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Prometheus with deleted scenes

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The First Child

OvomorphMember15 XPJun-13-2014 1:43 PM

Hello everyone,

i wanted to ask, do you think prometheus would have been a way better film if they included the deleted scenes and fixed the issue of Fifield, the navigator/geologist not getting lost? 

Please let me know what you think.

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OvomorphMember1 XPJun-13-2014 2:34 PM

Good question because I myself wanted to know if they would show Fifield getting sick and "turning" into a mutant. I think the reason how they got lost is because they left too early without a map or remembering their steps back to the entrance. Not only that their signatures on the holographic map was glitching in and out. So I think Janek could have tried to navigate them out of the pyramid but he was buzzed and the glitch made them disappear in odd intervals. It would be like telling a teleporter as he is appearing and disappearing directions IMO.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


XenomorphMember1221 XPJun-13-2014 2:43 PM

Yes it would 

I wonder if
We have seen
All the deleted
Alternate scenes
That they may
Have shot.

I have a 
Strange feeling
There is more
And perhaps
One day they 
Will do like
They did 
And re eidt 
The movie..


OvomorphMember1 XPJun-13-2014 7:42 PM 


look for AGENT9's Prometheus Edit. He worked in all of the deleted scenes, colour matched them, reworked the score, as well as remove ropes, etc from the deleted scenes (ie: Shaw vs Engineer)


if you haven't watched this yet- YOU MUST!! Sorry for yelling, but seriously, it has quickly become my Definitive Cut. Simply put, it's the Director's Cut you never got. 


(And yes, the alternate Fifield attack is included, complete with reworked effects and audio.) 





OvomorphMember23 XPJun-13-2014 7:48 PM

Somewhat better, but not way better. Deleted scene of Milburn collecting the small creature in the pyramid corrodor helps explain his later confidence in petting the snake. Also extended scene between Vickers and Weyland explains why she nuzzles his grizzled hand. Theres more, but these scenes are only a partial fix. 

Ridley needed a 2.5 or 3 hour movie to properly tell his story. They had to cut so much out to keep it to the 2 hour limit imposed by Fox. What a shame. How come Peter Jackson gets to make 3 hour movies, but Ridley Scott is forced to cut his work to 2 hours? 


OvomorphMember81 XPJun-13-2014 11:41 PM

As well as adding in the deleted scenes some major editting out would help. Silly dialogue, helmet removal, contagion protocals, plot holes etc. I much prefer the original Script.....


Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-14-2014 1:05 AM

THE FIRST CHILD - I happen to think that the film would have been more cohesive were it to have originally included the deleted scenes. That being said, the film is quite interesting and thrilling to watch! I doubt I've squirmed, marveled and held my breath more during any other film in the last decade! I ruined my favorite purse watching Prometheus for the first time by jumping and spilling a a Sprite in it! :)


DeaconMember10333 XPJun-14-2014 11:41 AM

Well i have said this before their is a better cut of the movie, but one that well could explain some things but make others well even more odd and not add up....

one Example.....

"Deleted scene of Milburn collecting the small creature in the pyramid corrodor helps explain his later confidence in petting the snake"

Yes agree.... but these organisms did not quite look the same as the worms that got into the Goo, maybe they could be a latter stage development of the organism and the smaller worms in the Ampule room are just invant stage......  But the tricky part would be to explain how these Worms he first found that look more like a Eal than the Worms latter in the movie and indeed the earlier ones found from delted scene looked more like the Hammerpede to a degree.

But yes while we could make a better cut there would still be some of the problems unanswered  that would give better reasons to explain some scenes...

For example if Fifield had a tracker device for the Mapping Pups on him that when he saw a Engineer dead body he freaked out and ran and ended up smashing his Map or it fell down some vent, and have him say "****, thats great ****ing great" and Milburn to say "what we gonna do now"  Fifield could say we just have to rely on the ship for Directions or Milburn say that but then Fifield could say, hey i have Mapped hundreds of cave systems i know what way we came in just follow me....

This would show they had a Map, it got lost or damaged, and Fifields arogance would have him to show that he thinks he can still find his way out on his own..


The Helmet Scene, well we can excuse Holloway, maybe Shaw and defo Fifield... but would fitted better for Ford and rest to not do so, and maybe carry out futher scans and have David report no Airborne contaminants detected...

But i suppose when Ford said the atmosphere was cleaning than Earths that scene was supposed to explain why they would take it off and not as much a big a deal really.



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

The First Child

OvomorphMember15 XPJun-14-2014 2:53 PM

FleshVessel- How do you purchase this film? 


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-15-2014 1:12 AM

I have seen many deleted scenes, except for Vickers' extended conversation with her dear old dad, and they should never have been cut out. Many movies I rent from Netflix run well over 2 hours, as this one should have.

