed be in May, as the above was my interpretation, but the Shaw and Davids trip to find the Engineers would only play a small part, Shaw would be incapacitated for most of the movie and play small part. We wont see much time devoted to them interacting on the journey but there would be some time dedicated to interaction between the two and how things go, but they cant say no more about this (and how he gets back together) and this is one thing i was told not to mention.

14) The Engineers are not God or our creators, but a servant race for some other purpose. So merely as David is to Mankind.

15) And the Engineers are not the Top of the Hierarchy of creation, they serve a Higher Power/Force.

16) The movie will cover Multiple Biengs, and Humans are not the only creations of the Engineers.  And they would show more then ONE Lifeform they encounter! now i assume this means not David, or Xenos or related but maybe Humans, Engineers and another Race? They was vague however.

17) The movie would show us who is above the Engineers in the Hierarchy but these beings are not God, hinting that there is more than one layer above the Engineers in the Hierarchy.

18) The order of Creation/Hierarchy does not Start with the Engineers or end with David 8.

19) David wishes to Play God himself, and continue the order of Hierarchy (May Update) He is free and sees Engineers as less superior to himself. But he has sympathy as the Engineers are pretty much as David was before Freedom.

20) The movie would focus on Order of Creation/Hierarchy and Rebelion against Hierarchy/Creator on multiple levels and that Rebelion leads to disaster and punishment.  Updated in Summer with this.

They added that the theme of Father and Son and Son growing to be and see themselves as equal or greater than there Father and challenge for dominance and so Rebelion as a theme will be explored and Prometheus shows us the seeds of that within the movie.... and we see this in Ancient Culture and Religon right from the Bible and Lucifers Rebelion to overthrow God and Gods fear of this and War and casting Satan out of Heaven...  and with the Greek Mythos we see this on Multiple Levels,  of Father Son, Fear of Betrayal, Rebelion and being overthrown that results in drastic measures as we see, for example they said how Cronus ate his Own Children but Zues was replaced with a Stone... etc

21) If we are expecting a evolution and more depth to the Ancient Aliens connection, this wont be the case but we could see a slight connection as far as some Ancient God connections. As far as Hierarchy and Order of creation.

They kinda said like how David is part of that Hierarchy.

21) There will be some connection between Engineers and Prometheus Myth but this is loosely.... related to the Fire, the movie would futher explore loosely connection between Forbiden Knowledge and Power and in the wrong hands how it can lead to disasterous consequences and punishment.

22) The Black Goo is not quite how its shown in the movie, they are going the route that it is the Origin of Life, the Blood of Life and all creation.  And kind of like from the Tree of Life and Forbiden Fruit. And play with Fire and you get Burnt.

Update Summer... The Goo is actually a Parasitic Micro Organism, similar to some kinds of Algae, it also is a Catalyst for creating and manipulating Life. It acts like a Virus. But is also a Forbiden Tool used for creation and destruction.

23) The comic books followed LV 223 and 426 and while the events show what could happen, the comics are to be considered a alternative. But underlying themes could be explored. (think basically how the Goo works).

24) The Movie will give us more of a link between LV 223 and LV 426, and it will provide some answers to the Alien fans but it wont be a Alien based movie.  These Clues will be vague but not as ambigious as Prometheus.

Fans hopping to hear the Space Jockey Story and for the Space Jockey to be something Alien. Will be disapointed as their will be clues but we wont get to see the actual Space Jockey mission, crash and how those Eggs got on that ship... There would be more clues to some connection between the LV 223 and LV 426 goings on that would show us how they are connected however.. but yes the Space Jockey is a Humanoid in a Space Suit.

25) Prometheus was not the FIRST company mission to the Zeta 2 system. Updated Summer the person confirmed and so i misinterpreted that Promethus was not the first time Mankind had been in the System (LV-223/LV-426) but they wont go into detail.

26) There could be some ideas and things that they never got round to include from Prometheus that could be done in Prometheus 2 (these could be from the drafts and ideas they had when working on the idea behind Prometheus).

27) They are following some ideas from Star Beast as far as connection between the said Hierarchy of creation seen in the movies. This could be regards to Engineer connection to their purpose. And connection to Sacrifices. And Ritual Aspect.

28) There will be two Monsters One new, both will have loose connection to the Xeno but they will be different. I was given more detail and told not to mention it but i did a few months ago, and One Monster will be from a new Event within the next movie. i.e not a event prior to the end of Prometheus.  And this Monster would in part be created at the Hands of David or a event caused through his actions... This Monster will be based off the Original Alien Concept idea of HR Giger that inspired the Xeno design, they had planned to use similar design in earlier drafts and concept work for Prometheus.. The Ultramorph and thus the New Monster will be based off the Necromon 4 Giger Work.  It would also appear to be see through like a Jelly Fish to a degree as opposed to Bio-Mechanical like the Xeno in Alien was.

