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Suggestion: Alien Franchise Could Continue On After Ressurection-Zombiefied Xenomorph Enduring Parasitic Invasion Itself

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MemberOvomorphSep-24-2014 7:46 AM

Suggestion:Alien Franchise Could Continue On After Alien: Ressurection With Zombiefied Xenomorph Enduring Parasitic Invasion Itself


Haven't been on here in a while, hope this idea hasn't already been covered. After playing Aliens: Colonial Marines I thought it's possible that the Xenomorph could itself be parasitically invaded by some unknown viral organism/parasite/pandemic.

This will in no way weaken the Xenomorph or the perception of the Xenomorph but give it pause for thought and may go some ways in rebooting the Alien franchise past Alien Ressurection and beyond.

Seeing all of those petrifide Alien Xenomorph husks (petrifide as in petrifide forests, ossifide not petrifide as in scared... not yet anyway) and acid spitting Xeno-hybrids it would certainly be compleling for the Alien Xeno hives and mega-colonies to become seriously infected and their numbers to become seriously decimated. It would be able to draw upon the Alien vs Predator comics where just the Xenomoroph were becoming two distinctic colonies and colors: red and black. Alien: Genocide was the story arc and would be interesting source material to lift ideas and themes from.

Naturally, it would be compared to The Flood in the Halo game series as-well-as The Thing films. Halo itself has borrowed from the Alien franchise over the years and to some extent The Thing films too. It has largely been stated that the Alien Xeno is not scary anymore but to suddenly see it coming at you relentlessly like the undead in World War Z or the Night Seekers in I Am Legend and begin attacking the uninfected Xenomorphs as-well-as any Humans that get in their way. Perhaps it could start as the Xeno infection is only fast becoming deadly to uninfected Xeno colonies spread throughout the galaxy (the Ebola for Aliens if you will) but then it crosses over into the Human gene pool and perhaps end-up looking like the deleted scene of zombiefied Fifield in Prometheus attacking the remaining ininfected crew. The theatrical version of Fifield could also be what Human/Xeno zombiefication could look like and somehow essence of the Black Goop could be responsible nearly a whole century later in the Alien universe and could rear its ugly head again at some point.

The Borg are zombies when you think about it and in some ways are the walking dead/infected too by Borg Nanoprobes. Species 8472 are a relentless biological lifeform whos phisiology make them a being to be recond with. Here's another thought: Xenos themselves being possibly facehugged by parasitically infected eggs/facehuggers. Two rival colonies/Xeno races veing for supremacy. Throw Weland-Yutani into the mix and have a band of Humans for whatever justifiable/logical reason caught-up between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea would feel like the clostraphobia of Alien/Aliens crossed with the global armageddon of World War Z's spreading infection.

Adding to that the whole prequelization of the Prometheus franchise and the good nub of a continuing franchise post Alien Ressurection still with bionic/Alien Ripley clone, now much older becoming a female Arnie Terminator and in some ways cold and calculating like Ash. That would both be ironic and compelling to watch, that it is the much older Ripley character that may-or-may-not be manipulating proceedings to suit herself out of some Alien Xenomorph alligence and loyalty. Being underhand to the Humans while shifting loyalties back and forth between Xenos and people.

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MemberDeaconSep-24-2014 4:45 PM

Interesting comments..

We maybe cant quite use the AVP movies, the Comics or even Games as Canon as such...

Even if we use Alien/Alien DC, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurection and now Prometheus as Canon only... we have options.

We know before Prometheus the events of how they got hold of the Xeno from Alien =>Aliens=>Alien 3=> Alien Resurection..

By that LV 426 had a crashed ship of Eggs that leads to Face Huger, Aliens a Human Colony is set up on Hadleys Hope, and Newts parents venture off onboard the Derelict and bring aboard a Face Huger.. maybe the Xeno spread from this, or maybe some at the outpost went to the Derelict to collect specimens of get infected themselves. 

This outpost is destroyed, i think the colonal Marines Game is trying to say that the Blast did not Destroy the Derelict.... (WHY DID THE COMPANY PERSUE RIPLEY IN ALIEN 3 THEN) when they had a Derelict, thus we have to consider in movie Canon the Derelict is as good as Toast... LV 426 = NO XENOS

We then see that in Alien Resurection the company had advanced so far that they could clone Ripley from her DNA and from this also optain Xenos... Bit far fetched and flawed and why i dont like AR.

But after this movie again Xeno = Dead...

But if we go <= before Alien, to Prometheus here we learn the Xeno is connected to something they was doing on LV 223, it does not mean they come from there, they could or a relation to the Xeno could have been taken there for experiments... or maybe created on LV 223.