After watching Pro. 1, I was left shaking my head, especially regarding what David said to the engineer after awakening him. C'mon, that could have been shared with us, the viewers!  Too many gaping holes in this movie, whether Pro. 2 was planned or not.

Mr. Ridley Scott, making us wait 3 years for any answers about Pro. 1, if any questions will be answered in Pro. 2, is just not the right thing to do. After all, we are your fans. Help us out here.

We are trying to fill in all the massive black holes you left in Prometheus, and with all due respect, that is your job! Not ours. 


OvomorphMember1 XPJun-15-2014 1:19 AM


get "Jdownloader" and head on over to


scroll down the list, as it is not in perfect order, until you see "Prometheus-Agent9 Edit"


There are options for HD OR SD OR EVEN 3D. (It is perfectly legal to download and watch fan edits as long as you own the original film.)


Anyway, once you have Jdownloader, it works just like a torrent file.


Enjoy!! It's by far my version of choice!!



Space Screamer

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-16-2014 12:36 PM

When I finally got a Blu-Ray copy of the film and saw the deleted scenes for the Fifield & Milburn sub-plot, I was a little bit saddened. They really do go a long way to explaining the motivation and subsequent actions of those characters, esepecially given the cir***stances they were in.

A lot of critics (and crticial people) slammed the lack of character development at the time of the film's release. I distinclty remember people saying that the scientists acted less like scientists and more like 1-demensional filler characters. The inclusion of the scenes that were cut would have helped to make comments like that seem less valid. 


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-16-2014 9:19 PM

I just watched the Agent 9 edit of the film, and although I liked the inclusion of deleted and alternate scenes, he cut out a lot of dialogue that I thought added to the characters, especially Milburn and Fifield. I get that his goal was to make the characters less "stupid," but he also made a lot of them more wooden in the process, save for the deleted scenes. He did a good job at giving it a more Alien vibe, although the music was often distracting. It was cool how cutting out the Scotland scene made Shaw a less obvious main character at first, just like Ripley in the original. All in all, I liked the idea of it, but won't be watching it instead of the original.


OvomorphMember12 XPJun-19-2014 1:24 PM

I can't watch any of those fan edits =( The first time I tried downloading jdownloader, I scanned it w/webroot and it removed 2 threats. I unzipped the rar files, but when I try to use the links through jdownloader, nothing happens.


The second time I downloaded jdownloader, it was on another machine that didn't have webroot, but I looked it up and it said the one from was clean, so I thought I'd try it again. While installing, I unchecked the adware stuff that is optional, so that my browsers wouldn't get all effed up with adware. Anyway, after I installed it, I went to the control panel just to see if anything else had downloaded along with it, an sure enough, I saw something called GreenerWeb.


Looked it up. It's malware =( really bad malware that could infect our server too, so then it was a whole fiasco of running to the garage to scan the server, and then running back to the other machine to try and manually get rid of all the bad registry keys.

I don't even want to try that other cryptload thing - sounds even scarier lol. I wish there was something safer to use but I don't know what =(


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-20-2014 7:41 AM

Deleted scenes, would have been wonderful. My filler, here goes:


If the Engineers wanted all human kind dead, they would have done so way before this starship was discovered. After all, Shaw with that decapitated head from one of the engineers did carbon-date it back to 2000 years.

 And if you notice, the final Engineer is dressed in very apparent "Zenomorph" looking garb, from neck to wrist to ankle. When this "Engineer" woke after his stasis and then came after Shaw in the life pod at the end of the movie, he is wearing NO Helmut and NO shoes.  Why is that Engineer not gasping for Oxygen?  Why is he wearing NO shoes?  Watch while he is attacked by the super face hugger...he tries to get a grip against the wall, with his obvious bare foot!!

And after the newborn xeno bursts its way out of that Engineer's dead body, notice the color of the blood...a yucky black-goo looking color. For both. 

NONE of he other Alien movies ever shows this type of colored-blood.



The First Child

OvomorphMember15 XPJun-22-2014 1:23 AM

ElectricAve- I also found myself suffering from similiar problems while tying to download it. I wonder if you tube would allow someone to put a fan edit of Prometheus on their channel. Also does this version of the film contain the extended engineer scene (with proper audio)?


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-25-2014 10:18 AM

I can't believe there are still haters nitpicking the helmet removal scene, which was written and shot to be perfectly justified in the universe of the film. All of a sudden, even internet geeks become experts in infectology and deep space science. What a belly laugh.

However, the scenes that lead up to the much-derided Hammerpede "petting" should've been left in the final cut.


Jeremy Proces

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-26-2014 10:01 AM

"ElectricAve- I also found myself suffering from similiar problems while tying to download it. I wonder if you tube would allow someone to put a fan edit of Prometheus on their channel. Also does this version of the film contain the extended engineer scene (with proper audio)?"

HD trailer movie of Prometheus

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