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Elder Engineer speak video

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OvomorphMember40 XPNov-05-2014 5:03 PM

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XenomorphMember1221 XPNov-05-2014 10:33 PM


great stuff !! where did you get this ??

has it been translated ??



PraetorianAdmin4329 XPNov-06-2014 7:31 AM

Is that from the Furious Gods docu? 


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-06-2014 12:50 PM

Here it is...


To me these shows that the Engineers intentions at this point was not hostile, not from that speach... but then Ridley did refer to these Elders as Angels and the ones on LV 223 as Dark Angels, or was that Spaights?

so to me that shows some change of heart or even rebelion on LV 223.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-06-2014 2:24 PM

Reading into that though, what can they hope we bring back to them?

As other post pondered what if there is more of a connection to Star Beasts ideas, in that their was a Race with Two Sexes that somehow could not procreate well and the Spores was used as part of their ritual reproduction.

If we sugest the Ancient Race who built the Temples in Star Beast are now our Engineers, then it could fit....

Why do they seed life with the Sacrifical Goo? Why do we not see Female Engineers?

Just because we dont does not mean they are not or was not, Ridley said that scene is not the only way they can create life, this does not mean they can procreate, it could be they could clone themselves like how the Scientists tried to with Ripley in Alien Resurection but for some reason that the Goo over time is a greater way to populate a whole World of different life...

But why the mention of us being a way back to them.... what benefit to them are we when we return?

Also we see the Engineer had a different look towards Shaw as opposed to the Male members of the Crew... could it be because of Shaws questions? or because she is Female?

We see the deleted Scene when he attacks Shaw he could killed her easy but he still seems fascinated by her. What if thats because she is FEMALE?

Is that why they started to Worship the Deacon/Xeno Life Cycle because at some point they accidentally came across and got infected with the Xeno or related Organism and they saw then one of their own, carry a offspring via the Emyro and then Give Birth via Chest Buster..

odd as it sounds but this is like some kind of Pregnancy for the Engineers and if they had lost that ability maybe this and the result is something to wonder and worship...

Which brings us back to the "way back to us"  Maybe they was hopping the result would bring about in their own Image Females they could then mate with, this would fit in with the Fallen Angels going after the Daughters of Man...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1221 XPNov-06-2014 10:53 PM


its that from spaights script ??


yes i would also like to know !!


OvomorphMember28 XPNov-07-2014 12:09 AM

"And may your soul become their way back to us'.

It conjures up a powerful message which goes beyond simple DNA seeding. It envokes ideas of a spiritual driving/guiding force encoded within our DNA not just evolution with factors like adaptation to the environment etc etc.


"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


OvomorphMember28 XPNov-07-2014 12:29 AM

Almost a spiritual test . The way a butterfly must struggle out of its cocoon. During the struggle it gains its ambition for life. Without the struggle it will become weak and simply perishes. This example goes for all animals on the planet. But for mankind the ultimate goal is something different .

The zarathushtra(zoroastrian) philosophy also springs to mind. The idea of the living truth, the meaning of life is to keep the truth alive. Perhaps that is another reason they put it in the movie.


"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


OvomorphMember40 XPNov-07-2014 4:36 PM

@Svanya and @oduodu I don't know, because I've seen this do***entary like a million times and I do not remember seeing this part. I'll have to check it carefully again.

Anyway here is this thread and video, where you will find some unused scenes which are not present on Bluray:

Prometheus: The Lesser Known Deleted and Alternate Scenes article

BTW! The flying spheres that seem to be coming from inside of the Prometheus and the scene of Weyland on Mars are fanmade, but the rest of the scenes appear to be genuine.


OvomorphMember40 XPNov-07-2014 6:46 PM

@pulserifle187 Well, considering that Noomi Rapace's character is a religious believer, perhaps Paradise will be an epic space opera movie with religious and philosophical themes as well as the recent Christopher Nolan's film "Interstellar". Now if Ridley Scott takes that route, then I prefer something more like "2001: A Space Odyssey."


OvomorphMember28 XPNov-08-2014 12:10 AM

God being a man that sits on a fluffy cloud judging everyone doesn't seem feasible. Mother nature and religion being held in two different categories also seems strange. But the idea of the engineer's soul playing a part in our evolution combines the two categories. 

"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-08-2014 9:13 AM

Well Ridley did propose big questions, like where do we go when we die, this would maybe sugest at having a soul because if we are organisms that do not have a soul then when we die we are just dust.

The Soul is also mentioned a number of times, one of those when Weyland said that David is like us in every way apart from he does not have a Soul.

Also that Engineer Elder Speaks Scene is again not complete, the actor who played the Sacrificial Engineer Daniel Twiss has a few words of dialog also.

"The crew had changed the scene
quite a bit since the casting so I didn’t know really what was happening. They also forgot to
send me my lines so I only received them the day before, but there were only a few words
in alien to learn so it wasn’t too bad"

He also commented on the purpose of the Scene..

"My character is that of a fairly young ‘Engineer’
who ritualistically sacrifices himself in the opening scene. This sacrifice is very different to
any others as I have to drink an ancient mix which causes my body to literally disintegrate
into the water around me. This then provides the first building blocks for new life to form
on the alien planet."

Which is basically how i saw it, but with vegetation on the Planet would indicate that basic life was already on the world and as we see through the movie the Goo basically attacks lifeforms DNA and Imprints the DNA the Goo contains to create a Hybrid.  So i think the Sacrificial Scene was showing the Engineers DNA fusing with Basic life to then start a chain reaction that kick starts Evolution of single celled life to complex life.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember62 XPNov-09-2014 10:07 PM

That was a cool little video. So nice to come across something new.


OvomorphMember1 XPNov-11-2014 12:06 AM

I wanna see the Elder Engineer have that ancient deep voice but either way its a good find and cool scene.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno

Patient Leech

FacehuggerMember158 XPNov-17-2014 6:43 PM

Whoa... big find.

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