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Purpose for Prometheus (Questions from Alien).

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DeaconMember10358 XPMar-17-2014 11:56 AM

I will now attempt to address the basis for a Prequel to Alien...

What is left not answered in the Alien Franchise but more so Alien...?


1) Who was the Space Jockey, what race and where did he come from?

We are shown that the Space Jockey is connected to the Engineers in Prometheus they may be the same Race, they may be a race created by the Engineers, or that created the Engineers or they was both created by some other race.  And chances are the Space Jockey is thus also Humanoid or even the same Race as the Engineers.

And that some part of this connection the Engineers had a hand in created Mankind, and then Genetically upgrading us and visiting us over the years.

2) What was the purpose of the Derelict Ship?

We are shown that the ship is similar and connected to the one in Prometheus and thats its purpose was to carry a Bio Weapon. It is a Cargo Ship that carry and transport Bio Weapons.  Maybe for use as a Weapon and maybe sometimes to be carried to certain places for testing and re-engineering.

3) Why was it carrying Eggs and where did the Xeno come from?

Prometheus shows us some connections as above that there is a connection between the Urns and the Eggs, and that they are intended as Bio Weapons. The Derelict was carrying a Bio Weapon Cargo but with some hinted given off film.  We can not for sure tell if the Ship had Eggs on it, or if it had something else on it that evolved to Eggs. Or even if that was Urns. And we cant rule out that something had evolved and infected the Pilot and then we got the Eggs. 

Prometheus has not addressed this and maybe even added more Ambiguity compared to the idea before that a Bio Weapon Egg Cargo was being transported to some unknown destination, was that to use as Weapon? Was they be stored somewhere, or even carried to be experimented on or re-engineered? We just cant be sure.

Prometheus gives us some connection between the Urns on LV 223 and the Eggs in Alien but as far as which comes first and was the Xeno a creation  of this process on LV 223, or created somewhere else or even a experiment created on some other Organism that produced the Xeno is not known.

4) What happened to the Derelict and Space Jockey?

This is something that we have the answers in Alien all ready, but Ridleys comments as of Prometheus now do not make it clear that the Eggs was on the Ship at the point it had taken off.  But he had before explained what happened and that is this ship was Carrying a Bio Weapon and it had left some destination to go to some other undisclosed destination but did not get far as the Pilot had somehow got infected with the Cargo and he then had to lay down the closest course to Quarantine the Cargo on the nearest Baron Moon/Planet and then set off a SOS to warn his Race that the Cargo had become compromised.

How this happened, well if the ship had Eggs then what happened to Kane gives us all the clues we need and most likely at one point the Space Jockey had left his chair to investigate the Cargo Hold or near the Cargo hold and got infected by one of the Cargo.

5) Where did Weyland Yutani come from?

Prometheus shows us that Weyland corp/Industries was created by Pioneer Peter Weyland.  A inventor a Scientific Genius who had created lots of Technology and Medical Advances for mainly the improvement of Tech to be used in Medicine and Exploration and Terraforming of new Worlds. 

While Prometheus does not show us, the Weyland Viral sites etc show us Yutani is a rival company who seem to more specify in Military Tech, but they both have in common is the creation of Artificial Life Forms, Androids in which there was a conflict over a patent in the design of David Model, which most likely is to do with some Technology that makes the David model unique and holds some advantage over the design of the Weyland Androids and how this Patent gives them a advantage in the Market for Artificial Companions/Workers and most likely to do with the lifelike technology that goes into the David models and onwards.

The movie franchise so far does not show us how the company came to Merge but its safe to assume that the CEO and his Number 2 are both dead, and the company would now have a void as far as Power Struggle over who takes over and countless Trillions the mission has cost and could cost.

6) How did the company know about the Derelict Signal and Specimen (Alien DC)?

The Weyland Viral sites seems to show that the company had detected a Alien signal from the Zeta 2 Reticuli System.  And it would appear that as Dr Holloway and Shaw had found clues left by many Ancient Cultures to the same System.  Its logical that the Prometheus mission was sent out to that System but first for some reason had more interest in the Moon LV 223.

