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MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 1:02 PM
An excellent work, a Fan of Prometheus! [img][/img]
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MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 1:03 PM
Really a beautiful job!


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 2:14 PM
Fantastic and awesome I give my eye teeth to have that its cool man.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 2:26 PM
This work look great, nice catch.


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 2:32 PM
gosh, that's kinda cute, in a majorly dominating fashion. meow! but "Xenomorph has died a death," Ridley Scott commenting on whether he'll be featuring Giger's art style in forthcoming Prometheus franchise. So, I still don't see (barring an [url=]Alien Prequel Reboot[/url]) how we'll ever see such a scene as this in film: [img][/img]
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MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 3:00 PM
Love the Lady, superb. But the Aliens - not sure. By now, any more designs should be more 'radicalised' in the new light of Prometheus and acknowledging Giger's original. They're too AVP for me personally. Beautifully sculpted though.


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 4:10 PM
Amazing!! The detail is quite spectacular. I completely disagree with the above- the one on the right looks just like the original Alien, which is sweet. They both look superb, and it looks like it came off the wall in the ampule room!! Very well done!!


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 6:20 PM
Anyway, it would be something new to see an engineer this in Next Film!

Redhead Ripley

MemberOvomorphApr-21-2013 8:52 PM
Very sexy...I think those are two female aliens :-)
I have a pretty good idea of where it is. It's just down there, in the basement....


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 1:22 AM
Hicks, who is the artist? Its really really good. Unbelievable quality.


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 2:21 AM
To me it looks awesome because of the lips that Giger wanted to have for in Alien 3. It looks no where near AVP, IMO it looks like more of a cool concept drawing to re-invision the creature as something seductive and deadly. The alien on the right is very Giger like in its head design and very cool. To me big fangs and grimmace doesnt work for me when it comes to a sneaky killer like the Alien.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 8:53 AM
Dr. Shaw, ready to head out on xmas day to enter the Engineer vessel, sees Jackson from their one-man Security with a weapon (looks like a flame thrower?) Dr. Shaw: hey, we're a science expiditon, no for weapons, naughtry, naughty boy ! Security guy replies: cool, good luck with that then ... it's a learning experience to study the elusive & slighted expression on Shaw's face reacting to his retort ... she knows down deep that what she just demands is naive, weak-kneed and downright not thought out. well, good luck with that indeed, Dr. Shaw, after all nothing really happens ( just 2 science crew messed up ) in the vessel that would require security. myself, I only wonder where from Dr. Shaw gets her perspicacity to foresee no weapons would not be necessary. But then, she has an Earth university Ph.d. Her love-interest Dr. Holloway upon deciding to explore with only 6 hrs of daylight orders together a team. he addressed David 8 as you "lad" ... as if an android with the sophistication of David were a lad ? arrogance, both in Dr. Shaw and in Dr. Holloway. Dr.Shaw is basically a main character with Dr. Holloway hanging on to her coat-tails... nevertheless, none of the are Ripley from Alien. Ripley blew us all away. Dr. Shaw and Dr. Holloway make us cringe in shame. the writing, the script ... makes them so unattractive and small.

Cerulean Blue

MemberFacehuggerApr-22-2013 1:00 PM
Very cool!


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 6:07 PM
She is not Ripley so quit bashing the film and comparing it to your sacred alien franchise. Shaw is a scientist not a mineral surveyor or miner. When you critique a film based on how they acted instead of how will they act in the future your setting yourself up. It was planned that way so she could learn and become better because of it. We here talk about how cool the movie is and how its different from the first movie. I mean no offense but it gets old if you complain about it.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 7:14 PM
@ hadeze You are making comparisons of completely different characters, it shows that you are a lover of the saga Alien and Ripley, the main character. With the respect you deserve, I say that his criticism may be 100% respected, provided they are constructive character, I personally do not care, but I speak for the other members who post and are also great lovers Alien Saga! may need to look more threads about the history of prometheus and its characters (maybe go changing your appreciation about them). and as I said before (I say it with the respect it deserves)


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 9:08 PM
This is Awesome, and the details, god! i want to see sexy´s female´s engineer´s in the paradise, so.. *fingers crossed*


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 10:48 PM
Fabulous! :D


Community ExecutiveMemberOvomorphApr-22-2013 11:44 PM
Apikitt L. Highway :D so beautiful
The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you

Private W.Hudson

MemberOvomorphApr-23-2013 2:18 AM
Man, This is a real cool ,its gonna be interesting to see what new directions/creatures the next movies produce. Engineer girls and Xenos is a neat idea to develop,man.


