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New interview with Ridley Scott

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FacehuggerMember159 XPDec-10-2014 12:49 PM

MTV: "Can you tell me anything about the storyline for the next one?  Is this still going to be Shaw and David's story in the next 'Prometheus' story?"

Scott: "You have to. You can’t have a person go off into the galaxy and have a person who’s still got his head off. Once that head goes back on, he’s really dangerous, but he’s also very seductive. So maybe he’ll persuade her to help him put the head back.”


OvomorphMember40 XPDec-10-2014 1:22 PM

Sorry for my lack of dedication to the thread, and thanks for the details!

I have no interest in The Martian, so I am very frustrated by the long wait. Btw, The interview does not reveal too many new things, but I am still very excited to see David as a villain rather than an anti hero.


FacehuggerMember159 XPDec-10-2014 1:54 PM

No worries, shambs.  I'm glad you posted the interview.

I too have been frustrated with the wait for 'Prometheus 2'.  I'm not frustrated with the wait for 'Blade Runner 2' because I don't see it "needing" a sequel to bolster it, whereas, I do with 'Prometheus'.  I have read The Martian and it was a fun, quick read.  But I feel like any other director could have done that one.  I'm for Ridley working on 'Prometheus 2', 'Blade Runner 2' and finally 'Forever War', in that order.

I thought many things were interesting in the interview, but his feelings towards comments about his movies is most interesting.  I think of all the people who hated 'Prometheus' with such passion that they felt compelled to spend (in some cases, I'm sure) hours on writing on blogs and forums why they didn't like it... and Ridley's general response is "screw your opinion, I make movies for me and I think I'm doing just fine since I've been doing it for 35 years... so f**k you very much". :-)


FacehuggerMember357 XPDec-10-2014 2:46 PM

@ Shambs TY for posting this.

What I take from this interview is that it will be difficult to gauge when Prometheus 2 will come out, since Ridley is still undecided whether to direct Blade Runner.


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-10-2014 3:26 PM

Thanks for the link.

What Scott said is very interesting. The script won't turn David into a hero, a likeable savior. The tension between him and Shaw will continue and probably deepen. That's exciting because it'll add unpredictability and suspense to their interaction.


I just wish he'd confirm whether he will or nor direct it. Apparently the interviewer asked him something about it, but I couldn't understand his answer. Help?



OvomorphMember1 XPDec-10-2014 3:41 PM

Love Ridleys response to anti-Prometheus trolls who would rather b***h about a movie and whine about how it wasnt like Alien gets so old and stupid.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


OvomorphMember1 XPDec-10-2014 3:41 PM

Love Ridleys response to anti-Prometheus trolls who would rather b***h about a movie and whine about how it wasnt like Alien gets so old and stupid.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


FacehuggerMember143 XPDec-11-2014 12:13 PM

Hmm not sure how many people wanted it to be another xeno film and that was the disappointment... I only saw a few. Most people were disappointed in it just not making sense! Which is funny because that was exactly what he mentioned in the interview explosions and surviving bit lol!

Damn another bit of bad news as well on Moses Ridleys latest film not going down well yet again I really hope the reviews are just plain wrong : Ridley needs to take a look at interstellar and the methods used. Get experts in to advise on what's possible/makes sense scientifically. Not that interstellar was amazing just felt way more plausible even with the way out there 5th dimension :p ...anyway still hoping for good things on prometheus 2...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


FacehuggerMember159 XPDec-11-2014 12:29 PM

@djamelameziane, the string of not critically well received movies directed by Ridley Scott does seem to continue.  But based on what he said in that MTV interview about critics of his movies, I don't think he will change his approach to anything he does.  'Prometheus 2', 'Blade Runner 2', 'Forever War', or whatever he works on will be what they will be, regardless of outside noise.  Here's his response to critics in 2 separate parts of that interview...

"You get your head knocked off occasionally and what you learn very quickly, with the greatest respect, is I never read press.  Ever.  Once I got slaughtered after 'Blade Runner' by Pauline Kael.  Three pages of slaughter, I was so offended I would never read any more press.  You have to know what you've done.  The key thing is you can be the only person, you're your own critic."

This one after asked the same thing about critics of 'Prometheus'...

“You gotta ignore that. I don’t make films for other people, I make films for me. And so far it’s pretty good, because I'm still here after 35 years. So there’s a good expression for them… f**k you very much.”