Either way lets look at some FACTS...

Either 1) the Xeno was created from scratch on LV 223 or was a result of something they created on LV 223... well we have at the End of Prometheus, what looks like more Temples there are many more Ships as David says, that dont mean just one they took off in.. More Ships = Potential for more Urns or other Bio Weapons.

We never got to explore the whole Temple on LV 223, what was behind the other Doors..? So yes if the Xeno is related to the Goo, or there is something on LV 223 that leads to the Xeno.. then LV 223 at the time of after Promethues is a source of Xeno DNA to be harvested.

2) The Xeno came from some place else, and was taken to LV 223, again this does not have to mean the Engineers homeworld is where the Xeno is from, it could be as with the Star Beast Script that Alien was based off, the Giant Race found dead on the Derelict came across this Organism and was taking it back to their ship to Study.. so the Xeno or its Origins could have come from some other place that has nothing to do with what the Engineers had created etc... Again this leaves a source of Xeno DNA out there in the Galaxy to be Harvested.

So the potential for the Xeno to be dead is well not so, and besides even if the Xeno comes from Paradise or LV 223 and they are destroyed by the time of Aliens...

Look at how the Eggs got on board the Sulaco for Alien 3, did the Queen lay them, dont be saft unless it could lay something without the Egg laying Sack that was attached to her, did the Queen sneak any on... nope.. could some Xenos had sneaked on board the Sulaco? Maybe but i think Bishop would have known about this... 

Unless he all along had a undercover mission?

Or the company had someone else on board that the rest of the crew including Bishop did not know about...

Another Mystrey is well even if the Queen laid a Egg it had to be on the Transport, how did this Egg Hatch if well there was no motion to trigger it... and Bishop was not in any state to do that.

What i am saying is they could always have some other way to bring the Xeno back, via a Egg maybe some in the company find some, maybe some one escaped USM Auriga with a sample?  Stranger things have happened... like for instance how the Egg/s got onto the Sulaco and how was they triggered off?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-24-2014 4:51 PM

Also the Borg Analogy is interesting because its one i have used with the Engineers, the Borg go around assimilating  Races and their Technology to improve there own.

We see our Engineers are advanced and thus experts in Genetics, maybe the Evolved themselves to t he state of where they can not mate, or maybe the never could but either way the Goo was what they used to seed Worlds.

These Engineers played their hands in creating life, and experimenting with a whole manner of life forms...

Where did they get their Bio-Tech from because the Ship at the Start lacked that look and our Engineers and Elders in that Scene wore Robes and Lion Clothes... no Space Jockey Suits etc...

Could these Engineers create and evolve life because they always trying to create new kinds of life for some purpose...

Could they like the Borg, borrow from and steal technology or assimilate it to futher Evolve their own Race and Technology... did they discover a Organism or something else they borrowed or re-engineered to give them their Bio-Tech like the Borgs go around assimilating what they find useful to evolve or improve their technology and could doing this had also lead to the Xeno, or was the Xeno where they engineered their Bio Tech from.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphSep-28-2014 2:20 PM

Hey BigDave, I always wondered where the egg aboard the Suaco in Alien 3 got there ro hatch out. It does seem abiguous at best to know just how it actually got there...


MemberDeaconSep-28-2014 6:03 PM

Need to ask these few Questions...


1) Could the Queen had taken a Egg on board? No not by the size of them.


2) What about lay one in the Cargo Hold of the Drop Ship, maybe but then we have to ask why did the Queen need that big Egg Sack thing attached to her back to lay the Eggs? Logically these seems to me that Eggs are produced and grown in this sac and once they grown to the right size they are then pushed down and laid, maybe bit like how our digestive system works i.e when food leaves Stomach and well through the Intestines etc?


Maybe without this the Queen could lay a small Egg or something that will grow into Eggs after time?


3) Could Bishop had taken a Egg on Board? Maybe he could have done, its not the first time a Android has lied or misled his fellow crew. But its when and how did he come across a Egg, as we can assume the only Eggs in Hadleys Hope was well in the cooling reactor area where the Queen was laying them?


4) Could there had been a unseen hidden member of the crew, who managed to get some Eggs, if so this has to be a Android as well how can a Human had not only remained hidden but somehow in the time the crew was at Hadleys Hope Outpost, how did they manage to get down and obtain a Egg? Unless they got one from the Derelict itself?


If we assume some how these Eggs got aboard which they did.. how are they triggered?


Once the Eggs was on board Bishop was in no state to carry them or even activate them to open and release Face Hugers not after the Queen ripped him into half?


The only logical answer is thus...


