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First leaked images for Alien: Isolation Online!

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EngineerAdmin22677 XPDec-18-2013 11:14 PMA batch of leaked images for SEGA's upcoming [b]Alien: Isolation[/b] game have been posted online! The images show off some concept art, box art and what look to be in-game screenshots. Have a look below: [center] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]http://a****[/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [/center] I originally got word of these from [b]Bob Webber[/b], via his [url=][i]Scified Site[/i][/url], [url=]here[/url]. But after searching around, I found that the images came from [url=]Twitter[/url], thanks to [url=]AvPGalaxy[/url]. What do you think? Are you getting excited for [b]Alien: Isolation[/b]? Or do you still have the bad taste of [b]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/b] in your mouth and remain skeptical? Let me know your thoughts and opinions below!
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OvomorphMember16 XPDec-26-2013 11:39 PMI was close to buying ACM but due to all the bad reviews I didn't got it. but if this game receives positive reviews I'll probably buy it.


PraetorianMember4195 XPFeb-23-2023 5:21 AM

this article is 10 years old



OvomorphMember52 XPMar-11-2023 8:30 AM

The game features immersive gameplay that emphasizes survival and trickery. The player must navigate the environments stealthily and use their ingenuity to evade the alien and other dangers lurking.

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