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-11-2014 1:06 PM

I love me some Ridley snark! <3


(BTW, Prometheus received generally positive reviews. Not great acclaim by any means, but far from being universally rejected. Doubt me? Check Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Thank you)



FacehuggerMember143 XPDec-11-2014 1:30 PM

Yes that blade runner thing comes up again and again yet I can't think of another his films that ever did the same thing. I loved blade runner from the first time I saw it although it was later on after it was released. How long was it after till it became popular? Prometheus is almost three years old now and I don't see people shifting on that lol. It is true you need to be thick skinned in that business can't blame him for what he says but it does feel like he's become an island only listening to himself and that can lead to problems...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


FacehuggerMember159 XPDec-11-2014 1:54 PM

@Cremildo, I agree that 'Prometheus' is not one of those in the string that I speak of, but if you look here at the list of movies he's directed, you'll see what I mean by a string.  I'm like Ridley, I don't care what critics say.  I like a movie, or I don't... it's that simple.  And I liked both 'Blade Runner' and 'Prometheus'.


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-11-2014 3:30 PM

@Membrane, I wasn't trying to contradict you. It was just an overall message to all Prometheus haters who mistakenly think the film got only bad reviews.


I'm aware the latest films by Ridley have been savagely criticized by professional reviewers. ;)



FacehuggerMember143 XPDec-12-2014 2:56 AM

No I don't think anyone thinks it was all bad reviews anyway...I was disappointed and even I thought it was good kind of 6 out of ten. The disappointment came from it could have been a ten. And the fact alien was like an 11 out of ten! Amazing ideas some stunning visuals and some good awful script n plot changers. My point being I think more people were disappointed with what happened/the way it was executed nothing to do with there being not much xeno/alien link.

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


PraetorianMember2674 XPDec-12-2014 5:29 AM

I just love how enthusiastic Ridley remains about the whole filmaking process. I mean it's definitely what he was born to do!

I hope he decides to direct the Prometheus and BladeRunner sequels. I just wish the respective studios would give him the fu***ng budget he needs, and the creative control to make them into freakin' three, four......or even five hour epics!

Rock on Ridley! 

And thanks Shambs! :)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-12-2014 3:16 PM

I gonna get kicked for this....

But Ridley is argogant in a way, but thats just pride in his own work and he does have the ill do what i want attitude and wont bow to what the fans want but the story he wants to tell..

Thing is he was in favour of the first Draft, it was Fox who sugested a change, and Ridley agreed that the main focus has to be about who the Engineers/Space Jockey are and not about where the Xeno came from...

Which is a good point...

Alien left us with a few unknowns...

1) Where did the Xeno come from..?

2) Who was the Pilot where was he from?

3) Why did he have that Cargo?

4) Where was he going with it and where from?

5) Where did Weyland Yutani Come from?

The movie set out to answer 2, 3 for sure and hint a lot at 1 and 4 and a bit of 5 before Spaights draft was changed and we then got mainly minor clues to 2 and 5 and less so of 3 and 4 and not so much 1.

I think Ridley is kinda pissed at the fan boys who basically wanted a movie that showed how the Space Jockey ended up on LV 426 and where the Xeno came from, and at very least they wanted to know how the Xeno came from.

Ridley wanted more to touch upon the Space Jockey than the Xeno and saw the Xeno as well just a small part of their history, which is a good thing as to be fair we did not need to be seeing Xenos again, but some more clues would had been nice.

But what we got was well, a MESS!  the idea was sound, the going the route of the Engineers/Space Jockey was a massive massive gamble as well the scope is huge and now they gone that route, they are now in trouble tryingt to figure how the futher explore that.

Why we was created, how did they become what Ancient Mankind interpreted as Gods, and then why did they not come back to us and why they wanted us destroyed.

And then if these Gods are still alive, its what do we find when we find them...

This is a massive plot, that has potential problems to do justice, and i think they are now trying to tone that down, just as they toned town the Spaights draft to Lindeloffs i wonder if they will tone down the Engineers as Gods and our creators element for part 2.

The movie has flaws... plot wise it is great, so much potential but execution is flawed, and its to ambigious and then they decided to cuts stuff and re-edit and well butcher what had a better movie behind the scenes...

I know the Ridley fan boys will rush to support him, but while he is good director he is flawed.... and makes visual mistakes and goofs... but then  so do others.

I do in his defence think Fox are pulling a lot of strings to some of the changes...

