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MemberOvomorphDec-02-2014 1:13 AM

What do you think? A new Ripley series. Alien 5,6 and 7. Who would be Ripley? My choice, Scarlet Johanson.....

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MemberOvomorphDec-02-2014 3:24 PM

I think Scarlet Johanson could make a great Ellen Ripley; however, I grew up with Sigorney Weaver playing the roll so Scarlet does not seem right to me.

It would be very hard to replace Sigorney Weaver, she is an incredible actor. I am sure a lot of woman actors could pull this off...they just would not be able to duplicate what Sigorney Weaver has brought to the Alien movies through her unique attributes and style.


MemberOvomorphDec-05-2014 2:08 PM

Fuck no. Ressurection killed the chance of continuing that franchise. It was embarrassingly bad and horribly acted and it's mostly Sigourney's fault as she demanded creative influence and chose the director.


Prometheus started the new series already. We have a chance to do it better than last time, and Ridley will finally direct his first sequel.

Alien 5 will never happen (i pray)



MemberOvomorphDec-05-2014 2:10 PM






MemberOvomorphDec-06-2014 3:00 AM


I really do not want to believe that Sigourney Weaver had intended the movie to go where it did.

These things get so far into budget and the next thing you know you cannot start half way back to get the kind of movie you thought you wanted.

I would not say that everything in the movie was a complete loss of creative effort.

The scene with the Aliens behind the glass where the DNA doctor says “so we are a quick learner”, was very interesting. Had the entire movie been more like that its possible we could have had a much different movie…those connections to the thing at the end progressed decidedly unentertainingly that ruined suspension of disbelief.

I also liked the scene where Ripley pushed the knife through her hand; however, you are absolutely correct that the movie did terrible damage to the creative endeavors of Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett. The break though work achieved by Ridley Scott and the artistic depictions in Geiger’s work somehow formed the right culminations for the film Alien.

The sound track in Alien plays an important part in making the film a more important artistic piece of modern art.

Having stated all that Sigourney Weaver is not nor ever will be the director producer that Ridley Scott is and please do not hold her accountable for trying to live up to that kind of genius. Who could?

Actors can only say what directors instruct them to do. Alien is more about Scott’s dreams than anything or anyone else. Scott gets some interesting ideas from H.R. Geiger;  however, I suspect that Alien would have still been a success somehow with other artistic examples.

During the summer of this year I was trying to introduce some ideas that could be an interesting tie-in with the original film that was made by Scott and all the other creative artists.

I was thinking that yes there would be a fifth film and this is where the franchise would have a chance of being something interesting again.

I thought about the combination of an Alien getting back to earth in our near future from now. They take over the planet in a big way and leave a few thousand human left here trying to survive. They go out into more elaborate symbiotic landscaped that the aliens have taken created by devolving us for livestock and breading for them. I originally thought the free humans could be a lot how as director James Camron envisioned them in Aliens. Along with trying to survive in this overwhelmed earth would be this exploration into new and unseen structures that the aliens would be capable of building over a longer period of time. We are never limited in what can be created so much as how we might be limited to imagine such a new and frightening place. I find it difficult to believe that there could be a new envisioned form of Star Trek, yet director J.J. Abrams makes that look incredible. So let’s not be too sure that we do not want a fifth film. Bright ideas can be made with the right group of people.

I am interested in your explicit points about Sigourney Weaver and that film. You are right that the film lacks a thorough understanding of great artistic movie making.  The movie is wrong somehow for a lot of reasons.

I think maybe getting a fresh start though all the interesting development in Prometheus would be just fine as well.


MemberOvomorphDec-06-2014 7:31 AM

^Agree with Redant's commentary on ARes scene with the alien talking to the scientist behind the glass. I also liked the deleted subplot of Alien 3 where Golic believed the "dragon" was talking to him, and the scene where Ripley smashes its head, only to find a smashed pipe in its place. To me, that kind of hallucinatory-quasi-telepathic ability is the only characteristic that elevated Giger's xeno above a regular space bug or any kind of earthly carnivorous predator (so ironic that it was presented by the two worst movies in the series! LOL).

Actually, when I first saw the interview w/Giger talking about his ideas for the dog-alien, I realized that this was the problem with all of the sequels: they were so enamoured by its style that they neglected to think about its function! Yes, the basic form is good enough to horrify you, and the fact that it stalks and kills people is terrifying, but unless it also alienates you, it's not going to work.

To me, there's nothing alienating about an ant colony, or a beehive, or a dog knawing on a shoe. For the most part, the creatures in the sequels behaved in familiar ways. But people being slimed up, and having their arms and legs picked off and then turning into facehugger eggs is not okay lol! Making sounds through holes in your arms like a saxophone is also not okay! lol It's alien.

As to the op's question about Alien Isolation movie, I think it'd be awesome =) I haven't played the game yet, but I've seen some wallpapers/artwork and clips of the story on youtube. I like Amanda's character but I don't know who I'd like to see in that role. Sometimes she reminds me of Andrea Riseborough (from Oblivion), and sometimes she seems completely different, like maybe Antje Traue (Superman).

