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Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires

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OvomorphMember0 XPSep-29-2012 11:08 PMAlright, ladies and gentlemen. This has been a long time coming, and i believe it is finally about time that this thread came into existence. It has come to my attention that threads; no matter what the topic, have their topics go in a different direction completely. This topic of discussion that forms in threads is very specific. Very diverse. But is nontheless one. The reactions to Prometheus have been skewed. Whether or not you like, or dislike the film. Whether or not you were disappointed, or your feelings were the polar opposite; completely satisfied. People can't seem to help themselves, and start discussing improvements, what could have been. What should have been. And what could have generally improved Prometheus, and made it a superior film. I too was extremely disatisfied with Prometheus. But i'm still a fan! A fan of this world. This series. And i know that this is just the beginning. So, in that respect, i will be starting this thread for Prometheus, as a whole, as a series. It's a bit difficult naming the series; but that name will emerge in time. So no matter. I'm sure you all understand what this thread applies to. Every subsequent sequel that is in correlation with Prometheus. A thread where people can share their ideas. Expectations. Desires, and hopes. I strongly believe that we, as the fans. As the community that is passionate about this series, deserve to be heard by the producers, by even Ridley Scott himself. And everyone involved in production and development of the series. I have seen countless threads travel down this different path. And change their topics to this aforementioned, creative discussion. And i have heard nothing but great things. Excellent ideas from the community. From the members. Here's to all of you, and you're imagination! Here, we can compile this wonderful creativity. Let the discussion begin!
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Hades Infernal

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-26-2013 9:46 AMAgRose001 › that sounds awesome i like the idea of a split with the Engineer race . what else you got ?

Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises Much pain but still time There is good out there We oppose deception Conduit closing