Sadly they have not covered the questions from Alien, and i dont think they will, what they have done is give a lot of clues that allows us to all come to different conclusions... instead of a few more clues.

We do not need a Xeno fest movie to get them...

What Ridley needs worry about is he ant young is he..?

If there are the Xeno Orgins left untold or given clues, and if they dont touch upon a lot of Prometheus questions i,e the LV 223 purpose and outbreak and what becomes of LV 223 from after Prometheus to Alien....

Not only do these leave unanswered questions but they are questions that Fox could answer in 10-15 years time when Ridley would be gone or to old to put his on spin on it.

And thus a Alien Orgins movie comes out that could well tell the connection in ways that would make Ridley turn in his grave..

PS if Prometheus is Delayed a lot... and Ridley doing Blade Runner, bring in Peter Jackson.... lol yep he defo do great job...

Shame he not doing Star Wars as i dred the mess JJ will make of that..

Cant we just clone Peter Jackson? lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-12-2014 3:25 PM

Furthermore i would just like to add..


Im  not a Alien Fanboy, and i am glad we ant seeing a straight prequel, i feel the Xeno should had been given more clues... not left as vague then they could have closed the door on the Xeno with that movie, it never had to have Xenos running around.... just maybe a flash back or hologram scene that gave us more of a connection to the Mural and Frescos...

Never had to be Spoon Fed...


Then they could go and explore the Engineers/Space Jockeys and shut the door on the Xeno..


But looks like they will be instead shutting the door on the Ancient Astronaught plot...


Alien we saw some Giant Alien Pilot, and his Ship that had a deadly Cargo.....

Prometheus went the whole route trying to show us the Pilots race and how they created us and visited us and are in effect the Gods of old.... and also that they dabble in a lot of Genetic Engineer and Experiments in which we was created and upgrades but also on LV 223 something else on that place was created and experimented with that is connected to the Xeno but not said how....

Now looks like the back story given to the Space Jockey Race, will be changed and toned down or left as a mystery i,e why they created us etc etc...

And that David will unleash the Xeno Goo on what ever Gods they find to create a new Monster that is well similar to the Alien....  and thus could be a whole new Alien franchise based on a Alien that is different to the Alien how it evolved from Alien but similar to the Alien...

While the massive scope plot of these Engineers being a Race who Engineer life on Earth and other worlds and teach us stuff i,e upgrade us Genetically and Technologically could be well left as unexplored as the Space Jockey was in after Alien.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-12-2014 5:05 PM

The movie has flaws... plot wise it is great, so much potential but execution is flawed, and its to ambigious and then they decided to cuts stuff and re-edit and well butcher what had a better movie behind the scenes...


Nothing was "butchered" or "re-edited" in Prometheus. If you mean the deleted scenes, well, every film has then. Their inclusion on the Blu-ray was a favor to consumers, not evidence that some sort of evil studio executive took the film from Scott's hands in post-production.

Even in films which Scott later released in an extended version there was no behind-the-scenes brouhaha: Scott is happy to oblige studios with the most commercially viable cut for theatrical exhibition, which is also supervised by him. If for whatever reason a studio decided to block Scott from the editing room, EVERYBODY would hear about it. Just like when Harvey Weinstein allegedly meddled with Scorsese during the making of Gangs of New York.

There is not a single shred of evidence that anything out of order happened during post in Prometheus.

As for the studio demanding changes in the script in the earliest stages of pre-productior... Again, it's absolutely normal when it comes to a tentpole like this. Ordinary procedure. No film is made from the first draft. Not ever. There are many, many iterations of the script before filming begins. Prometheus is not an arthouse project wholly conceived by an auteur - it's a 140-million blockbuster financed by a big studio anxious to make some serious bucks.

I wish Prometheus doubters and haters would know a little more about the production of films like these before spreading absurdly inaccurate stories about its making in order to "prove" that the film is somehow "flawed".

Do you want really butchered productions? Do you want actual behind-the-scenes tomfoolery? Google The Bourne Identity, Waterworld, World War Z, Scott's own Robin Hood, Ant Man, Mimic, The 13th Warrior, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Exorcist 4, Brothers Grimm etc. There are many examples.

Prometheus was "butchered" only in the minds of people who hold a very naïve picture of the filmmaking process.



PraetorianMember2674 XPDec-13-2014 8:03 AM

@BigD, my friend, I would never "kick" anyone for their opinion and I'm sure no-one else would. You're a well respected member of the Prometheus community! :D

Ridley is in pretty damn fine company, considering the same Pauline Kael who critisised Orson Welles, and what is still considered the greatest film ever made: Citizen Kane, also "slaughtered" BladeRunner.