We can not be sure how close LV 223 and LV 426 are, and indeed there is a chance that maybe David 8 could have intercepted the Signal from LV 426 but first the mission was to check out LV 223 as maybe the Star Maps pointed more to this specific location.

After the events of Prometheus Shaw set off a SOS, and chances are the company may have at some point found this SOS as well and may even have had information passed onto it from David during the exploration of LV 223.

The Weyland Files have a file on the Urns/Black Goo, if this is taken as Canon then that means either David 8 managed to pass on his findings of the Urns onto the company, or that maybe the company gets this info after the events of Prometheus. But it would make little sense but we can  not rule out that the company knew about this stuff before Prometheus... ie it was not the first ship to be on LV 223.  But i would have to say maybe we throw out the Weyland Goo File.

The events of Prometheus, whats left on LV 223, the Shaws and Space Jockeys SOS and what ever David had sent back to the company during his mission and what happens between Prometheus and Alien timeline as far as Weyland and Yutani and LV 223 would give some indication as to why the company (As Ash says in Alien DC) knew something about the Bio Weapon.


So there you have it my interpretation of the main purpose for doing a Alien Prequel and what Prometheus and the Related Viral sites have given us about those questions.

Off course its raised just as many new questions as what it attempted to answer.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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OvomorphMember0 XPMar-24-2014 12:26 AM

Yah, the urns could be stolen tech or fire if you will, the markings on them look nothing like the cuneiform text found elsewhere in the temple. 

As for the xeno looking creature in the fresco, the fact that the egg is peeled suggests it isn't a xeno but something similar to what Fifield was turning into.



DeaconMember10358 XPMar-24-2014 7:08 AM

Yes the markings on the Urns are different...

Now i dont want to end up causing a stir or imply what i am about to show but it could be purely coinsidence.... someone did also have a list of characters from the Predator Language and some of the markings match some on the Urns, some are similar but different.... this could be a red herring but we just never know, and Dark Horse had hinted that the comics they are working on they had worked with Fox and Prometheus and it seems they could be tieing the Engineers into the AVP comic.... that is not to say that as Canon they would be added to the Prometheus/Alien Franchise..... i doubt that... if done well though it could work but there is more chance it could go pear shapped so i put it down to being purely coinsidense...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPMar-24-2014 7:24 AM

As far as the Frescos again i think they need a Topic just to themselves...

This creature we have to assume that its more likely the same one that is carrying the Egg, why and why is the Egg opening?  Well we have to assume that most likely this creature is neither eating from the Egg or the Egg is about to infect the Creature, it must be some way to show the Creature and Egg are connected. 

My view is that this Creature is either carrying the Egg to a place where it would be positioned next to a Sacrifical Host... Or this creature is offering the Egg as a Sacrificial.

There has to be a connection.

The Creature in the Fresco is hard to work out as its not detailed enough as far as the head but it for certain is different to the Xeno Head and Deacon...  Could it be the missing link?  Is this the Organism that the Xeno and Goo comes from?  or is it a result of the experiments on the Goo and Xeno?

This creature could be what happens when infected by the Goo on a Engineer like Fifield (especially if we look at the alternative concepts).   And a Deacon is what comes from a Engineer that is Face Hugged.

We just cant be sure where the Face Huger and Egg fits in, it has to be connected but in what order.. well we cant be sure...

The 2nd concept Face Huger design by Giger is the same or very similar to what we see on the Mural in Prometheus and these Face Hugers have a head that is kind of Bird Like, pretty much what the creature in the Fresco looks like.

The thing is then the connection to Engineer....

1) This looks like the Adam and God Fresco, in which case The Engineer is God and creature is Adam, thus Engineers creation.

2) The Fresco could show what is created from a infected Engineer.

3) The Fresco Engineer suit does not quite look like the LV 223 ones, and some comment on a marking near the stomach... could this be a sign of the fate of Prometheus having his kidneys eaten over and over by a Eagle (Bird)?

4) The Creature is in a fetal pose of something thats born, but it could also be in a submissive pose and so reflects it is subservent to the Engineer or a Pet.

5) Then again the Engineer could be shown trying to push  this creature at bay and not be petting it or controlling it by pushing it down...

The Fresco is well very ambigious and wonderful.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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