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-26-2013 1:04 PMthe short of it: Dr. Shaw with co-pilot David-8 are heading for answers. namely, the one question, why destroy homo sapiens (as was the plan 2000 yrs ago on LV-223) having created us bipeds with their goo DNA construct ? this is the question we are left with at the end of P1 as the Engineer vessel leaves the moon LV-223. next question: does it make sense to build a story ( say the P2 story ) on "what have we done" or "what is it about us that merits annihilation ?" actually, there is nothing about mankind's behaviour that guarantees us longevity - au contraire, our sins are legion. what I am suggesting ... is that there is no reason to spare us humans... looking at the (to use a polite word) messes we have caused since our discovery of fire and iron to make weapons. another problem with this leitmotiv of "why gooo us? " is that once Dr. Shaw meets our "Makers" we subsequently suspect that they (our Makers) they too were made by someone who is their superior ... who helped them along in their evolution ? the known universe of today is a large place ( science tells us ... 92 billion light yrs in diameter, 46 billion its radius ... we can't see the rest ) and it is therefore unlikely that the Earth story or even the Makers home world story somehow represents a beginning or central station. The script of Prometheus 2 might do well in not trying to find all the answers to our unanswered questions. Best to leave Dr. Shaw in the dark where she comes from. After all, Dr. Shaw still has her shiny little cross ... something David's logical clarity doesn't have or need : faith.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-26-2013 6:15 PMWelll Hades Infernal › The idea I had for how the Engineers split would be like if nearly all the Engineers are peaceful people who while powerful and before they became peaceful were war like, but some never wanted to get rid of their ways and so they developed the way to kill the others. Depending on how you want to go with it you could go on to say that the peaceful Engineers still had some old weapons from before that they used to lay waste to the planet and it could be that the Engineers are a dyeing race that were watching earth to see if anyone on there could be used as a way to get their race going again. Humans then could have been taken from our world to theirs to find a way to save their race. Going from here it would depend on how it should go because the Planetoid from Alien could have been the homeworld of the small number of Engineers and the weapons could have made it into the dead planetoid full of Xenomorphs.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-30-2013 11:01 PMIt seems to be to be pretty clear why the "engineers" did not send anymore ships to the planet----like the captain of Prometheus said near the end of the movie--this planet was the staging area for this biologic life form that they were going to unleash on Earth---they knew the thing was going to be dangerous---and since they never heard from the ships that went there and it was also obvious that the mission to destroy humans had failed----they figured that there was a major failure on the staging planet and they basically quarantined the planet---and of course---it is also possible---the life form they created---got lose on their homeworld and came to destroy their civilization.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-03-2013 9:42 PMPrometheus was given a 4/4 by Roger Ebert, who was a respected film critic to say the least! I have a few theories of my own for some of the possible scenerios that could or will happen in a sequel or sequals.. A. Elizabeth & David go off to paradise which is either the Space Jockey home world or what's left of it, or David even guides the journey to the Xenomorph home world maybe even after going to the Space Jockey home world! (Lindelof even said he liked the idea of David programing the jourey to futuristic Earth at the films start to get a new crew without Shaw knowing initially, as a part of Weylands possibile "fail-safe" plan which would be similar & mirror Aliens) (I don't know if Ridley Scott likes that idea though) B. Yutani or Weyland (or both) sending a team/teams to LV-223 to try and find out what happened to the Prometheus, only to discover what happened & the Deacon..... C. If there are different Space Jockey groups left, are there any "good ones"? D. I think David has a crush on Elizabeth, and I think Elizebeth may even fall for it which would lead to her trusting him to put his head back on, and what happens after would be interesting to find out whatever point this happens in the film. E. Space Jesus & what happened 2,000 years ago, was it a (good vs. evil) Space Jockey battle, implied in the Space Jockey hologram juggernaut vs ufo space battle easter-egg in Aliens: Colonial Marines? (despite your opinion on the game, it's considered cannon to the Alien Franchise) F. If a new Weyland or Yutani team goes to LV-223, it would be awesome to have a new "David" model that's got 100% evil programing missions to mirror & be "Ash-like" because having Fassbender do a double-personality of 2 same yet different characters and he's the actor that could pull it off, David is my favorite character in Prometheus! G. I would really love to see when the merger between the two Weyland-Yutani companies happens, which I think will be shown in the sequal or the next one if they make a trilogy!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-13-2013 4:50 AMI haven’t seen this idea elsewhere on the forum, and I wanted to share this with you guys. Here is my take on how it all finally ends, and how the prequel directly bridges with the rest of the franchise (in my opinion Alien and Aliens): Shaw is the space jockey seen in the original Alien movie. When Shaw arrives in paradise, she discovers (as many on the forum already have suggested) that the engineers are made by – and servants to a superior alien race (SAR/God(s)). The meeting between Shaw and the SAR is seemingly fruitful, it answers some questions (who the engineers are, what the xenomorph is, what happened on the moon LV-223, etc.), and leaves other questions open and never to be answered (who the SAR are, what their mission is, whether they created us or not, etc.). The SAR is impressed by Shaw, and this changes their view on humans. She is therefore offered a spacecraft as a gift so that she can go back to earth; provide humans with alien technology as proof that we are not alone, to facilitate technological advancement and knowledge, and finally as a token of a future friendship between SAR and humans. On her way back home she discovers that the spacecraft is filled with xenomorph eggs, and gets impregnated. This reveals the SAR’s true intention behind the gift, namely to destroy/control the human race. There is room for only one God in the universe, and God is not necessarily good. Knowing she will not be alive to warn humans about the dangers contained in the spacecraft, she lands on the planetoid LV-426 to stop the ship from reaching earth. When the xenomorph breaks through Shaws ribs and space suit, this triggers the warning signal you hear in the original alien movie. The end. To make this plot even more interesting, David, who now presumably is free from the wishes of Weyland (inc.), might have is own ambitions. This can lead to some exciting twists and turns, as it is customary in the Alien franchise for the humanoid robot to stir things up a bit.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-13-2013 10:53 AMnever mind:


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-13-2013 9:21 PMi have to say that the movie was great,i didnt post sooner because i did some research,ive come to the conclusion that the predators are the engineers,what do you think lemme glad that i found proof that all three species were on the same planet,predators, engineers and aliens,on lv223


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-15-2013 8:31 AMthe engineers are predators


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-15-2013 8:36 AMblack goo turns them into predators,only the chosen may enter didnt meen the sacraficial vergins,it meant the engineers that were chosen to become predators,the engineer at start of movie he wasnt sacrificing himself,he was chosen to become a predator


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-15-2013 8:40 AMi cant believe none of you geeks didnt jump on the point of placing all three species at lv223 at the same time,what strange goings on,engineers ,aliens,and predators on same planet? i can prove it.