If he'd taken on board all the negitivity, he might never, ever, have made another film! As a director you have to protect yourself somehow.


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


PraetorianMember2674 XPDec-13-2014 8:20 AM

Now it's my turn to be kicked...LOL

I believe that deep down, and up to a point, he does care what people/fan boys think, but that he doesn't let it bother him unduly!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-13-2014 9:08 AM

Nobody's kicking anybody's opinion.

What's worth kicking is made-up facts used to fallaciously corroborate one's opinion.



DeaconMember10324 XPDec-13-2014 11:49 AM

I did say that there are other movies that also have flaws its so hard to find movies that are so close to perfection it really is especially when we are talking sequels to classic movies.  Star Wars is a fantastic movie and Alien is purely a masterpiece yet does have some scale problems that are replicated but Ridley is prone to odd mistakes he goes to such depths to give us a truely great movie visually that indeed something’s get over looked.

As far as butchered goes, maybe thats a overstatement and maybe again Ridley is not to blame....

There simply was a lot to the movie that if included would helped with some of the Ambiguity and contradictions and well parts of the movie that never well flowed correct.

After i saw Prometheus first and 2nd time the movie to me seemed as though someone got a movie REEL that fell open and got damaged and they had to like cut bad parts out and rearrange and edit the movie and glue it together in a way that i kind of noticed as if parts was cut and rearranged in different order.

I feel there was a cut of this movie that went on to show us a lot more depth and that made more sense, but some things was edited and cut and changed in a way to change direction that they  originally had and that the cut we had simply accounts for a lot of the things that dont add up...

Still Prometheus is a movie i have watched more times than many, and i applaud how they have not gone for a direct prequel, but i think there is stuff that they cut out and tried to explain off screen that do not add up to what we see on screen....

Spaights draft while a more Alieny movie did have a more coherent nature...

I will explain what i mean by cuts next...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-13-2014 12:34 PM

1) Sacrificial Scene.... they cut out the Elders Scene, seems the reason was Ridley did not want to show us God in the first movie and did not want to give to much away about the Engineers Culture and keep them a Enigma.... fair enough.... sounds good point if thats what we will explore more in the sequel but i fear they will movie away from the Engineer and Human creation connection... it will remain as the Space Jockey and Xeno one was after Alien.

But the Sacrificial Scene had a extended one, not only the deleted scene as that was not the FULL scene at all, the full scene appears to show us a close up of 3 Engineers, 2 being Elders and also their is Dialog between the one Elder and the Sacrificial Engineer in which the Sacrificial Engineer talked too.

This scene i felt would have added more depth behind the Engineers and their Agenda and how the Sacrifice was for a greater good.....

2) There are a number of other cuts and rearrangement of scenes, that also include the timeframe from when Shaw had her C-Section to seeing Weyland for the first time, and Fifield attacks scene......

There was a alternative one which the Trailers again seemed to indicate towards, one where Fifield had attacked after Shaw and Weyland made their way to the landing bay, Weyland was in the Hanger while Fifield was attacking and Shaw was the one who was in the Rover and who ran over Fifield....

If we take those latter Scenes that was cut and logically add them how they would have fitted, then the flow of the movie was more smoother..

3) There was again a re-shoot of the Last Battle Scene, where we got a Engineer in a somewhat seemed very rushed scene, Shaw was informed the Engineer is on his way and then we see him rush into the door and ran at Shaw and she then slammed on the button to release the Trillobite..

Our Engineer had nice Burn on his Face.....  we off course could make out he had this from the crash, and as the crew of Prometheus caused the Crash the Engineer was in a foul mood and well just wanted to kill Shaw....

In reality they had a change of plan to the Original Fight Scene, if you watch the movie from when Shaw gets on the Lifeboat every single moment to when the Engineer attacks, there seems a flow problem...

If you watch the full Scene from when Shaw gets the medical supplies and Axe, in the full scene it flowed better...

The full scene is not even the full scene, we did see the Engineer walk into the Lifeboat and he was in awe at the sight of the Violin Girl he was intrigued as he was when he saw Shaw for the first time during the Engineer speaks Scene (more on that after)...

The Engineer seemed more interested again with Shaw even after he found her, he was very intrigued....