If we're talking fantasy movie casting from any decade, I would go back in time to the only actress I find believable as Sigourney's Ripley's daughter =)

Redant mentions Ellen Ripley, and I agree that Sigourney is so iconic in that role that it would be weird to see someone else continue the story as the original Ripley, especially someone who is so different from Weaver (as much as I love Johanssen!). But I do have sort of an odd suggestion: maybe Kiera Knightley? She's not one of my favorites (she's sort of annoying), but I thought she was good in "A Dangerous Method" and there's something really Sigourney-ish about her:

It's more convincing without makeup:

And she's not quite as tall as Sigourney, but she is athletic and can do an American accent.

Or they could just do Ridley did at the time and look for an unknown stage actress.

To fleshvessel - I wouldn't mind a reboot of the franchise! But under one condition: no remake of the original =) If it were up to me, I'd bring back David Fincher and refashion the plot of Alien 3 as the direct sequel to Alien (I liked the industrial/mechanical setting of 3. Unlike the 1st movie where you felt like it was invading your home, the setting of 3 gives the "you're in my world now" feeling). I'd use Giger's suggestions for the creature design/function/and behavior. I'd love for the derelict to be discussed among the prisoners as a crisis of faith, or reinterpreted by Ripley as something religious, like the original A3 script, or better yet, a little bit of both! If we were to reboot after Aliens, I'd make Alien 3 all about Newt after she grows up (I'd cast Saoirse Ronan or Uma Thurman =)


MemberDeaconDec-07-2014 2:46 PM

Nice Ideas...

But i am not to sure on the Reboot, sorry but i think things need to be accepted including Alien Resurection...  a reboot i feels ruins the series... i find the Star Trek Reboots even though they are to be considered alternative like the Dark Knight Batman series compared to the 1990's Batman Series... i just though Star Treks Sucked....

Im also not keen on the Terminators, because again well we get a change of Actor again playing John Connor where as Christian Bale did a good job....

But i do like the younger Sarah Connor and how they are going that route...

So in relevance to above while Kiera  may pass off as a younger Ripley or a Ripley after Alien i think Ripley should basically be left out, she ant as big as the Xeno and Ridley said the Xeno has had its day and so Ripley has also......

As far as exploring Ripleys daughter however then yes why not...

I was working on a draft for Prometheus Part 2 in which Shaw while in Cryo Sleep had dreams,  and after Her Fathers Death she was taken into Care by her Grandmother and her Nan was to be played by Sigourney .... there would been another young Girl in Dream who same age as Shaw who played Ripleys Mother. Ripleys Grandmother addopt Shaw in about 2070 ish, in a latter Scene at Sigourney (Shaws Grandmother) Funeral the other Girl was Pregnant, 8 months Shaw was in her 20s this scene set about 2090 and Shaw was saying about how their Grandmother (Sigourney) was in a better place now, the Girl asked Shaw wonder what Heaven is like, Shaw says by father said its like Paradise...

They then talk about the Baby and Shaw ask what you namming her, the Girl replies.. Ellen..

This was basically a way to add (Sigourney) in a cameo but also to hint that Shaw and Ripley are in some way related, Shaws Grandmother is Ripleys Great Grandmother...

This was a way to give Sigourney a cameo, and also hint at Birth of Ripley, but i felt that bringing or playing a Ripley at any other point if we are going to link any such movie with the Xeno is well something best left alone..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconDec-07-2014 2:54 PM

As far as any Alien 5, 6, and 7 or even Reboot no thanks it would only harm the done to death Xeno...

If such things would be done, they i would like it to be set way way after Alien, and like after Alien Resurection and the result of either finding some remains from LV 223, or better still the ship that David and Shaw are on long after their or shortly after their trip to Paradise (depend how long a return journey to Paradise takes).

And that this new Monster would be slightly different to the Xeno, yet keep some traits.

The only only way i would like to see another Alien Xeno movie would have to be...

1) A Alien Genesis Prequel i,e Alien Alpha and thus the Origins of the Xeno, how they would connect Humans with this who knows, but who is to rule out a colony of Humans far away that was taken from Earth years and years ago....

2) A movie that follows the events of Hadleys Hope, and like the Comics maybe a Ship Escaped and got someplace else that the Company tried get hands on the Xeno, but it went up in smoke and thus left no choice but to then send the Sulaco there in Aliens.

3)  A movie that goes to LV 223, but again after it said and done it all goes in smoke and the only Xeno related Organisms to be had was on LV 426 and thus Alien and the Nostramo.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconDec-07-2014 3:05 PM

Oh my Draft for Paradise also had Vickers in it.... and Lance Henriksen in it as Peter Weylands Younger Brother Micheal Weyland and there was a struggle between him and Vickers for control of the company with a twist......

And Micheals Son and his dealings with Yutani.... basically the seeds to Yutani Merger..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphDec-12-2014 4:25 AM

hey peoples.... Most of you have misunderstood my topic. This would be Amander Ripley and her crusade to find out what happened to her Mother after A1, as in the game Isolation. Not a reboot.....



MemberOvomorphJan-25-2015 4:30 AM

I see that no one seemed to understand this post. Alion Isolation, starring Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley, as in the game!

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