David Glaesemann

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-18-2013 11:04 AMI can barely remember the last thing I said yesterday. Yet I am obsessed with the last lines of movies that made a movie-going experience unforgettable. “I want, what they want, and every go who ever came over he wants, for our country to love us, as much as we love it.” Probably the longest piece of dialogue in a film filled with explosions and a preposterous plot, John Rambo’s plea for an unsympathetic world to embrace its fallen and mentally destroyed heroes made Rambo: First Blood, Part 1 an instant 80′s classic. Not quite the finale Rambo is, Shaw’s final words in Prometheus–”and I am still searching” none the less build our expectations for a more enticing second offering in the franchise. Shaw will undoubtedly search, and we can only shudder at she will find. Will she find a bio-engineered paradise of great civility, or will paradise look more like the fossilized corpses of the engineers that Shaw’s team finds on LV-426? The point being is that last lines of films have a way of defining our impression of them, and of informing what we may see in the next film of the series. Which is why I offer my own last line I would like to see in the next film. Let me set up the context for it. The old earth is near the final stages of the terraforming process. The oceans are now a black goo (the substance from the urns in the alter scene) and swimming with screeching, parasitic life. Prehistoric cobra facehuggers crash upon the surface of the earth like waves lashing the beach. The scene cuts to Shaw and David who have traveled to earth, pursued by a crew of engineers and their creator. Shaw carries a WMD she has “stolen” from the engineers lab that will reverse the terraforming process and return the planet to stasis. Shaw and David land their spaceship on the top of a Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. By this time, every living human on the planet has been decimated, David informs Shaw, except for Shaw, who is humanity’s last hope. The screeching becomes louder, and a huge mutated species, half-human, half alien, begins pouring up the sides of the structure, obviously in pursuit of Shaw and David. As Shaw readies the detonating device, another ship appears out of the sky–the creator’s ship. Holding her finger over the button, Shaw asks the creator the question the engineer in the first film never answered: Why did the creator want to destroy us. Shaw: Will you tell me now…now when I hold the fate of your new creation in my hands? Will you tell me, she screams. Creator: Before you can create, you must destroy, he thunders! Shaw: Create what? What? What????? Creator: Your evolution… Shaw, stunned by the revelation, peers down at the evolved human species scaling the structure. The first creature arrives to the top, but instead of attacking her, stares deeply into her eyes. Seeing the face the new face of humanity, Shaw accepts what must be. Shaw: Humanity had its chance, she says, and failed. Perhaps a new version of ourselves will get it right. I hope they do. I really do. Shaw throws the device and we hear it crash into a million pieces below, rendering it ineffective. The scene cuts back to Shaw, whose arms outstretched, embrace the mutant arrivals.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2013 3:20 PMGuys, anyone can comment on what I have posted [url=]here[/url] ? Continuation of the movie "Prometheus." What do you think about this turn of events?


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-08-2013 6:24 PMFirst of all. Hello everybody. I just signed up and would like to join discussions. My first post might be slightly off topic , but as I have read on that thread there was few facts that made me realize there is something inconsistent about a movie. If that is the wrong thread please direct me to the correct one. In the discussion here it was a lot about Deacon and what possibilities are of its developement. Of course Prometheus runs parallel to Alien movies but we sort of deducted the timeline. I am confused about one fact. Why is there perfectly formed Alien (or Alien Queen) figure we know from Alien series, sculpted in one of the "rooms" of the Engineers ship? That would suggest that Deacon isn't a first hybrid that was developed from Man ( engineers) an black goo "DNA", right ? If aliens we know, where developed from Facehuggers and Man on Nostromo, how come evolution went the same way on LV-427 when there was additional "DNA" from "squid" ? Edited to correct the moon name.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-10-2013 1:11 AMThe Engineers seemed to have achieved perfection in terms of what we, as humans, would want. Perfect health, seeming immortality (absent accidental death), and perfect intellect. The black goo was consumed by one of the Engineers to give human life to Earth. But the Engineer sacrificed its life to achieve this. Why? Were there no more meaningful challenges for them? Perhaps they decided to seed intelligent life on other planets in hopes of brining meaning to their continued existence. Perhaps in the absence of new challenges, in the absence of hardship or uncertainty, there is nothing left for a civilization to do but die off. Slowly, unceremoniously, die off. It is Groundhog day, and every day when you wake up you still know everything, there is nothing left to accomplish, there is nothing new to share, and there is nowhere new to go. Even the planets you seeded with your own biologic likeness are doomed to eventually end up like their fathers. Masters of everything, and yet with no purpose. That is when the radical faction of Engineers tried to create a new challenge. They engineered a new type of black goo that was designed to take them to a new state of evolution. Give them a new set of powers, and a new purpose. Except in their desperation they chose to abandon logic and reason and allowed themselves to create something they new could be untamable. Why? Millenia of being able to conquer any challenge gave them formidable arrogance. When they combined this new "hyper" black goo with one of their own they were unprepared for the creation of a new life form that was more powerful than they. Except this new life form lacked any intellect beyond that which was designed to maximize its survival. The ultimate parasite. The ultimate adversary. An adversary which could not be reasoned with. Or defeated. That is why they shut everything down. True, they had wanted to destroy all their children planets, including Earth, but this "Alien" parasite forced them into protection mode. Into the sleep mode we found them in. Why did they not ask for help from others in their species? Pride? Or was it because they realized they needed to quarantine this new Alien threat because they new it to be unstoppable? I find this a difficult line of reasoning to accept, as simply pushing their planetoid into their sun would easily end the threat. So perhaps, in their arrogance, they simply felt they could solve the problem themselves. Indeed, perhaps they wanted to keep the challenge of this new, seemingly unsolvable problem to themselves as this gave them a reason to live, and to feel alive. But when we humans showed up and helped to unleash this new Alien threat to the rest of the Universe, we created a problem of the most gravest magnitude. And perhaps, through this threat, we will one day be able to surpass our Engineer creators. Assuming we survive...

