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Hammerpeade extra bit

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FacehuggerMember143 XPOct-02-2012 9:57 AMAnyone noticed that extra shot in the blu ray trailer (embedded in the top of this site in number 1 of the 3 advertizements). at 52 seconds there is a shot with a cup with one in and another swimming off. Presumably thats it a an earlier stage deleted scene...just saying...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D

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OvomorphMember0 XPOct-02-2012 10:19 AMyup


OvomorphMember0 XPOct-02-2012 10:40 AMJust received notification from that my BluRay has been dispatched. Hurrah. Might take a day or two.
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Xenomorph 54

OvomorphMember0 XPOct-02-2012 10:53 AMThat's from the deleted scene "Our first alien". It shows Milburn discovering a natural alien worm (NOT the hammerpede) and David then puts it in the cup. It's the species of worms that originated the hammerpedes by expoisition to the black liquid.
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OvomorphMember0 XPOct-02-2012 11:02 AMZZbluray, I only have a DVD player - this means I'm gonna miss out on ALL THE GORGEOUS EXTRA SCENES unless I tune in to the Weyland Investors Extended Cut that's streaming this Saturday at 11 p.m. GMT, which includes ALL THE GORGEOUS EXTRAS SCENES in a 02:30:00 Restoration Cut type paradise of gushing fanboydom. [img][/img] Wonder if mummy will let me stay up that late. LOL
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FacehuggerMember143 XPOct-02-2012 3:59 PMAh cool looks interesting I may check that - hope the person cutting it is good of course! I do want to see a new cut...just gotta wait see what comes out of this all now...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


OvomorphMember0 XPOct-03-2012 1:00 AMso far, it's top-notch re-cutting/re-splicing/re-colourmatching/re-captioning/re-verting ... one of the things he's mentioned is (as he's adding in the EXTENDED scenes for any that already appear in the theatrical cut) things like 'Shaw admitting she's infertile' in the shorter Shaw/Holloway scene are LOST in the extended edit. All this goes back in, as I hear it: 1. Arrival of the engineers.... 2:41 2. T'is the season............. 1:07 3. Our first alien............. 0:51 4. Skin........................ 0:51 5. We're not alone anymore..... 1:32 6. Strange bedfellows.......... 3:11 7. Holloway hangover........... 1:35 8. David's objective........... 0:31 9. Janek fills Vickers in...... 3:43 10. A king has his reign....... 3:56 11. Fifield attacks............ 2:14 12. The engineer speaks........ 4:23 13. Final battle............... 5:51 14. Paradise................... 5:20 But what effect this'll all have on the re-stored movie is debatable.
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EngineerAdmin23361 XPOct-03-2012 1:25 AM[b]@Custodian[/b] - A live streaming of Prometheus this saturday? Interesting!
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OvomorphMember0 XPOct-03-2012 10:54 AMChris, it would seem that way. Wonder if it'll happen? I guess we tune in, we find out.
2013 sci-fi horror novels 'Custodian' and 'Tandem' available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes etc...


FacehuggerMember143 XPOct-05-2012 10:29 AMYes hmm so its going to be linked from here I guess? [url=][/url] Wonder is fox is going to try a shut down :S ...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D

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