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What Ridley Scott's I Am Legend would have looked like: Practical vs Digital eff

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Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphNov-10-2012 6:53 PM
Another case of practical vs digital effects. Some of these designs are amazing - [url=]Read full article here on i09[/url]
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MemberOvomorphNov-10-2012 8:34 PM
90% of the time CGI is just complete garbage when stacked up against properly executed "practical" work. Would have been interesting to see what ridley could have done with I am Legend. The film that ultimately got released was, for a litany of reasons, fetid. I dont understand why so many people seem so excited about CG. It has its place (subtly augmenting practical work), but its typically more expensive and MUCH less effective than practical work. On a side note...this is the reason i prefer the fifield we got to the CGI alternate version. I do like the alternate fifield design a bit better, but the CGI just ruined that alternate scene. Its so hard to do a character that is completely CGI and fully exposed/lit. The kinetic nature of the fifield scene really exacerbates the already problematic CGI. (obviously...IMO) thanks for sharing the article! interesting.


AdminPraetorianNov-10-2012 9:25 PM


MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 6:32 PM
Too bad he's going to Ridley Scott has been neglected in the details and leave a white chair forgotten in the film precisely 32:40 minutes the alien ship will review and will see Hoo God that this does not happen even beginner.
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