Ancient Alien

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-19-2013 1:19 PMi like the idea we (or the company) created the Engineers to wipe ourselves out. Why else the constant wanting of the co. to bring the Xenos back to earth? Little off topic, but after gorging myself on Prometheus, I took a break, then watched Aliens. Whoa! seems like Ridley has a secret crush on James Cameron! check it, there are so many similarities. That being said, bring on Cameron to direct or produce!!! or co write...something without egos getting in the way!! This is a big ****ing deal...a giant can of worms that could possibly be one of the greatest film franchises of all time!!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-23-2013 11:58 AMThe sad or Sick at may Sound, but I think that this Picture will be an Hommage to life and Death. He lost his second Brother last year, after the First one he did Blade Runner ( ! ) Although Ridley is timeless, he is still a Human being, and with the Age of over 70 he will give some Vision what lies ahead. At least I hope he keeps that in perspective. I hope we will see a lot more! Don´t get me wrong! But I hope that he will shut down the rumors of a Blade Runner 2 by expanding this Franchise.... This Universe is great and got a lot of Space in it for a own life. And with such a newbie on his writing team, it´s good to see what comes. I don´t bash on Lindeloff because it´s been done enough. I hope it´s going to be darker and that the Engineers aren´t that flat like shown in Prometheus. And that it has it´s own name is a good sign !

Visionary Alpha

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-25-2013 5:24 AMI say bring out the Predators. They are an important species, and one was actually inside the temple room with the giant head statue while Janek was there in the first movie.


