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OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-09-2014 2:02 AM

Has anyone read this fabulous book? For nigh on 40 years one of the authors has gone to great and meticulous lengths to prove that gigantic structural and artistic anomalies exist on the surfaces of both the Moon and Mars. The thought is absolutely mind-blowing and I am a passionate believer.

I'm willing to bet a tiny sliver of some of the theories in this book is behind some of the plot for Prometheus, if only in the realm of secret space missons as it may be fair to suggest the mission in the film is in all likelihood a secret one funded by an 'elite' group.

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OvomorphMember5 XPFeb-09-2014 5:55 AM

R U serious you really think that there are stuctures on the moon and the surface of mars that are there because of aliens.

Ok the moon has never had an oxyegen environment! It's surface is a littered array of craters over billions of years and the moon was once part of the earth. I am sure you did not even know that. 

Mars most definately had water flowing on its surface at one time. I have no doubt we will find a layer of fosils, fish, reptiles even.

Please before you make posts like this do not base what you have read on some wishfull thinking without any real science or physical cosmology applied to it. We may find bacteria at the polar caps of mars and there may even be flowing pools of water at the polar caps with something in them.

I will tell you this, the same technology that we use to scan the surface of our planet for deep oil deposits from satellite we did use on mars. What they found is classifed as you can imagine. We want whatever is there first. We paid for the mission and the technology so it is ours. It is most likely that the martian atmosphere went into space because of its low gravity before anything could crawl and walk on two legs on its surface. Mars has much more intense sand storms than on Earth and believe me anything that has been exposed for two billion years, even mountains that are larger than here on earth, would be completely gone. 


FacehuggerMember357 XPFeb-09-2014 7:14 AM

I have just one itsy bitsy question to ask. Given todays stealth technology, would it be possible to put a structure on the moon and no one would even know it was there ?

I'm not sure what peoples views on what an alien or a Martian are, but I would recommend taking a look at Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-09-2014 2:14 PM

Well we really do not know for sure what is out there on other Worlds..

The moon has ice and it may have much more on its Dark Side that we never see, you could have the most powerful telescope and see the Moons Surface as clear as looking at a Window 100 Feet away.... But you will never see what is on the Dark Side.

The OP was only talking about a possible connection to Prometheus borrowing some ideas from this work of fiction.... i mean Prometheus is also borrowing from things such as the Ancient Astronaught theory in that all these Encounters of Godlike beings recorded as Gods are actually Aliens who visited Earth and Engineered us...

Is this FACT... nope!

But i cannot be 100% ruled out, and indeed if there are bases on the Moon then i think the Governments could keep them secret if they wanted to.

As far as Mars goes, it does appear the planet shows signs of erosion etc, that could indicate signs that there may had been Water there at one time, like the Grand Canyon must have had Water at one point.

But this is something we would confirm i feel in the next 25 years, for now even if they found stuff on Mars, that does not mean the Governments would tell us or show us everything at first.

There are many other places in our solar system that would be more suitable to some kinds of life than Mars, but thats not to say that Mars is baron and indeed it could have been much much different place over a Billion years ago or at least many hundreds of Millions of years ago.

But the only way to find out for sure is when we can build a outpost on Mars and have many Science teams working on the surface using Carbon Dating and Geology to find out what the planet may had been like in the past and how long ago.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember1 XPFeb-09-2014 4:23 PM

I agree with BigDave on this one and besides dont be such a pessimist RedAnt quit being those know it all skeptics that tries to shut someone elses ideas down without going to explain yourself. Mankind only knows so much and we are trying to figure this stuff out and yes NASA has an agenda but its only part of what they know. They're called Never A Straight Answer for a reason and there's even a clause in the law and states "anything found outside of our own world thats not Earth based is subject to classification and be held from the public until they notify the government". Look it up its there and its plain as your asinine statement and unquestioning attitude about the doubt of unknowable things. There is nothing on the moon just Helium 3 and rocks. NO the moon has only parts of the Earth in it infact its young and old at the same time. Long time ago 4.5 billion years ago there were collisions and formations happening and one in particiular slammed its way passed Uranus's moon Miranda and hit the Earth and the moon. Ever heard of Lagrange points?!....They are points in orbit where things can easily hide out from any kind of detectors but you have to find that balance point in orbit where you dont have to really move at all it just carries you around undetectible.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


OvomorphMember23 XPFeb-13-2014 9:38 PM

Hi BigDave;

The far side of the Moon is no darker than the side facing Earth. The Moon has day and night as can be seen in its various phases in its one month cycle.