MemberXenomorphApr-23-2013 2:28 PM
My compliments superbly done . Excellent .


AdminEngineerApr-23-2013 2:41 PM
This is incredible artwork, love it! Unfortunately Facebook doesn't agree. I posted a link to this topic on our FB page, and after it got over 1,000 likes and hundreds of positive comments, Facebook decided to remove it. It's bullshit, cause I think everyone who's a Prometheus fan should check out this and any artwork that gets posted here. Anyways, sorry to those on our FB who were discussing this artwork there. I've checked out FB terms and agreements, nothing against posting fanart. And, this couldn't even be considered "pornography" since she's wearing a bio-suit. I'm just a little pissed, because people were really enjoying this on the page and it was generating a lot of great conversation. Oh well. Thanks for posting this up HICKS!
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MemberOvomorphApr-23-2013 2:50 PM
nice work. not sure if i like the idea though. strange,dunno why,reminds something else maybe. but then again they have to reproduce somehow..i sound moron.shush.


MemberOvomorphApr-23-2013 8:53 PM
perhaps it is because the owner of the work, has its gateway on Facebook (but the advantage is that a follower of your site! Chris), you should try to communicate with him, the guy is a sculptor and is a genius, I do not want promote your website, it is Chris who decided, out of respect to the website, the only thing I can say is that the guy works excellent!


AdminPraetorianApr-23-2013 9:54 PM
I shall call her "Ginny" the chick engineer. Also, those Xenos have really sexy feet, omg. But seriously, like Hicks is saying, FB prob deleted it on copyright because there is no way that was removed due to pornographic content there isn't even a nipple showing..... (then again, FB has deleted innocent images in the past [url=]Elbows or breasts, Facebook's photo censoring policy[/url])


Community ExecutiveMemberOvomorphApr-23-2013 10:28 PM
Mhh so lame.. This same picture's been posted in 2 diferent fb profiles, One in a profile made to fans of sculptures and other in the profile of the artist who made this pretty girl; and I saw the artist wrote a comment in the picture with a happy face on the fb Post. anyway love the sculpture.
The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


MemberChestbursterApr-24-2013 12:16 AM
this is organized anarchy on fb's part. freakin' Zuckelberg. if that's how his name is spelled...

Not a map, an invitation


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2013 1:33 AM
No one likes Mark Zuckerberg hes gay and before long he'll have an affair with a man that his wife doesnt know about. I think he likes to be in charge so he can rule over bookface with an iron fist.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2013 2:06 AM
Thanks for share my work, Hicks. I wondering too. why post on Prometheus FB. is gone. Thanks for all comment & sorry for my English


AdminEngineerApr-24-2013 3:16 AM
Hi Apikitt, welcome to the forums! So glad I can formally thank the artist for creating this piece! Really fantastic work. I love the level of detail. Unfortunately yes, some bonehead on our Facebook page decided to take issue with the post. Which wasn't even the image itself, just a link. Mind you, it's just as much a bonehead move on Facebook's part for not taking the 5 seconds to see that the link was perfectly fine. Lazy moderating is what it is and unfortunately, hundreds of positive, active comments were lost. It was a nice change from the more common "negative" Prometheus comments I have to read every day. It seems the first moment we get positive discussion, someone tries to sabatoge the community and ruin it for everyone. It's very unfortunate. I've reached out to FB to see about getting the content back, but I'm not getting my hopes up... Oh well, they can't touch it here, so discuss away everyone! I'm glad to have this art shared here as I'm sure all of you are. Keep up the great work Apikitt, you've got serious talent!
Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2013 12:20 PM
Do not thank me, thank you for sharing your talent with us! and hopefully that will solve the problem on Facebook, and many people saw and fell in love with his talent! and I'm sure many more would want to see it, know it!


MemberXenomorphApr-24-2013 3:33 PM
Apikitt Your work is absolutely astounding . I am curious what your inspiration and thought was in terms . ? It is almost as if the female engineer is in control and the males are under her reign like the queen in aliens . Almost borg like !! Anyways this is just absolutely mind blowingly good . I hope there is more on the way !!!
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