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Paradise- My Prometheus 2 Story

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Kaiju Blue

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-23-2013 2:49 PMMy Idea for Prometheus 2- Paradise plays on the notion that the engineers created us in their image but realized as creators they could not succeed in making their Children as perfect as themselves, finally deciding to scrap the project and are now locating all the systems where they seeded life and destroying it with black Goo bombings. I believe the Plot in Paradise will go something like this. It begins with Shaw and David Leaving LV223 as shown in Prometheus. Upon leaving the atmosphere of LV223 David begins to experience what he records as a guidance malfunction plotting a new course, David begins to say his system is becoming compromised as he shuts down. (David was hacked by a remote source) Shaw is awakened by emergency sounds on the derelict vessel. This ship is crash landing back on LV223. Vickers is alive and has used her escape pod to remote tap David. The audience assumed she was dead after seeing the derelict ship land on her but that isn’t the case she fell into a crevice just before being squished as you recall there were a lot of moving parts to the surface there and the gravity of mass could be what helps her survive. Any way she's miraculously alive and while waiting for Shaw and David’s return is shocked to be “captured” by a Yutani rescue team. Due to corporate espionage the Yutani Corp has taken great interest in its biggest competitor's Weyland Corps newest expedition the Prometheus and has sent a Virgin Vessel of their own to follow the Prometheus. This vessel is cloaked and Prometheus and its crew has no knowledge that they were in fact followed to LV223. The yutani ship has witnessed all of the events on the surface of the planet. The Yutani crew debriefs Vickers against her will forces her to speak via video conference w Ms. Yutani who inquires about the future of her father’s company and escorting her to the nearest Wey Station the two discuss a partnership- It is an offer Vickers cannot refuse(a threat). Yutani wants more Tech Vickers wants revenge so the Weyland Yutani partnership (not corporation yet) is formed (Vickers Ships with the Yutan i’s weapons). The yutani ship send a team to get David and Shaw, the Deacon boards the Yutani ship. The Yutani vessel takes off. Towards the nearest Wey Station (which I’m guessing is Thebus or the Solomon mines) David is rebuilt by Yutani. The mood aboard is reminiscent of the Nostromo, confusion, death, fear while hurdling through space towards Thebus or the Solomon’s. Ms. Yutani learns of the deacon on board and reprograms David. Crew members are coming up missing David becomes Ash like in his attempt at recovering an Xeno. The audience comes to find an extensive bio laboratory in a hidden part of the Yutani ship (similar to Peter Weylands quarters) and it is hidden via active camouflage (cloaking). David has been reprogrammed by Ms. Yutani to capture the Xeno all crew expendable. More crew dies. The ship enters orbit nearing their destination. Vickers is attempting to inform the Wey Station to gear up the colonial marines for her arrival. Her transmission is cut short and David talks over the loud speaker of Vickers impending fate Vickers listens in fear and is suddenly grabbed by David standing nearby. David Grabs Vickers by the sides of her face and begins to rip off her head…. But is remotely shut down by Shaw using Yutani devices. The two run off the ship for their lives being chased by the deacon. The colonial marines let the deacon Have it. Ms. Yutani and Vickers meet with disdain. The End. This leaves the opportunity to make yet another sequel e.g. Prometheus was supposed to answer questions from Aliens but didn’t…. so Paradise is supposed to answer questions from Prometheus but it won’t.
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OvomorphMember1 XPMay-23-2013 5:43 PMI agree that Yutani may come into play, but that's all. I think they really want to play with The idea of David being 'free' and i cant see them immediately quashing that. I really hope you're right about the Deacon being in the sequel, i would love a bit more authentic 'Alien' action.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-27-2013 4:22 PMThread Starter, i will say i STRONGLY DISLIKE this standard,barely Sci-Fi. I am happy to have read you're opinion. but since my comment is negative i think it's only fair to explain my dislike in more detail. --This has the already been told1000 times,Corporate politics and corporate greed. --It's my honest opinion that the majority of us diehard Alien/Prometheus/Ridley fans arent willing to sacrifice any "Engineer dIrection' for Wayland/Yutani origin.yOU'RE IDEA IS SOLID BTW!. --THE ending of Prometheus and the destination Shaw said to David is what really stirred up fans..The plot ideas of an Engineer homeworld and Space Jockeys etc, well the amount of ideas are limitless.. --Yes, the dooris still open for this to happen afterwards but i personally would be pissed if we waited so long for Earadise to come out and then we have to wait again for our story to emerge.. --The hyper-Sleeping Engineer changed the direction of this movies plot from Traditional Aliens to a much deeper plot then just bug alien parasites. Now these bugs are a bio weapon.. well crap! i thought maybe the predators mighta used it as a weapon cause they trained with em in north pole., but predator was just for kicks... --thanks again for taking the time to share, cause i enjoy reading everyones ideas bro..... Steven Sippio
GhostReconFutureSoldier,,SniperV2,,AssainsCreed3, ,,Borderlands2-All 4 unopened.. ~~No idea which to hit next~~Sooo many pros,,,,Sooo many cons

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-27-2013 10:37 PMWelcome back Mr. Sippio
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