There is no dark side of the moon, really. As a matter of fact its all dark.

-Pink Floyd


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-14-2014 9:40 AM

I know the Moon rotated but what i mean is i thought it rotated Sycnchronously with Earth so we always see the one side of the moon?

I know the moon itself gets daylight and night time so it does not have a dark side itself, what i meant is viewed from earth it has a dark side we dont get to really see, but i guess yes we never see the same face of the Moon all the time so why we dont see the whole surface of the moon i thought we see more than just same face all the time due to how the Moon cycle works as it has a elliptical orbit.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-15-2014 1:44 AM



Dispensing with the text-speak of 'are you' - yes I am serious. Deadly serious.

You're bigoted reply to my post is totally unnecessary. I respect ambiguity out there regarding people who believe this or not and

I made this post topically and in keeping with what I think could be a good portion of imaginative and open-minded people on here ok? 

I feel for you if you are seemingly upset and offended by the slightest notion of the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence closer to home than 

most people are willing to accept. It isn't 'wishful thinking' as you so deftly put it with your sledgehammer insight within your 'real science' 

cocoon. It is the result of my (and an exponentially growing army of believers) addressing this tantalising phenomenal possibility beforehand 

by a great deal of searching on the 'net PRIOR to reading the 'Dark Mission' and 'Monuments of Mars' books for further and detailed accounts of how 

Richard C Hoagland and Mike Bara - both space-science men - came to these conclusions. I have also a grounding in this open-minded belief and 'outside 

the box' thinking too, but 

you didn't respect that with your infantile put-down. Those conclusions of Messrs Hoagland and Bara were through

exhaustive discovery of mathematical and geometrical consistencies (i.e. 'science' my good man) absolutely LITTERED (and aligned and related) throughout these structures, 

statues and monuments. 

So, Mister shouty shouty Know-it all, I will 'tell' YOU this: before YOU come in trashing and trolling with ur txt speak over people's opinions - even if 

they do have a sliver of imagination and wonder (which you clearly lack in bucket loads) THINK before you speak - open-your-mind - wide open, that's the way, rude little man and 

do some research yourself - read the books and form

an informed and skeptical opinion of your own on these theories. If it is based on the conventional science view - then I respect that too. I won't run rampage over your views 

disrespectfully as you did mine.


Adios Scientist of The Year



OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-15-2014 2:00 AM

@Batchpool - yes I think a lot of activity is going on up on the Moon at least and probably has been for a long time.

There are genuine videos on Youtube made by honest, grounded astronomers with videos of high-powered telescope footage of UFOs, strange lights and moving 'trails' in real time.

No fakery or jiggery-pokery, my insinct tells me.

Forget the so-called 'genuine' footage on YT a lot of it is outright fake made by trolls similar to the unimaginative ones that post on here. Check out Bill Bryson - absolutely rivetting stuff. Also look for former Apollo astronauts accounts on what they saw (and were apparently told to suppress) on the Moon, notably Edgar Mitchell and while you're at it look up the Disclosure and Exopolitics events that have gone on recently.


OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-15-2014 2:04 AM

@BigDave - with respect, if you mean the Dark Mission book as the 'work of fiction' which Prometheus may have gleaned some reference from, then that's wrong sorry.

'Dark Mission' is non-fiction.

I respect your views too on the 'Ancient Astronaut' theory, but I'm in the beliver camp of that particular discipline too. There is growing evidence of previous races with mind-blowing technology literally buried in the Earth and ancient texts are replete with fascinating consistencies concerning this. Look at the recent discovery of 12,000 year old Gobeckli Tepe in Turkey - a Stonehenge-type array of (still being excavated) pristine, artifact-covered monuments apparently purposely buried in the sand. They have been dated as over twice the accepted age of the civilised existence of Man in one fell swoop. A prime example of open-minded research winning hands-down over closeted, narrow-minded science individuals who will never broaden their horizons.


OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-15-2014 2:21 AM

Please open your minds - Ridley Scott has opened his mind. Many times over.

Fair bet he has acknowledged at least some these fascinating subjetcs:


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-15-2014 9:05 AM

Maybe my mistake on that book, should have researched it first lol i assumed it was fiction based on conspiracy and theories about actual UFO encounters and evidence by some people.

Like Zecharia Sitchin book on Nibiru and the Annunaki, again while its trying to be factual it draws the line to kind of persudo fiction....