Ridley felt the scene made the Engineer look weak, but come on Shaw hacked him with a Axe, is Ridley trying to fool us the Engineer is bulletproof? I know Ridley felt the Xeno after Alien was portrayed as not as tough... as Alien one..

If a few hacks of a Axe should not have hurt the Engineer then how come the Deacon bust out of him like cutting a knife through a Orange?

For whatever reason they cut the Scene they also then had to cut others... you see the redone scene showed the Engineer with the Face Burn... That he got from the crash!!!

Yet he never... as there are shots of him getting out of the Juggernaughts seat and setting off and running across LV 223 surface to the Lifeboat... in these scenes he was wearing NO MASK and had NO BURN.... by going for the re-shoot scene with a Burn they had to then cut the scene of him running outside....

This scene showed and answered the question, how did and could the Engineer Survive outside with no Mask, which in turn answered the Engineers may not have needed a Breathable Atmosphere inside the Temple and Ship, which then posed why was it Tera-Formed so that Humans can survive...  Showing the Engineer could breath outside shows and gives clues to what the purpose of the Space Jockey Suits are and why maybe the place could support Human Life with no Helmets..

Where the omission of the Engineer Scene with no Mask, would left us at the time thinking that the place supported a breathable environment because the Engineers needed it.

Anyway by going for the re-shoot scene they also had to remove the Engineer finding and picking up a Book in Vickers Quarters in which again he was intrigued with as if he could not believe how advanced our kind had become... again this Scene added a lot of depth and culture to the Engineers.

Than just mindless Human Hatting Thugs....

Also the Trillobite Scene, we see the Burn disappear and reappear, this shows the Engineer may not had even had it as soon as the Door opened, when you hear the door open you hear like a burn sound, as if the Trillobite when it grabbed the Engineer may had caused it.. 

But if you study the scene frame by frame the opening of the door when the Trillobite grabbed the Engineer could had been a re-shoot.... as his burn disappears....

To me this shows the Engineer may had suffered the Burn during the Fight, and if the Engineer somehow managed to wound the Trillobite then if it has the same Xeno Traits as the Hammerpedes, maybe Acid Blood could have burnt the Engineer... thats what i think the full scene would have shown....


Im getting tired now so cant think of as many other cuts, etc.. will try few more points.

3) There are a number of visual changes that would have given clues, one being the Green Orb, in the Trailers there was the Sacrificial Bowl instead, placed on what looked like a Altar, and infont of the Mural showing a Xeno-Type Organism in a Sacrificial Pose.

You would have to see my interpretation of the Cruciform and Goo and connection to Spaights goo and Cruciform pose by Sacrificial Engineer to see my theory on that the stuff in the Urns is the result of the same process the Sacrificial Engineer had done to him but done on some Xeno-Type Organism to make the stuff in the Urns.

This makes sense as far as how we see the Good perform, and if we had been shown the Sacrificial Bowl on the Altar it would had been a clue that fitted into that puzzle but instead they replaced it with a piece that would never fit...

This happens at other points in the movie.....

Its as if they had a idea, and then they change their minds after shooting the first ideas, and so they cut and edit the movie to try and fit in with whatever new path they are wishing to take us, but in doing so leaving us with a puzzle that has lost pieces replaced by pieces that dont even fit..


4) while i remember... the Engineer Speaks Scene.... the movie showed us our Engineer woke up and got mad and went postal....


The full Scene shows that he was surprised and intrigued by seeing us, which the full and unseen footage of the Engineer on the Lifeboat also backed up... Our Engineer only seemed to get real made when David Translated what Weyland wanted him to say, and then we cant be sure if that deleted scene was full either, maybe after Weyland talked to the Engineer about how his people made David, in their image and that as Weyland Created life then as a God he should not have to die..


Did the Engineer understand him? Or did David latter Translate? Who knows.


But seemed the Engineer changed in his attitude after he realised how selfish Weyland acted, such as ordering Shaw to be silenced then only having his Agenda and Demands answered by the Engineer. And this was that Weyland wanted more life, and saw himself as a creator himself.


The Engineer then realised mankind had created life in their own image, they was still a selfish and hostile race, and that indeed the plan to wipe us out years ago should have gone ahead, that his brothers plans was indeed for the greater good.


As Mankind would grown to be rebellious, and have a God Complex and seek to be as Gods ourselves and now the Engineer realises mankind is still that way and now we know how to get to their outpost, we cannot be allowed to get our hands on the secrets of the Engineers and the Bio Weapons and Ships the Engineers have.


