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Comparing Engineers

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Kaiju Blue

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-15-2013 2:54 PMFor starters: 1. In the alternate opening scene, we are shown multiple engineers, all of whom are robed, some wrinkly- implying age and wisdom and others have amulets implying status. 2. The opening scene engineer is shown to be naked under his robe, but the LV223 engineers seems to have biomechanical skin- suits or infused skin. 3. The Engineer in the opening scene appears to have arrived on a disc shaped craft, but the engineers on LV223 have derelict-U shaped crafts 4. The opening scene engineers seem scientific and the LV223 engineers militaristic. The opening scene engineers seed life with the black goo and the LV223 engineers weaponize the black goo.
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-19-2013 7:21 AMAgreed, BigDave - a modern FA/18 looks much different than a C-5 and they serve vastly different purposes. The 'sacrificial' engineers were around long ago which is why I initially suggested that engineer evolution, time and advances in ship design may account for the differences between their ship and the LV-223/426 horseshoe-shaped craft. And some of the glyphs on the walls, consoles etc. may look superficially like those found in Predator films but anything beyond that is a stretch of imagination, IMHO.
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DeaconMember10114 XPJun-19-2013 8:09 AMNice comments and in reply to both yours... Yes maybe the difference in the Tech could be these Engineers or a fraction decided to take the Goo and apply it to what ever they find, in the persuit of improving their own Tech i.e Simulated like the Borg... could it be the Engineers came across some kind of organism, and using their secret black go and genetic engineering they managed to borrow from this organism/race to create the Bio Mech that we see in the Juggernaut/Derelict and the Space Jockey/Pressure suits and ultimately the Bio Mech Xenomorph? As i do see a resemblance with the Xeno and Gigers other artwork and the look of the Derelict/Juggernaut and Engineers/Space Jockey, compared to the look of the Engineers and Tech at the start of the movie.... Meaning maybe they advanced to create such a Bio Tech, and then Xeno from it? Or maybe they came across/stole the tech from something related to the Xeno? So many possibilities for the franchise and the Engineer Race etc... So many possibilities for the franchise and the Engineer Race etc...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-19-2013 9:33 AMPossibilities yes - but I suspect that if the sequel doesn't tip its hat to Alien in some way many people will be disappointed and the "franchise" may die at the box office. Of course I could be wrong. I predicted that Alien was finished after 3 (as perhaps it should have been) but NOOOOOO .... someone had to re-invent Ripley in more ways than one.
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OvomorphMember21 XPJun-25-2013 3:51 PM@Kaiju Blue.. The Headroom was part of the underground structure that has atmosphere, not part of the ship. In my opinion, I think the suits are just a suit plane and simple. No different than what Prometheus Crew wore except more advanced. You can clearly see the breathing tube/elephant trunk on the exterior of the suit. I could be wrong, just my guess.

Visionary Alpha

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-26-2013 7:27 PMI've looked at it, and the moment in the film where the suits seem most possibly part of the engineers instead of just suits is when the engineer is waking up at the end: look at his arms, and what should be the sleeves of the suit. I really can't tell a difference, but it could be a very thin material than hugs the skin.


DeaconMember10114 XPJun-28-2013 7:06 AMAs i have said before.... I think they possess such a advanced Material that is Bio Mechanical, that simply fuses with the Engineer when worn so they essentially become one..... Take someone with long hair, its part of them.... not like a Wig that although can be made from real Hair, when worn it is not fussed to the Scalp like real hair.... A Wig is DEAD! But real Hair is alive... The Engineers Tech would be like if we advanced to invent a Wig that when people wear it, it then fuses to the Scalp and can thus be trimmed and grow back just as real hair can.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember81 XPAug-17-2013 12:36 AMThe bio suit is a bio suit. Its worn when required. Inside the bio suit is the engineer, in all his magnificence. I don't know what the confusion is.
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