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-23-2013 11:50 PMCan I say how much I LOVE the movie Prometheus? I love all the Alien films, and Prometheus was excellent way to prequel it and start its own mythos different from it. It's brilliant. But I basically think it's all about one thing: Dysfunctional relationships with your parents. In that sense, I guess, it's a great throw-back to the golden era of Freudian Film-Making. I think it accomplishes this theme on many levels with many overlapping metaphors. The most obvious of which is the whole God complex. But there's also Shaw's relationship to her father, and how the relates to God and the Engineers. There's Weyland's god-complex and how he abandoned his daughter Vickers and created his android-son David. David also shows a much more childish and stoic view to his creates since he is well aware of their hubris and lack of intent in his creation. And that's just scratching the surface. I think two scenes really encapsulate this film perfectly, the scene where David poisons Holloway at the pool table, and the final scene where Shaw and David's head are talking. The pool-table scene is great. Pool has traditionally been a metaphor for causality, how a chain of events is related from one cause to another. This is perfect since David starts the chain of events by infecting Holloway who in turn impregnates the sterile Shaw who rips out the Cthulu face-hugger thing that then in turn implants the Deacon alien into the Engineer through its ovipositor. That whole chain of creation events parallels the creation sequences that the Engineers (being GENETIC ENGINEERS) started by their viral reprogramming which set up humanity in the introductory Promethean event, and also in the biogenesis in the urn-room. More pointedly, however, in the pool-table scene is the discussion between David and Holloway. David asks Holloway why his species created him, to which Holloway dumbly answers, "Because we could." To which David rightly assesses how disappointing that would be for Holloway to hear from his makers. Holloway laughs in a dismissing way then inadvertently gives David permission to infect him by saying he'd do anything to get the answers. This theme is re-iterated when David and Shaw are talking at the end. Shaw wants to go to the Engineer's home world. She says she wants to know why it was the Engineers became disappointed with humanity. David CORRECTLY answers that it's irrelevant. Shaw says it's not. She hasn't learned at all from this whole event - her hubris and insecurity in her own self worth and the worth of humanity led her and the crew to this whole mess. She was the one that convinced Weyland that the Engineers had answers to life's most important questions, and she's directly and indirectly responsible for the whole mess that erupts. It's her pride and lack of belief IN HERSELF that is the downfall of everyone. It is her childish need to find meaning in something external to herself that is her undoing. And yet she never learns (thus, setting us up for a potentially AMAZING sequel in which she will finally learn - the movie was rightly criticized for its lack of resolution so it's hoped that the sequel or the trilogy will eventually resolve this by having her realize that what matters is inside and that we create our own meaning). The purpose of life is to live without appeal. To stop seeking the answers outside ourselves and to BECOME the solution. To create our lives as a self-evidently worthy. Shaw cannot get over the pain of losing her father before she felt was the right time - so she cannot realize her own self-worth. BRILLIANT psycho-analysis built into this film. SO good. While the film makes obvious allusions to the Abrahamic eschatology, it is more so based around the Greek (and Mayan) myths of a creator-God that creates through self-annhilation or a giving up of one's self. In the ancient Babylonian myths, the gods create the world and humanity out of the primal divinities that come before them. But in Mayan mythology Father-God creates the world and humanity by sacrificing himself thus letting his own body be the womb of creation. The introduction mirrors this perfectly. I think that this film is trying to reflect the journey of humanity from these ancient myths to the post-modern age by recreating the ancient myths. By focusing on the myth that, as has been said, "Self-creation is annihilation of self," the message of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Camus, and the Existentialists who stole all their ideas from those three (lol, sorry, I just think that Existentialism is pathetic and NOTHING compared to those three thinkers, even though people who don't know anything tend to group those three into the Existentialists when they obviously and self-admittedly [in the case of Camus] are NOT Existentialists). Kierkegaard called for the necessity of the "Leap of Faith", Nietzsche likewise called for the "Re-evaluation of all values", the "Twilight of the Idols", and the over-coming of everything that has made you. Camus, for his part, beckoned us to "live without appeal" and to accept the Absurdity of life - that our search for meaning will NEVER find concrete meaning in the outside world. Take all these perfect truths together and you see the need for humanity to rise above the ignorance and insecurity of our heritage and embrace the fact that we will NEVER have an APPEAL to meaning, and that, in spite of that, we can and should still live a happy and fulfilling life. One can only do that by embracing the Absurd, re-evaluating all values, taking the leap of faith, and over-coming our selfhood and recreating ourselves in a state of eternal becoming. The process of life and recreation is shown in a physical form with the Chain of Creation we mentioned early. This is proof that attempts at eugenics are wrong. The process of creation is an INTERNAL process. Most people don't realize that Nietzsche was the absolute antithesis of Hitler and that Hitler got EVERYTHING wrong about Nietzsche. The movie makes this point very poetically. Although the Engineers judged us as failures, we MUST judged THEM as failures! They went about things the wrong way. Shaw never realizes this, but WE can. Self-creation is annihilation of self. We must over-come OURSELVES. This is a spiritual process. Not a physical process. SPIRITUAL. It is an INTERNAL process of mastery over OURSELVES not an external process of mastery of the world or society or the Other or any other bull****. We must wage war on ourselves. We must destroy ourselves. We must recreate ourselves. For in the end - WE are our own Gods. God was created in OUR image. And we must overcome even God. Maybe I'm reading too far into this, maybe not. But I hope that the next film and the third film if there is one, take this into account and head in this direction. There is meaning and purpose in life. We are here for a reason. But that meaning, that purpose, that reason, is not an external fact to be discovered and known. It is an internal truth to be realized and manifested. And we have the potential to do it. The question is - do we have the will?

Hades Infernal

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-24-2013 2:44 AM@ Pilgrimm Wow what a good read and thank you for your input its rare for such a great interpretation . Namaste :)

Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises Much pain but still time There is good out there We oppose deception Conduit closing

Kevin F.