If we look at the full including not shown even on deleted scenes, shots and scenes that we never saw, plus the deleted scenes they show a different nature to our Engineers, and it could hint at the Last Engineer having something to do with the outbreak that prevented us from being destroyed.


But after he witnessed how we had turned out, he realised his brothers where correct and mankind is beyond hope and cannot be allowed to travel the Galaxy let alone get their hands on the Engineers Secrets..


So yes there was SCENES SHOT that answered a lot of the questions posed..... and by removing them and replacing some with edited scenes and shots i.e Green Orb Replacing the Sacrificial Bowl. We end up with a cut of the movie that makes less sense than a potential Cut that is out there if they decided to use some of the deleted and never shown stuff and translated Engineer Speaking Scenes.


So yes i think that they had taken a potentially better movie and well cut it to bits and replaced the parts in a way that was far less of the movie that could have been...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-13-2014 12:49 PM

As far as Prometheus 2 and the comments i think Ridley is trying to take the movie where he wants to go, as he said you cant leave where David and Shaw go, you have to follow.

Maybe because he feels that LV 223 and Deacon etc all leave clues to the Xeno and connection to LV 426, they do and did more so in some of the original scenes and concept work.

While the Deacon and Mural and how the Urns and Juggernaught and Engineers have connection with the Eggs, the Derelict and Space Jockey, while there are connections, its a little vague.

some wanted a more Spoon Fed Connection, Ridley and maybe Fox wanted to tone it down, and concentrate on other ideas....  Ridley said Prometheus was to be more about where do we come from, what is our purpose and where do we go when we die, as opposed to showing who the Space Jockey is and why he had Eggs on his ship.

While thats a good point and Ridley says Prometheus has endings that lead to two different things one leads to Alien the other is something new they want to explore..

This adds more confusion as some fans think ok so does the events of LV 223 and the Deacon lead to the Alien..... so the Deacon is what leads to the Derelict etc.. nope it does not, Ridley should have been clearer and he has off film, in that the Derelict had been there for thousands of years.

What he was pointing is that this LV 223 place and what they was doing on there had led to the event on LV 426 or that LV 426 had led to experiments on LV 223 that led to the fall of LV 223..

Thus in the movie LV 223 has a connection to the Xeno, but they are leaving it vague..

This still leaves us LV 223 and the Deacon, and while they are correct you have to go where Shaw and David are off too, but then they cant leave the Deacon and LV 223 unexplored..

Because well surely by time of Alien and Aliens etc etc ect, the company is in pursuit of the Xeno, yet there is a moon not far from LV 426 that has Bio Weapons, and Engineer Technology, how can the company bypass that unless its all destroyed by the time of Alien?

But yes Ridley was right in that its time to explore something new, and not redo the Xeno and Alien......

But then David is bringing Hell with him which means Cargo of some kind that has to be related to the experiments on LV 233, but who is to say other temples he must have taken the Juggernaught from have Xeno DNA in its Cargo...

Ridley has in his latter interview said the new monster will be a fresher Alien, a modern take on the Original that will be close to the 1979 one but unlike the others after including the Deacon...

Well if one movie leads to Alien and the other something new (Paradise) a Cargo of Goo that produces something close to the Giger Alien Original is actually going back to a Alien is it not?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-13-2014 5:55 PM

I can see what Ridleys point was about...

When they started to produce Prometheus he sugested the reason was the Space Jockey, and that no one after Alien had addressed the Space Jockey... Who was he? Why was he on that ship? and why that Cargo?

These was the basis for the movie and he also said the first drafts was a little bit to Alieny and more of a direct prequel when Ridley wanted to explore the Engineers more and Spaights draft had a fair share of Xeno-esque Organisms that kind of took the shine out of the Engineers.

So they went for a movie that was more about them.. the Engineers... great concept and plot...

I think a lot of fans was expecting that the movie would cover such things as to why the Space Jockey Race had the Xeno, and where the Xeno came from etc... some was even hopping for a movie that would show us a scene of the Space Jockey and what happened to him prior to landing on LV 426.

Ridley gave us a movie that gave us a few clues to the connection, we was left for sure knowing that the experiments they was carrying out on LV 223 certainly had some connection to the Xeno, and that the ships the Juggernaughts was connected to the Derelict and performed the same task and that was carriers of Bio Weapons.

