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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-15-2013 10:43 AMI have to get it out of my system. I’m typing this while watching the director’s cut from ALIEN (again). I kind of know this movie by heart, so I won’t miss much. I’m trying to elaborate further on my previous thread. I’m going to try to be as specific as possible, as all movies should be. This does not equal being spoon-fed. In Wall-E almost nothing is being said throughout the first half of the movie, but we do know exactly what happened. This is logic 101. The eggs in ALIEN are ambiguous: They’re an egg. No doubt about that (anymore since Cameron stepped in.) The other meaning is: Were the eggs manufactured by the Space Jockeys? That’s the hidden, more profound meaning. This is why (I presume) the egg-transformation scene was left out of the theatrical release. It would spoil the mystery surrounding the eggs. The Space Jockey is something vague: We don’t know anything about it (apart from how it looks), not even the crew of the Nostromo. It needs a story of its background aka another movie to explain what it was all about. Now, in order to debate something, you first need to know what the exact specific meaning is. Then you can look for the hidden meaning, by subtle, tiny clues from what were being shown/said in the movie. *hang on, pausing ALIEN, because I still want to see it.* If something is vague ( you don’t have any clue), it’s nigh on impossible to debate it. Because you just don’t know what the original, specific meaning is. Therefore you can’t even start to look for the ambiguity in this concept/statement, whatever. In other words: What the **** was that all about? About Prometheus 2: Since SO much in Prometheus is ‘deliberately?’ vague, they (whoever is going to do the sequel) can come up/ make up almost anything that will ‘explain’ what it all was about. But you have to draw a line somewhere, about how much things are vague, no? Otherwise you’re just digging yourself a hole from where there’s almost no escape ( it all can be interpreted in a zillion ways). Imo they NEED a trilogy/ quadrilogy to give us all the answers, that will give the audience the satisfaction we DESERVE. And I even doubt that will succeed, considering the movie that started it all, was just…….abysmally bad. ( apart from the visuals, turn off the ignition key for your brain and it’s popcorn galore.) I understand some people like this movie as a stand-alone story, but it’s not. They actually hurt my feelings/ insulted my intelligence by showing us this rushed THING that is called Prometheus. Since Prometheus 2 is being released in 2016 somewhere, I do think they want to get it right this time, with another director at the helm who isn’t influenced by the fact that some people (Cameron) took the story in a direction that he (Ridley) didn’t really want. They even asked it behind his back, for Christ sake! I’d still remember that if I was Ridley. That is all…I’m not going to comment on this thread, because I’ll just end up getting angry and threaten people with their life, and I really don't want that 'just' for a movie. Sorry DJ. Btw: C’mon Godzilla, crown yourself to be the true King of Monsters, because the ‘xenomorph’ has almost become a joke after all that’s happened. (Alien Resurrection, AVPR, Prometheus, Colonial Marines...)
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PraetorianMember2674 XPNov-15-2013 12:02 PMAll I would like to say is this:- There were moments in Prometheus which made my jaw drop, moments which were pure genius. The opening sacrificial scene for starters. There were also elements which frustrated and even infuriated me! I don't know if you've watched 'The Furious Gods' do***entary Gimm-e, or any of the other Blu-Ray extras? I ask this because they show us so many ideas, artwork, concepts etc, etc some of which never made it into the finished film. Prometheus should have been longer, and had it included some of those unused ideas ............well I think it could have been spectacular! Here's the link (thanks to Svanya for finding it!) [url][/url]


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