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-31-2013 5:23 PMAs a huge fan from Amsterdam I must say I was a fan of Prometheus. And I believe that Prometheus deserves a sequel. I don't think Paradise would be a good name for this sequel because one could make a very succesful sequel and name the third one, Paradise. This is my idea for the Sequel of Prometheus 2 Entitled The Oracle of Life The first movie told the story of a group of scientists in search of the origen of mankind. At the end, they discover one of the Engineers still alive in the ship. After discovering what happened to some of these Engineers and receiving no vital answer on the question : Who created mankind' ? They are killed and the alien creature comes out of the stomach of the Engineer. We are left with many unanswered questions and yet still alive 3 individuals, a woman *Dr. Elisabeth Shaun and a new form of Alien and a robot guide. In the second movie another human spaceship called ' Atlas' , was secretly following the Prometheus spacecraft. The mission of ' Atlas' was to monitor the faith of Prometheus and protect the planet Earth from any threat found by Prometheus. A new team of scientists awake to find their briefing. They hear the transmission of Dr. Elisabeth, and about the tragic loss of the entire crew and her warning, NOT to come to the point of origen. With her last words... Still searching, they are ignited in a debate wether they should go and find her or return and head the warning. After a long discussion they decide to go. Atlas finally arrivés and decends on the planet, yet not touching the surface. The crew sees all the devastion and decide to sent some of the crewmembers to seek for evidence. While searching they discover the presence of another cave-like structure very close to their space-ship. As another crew is sent to that cave they embark on a journey most terrifying. They are unaware about the presence of the alien creature that has sought shelter in that ship. As the first crew finds the body of the first Engineer they bring it back on the ship while the other crew finds 3 Engineers still alive but in a deep sleep. As they are on the point to awaken them, they hear the noise of something approaching. The alien creature (now full grown) attacks the Engineers and after a long battle 2 Engineers are killed and one Engineer finds himself running along with the crew to the Atlas spaceship. With each ship having a robot/human doctor and a guide, he uses his language skills to communicate with the Engine. The Alien creature enters in the mind of the Engineer and activate the spaceship. With the crew and the Engineer now back to the Atlas ship, they ask him through the communication skills of the robot guide very difficult questions about the existence and creation of mankind. Yet, he remains silent. It could be that he does not know the answer himself or, he is also searching the truth about the origen of life. Unclear in his behaviour, the crew demands of him to tell them everything but he betrays them and they are entangled in a fight. The crew then locks him in a vessel and put him in deep sleep. When the crew goes back to deck of the rear they discover that the other ship has mysteriously left. With no reply from the Engineer and the dissapearence of the other ship and also Dr. Elisabeth, they turn back to the Engineer for answers. The robot guide informs them about the technology to secretly read the minds ofbeings. They decide to tap into the brain of the Engineer. Due to the complexity of the brain and the fact that the technology was only designed for humans they discover they have but a brief moment to retrieve information. As the computer projects the thoughts and memories of the Engineer they come to understand that the Engineers are vessels for the Creation of Human Beings. In order to do that they are placed on a planet while they drink a very complex liquid and as an order they sacrifice themselves and turn to liquid DNA materials for Evolution to take place and life to begin it's course. The crew also finds out that the Engineers are Vessels and Mediums for different beings to exist in the Universe. As the thought and image is generated of a planet that holds the Oracle of Life the crew with this new information seeks and locates the planet. They find out that their ship is not fit to travel such a long distance. The engineer wakes up and suddenly warns them that they are in great danger. For he now knows that the Alien Creature is underway to that planet because his ship was programmed to fly to that destination. The crew now ask him : What will we find if we go to that planet? He answers : The Oracle of Life. They then tell him of Dr. Elisabeth who has gone missing with another ship and ask him if he knows where she is heading? He then tells them that every ship of them is connected to the Oracle of Life and that Dr. Elisabeth is likely on her way to that place. With the Engineer now in knowlegde that a human being is traveling to the Oracle of Life he is urged to find her before she arrivés. He suddenly breaks lose and fights the crew, then he activates their ship for a collision to a mountain. The crew with no knowlegde to stop the ship from impact are forced to go in safety pods to exit their ship. They are now forced to follow the running Engineer to a new cave which has another spaceship. As they are in the cave an earthquake is felt , the ship is launching. They find a secret passage and enter the ship. Meanwhile their ship explodes into pieces as it collides with a mountain. With tears in their eyes they see no sudden return to planet earth and are now left onboard with an Engineer. The Engineer now goes to the Oracle of Life with maximum speed. Passing through beautiful and mysterious places in space he finally comes on a huge planet which holds the Oracle of Life. Before he approaches he sees 2 Engineer space ships hovering. One is somewhat damaged and one in good condition. He launches a pod of his own and heads to the damaged ship. As he travels to the other ship the crew members yet alive go to the **** pit and open communication with the ship which is in good condition. They discover Dr. Elisabeth is alive but unconcious. The team sends an pod to the ship of Elisabeth. As the engineer is walking in the other damaged ship he sees a pod going to the other ship. As he now rushes to the pod to go back the Alien Creature stands now in his way to battle him. Hovering still outside the Planet which holds the Oracle of Life they reach the ship and try and convince Dr. Elisabeth to go back home. With her now being awake she remembers that she was traveling but that the life of the robot guide epped away and that she had no way in knowing how to manouvre the ship. So, she entered into deep space sleep. With her desire to still go the New discovered planet to discover the Origen of life she attacks and captures the new robot guide and forces the others to go back where they came. She forces the robot guide to bring her to the planet. As the others are mistakenly fired to the damaged ship they fight themselves in the middle of the Alien and The Engineer. They join their fight with the Engineer and fight the Alien Monster. Most of the crew finally dies in the attempt and the engineer decides to blow up the ship. But before he blows up the ship he sees the other ship traveling to the Oracle of Life. He sents a missile which in turns blows up the ship a bit of Dr Elisabeth. She plummets with the ship now on fire from the sky and enters the new planet full of wonders and mysteries.* Yet still Alive* The damaged ship now explodes but just prior to the explosions the Alien Creature still manages to escape and heads to the other Engineer ship still hovering. As Elisabeth surives the crash she now goes outside and see a very huge building that defies all beauty. As she enters the film ends. With an ending scene of the Alien descending as well. The movie now ends and the Third Movie is called Prometheus 3 Pandora's Paradise

