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"Think of what we can learn from it..."

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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-07-2012 5:17 PMHere’s a list of things I don’t think they’ll reintroduce in the sequel. C’mon…nah… *Hammerpedes: Is it an indigenous life-form? If so, I guess we can forget about them in the sequel that’ll probably take place on another planet. *The black goo: You’ll have to use your imagination on this one. It can do more then we’ll ever know. Nobody likes being spoon-fed. *The big head: It represents the engineers’ power. It has no purpose. *The Engineers: They’re all dead… even the one that woke up from cryo-sleep (after 2000 years.. No one of his own kind bothered to look for him/ found him…) *cuddlesses: dead also... *The Engineer ship/ juggernaut: it crashed in the exact same position as in ALIEN…(yikes!) *Prometheus vessel: The prototype( I assume) was destroyed… *Things remain unexplored : the green crystal( not even Ridley comments about it.) , the murals, the crew’s awkward behavior, etc. *It’s not the same planet… *It’s not even the same company…(to my mind) …. What kind of foundation do you have for a sequel? Nothing?
You don\\\'t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage!
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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-07-2012 5:36 PMMaybe you'll be in it. It's been a while since I threw a banana at the silver screen.
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OvomorphMember0 XPNov-07-2012 5:45 PMIf that's all you have to say ZZZZ( dozing off)... put a hammerpede in it mkay?
You don\\\'t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage!

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-07-2012 6:04 PMZZ you're a naughty one. I think there's plenty to build on. We'll definitely get more David, and he's disturbing in any situation. We'll see his and Shaw's dynamic evolve, which should be very interesting, they are the most unique duo to come along in quite awhile. We probably will see the goo again, it's too great a plot device, and we may get to see the large scale effect/aftermath of a goo strike. I loved the Trilobite and Hammerpede, and agree we wont see the Hammerpede again, but we may see the Trilobite, its a catalyst and we may get to see it in its pure ( non Shaw influenced ) form. And who knows what other horrible things might appear? We'll get to see the Engineer's ( and who knows, maybe the SJ's, dare to dream ) planet. There will definitely be more Juggernaut, the two main characters are aboard it, and we may learn more about its layout, history or functionality. I'm betting too that some parallel drama may unfold on LV223, there's a shortage of humans to torment otherwise so maybe Yutani will show up to survey the carnage and be turned into carnage themselves. It will be a spectacle, Im quite sure, and unlike any we've seen. the only thing I dont want is a big CGI battle with hundreds of confusing annoying indecipherable things flying around. Please, no!


OvomorphMember0 XPNov-07-2012 7:02 PMI'm'm agreeing with Major Noob and I doubt ZZ ever threw a banana at a screen. Even the worst of the worst movies, I've never witnessed anyone show their disapproval in that way. So, on to the sequel....


OvomorphMember1 XPNov-07-2012 9:37 PMDoes Shaw wear the suit when she flies? Or is the head of David Jammed in there, lol? I did hear a cool idea that Shaw ends up being the crashed "Jockey" in the original Alien. I wonder if she somehow does have to wear the suit to pilot the ship?! This would lend some weight to that theory. Anyway, i do agree that the Engineers MAY all be gone, but there is sooo much left to do. To say the sequel has nowhere to go is completely ridiculous and unfounded. The Shaw/David dynamic is just getting interesting, as THE MAJOR said. We have David with no maker around to 'command' him, i can only begin to imagine a robot 'free' from outside command. (PS, this isn't Asimov- this guy can clearly harm whomever he pleases) Does Shaw wear the jockey suit???


OvomorphMember1 XPNov-07-2012 9:37 PMThe helmet only, maybe?


OvomorphMember1 XPNov-08-2012 2:15 PMare the Engineers and Space jockeys two different races because i thought that the elephantine apareance was because it was a suit, like a hazmat suit or deep space exploration suit not a race its self. is the sequal actually called Paradise or is this a fan made name because Ridley Scott calls it prometheus 2? is David truely evil or is he following Weylands orders a man who has no respect for life and only cares about his own ego. it seems like Weyland created David to be a child that could be controlled unlike Vickers who most likely tells him to shove it. David is more human then anyone has relised, he is not mimicking emotions hes learning them. David is becoming more independant breaking his programing. he also seems to be possesive over shaw, he watches her dreams, takes her cross, kills off Holloway its like he wants her form himself but probally doent know why. i would think David would be flying the juggernaut because he states in the film that he can fly it unless Shaw learns Engineer in five minutes that is. black goo will be in the sequal and this time it will have teeth, several rows of them embedded into an Engineers head. thats if one of the infected crew unwittingly went back to Paradise but on the other hand wouldnt they have quarintine procedures the Engineers are smarter then us reckless humans eager to play god. maybe the star map was not showing us the group of stars where their homeworld maybe but a meeting point where we can be judged before being either destroyed or welcomed home. would an advanced race of beings millions of years ahead of us be stupid enought to make themselves extinct because if they are then there's not going to be much of a movie franchise. i dont believe the engineers are exinct i think they probally thought were some kind of myth and forgot we existed which would explain why the last engineer looked confused alot i mean how would you react if you woke up surronded by unicorns i would most probally think i was hallucinating.

Indy John

OvomorphMember0 XPNov-08-2012 2:48 PM".. he also seems to be possesive over shaw.." @katiel238 You covered many threads in your comments,,which good for everyone. I had not thought of David selecting Shaw as his 'mate' for the lack of a better word. David making plans , enacting events that will get everyone else out of the way so Shaw would be his,,in his own world. The results have come in with the movie's ending, Who is to say what other subtle activities David put in motion to reach his desired outcome? This would explain why David doesn't reveal everything he knows to the crew members that could benefit his knowledge. Or even the use of so many sayings that have multiple meanings. Thanks for your post
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