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Is Aliens Colonial Marines Canon?

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The First Child

OvomorphMember15 XPMar-02-2015 12:04 PM

Hello everyone, I wanted to know whether aliens colonial marines is canon since Neil Blockamp was going to possibly remove alien 3 and resurrection. the video game is suppose to take place after alien 3.


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PraetorianAdmin4329 XPMar-02-2015 12:09 PM

Sadly, yes, Alien: Colonial Marines is Canon. 


XenomorphMember1221 XPMar-02-2015 12:44 PM


What authority on earth decided that ?? Did fox say so ?? Wow

That's news !!

Well does anyone know what the story line of A:CM is ?


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-02-2015 2:42 PM

Fox will deny the canonicity of Aliens: Colonial Marines if they think responses from Alien fans will cause Alien 5 to make more money.

Basically, it is canon until it isn't canon, and it all depends on if they think it will hurt revenue on their current Alien project.


PraetorianAdmin4329 XPMar-03-2015 5:05 AM

@Ouduodu; I believe it's Fox that stated it's canonicity. Either way, it sucks Fox made it canon and hopefully Xenotron is right and they revoke it.  ACM was a horrible game, I played it and it was the most disappointing thing ever. I can link you the canon lore parts, people have posted them on YouTube.

Basically, Hicks is alive and the company revived him and captured him, replacing his body in the cryo-tube so no one thinks he survived the crash becausde they want info on the Xeno. The planet didn't blow up after Bishop nuked it and everything was a lie designed by Weyland Yutani in order to capture a Xeno. Bshop is there too, I can't remmeber if he is the original or not though.

Here, someone posted how ACM messes with the lore:How Aliens: Colonial Marines Seriously Screws Up Alien Lore

Here are two videos I suggest you watch to get the story (Can't embed them yet, chris will fix that later): Needless to say there are some major spoilers here, in case you or anyone else wants to actually play this ****ty, ****ty game... (Hicks and Bishop are both in a lot of these cutscenes)

1- How Hicks Survives In Aliens Colonial Marines: Stasis Interrupted 

2- Aliens: Colonial Marines - All Cutscenes


XenomorphMember1221 XPMar-03-2015 5:27 AM

thanks Svanya


why has so many bad choices been made after aliens ??


i sometimes get the feeling that someone somewhere deliberately made bad decisions. from my perspective looking at star wars george lucas directed all three of the original ones.


they should let ridley direct the alien sequel. but cameron made the headlines with terminator and apparently alan ladd junior left fox and new management at fox wanted to put their mark on things.


my issue with aliens is that it is by and large a copy of all the beats in alien. read that somewhere - will never clever enough to word things that way by myself _ LOL_

anyways it never told its own story really other than that of ripley and introduced the queen.

sp i think that after asliens any story that ends in hix and noot and ripley being happy would never really have been successful.


so if alien 5 does happen to succeed it will have to be very well crafted and will have to show us something new and tell a different story.


alien 3 never suceeded at that.


PraetorianMember2674 XPMar-03-2015 1:10 PM

Guess I'm wrong....I thought only movies in the series could be considered canon?


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


XenomorphMember1221 XPMar-03-2015 1:49 PM


So did I !! 


PraetorianMember2674 XPMar-03-2015 1:57 PM

Hahaha...Hi Odu, it's not just me then! XD

....and I don't give a hoot what Fox say about Canon....the only thing they recognise is ££££££ or $$$$$$! 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


FacehuggerMember425 XPMar-03-2015 2:20 PM

I remember the talks for Colonial Marines saying they even got a draft of Prometheus to see if they wanted to use anything from that.

Fox recognized it as cannon before it even came out, probably as a way to hype the game and increase sales by adding another chapter to the actual cannon. I'm sure upon seeing the reviews for it they wished they had released the game first before declaring it was part of the cannon.

I'm sure this movie will completely ignore it though, much like every one else has been trying to do since the games release.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-03-2015 2:43 PM

In the 80's i saw a debate between authors and filmmakers discussing cannon and what can be considered cannon (on good old tele.) They eventually agreed that works from film are cannon and novels from which the film as been created  are cannon. Then some years later came the video games which is another type of media and only a matter of time before they started using this media as a way to tell a story.

But, as far as ALIEN 5 is concerned, i get the impression that it will sort of erase everything after ALIENS, even though it will still exist. Therefore, it will be upto the individual which he or she considers cannon, i think?

The poster was good though!



OvomorphMember14 XPMar-20-2015 3:40 PM

In my own personal canon, Colonial Marines is only canon in the sense that it's a holographic virtual reality training simulation.   It's best not to go into detail about those, or for the marines to perceive Aliens as more than just another bug hunt...  

The Marines are fed an altered version of reality while sleeping. Their minds are tricked into becoming more confident. I can't go into details about why or how.  Too complicated. Human perception is limited and the android consciousness has already hacked reality. Employee/prisoner Morse's mind was hooked to the machine, and after that point the big deletions start happening.

Basically, Colonial Marines isn't part of the real timeline/universe. It's also not a dream. Some nightmares end up being viewed as real.  This is just a training simulation.  The difficulty of the Aliens was cranked down to manipulate minds for the real battles.  The Marines only stand a chance when they think they can win. Most occurrences of AVP are happening in a holographic virtual reality training simulator as well... However, if Hicks dies in a training simulator, then there's a chance it's "Game over, man".  The end.


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-13-2015 4:47 PMI think it can be taken as Canon to a degree, but i dont think logically it is Canon at all For the reasons that it is set after Alien 3 and which case they found a alternative way to obtain Xeno DNA So why would they need to clone Ripley in Alien Resurection? But yes the back story does kind of help it to fit within Canon between Aliens and Alien 3 leading to the result of the Fire on the Sulaco. But i think it will be un-canon after Alien 5 as Alien replaces Alien 3 etc with a Plot that may not be too different to Colonial Marines.

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XenomorphMember1234 XPMay-30-2016 5:50 PM

A:CM isn't regarded as canon.


XenomorphMember1221 XPJun-05-2016 3:39 PM

So far as I know 
Alien isolation and
The WYR and Fire & stone
Is canon apart form the


XenomorphMember1234 XPJun-05-2016 4:14 PM

All the novels from Out Of The Shadows onwards as well.

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