There is no 100% proof that Sitchins Work or the Dark missions are 100% true, but proof is in the pudding, nothing is proven to each person unless each person themselves sees near 100% proof..

some would believe in Jesus, because well the Bible says so and was written by God, for others it would have to be a case of unless they saw Jesus themselves then they have to cast some doubt.

My opinion...

Are we alone in the universe.... while i cant prove we are or are not i would say chances are we are not, and even we are not alone in the Galaxy.

Are UFO real.... i would say yes there are some strange things out there but are they Alien and are Aliens merely from Earth or another dimension we just cant be sure.

I see strange things in sky at clear night but they could be satellites and maybe while they move in patterns a satellite should not how do we know the governments have not got SPY satellites and craft they have not disclosed?

I have also seen the TR3B but again as i have not seen little green men i cannot say if it was Alien etc, at the very least there are UFO/Undisclosed Craft that are out there and as for are they Manmade or not, well who knows but there is 100% Flying Objects that are not disclosed to us for sure.

As far as the topic and like has Prometheus taken some ideas from things like Sitchin work and the Dark Mission books then yes i do think so.

My view of Prometheus and LV 223 is this place is a outpost the Engineers used to monitor mankind from, just as maybe works like the Dark Missions have it that our Moon is where Aliens watch over us from.

As far as them theories, well i do find it maybe more than just coincidence about some of the tales and descriptions from Ancient Mankind that have no contact with other yet describe things that are similar... i.e Humanoid God like beings with special powers (High Tech) that visit us on flying machines, clouds, and fire chariots etc... while i have not seen proof that these things are 100% true to me.... i do find them maybe more than pure coincidence.

And i have found holes in Darwin theories and as for the Holy Bible etc, well maybe its based off some encounters but itself is well to me laughable as far as its creation and many other things...

But when you combine Darwin with the Bible and look at Ancient Cultures then ask the question and link like how Prometheus is trying to show, then for me it does seem to a extent plausible.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-15-2014 4:38 PM

Spot on BigDave, none of these theories are 100% proven and thanks for your courteous reply by the way. But I'm convinced we are entering a new age of wonder and re-discovery of not necessarily aliens but a previous race of super-humans who possesed breathtaking technology to build, fly and to create. I myself am predisposed to these beliefs upon seeing a UFO in the 80s and it was a fabulous and unforgettable experience. I'm a firm believer in covert man-made tech, but the way this manouevred fair made my hackles rise I can tell you. I have yet to read Sitchin, but I will very shortly as I am also a firm fan of the Ancient Aliens possibility and the alternative theories of them possible coming from other dimensions rather than across vast cosmic distances, although I believe ETs have mastered somehow, zero-point energy and travel too.

Look up Christopher Dunn on YT and listen to his fascinating and thoroughly convincing theories on ancient building methods. He's a time-served engineer from my neck of the woods in the UK.


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-17-2014 11:54 AM

Its like i have said, Mankind has the ability to take things in faith, sometimes blind faith, but then we also can ignore and not believe anything unless it happens to us.

What i mean is you can see videos of UFOs, Ghosts all you want and some will believe others wont and only until you experience something for yourself does your mind then accept that there may be some truth to it all.

But then some could think they may just have had a dream or gone mad.

The truth about life and everything is still a mystery to many, and its what Prometheus is trying to cover as opposed to being about the Xeno.

Its as i said a lot of things i find there may be more than coincidence to...

I have seen what look like Stars move across the sky, and maybe they just satellites or space junk as well seeing a star like object move across the sky is no proof what it could be.

Remember from certain distances, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun will all look the same and just a star like light in the sky.

But i have seen these lights do some movements that rule out that they are pieces of space debris, and indeed normal satellites.

But does that mean what i saw was a Alien UFO, i cant say as the distances in the sky above you can not make out what shape or size they are, and so there is no proof to me they was Flying Saucers or Alien craft.... but they are 100% something and at the very least they may be Satellites that move freely around the world for the purpose of what? Surveillance or Spying?

What i am saying is there are Objects in Space that are either Man made craft of Satellites at the very least, i cant rule out Aliens etc but i cant for myself prove that either.

I have seen the TR3B though... its the most clear UFO i have ever seen.


This is pretty much what i saw only what i saw had white lights and one red one blinking at the rear between 2 of the lights. Now i saw this in 1996 and before people had ability to fake stuff and i saw it with my own eyes.


