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Are Engineers capable of Immortality?

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MemberFacehuggerJul-01-2013 5:52 AM
When Weyland asks the Engineer for ''immortality'' the Engineer replied ''why''?- deleted scene of course. This got me wondering, do the Engineers posses the key to immortality? In the deleted scenes we see ''elders'' this implies that they do age in the biological sense. How long do they live for? After becoming Elders do they clone themselves and start over again? Or perhaps the Black Goo has something to do with Immortality as it re-animates the dead but not in the traditional sense. I remember an unused theatrical poster with the tag line ''Welcome to immortality'' What do you guys make out of this! Cheers

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MemberXenomorphJul-01-2013 6:11 AM
Apex Hi there Brilliant question because at the heart of it all I believe that the engineers are to the elders as we are to the engineers as the elders to the super elders as I call them is to "god" : a form of slavery or service that remains about assuring the survival and power (therefore immortality) of the being you serve. Do it willingly and you are blessed with the same fruits you have them with. Refusal = hell. I believe the engineers are not immortal but they can live for millions of years if they are allowed to genetically regenerate themselves . If your existance depends on providing immortality to the ones you serve why would you care for the immortality of those below you ? Weyland was asking in essence what the engineers were asking of weyland and all other humans . No contest . You die . Well that's what I think.


MemberXenomorphJul-01-2013 6:16 AM
Apex Therefore true immortality is when you can sustain yourself indefinitely from an energy source you posess that no take away from you and is unending and absolute AND No one can pose a threat to your physical being. You are completely impregnable. You have those 2 and you are immortal. I believe the engineers do not posess these 2 .


Veteran MemberMemberOvomorphJul-01-2013 4:50 PM
Well obviously the Engineers have issues with humans. We dont exactly know what reasons they created humans but having a prejudice towards them might be part of the answer to why the engineer sarcastically replies Wayland . As far as them being capable of immortality is questionable. But they definitely are endowed with God-like powers through technology which might give them an attitude of being immortal. Yet if they are more scientific than religiously inclined they might have the perception of an impossibility of immortality: Making Weylands request absolutely ridiculous.

Visionary Alpha

MemberOvomorphJul-02-2013 11:44 PM
I'd define immortality just as living forever, with no aging past prime adulthood, not also being invincible. This said, I think the engineers could have access to immortality, but not invincibility as we see them being killed. Making Weyland immortal from his point, would mean that he would forever be a very old, frail man, and to the engineer, death is part of a natural course and it is the humans' break with nature that makes him attack them.


MemberFacehuggerJul-16-2013 7:52 AM
I found this picture last night and found it interesting. [IMG][/IMG] Does the suit just regenerate itself?

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MemberOvomorphJul-16-2013 10:19 AM
An author named Kage Baker ( deceased) wrote a series of books about engineered immortals, people who could be pulverized, torn apart, burned etc. and over a period of time ( quite long) their bodies would regenerate. They are literally unkillable, to the extent that the company who made them has an ancient research facility devoted to figuring out how to destroy them ( 1000+ years of experiments on unlucky immortals has produced no results). All they can really do is neutralize them by burying them under skyscrapers etc. Certain vampire lore also has examples of this, the horror of true immortality. It could be the Engineers know of this, too. Perhaps producing immortality for their masters was their task on LV223,  with the Goo and it's side effects one unwelcome outcome. Or maybe it was finding the goo elsewhere that inspired the project. Either way, they know well the consequences of such pursuits. Maybe he looked at Weyland and thought " Oh, not again..". I think it's definitely safe to assume the suit regenerates itself.


MemberDeaconJul-16-2013 10:40 AM
Very Little can be classed as Immortal as almost everything has a Beginning and a End... Even our Sun which has lived for over 4 Billion Years is not Immortal.... in about 4 Billion Years Scientist believe it will go Super Nova and Die.... And if you planted enough Nukes at the core of the Sun you could cause it to Super Nova and collapse in on itself... but then it would take a stupid amount of Nukes. But lets just go by some other Immortals in fiction, Vampires are not Immortal in a sense as they can be destroyed... And our Engineers i would say are the same, they do seem to Age, unless the Elders and Engineers are not one of the same... They could live for fast periods of time but we just dont know, it could be hundreds, thousands or millions of years. Then maybe their Cryo Pods can account for such things, as far as the movie goes we could assume if the Prometheus Hypersleep chambers was as advanced as the Engineers then a Holloway and Shaw could be alive in many thousands of years time... But the Engineers can be killed, maybe they posses the tech and advancements to heal certain wounds, cure and be immune to many diseases. Maybe the Suits can heal themselves it would seem likely but do they and can they heal a actual wound that goes beyond the suit and wounds the Engineer itself... Maybe or maybe not... But they are not Immortal, like Vampires i would assume they can live for a vast amount of time, but they can be Mortally Wounded and killed, but they possess a ability to be able to recover and even not be effected my many kinds of Wounds that would prove Fatal to normal Mortals like Mankind. Maybe just as Vampires have certain rules they need to stick to in order to survive and they require a certain lifeforce.. Maybe the Engineers rely on and require something to aid with their semi Immortality?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphDec-13-2016 12:51 AM

the very fact there were elderly engineers confirm that they too have never beaten aging. thus curing weyland was impossible.


however I believe they have life extension techniques which they apply on themselves so they have huge muscular young bodies.