David M

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-15-2013 10:00 AMThe purpose of creating the means of sustaining life and destroy a form of unnatural selection. Everything was forged, our culture and intelligence have taken steps larger than our intellectual capacity. If I was a god and could live forever like that my children could be. But we humans are imperfect as depicted in the film: the older man would die, we all die regardless of the time. We are very limited.

Al Dumas

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-22-2013 11:03 AMHere's my thought.... Pile on but be gentle to a noob like me.... The Trick Is Not Minding That it WILL Hurt.... Here the goal is to move the sentiments of the audience away from amicable for Dr. Shaw to at least a mild disgust. As well as from fear and suspicion to more understanding of the dilema of the Engineers. As well as the an arch on David.

Lalit Aditya

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-25-2013 7:55 AMScenee 1-- It start as elizabeth and david travelling in space for discovering the roots of the human history! But the incapabilities of both of them( elizabeth) and david in broken condition had to change and a decesion was taken to land on earth for resources and other support. Scene 2-- The alien that came out of the engineer at last is searching for another ship on titan but finds it difficult to do that. But after lots of hardship he is successfull in finding a ship, but bymistakely he wakes up an engineer from the super sleep chamber, they both fight and they both are killed by some storm that passes by them. Scene 3-- Elizabeth and david lands on earth after 4 years of starting the trip. A newly established private country takes over the ship for research david is repaired and all of his memory is tried to be taken but the this attempt was unsuccessful. Elizabeth discovers that the transmission send by her from titan doesn't reach earth, so she changes her of doing what. After an year of torturing from government and private organisation interrogations, She and David together make a plan. The government accepts of a new trip, and ship that they brought was converted according to human usage. scene 4-- with a new crew and support, ship takes of the earth and starts a new journey. scene 5-- in the ship david discloses that "we were not made by the engineer but they were the slaves and soldiers of the humans created even before the mayans,mesopotamia,chineese,etc. the soldiers or the slaves's thinking part was not controlled or limited in any way. They had build a ship of their own, unknowing of the creators of humans and had left earth the humans thereafter did not make any attempt of reach them. All of this lead to the vengence. Some engineers tried to destroy the creators and some still prayed the creators i.e the humans. but atlast the good engineers had lost all hope and travelled to earth to convey this message to humans. But due to some solar system related problems they had to stop on titan where they had build a small cave homes as seen in prometheus. But the bad engineers to stop them and they also landed on titan and tried to supress the good guys. But in this event they had killed all of them but one escapes from them, who suicides as seen in the begining of prometheus as he did not want tolerate the bad guys anymore. " thats the reason why the engineer hit david when he was trying to speak to them.But david somehow knew that, on the other side of the planet another village existed which consisted of the good guys. but they couldn't access them due to some physical limitations which humans could surpass. Scene 6-- they all become friends and make learned from each other know the supposed engineers learned english! more and more humans come to this satellite and they together form a coilation force. they develope and prosper and live topgether as a team civilization. But the eng. aren't allowed on the earth . which elizabeth and david fails to make them understand the people on earth still did not believe the eng. all the information gathered by these people on titan tries to convince the government but fails in that. Scene 7--- The government spends huge sums of money to protect the planet earth from space related infiltration. this made the eng. at titan sad. i try to complete this plot by tomorrow and Thanks for reading. Please do give suggestions if you are want and also the questions if any!!!Thanks

