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Noomi Rapace chased by Zombies!

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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 4:24 PMcheck out Noomi in the new Rolling Stones video... [url=]Doom and Gloom[/url]
\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman
23 Responses to Noomi Rapace chased by Zombies!

NCC 1701

OvomorphMember27 XPNov-21-2012 4:42 PMRight On WOW ,, great how Noomi fits right in with the stones........ Video @ 2:46 for the boys ,,,,and a few more stops after that


PraetorianAdmin4335 XPNov-21-2012 5:04 PMThey are so old... Hawt, saw Noomi boobies though. xx

Oneironaut 717

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 5:49 PMThey look like used teabags!


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 5:51 PMha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPNov-21-2012 7:04 PMHahahahahah two fried eggs comes to mind haha. Nice one tank!

The poster was good though!


Albert West

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 7:21 PMLong live the Stones... Isn't Keith Richards a zombie? lol Svanya... I love zombies. Hilltop Hoods did a cool zombie dvd. They had zombies doing gardening and household chores. Thanks for the thread Tanky.


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 7:24 PMnoomi rapace is absolutely gorgeous and the stones demand respect. having said that, the trite lyrics and video concept grate on my last fu**ing nerve. ...singing about those damn rich people....I wonder what kind of limo mick hopped into after filming this video? edit: oh...and yeah...i like the zombies too. nice. haha


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-22-2012 4:45 PMIts Good to see her get more work, i think she really did well in Prometheus and lets hope it does her as good as what Alien did for Sigourney.

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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-22-2012 8:47 AMthank you Tankgirl! nice to see this old band. :)


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-22-2012 10:47 AMWhat a delightful air hostess she makes :)
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Patient Leech

FacehuggerMember158 XPNov-21-2012 10:28 PMOh god, watching Mick Jagger perform in that video is like poison for the eyes... blech..


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 10:58 PM[img][/img]
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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 11:03 PMHa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman

Redhead Ripley

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-21-2012 11:53 PMNoomi was gorgeous..she rocks..I love the way she looks-she doesn't look like some "stupid, barbie/Kardashians/P.Hilton/models..I have enough of this plastic barbies..she also has amazing athletic/petite body...I like her <3
I have a pretty good idea of where it is. It's just down there, in the basement....


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-22-2012 12:42 AMI SO agree with you Redhead Ripley..... and I loved her as Elizabeth Shaw : )
\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-22-2012 2:15 AMI love how she still looks amazing even how much they change her style

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Redhead Ripley

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-22-2012 11:38 PM@@to Tankgirl: I like her very much as Elizabeth Shaw, but she was amazing in the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ;)
I have a pretty good idea of where it is. It's just down there, in the basement....


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-23-2012 12:29 PM[b]I KNEW it!![/b] ha ha ha ha ha ha [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-24-2012 12:25 PMLooking at a petite body on a woman is like looking at a beautifully dressed out Harley Davidson bike, one can ride them all day long
I should reach the frontier in about 6 weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo....


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-24-2012 12:33 PMOne 'could' Fader, just as i 'could' climb Ian Whyte like a tree all day long. But alas! One 'can' (in reality) not..... :P


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-24-2012 12:36 PMocht damn promised i'd stop saying that....


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-25-2012 12:00 PM@caenorhabhditis, whatever that means, lol.... I do ride my harley fatboy nearly everyday..... and she is dressed out nicely
I should reach the frontier in about 6 weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo....

Indy John

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-09-2012 11:13 PMTHanks for the video link Eankgirl. I may have chose a differet voideo from the linl because I didn't want to sign up for anything. I enjoye dthe vodeo and the song. I have not heard much buzz about the song. I did hear a lot of buzz about Noomi at thsi site. We can only help her put in her quest for stardom. No Harley here, just use the Mustang a few times a week. I don't think the car would impress her.
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