Anyone interested i can message you my entire encounter or google Dudley Dorito as i live not far from this area and a UK RAF Airbase. (13 Miles)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember26 XPFeb-18-2014 2:44 AM

'What i mean is you can see videos of UFOs, Ghosts all you want and some will believe others wont and only until you experience something for yourself does your mind then accept that there may be some truth to it all.'


I agree Dave, I have a deductive attitude towards this and don't immediately seize on anything I see outside or on the 'net as given. But there are certain things which reach into your soul as truly bizarre and it's that instinct I follow. Like that erratic 'star' I saw in the 80s. Nothing will ever convince me that that wasn't either covert Earth craft or ET. It was simply spellbinding what ever it was.

Those links are superb, thanks. The triangles could be man-made, but then why would they trial them over populated areas? I've never seen logic in this. Unless they purposely are gearing the public up with drip-fed disclosure on these things. I still hold to the belief these may be back-engineered ET tech craft tested over covert moorland, yes. But these...over towns and cities? I wonder. By the way, I couldn't see any mass between those light points, so in either case, ET or human, its amazing tech.


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-18-2014 9:04 AM

Off all the UFO videos out there these triangle UFOs are the most hard to debunk, and they are uniform and consistent...  But there are a few that are Fake, someone made a Fake one which was using wooden frame with lights and balloons and they leaked it and everyone thought was real, then they came out and showed us it was fake.

Many still include this video in videos about UFOs and many still use it as hard evidence and all this does, is that as it was fake is it now discredits all the other triangle videos.  There are some that are faked and maybe on purpose to disinform us....

I saw one before Youtube and before the Internet was common place, way back in 1996.

I will be as brief as i can, but i was lying down when i noticed a light catch my eye, i looked out of the window and saw what i thought was just a plane..... i then thought well how come it kind of lit up my room or how come i noticed it, then looked again outside and went oh silly just a plane..... Then i noticed it seemed low but no sound, so i looked again and noticed 3 lights kinda stand still and thought, must be a helicopter in the distance..

I lay my head down again and thought... hang on, how could a helicopter that far move from the area i first saw it to where it was so fast.... and i looked out side and noticed it over a area called Dudley, then just thought silly me must be a helicopter so lay down again and then it popped into my head... or could it be a UFO and i looked out side and nothing... it was gone, the thought came to me as last look it was again 3 lights and seemed closer as if it was heading towards Dudley but was closer than it was before, but then gone...  no sound at all...

I ran down stairs to the field behind my house and could not see it, and about 5 min latter there was 3 Helicopters in sky.... and lights seemed same size but not shape and formation and you could hear them loud and i saw them move across the sky much slower.

It dawned on me, then i dont see many Helicopters usually just a police one now and again and you can always faintly hear them at a distance the lights i saw was, but the lights i saw was silent... And so why do i now see 3 helicopters moving in same direction.

Next day i went to tell my friend... you never guess what i may have seen last... but before i could say night... he said dont tell me.. a UFO... and i said yes why did you see it?

He said no but it was on the news about 60 people had seen a Triangle of lights in sky.

I then saw someone from a City 12 miles away who said after i told her, that there local paper said someone had seen just before it went dark a Black Triangle just floating in the sky silent and then it disappeared behind clouds..

So had to be more than Coincidence.

And same year and year after the same area had reports over and over of what they then termed the Dudley Dorito...... and when i researched there was a Triangle Seen around the time of the first sightings of the Belgium Triangle, and a incident in the UK known as the Cosford Incident...

Now come to think of it that Air base was 12 miles from my house, and this light appeared in the area of the Sky where that Air Base would had roughly been. i.e about 1:30 A Clock from my Window, and the last area i saw it was about 9 a Clock which is the area Dudley is from my house.

So again i must have seen the Dudley Dorito AKA TR3-B

But i do ask how come since 1993 to 1998 there was many sightings of these in the UK and Belgium and France regions.. And since then in the USA as of after 2000 and around the World. And why do these Triangles seem to be the most common best video of UFO we ever get.. i.e most clear etc.

And i was thinking what if its a Military Spy Craft but why let the public see such a thing and sometimes in day light, and some videos seem to show it can cloak itself... Why show a potential superior successor to the Stealth Fighter F-117?

Unless its a case of disclose one craft, to then get people of the sent of other UFO sightings, they can then come clean and disclose the TR3-B and say yes its a secret craft and its this that is what people have mistaken for UFOs over the years. I.e Disclose one project to keep eye off others?

 I had discused my sighting with someone who had seen one just before dusk, and what they saw they said is just like this video..

And he said he saw it lower than this video and what he saw was spot on to this..


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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