MemberDeaconJul-05-2017 6:34 AM

Ha ha nice to see SPAM Bump this thread...

Very interesting thread maybe the Newbies may want to give TWO Cents.... but first time to deal with the Spammers. :)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphJul-22-2017 6:32 PM

No they are not, after Dr Elizabeth Shaw tried to re-animate the engineer head retrieved from the pyramid it exploded.

David comments "Mortal after all"

Sir Peter Weyland's quest for immortality was out of the belief that he as a creator could extend the life of his creations. Why not the engineers? Vickers knows her father's quest is a fool's errand, every king has his reign and then dies. It's inevitable.


MemberTrilobiteJun-06-2018 12:33 AM

Strangely, a spammer made me see this thread. To the OP, I saw no evidence in neither Prometheus nor AC pointing towards immortality save for Pete's notion of it. We should also consider relativity- an insect may live a few days compared to us- immortality to them if they can conceive the concept, while our lives seem short compared to cedar trees- if they can conceive or even care about the concept.

Covenant pretty much demonstrated only artificial life could be immortal.


MemberTrilobiteJun-06-2018 1:50 AM

james7595 gfys


MemberDeaconJun-06-2018 7:50 AM

Well Once again..... Thanks for a Spammer Bump....

I can no go back and reflect on this Topic as 5 years have passed by.

The Engineers may have been portrayed in Prometheus as who Ancient Mankind saw as the Gods...  which lead Dr Shaw and Holloways findings to speculate maybe they could be Godlike... which Weyland hoped for... but as David pointed out... our Engineers are Mortal After-all.

The start of the Engineers introduction from Jon Spaights drafts are that the Engineers are a very Ancient Humanoid Race, who have passed Milestones in Technology, Engineering and Genetics and have thus Modified their Species over maybe Millions of years, so that they have discovered ways to make their Organs/Genetic Material Age at a very slow Rate, they have likely cured/made themselves immune to nearly all Diseases/Illnesses and have discovered a Elixir of Life  and thus found a way to Beat Aging.. well slow this rate down.

As we saw Older Engineers...... so they Age at a  much slower rate, what we also find out is the Engineers are Many Thousands of Years old, so while they are NOT Immortal they can Live for  a Extremely Long Time, they can be killed by serve Mortal Wounds and maybe Infections they have no knowledge/cure or immunity to..  And Certain Bio-Logical Warfare such as their own BLACK-GOO

Jon Spaights ideas also introduce us to these Engineers have MAYBE Engineered themselves so far, so they LIVE for such long times and their Organs Age at such a Slow Rate, and they are also Immune to a lot of Diseases and Illnesses that EVENTUALLY this lead to their Species becoming Sterile and could not Pro-create.  Thus the reason for the Sacrificial Rituals to Spread their Seed/Genetic Material.

Prometheus was more ambiguous it appeared to follow the same scenario but was so vague that its hard to tell how much of the Information/Plan as far as the Engineers are concerned actually is applicable to Prometheus.  The DELETED Scenes seem to add up more to Jon Spaights VISION but its can they be taken as Canon... For Example can we ACCEPT that there are ELDER Engineers (Engineers who appear to be very Aged).

NOW.... that we have Alien Covenant this movie did introduce us to some things that maybe reveal more about the Engineers.  We see beings who appear related to the Engineers but appear more Human, almost like these beings are Hybrids  Half Engineer/Half Human... or another related Species...   a Missing Link if you would.

These beings also have Females so it makes us Question WHY the Sacrificial Ritual?  But we can assume the Sacrificial Scene took place Many Millions of Years ago...  and so were there any Females at this Time?   Was the Sacrificial Route intended to Create Females to Mate with?  Did they have Females prior?

Who knows.... all we know is that it appears maybe they had Females for Thousands of Years at least... if not all the time...

The other INTERESTING piece of information that Ridley Scott had mentioned regarding our Engineers are that those PLANET-4 Engineers are the Original Engineers and that they LIVE for about 150 years 

So not only do those Engineers appear more Human than the Prometheus ones, they are also slightly smaller (not all but some) showing more variation in their height and size. They appear to SHUN the Prometheus Engineers Technology...  And indeed appear very much MORTAL

Which could take us down the Path that the Prometheus Engineers are a Species that had Genetically Engineered themselves to be similar to Jon Spaights Engineers.  Maybe this was what the Engineers attempted, to gain IMMORTALITY to a degree, but this came at a Price... a Hubris... and so the Engineers abandoned the Notion of Trying to Perfect Themselves.

But again the LV-223 Engineers could just as easily have been to the Planet 4 Engineers as Replicants are to Mankind.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Java Blue

MemberOvomorphSep-12-2019 9:42 PM

Haven't the Engineers been verified as human by a DNA test? Therefore they can't be immortal. Or am I missing something?

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