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Ridley to direct a 6 part mini horror/sci series in Ireland

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Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphNov-06-2012 7:49 PM
I've already mentioned this in a previous thread, but I think it deceives a thread of it's own. Word is, Ridley is creating a 6 part mini series - to be filmed in Ireland. Take note: within the horror and sci -fi genre. I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, but what could this be about? A prelude to Paradise maybe, who knows? [url=]Ridley to direct a 6 part horror/sci-fi mini series in Ireland[/url]
8 Replies


MemberOvomorphNov-06-2012 7:52 PM
i saw that...wondered the same thing. at the very least, interesting news.


MemberOvomorphNov-06-2012 8:30 PM
great news, we should have fingers crossed just in case...but even if this has nothing to do with the Paradise, anyway this could be something interesting to see...


MemberOvomorphNov-06-2012 8:33 PM
Oneiro, as I commented in the other stream, the idea is interesting but I just don't see Ridley Scott using this format to touch on the Prometheus universe. It will be something completely different since he is already planning Paradise and that will occupy enough of his mind and writers minds with that material. I think this will be a fresh subject unrelated to Prometheus, but thats my gut feeling.

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphNov-06-2012 8:42 PM
Doh! just saw your response to the other thread - either way, if it turns out not to be Paradise related, it's still exciting news! XD


AdminPraetorianNov-06-2012 9:32 PM
Well to be fair Ridley does do a ton of TV shows, most recently "Numb3rs", "The Good Wife", "Coma" and "Prophets of Science Fiction", so this may not have anything do with Prometheus.


MemberOvomorphNov-07-2012 3:51 AM
Nothing but great news that is.


MemberOvomorphNov-07-2012 3:56 AM
I'm hoping it's something not prom-related with zeal. RS may unleash a full-on 'horror' aspect of the equation upon us and hopefully not plimmin' zombies for f***s sake. As for the sci-fi side, it might be something along the lines of the 'X_files', who knows?


MemberOvomorphNov-09-2012 2:37 PM
Remember, the ALIENS ARE OUR REAL FATHERS agenda is being totally mainstreamed by THIS and OTHER films, of late. Is this it? Religion with aliens? Eh?
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