But that was it, the movie left suptile clues, the Mural, the Frescos, the Chest Busted Engineer Cryo Sleep Pods and the genetic Xeno traits we saw in the movie, that concluded with Shaws Baby and the Engineer being Face Hugged by it to produce the Deacon at the end.

for Ridley that was the biggest connection to Alien, some fans mistook this has maybe waht leads to Alien, but Ridley was showin us this... Look these Engineers having been creating and experimenting on some horrific things and we see some outcome of these things with the Deacon at the end, and that some other experiments these Engineers carried out either led to or came from the Xeno.

But it was never spoon fed, and this had disapointed some fans....

Ridleys comments is well he dont care if those fans was disapointed that they never got a more Spelled out Spoon Fed Xeno connection..

And he wishes to go and branch the Franchise off steering away from Alien, the Xeno etc and concentrate on where these Engineers come from, and that they are not Gods, and who ever created the Engineers is also not God....

This seems to hint he has no interest in giving the fans a movie with Xenos or how the Xeno came to be, and maybe he wont even go and show us what becomes of LV 223 and the Deacon after 2094.. which leads to plenty of issues unless HE IS REBOOTING THE FRANCHISE?

So he also basically said he will not change his plans and give in and make a movie that gives what some fans wanted, and that he wants to go the route that he wanted.

Fingers crossed we see some more culture with the Engineers, even if its Flash Back scenes like the Sacrificial one.... I do fear that the reasons and any clues as to why the Engineers visited us and well how Ancient Mankind managed to draw them Star Maps may indeed be left also unanswered...

What seemed like a plot about how our Engineers are a Giant Race of Genetic Engineers who go around seeding and upgrading life on a variety of Worlds. And how they are who Ancient Mankind saw as Gods.... 

This now seems to be pushed back in favour of just a bunch of Mallicious Space Scientists who go around creating life and then destroying it for some Agenda, that hopefully we will get to understand....

I do feel and hope that Ridley can give us a few clues that can tie in the dots to Alien Xeno and by that just has to be more clues and we dont have to be shown Xenos at all.....  Shaw could ask David about the Engineers and the Temple and what he found out about them and their Agenda... David can make a few comments that would give us the clues.

i.e that LV 223 was used to create a number of Organisms that they would use as Bio Weapons of some sort, or that they had come across and experimented upon a Organism to create a host of Organisms or a Bio Weapon from them.

Or even if Shaw asks a Engineer one of them will vaguely answer that....

I doubt we would though as the movie was on purpose to allow us to try and guess from the clues what is going on, and thus many including myself have tried to fill in the gaps and i have narrowed it down, but this is just my interpretation and i could be SPOT ON.. VERY CLOSE... OR COMPLETELY OFF THE MARK..

Likewise many of us could be and the thing is we would never ever know how close our guesses are... which is why i feel a little few more vague clues could SHUT THE DOOR on the Xeno and Alien...

Because wether Ridley likes it or not, he will be asked over and over about when we will see the connection between the Engineers/LV 223 and Space Jockey and LV 426 and certainly how the Xeno fits in with that and the Goo....

If Ridley does not answer that even vaguely then the door is open for FOX to exploit and do a movie in the future when Ridley is long gone or too old, and this could be a Xeno Orgins movie that would go against any ideas Ridley had.

Ridley lost the way the Xeno evolved from after Alien etc, if it did so in a way that he would not have covered in a sequel.....

He has done his best to make sure no one can do the same with the Space Jockey and this is what he has been trying to cover in his way and by Space Jockey not the one on LV 426 as some fans wanted but who these Space Jockey Race is and their whole place in the Universe....

But all the Alien movies has never answered where the Xeno came from before those Eggs on the Derelict and this in even a suptile way is something Ridley can have full creative influence over...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember3 XPDec-17-2014 5:36 AM

I see the Guardian newspaper is saying that there is gonna be a few David androids. 

Maybe when they send a new team, it is an expendable group of David's. 

\\\" I Want To Go Where They Come From\\\"


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-17-2014 9:07 AM

Regarding my MESS comments...


Maybe thats a bit OTT but also i am not refering to the movie in general, i was saying that there is footage shot and alternatives scenes prior to editing i,e Green Orb, that would have led to a cut of the movie that would for those who try and look deep enough, give clues to patch the movie together and these scenes would have answered or given clues to a fair number of things including..

ENGINEER CULTURE.... i.e not to be portrayed as simply a Race who dont care for mankind and simply just dable in experiments replacing previous creation with their new ones for no reasons.