29) The movie plot has kind of a Matrix and Blade Runner theme to the Agenda of the creators. And Engineers.  It is a Big Bold Plot, that has loose themes we can draw connections to the above movies...

updated stuff i was told that the person knew when i was first Told but they did not pass on, so newer information i got around end of Summer. Following the Hell on Earth Rumours..

30) They said the movie would not be Hell on Earth, and the Working Title is Prometheus: Paradise Lost, but they was also considering Prometheus: Pandemonium or Dark Paradise and its likely the Prometheus prefix would be dropped but it is in no Way Hell on Earth or based on Earth.

The move will be based over 3 Parts.... which at the time i assumed Promethues Parts 1-3

31) There will not be a Army of Davids, but they can say nothing more.. only David features mainly in the movie.

32) Shaw does not Technically Die, but they can not go into any details.

33) We shall see David head towards a Planet connected to the Engineers...

34) The movie has a very Bold Plot, they are trying to distance the Engineers and Earth and all the Ancient Culture and Gods links as far as Religons i.e  Gods created Earth and all thats on Earth connection, they wish to tone that down, well actually going for the route that Earth is not Important we are not the Centre of the Universe as in Ancient Cultures and Myths including Bible and Greek Myths etc.....  but we can draw lose connections between how Mankind came to come up with such stories and connection to the Engineers.  They said the movie is not about Mankinds creation by Godlike biengs in our Galaxy never mind Solar System but something more broader.  And loosely connect to things in the Bible, but in a very BOLD WAY.

if we look at Prometheus and God Connection, then yes we are talking about God and the Garden of Eden, Heaven and Hel, Rebelion and Punishment but only loosely.

35) They also said that Paradise is not the Engineers Homeworld as such... just the focal point of the Engineers and the Hierarchy in regards to our Galaxy and it stands between the Galactic Centre and Earth.... and so is very far away.  They said the idea is to drop hints that the Engineer came from Paradise but this place is not where Creation is based from....

The Plot is going for greater Scale than our Galaxy alone the Plot is not limited to the God/Creation as per Bible and other Ancient Cultures... as back then thousands of years ago most cultures did not know about the Galaxy and its size.... but this person and i agree seems to read into the information given to them, that you know what... it goes futher than these Engineers being from some place in our Galaxy.. they could be touching upon more than our Galaxy but the Universe in General....  In which case whoever the Higher Biengs could be... it could be that they  are not unique to our Galaxy and so Paradise could be just the Homeworld in our Galaxy but maybe not the only Headquarters.

36) The Hammerpedes wont feature, they only have limited life Span just as the Xenomorph does,  but they could procreate like the Xeno does.  But those unfortunate to go to LV 223 are not going to be Alone.  This is where one of the Two Main monsters will be shown to Originate from.  But does not have to mean  a event after the events of Prometheus.  They informed me not mention this detail but we shall see seeds of DNA from the First Movie, but they wont say if this is from a event connected to LV-223/LV-426 and what time frame, just that it would connect some clues towards the goings on in that system.

The Xenomorph wont be shown but clues like we saw in the movie would be expanded upon but they are a combination of two Organisms DNA well the Origins are and one strand of DNA is Engineers.  However they say that Mankind plays a greater Role in the Xenomorph Origins but they wont devulge information, but person i know who spoke to the source says they seemed very hyped about a Human Connection. and that Humans play a role in the next movie but they wont release no information. But its a Bigger part of the Plot.

September Updates....

37)  They are loosley connecting to Paradise Lost Version of Events as opposed to those in the Bible.... but also connections loosley with Greek Mythos and so its not Literally but Metathorically connecting to those tales.

38) The Location of Paradise, or where the events shall mainly be shown are within the Ophiuchus Constellation, they did not specify where but that it would be a Place within that Constellation that would be the seat of the GODs within our Galaxy. I cant quite remember what they was saying but i vaguely remember that it is a place that is about either 3500 parsecs or 600? one of the Two and located within Ophiuchus and near by the Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy half way between Earth and the Galactic Centre.

I think thats the information, i may have missed some but this information was given to me end of March 2015 for most of it, some i had to keep to myself as i knew bit more than i posted, but after i was given more information over the summer, and especially September i decided October to go into more detail... some stuff i may have forgot but i am sure i had spoke about it within topics i had made on here....

THE SOURCE claims that the information i had been given from March to September was correct as of March 2015 and that some changes had been made only slighlty to the October Draft... but that as Fall 2015 more information would come out that would validate what they had passed to me... i had mentioned that as far back as April that the source said come Fall and Especially November as this is when More Information would start to come out finally regarding the Movie....

which actually did.....

They did say in end September/ start October that as far as the draft October 2014 Ripley was not connected to the movie, but that you cant rule out Changes to the Drafts happening as months go by and especially in relation to Changes that had to be made as far as Blomkamps Movie.  

Then 6 weeks after i was told this we got anouncements of Logan re-working the Draft and not one but Two Name Changes....