There must have been someone else and maybe a Android on the Sulaco hidden that somehow obtained a Egg from LV 426 but how did they do this?


Surely Cpl. Ferro (Drop Ship Pilot) would have known about a Drop Ship Going down, so maybe it would only have happened after the first Drop Ship was destroyed.


The Question is how and when?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphOct-05-2014 3:54 PM

What about this BigDave, the Alien Xenomorph that appeared behind Ferro before attacking her, could that drone have brought aboard an Alien egg incapacitated Spunkmier first then Ferro for the Facehugger pocess to begin?


MemberFacehuggerOct-05-2014 4:24 PM

The Alien that killed Spunkmeyer and Ferro was killed in the crash.  It couldn't have put the egg onboard the Sulaco or 2nd dropship anyhow. 


MemberOvomorphOct-06-2014 1:51 PM
Yes Xeno-Alpha_07, you are right. Sorry, I meant a drop ship could have HD an Alien egg brought aboard by Xeno not that particular drop ship. I just got them switched around!


MemberOvomorphOct-06-2014 1:53 PM

But I guess if that is so how did an Alien get aboard THAT drop ship then!? And with a potential egg in tow?.


MemberFacehuggerOct-06-2014 2:13 PM

Logic would suggest the Queen.  If your refering to the second dropship in that last post.


MemberDeaconOct-06-2014 4:20 PM

Again there is a lot of things we cant be sure off, the Queen needed that sack to lay the Eggs..

So only 3 Logical Explanations are left..

1) That somehow Bishop was working for the Agenda of the company, and he somehow got a Egg on board,  but then when could he had done that and more than one Face Huger would have had to had been on board, one for Ripley and one for the Dog which means Two Eggs..... the only place really to had gotten those Eggs without being detected would have been from the Derelict... after Spunkmeyer and Ferro crashed the Drop Ship...

I cant see how this would left enough time.

2) There was another Android onboard the U.S.S. Sulaco who obtained the eggs from the Derelict. But again how did the crew not notice, and surely Bishop would have known?

3) Which leaves well the Queen, but how.... we can only assume that the Queen Lays tiny Eggs well small, that grow over time and the sack was merely a way to store the Eggs until they grew large enough to be laid.

Thats the only explanation for that, as well how could the Queen pop out a normal size Egg?  And if it did not need the Sack to lay them then why have one?

Again in truth it was just the writers not using their heads and comming up with a idea that well they should have tried to had first gave some thought about as far as continuity from Aliens.

Then the same is true with many aspects after Aliens... like why was the Brett Egg Morph so large compared to the Eggs?  A Idea i had was well thats how a Queen is produced...

But that would not fit in with what we see in Alien 3 and the AVP series as far as how a Queen is born....

Maybe the Egg Morph would have let to a whole different beast had Ripley not torched it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconOct-06-2014 4:31 PM

As far as how to continue?

If we are going as Canon and not alternative timelines... well look at the dead ends after Aliens and how Alien 3 adressed it via the Eggs on the uss Sulaco and then as covered in another post.. How did they get on board... to the obtaining of Ripleys DNA

Nothing stopping the Xeno getting resurected... even if we consider their is nowt on LV 426 to be had and no more Ripley DNA....  Well only logically one could be that from Ripley 8  they could create a Xeno...? If they could get from her DNA the Xeno and Ripley 8 then why not once again get something from her?

But there are many other ways...

For starters we dont know where the Xeno Eggs come from... the Derelict Crashed on LV 426, the Eggs did not come from there... unless all the Eggs was onboad the Derelict.

If it came from LV 223 or via some experiment and event on LV 223 well there is Xeno Orgins and DNA to be exploited there and we do not know what becomes of LV 223, unless it its destroyed by Aliens or Alien 3 but then if any mission went there then the ships and any cargo or DNA they had taken from LV 223 would also have to be destroyed to allow for in AR that Ripleys DNA was only way to the Xeno... this does not mean that some specimen of DNA or Organism from LV 223 or a event there is in some Weyland Facility some place to be exploited..


But i would like them to instead show us something a bit different, if Prometheus part 2 and 3 or what ever does not show us much Xeno DNA.... then maybe just as some how in Alien 3 and AR they managed to have some event that led to a Xeno in those movies after what appeared to be no way for them to proceed from the previous movies.

I want them to show us something similar but different that is obtained from something related to LV 223 but set in a time line after the events of Alien Resurection and maybe after seeing a new beast, we could after they finished playing with that, show us something from those events that leads  us to something very close to the Xeno be that a Egg, or Face Huger.... as a Easter Egg and a Full Circle..

By Full Circle i mean maybe like the ending of LUCY.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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