SACRIFICAL BOWL... instead of Green Orn, on the Alter in front of Mural of a Xeno-esque Organism in a Sacrifical pose that lead us down to this Organism being Sacrificed like the opening Scene to produce whats in the Urns and Hense the Xeno DNA in them.

ENGINEER LEAVING CRASHED SHIP... this shows the Engineers can survive on LV 223 without the need or a Attmosphere that we Humans and Life on Earth needs, which would then tie in w ith LV 223 Tera-forming and other clues to the purpose of the outpost.

ENGINEER BURN.... that disapears during the fight, could hint to a possible Acid Burn off the Trillobite and thus another DNA link to the Xeno....

There are many more, that would have allowed us more clues to peice together the Jigsaw.

But for a few scenes there was a reason for them being cut, and by cutting some scenes, others had to go as they would have contridicted the other scene.... the Engineer vs Shaw Scene of him running at her with Burnt Face, would meant all scenes after the crash and to that point would also had to been removed.. as they showed no Burn.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPDec-17-2014 9:21 AM

As to the Multiple Davids, yes this has been heard  of before their seems to be a few common themes comming from Part 2, however more than one David would logically sugest that they could show us scenes from Weyland Industries, maybe Flash Back memories of David?  Otherwise what other purpose apart from a mission to go back to LV 223, which is something i dont think they would want to explore.

The other alternative is if David can clone himself somehow with something he finds on Paradise!

Where we are going as far as Part 2 goes who knows, Ridleys last comments seems to show us that he basically wants to go where he chooses to take the movie, either that or the direction Fox wants to go is one that Ridley is vastly in favour of.

Ridley is very proud of his work, somewhat argogant but in life its Arogance and Self Confidence that leads to sucsess quite often.... and you also have to not take what others say too badly so as to mold you to something you are not.

Thats what Ridley is saying, he wishes to explore the Franchise in a different way and he and Fox came to a agrement on what they would do with Prometheus and if it was not a Engineers with Eggs and Face Hugers Fest some wanted he dont really care...

He and Fox felt they should go someplace else than concentrate on the Xeno connection, and they led us down this path of our Engineers being a Ancient Majestic Race of Genetic Engineers who created Mankind and all life maybe on Earth and elsewhere in the Galaxy, this Race has a purpose a culture and the Xeno was somewhat a small part of their History.

My main gripe is so many delted scenes showed that culture etc and purpose, and i understand they never wanted to give to much away and never wanted to meet God and thats why scenes was cut.

My worry now is our Engineers are simply now going to be portrayed as a creation by some other higher race or being, and that the Engineers are simply Servents and Tools for the greater Agenda of who ever is Top of the Hierarchy..

But it also seems in doing so they are distancing the explanation to how Mankind got the Star Maps and Ancient Astronaught theory...... this is the Gods and Crap he means.

Instead the Engineers are simply just like the Terminators was for a purpose by SKYNET, are Engineers could be just likewise and hense Ridley and Fox cut scenes that could have portrayed them as having some individuality and culture and are now simply Goons who have no care or love of Mankind but are following the Commands of a Higher Power.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember159 XPDec-17-2014 9:24 AM

BigDave, the other cut scenes that jump to mind immediately are where they find the worm for the first time and Milburn, being a biologist, is so excited and sees it as harmless, which explains in part why he acted like he did with the Hammerpede (larger worm in his mind) and where Janek both "consoles" Vickers after she killed Holloway and explains how he was in a similar situation regarding an outbreak at a complex, which shows how these 2 characters become a little more "close" and a possible reason leading to them having sex while showing that he knows what happened (to a degree) on LV-223 regarding the Engineers.


OvomorphMember0 XPDec-17-2014 12:33 PM

All scenes which director Ridley Scott, together with his long-time editor Pietro Scalia, exercising their artistic judgment, thought unnecessary to the film. For whatever reason. It's their prerrogative to excise them. They are the filmmakers, not the self-entitled orphans of the 1979 film. The fact that those scenes ended up in the Blu-ray was nothing more than a favor to buyers. Just like countless other home video releases featuring lods of unused footage. Absolutely normal.

During the amazingly long behind-the-scenes do***entary, they can both be seen working together in the editing room.

It aggravates me that some people think their mere existence is somehow evidence of abusive "studio interference", artistic "messiness or random "butchering". And even worse is the fact that someone else might actually believe such hysterical conjectures.

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