The source i dont think will release any more information but i think it have covered what they said, i may have sent more detail to 3 Members on the Forum 3 months back as so they can back up these rumours in detail as the Source said November and onwards that stuff would come out that would back up what they had said.... so i had few members i sent information to, instead of posting it on here... but i had in October posted a few of these bits of information that i was told not to... OPPS!

So again take with Pinch of Salt, and Check posts on Topic from April until September, periods before Ridley started to officially talk more about the movie in detail and things  since then are adding upto what i was told some 3-5 months prior to Official News..




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPDec-02-2015 6:25 PM

Oh in March i was told about Concept Works...

Which Included...

*Dark Looking World that looked more like LV-426 than LV-223 nevermind Paradise.

* Jugernaught flying in Space with what looked like a Nebula behind it.

* A ship that was similar to the Jugernaught but different, i.e Giger inspired design.

* A Giant Blueish Gas Planet, that had 4 Moons near it....  but person said it could had been a Blue Star, and 4 Worlds?

* A Valley of Statues like the Valley of the Kings Eygpt some Human looking others no so, and in a state of Ruin.

* A Black Obelisk that seemed to not be in ruined condition and alive with a Green Glow comming from it, like the Green Crystal on the Altar in Prometheus.

* A Chamber with like Pods that looked like those from the Matrix and 6th day that had Humanoids inside that looked like Babies a bit, well similar to some of the Cloned Ripleys from Alien Resurection.

* A Biomechanical Wall or Machine that had a Humanoid connected to it, like the Deacon was fused to the Mural in Prometheus and they said it was like a Giger Take on the Robot Girl from Superman 3.

* Large Part Bio-Mechanical looking Part Rock Citadel Building sitting in like a crater/dry moat, covered in low clouds etc pretty much like the Shot of the Derelict in Alien. They said it looked like a Giger Take on the Tower of Babel

Update:  I forgot to put in last post, but i did message 3 people this.... in September here is some stuff i forgot to add to the last post.

* As far as the Paradise Lost, we can draw some things from it and connect to the Engineers and Punishment and Xeno and Serpents, and that if we read parts of Paradise lost about the Fallen Angels turning to Serpents... and that this theme is loosely explored as far as a part of what is going on in the Franchise... and that this connection is actually seen as a Freedom from Bondage rather than Punishment.

they was vague but i think somehow they mean loosely how God Turned some of the Fallen Angels to Serpents and Cast them out....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1221 XPDec-03-2015 2:38 PM

Thanks bigdave

That's plenty !! 


DeaconMember10358 XPDec-06-2015 4:04 PM

Yes Oudo i think also having had final bit information from the person who spoke to the source, as far as why the change of direction and changes to both Alien 5 plot and it being on hold and changes to Promethues 2 and why its now Alien:Covenant and why the movie has been given Green Light, but then a change of dates and name.... and why this is so... and what is happening...

I think i have nailed it..... i have PM 4 members on here.....

And i will make a thread regarding this..... but surfice to say it seems changes have been made to ideas behind Alien 5 and Prometheus Paradise Lost.... that will now see a extra PLOT thrown in that connects to Prometheus and directly to Alien 5 that bridge the Gap and set seeds to Alien explanation.....  and cover some of the elements that was leaked... basically Paradise Lost will now be Part 3, Alien Covenant looks likely to be in part based after Paradise Lost and Prometheus and maybe even Alien... and it will connect to Alien 5.....    then Paradise Lost will explain what becomes of Shaw and David between year 2094 and 2122.   As it looks like Alien 5 will be set 100 years after Prometheus which is plenty of time for David to go and do some serious Damage and have new Travelers come across this and a event that creates Xenos that is picked up in time for Alien 5.

I will make a thread upon this.... soon.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Mr. C

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-07-2015 6:48 PM

Ah! The plot thickens now. I remember there was a rumor earlier this year that Ridley had asked Blomkamp to make some changes to his Alien 5 story as it was stepping on Prometheus 2's toes. With that rumor in mind, Ridley producing Alien 5, and him recently telling how he wants to take control of the story from now on, there's obviously work in progress to connect it all together.

For obvious reasons Fox wouldn't want to push Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 out at the same time, which is essentially what would happen if Blomkamp had continued production of Alien 5 now. Ridley has probably said something along the lines of "Let me just tell this little story first, then you come in with Alien 5 and I'll continue the Shaw/David story after that". In other words, they want to push forward this part of the Prometheus story line (which most likely takes place later on) before Alien 5 goes ahead. At the same time they don't want to have to wait another 6-10 years before going ahead with Alien 5.

Also, I just read a very recent interview with Rapace where it seems even she's not sure if she'll be in Alien: Covenant. When asked if she'll be in the Prometheus sequel, she said:

"I've already signed up for three other movies next year, and haven't read the script for Prometheus 2 yet. It will be a challenge to make it work, but I think I'm going to be in it"

So it certainly looks like her involvement will be very limited, which wouldn't make sense if Alien: Covenant were to be a direct sequel to Prometheus picking up from where it left off.

(In Swedish, bottom of article. Use Google translate):


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