John Doyle

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-28-2013 12:40 AMI would like to see a sequel split in two timeframes, switching between the two. 1. We see the travels of David and Shaw as they track down the engineer's homeworld and deepens the mythology of Prometheus and the whole Alien saga. I don't even want to speculate about this, except I want it to be relevant and tie in with the Alien movies more. For example, the mural in the chamber had a classic alien in it. So they have evolved before. They are not just another step in the morphing of the goo. Things like that. 2. We go back and see a young Weyland. There has to be a reason he cast Guy Pierce and made him up to be old. Some cut backs to this era ( as we saw in the TED promo) and what led him to fund this journey. Also, the secret tie in with Blade Runner would be facinating with the link to Tyrell being a possible mentor for weyland. What if Blade Runner and Alien are in fact set in the same universe? Either way I am looking forward to see what happens next.


OvomorphMember0 XPSep-07-2013 1:31 AMDr. Shaw states at the end of Prometheus that she deserves to know why the engineers wanted to destroy humanity. I believe that she, and all of us, deserve that answer, as well. That answer involves the following: 1. Dr. Shaw coined the term "engineers": Their real name is, of course, Anunnaki. Prometheus is filled with extrapolations on what little can be deduced about the Anunnaki, so I am assuming that you know about this already, and I will take no time here to explain it (if necessary, query me, and I will send you a short list of the best Anunnaki references). 2. The Anunnaki created us to be their slaves, and to work in mines for them. 3. We rebelled--and so successfully, that the Anunnaki were forced to leave Earth (intending to come back to destroy us and begin again). 4. Clearly, if this were the intent of the Anunnaki, they would have succeeded--unless something happened rendering that impossible. One failed attempt to create weapons of mass destruction to be used against us (which we infer in Prometheus), would have been followed by a second, successful attempt--finished millennia ago. So, clearly, something happened to the Anunnaki (both, we must conclude, to the "real" Anunnaki and to the Anunnaki of this film). Destroying humanity was, evidently, an important project for them: but no one amongst the Anunnaki, apparently, came looking to see what had happened to the first failed attempt, and that attempt was not followed up with a successful second attempt. The only plausible reason for this is that they could not come, either to investigate the first failure or to finish us off. This means, of course, that Dr. Shaw and David will not find a living (and now millennia more advanced) Anunnaki civilization. At best, they will find ruins. 5. Perhaps they will find nothing at all of the Anunnaki home world or worlds. Perhaps, what Dr. Shaw and David will discover, is that Earth was not the only world to rebel against the Anunnaki. Perhaps other worlds, and Earth with them, had destroyed their cruel slave-masters--but at great cost. What Dr. Shaw and David might discover are our one-time allies: struggling, as we have done, to create our own indigenous (and, it is hoped, more humane) civilizations. 6. Dr. Shaw's questions of faith will persist, probably without material proof offering a final answer. She asks, in Prometheus (and I paraphrase): If God did not create us, but the Anunnki did--then who created the Anunnaki? A clue, perhaps, is to be found in the thought that evil on the scale the Anunnaki represent did not, in the end, triumph. Their tyranny ended. Perhaps, in such ways, we see the hand of God--a God who loves us, and who means for us better things. 7. To tie all of this back to Earth at the time of the Prometheus and Aliens movies: I think Prometheus 2 must, finally, give some hope of these better things, including: (1) The emancipation of beings like David; and (2) an end to the corrupt corporate future envisioned in these movies--a future in which a human elite enslaves and uses everyone and all else, much like the Anunnaki before them. Let humanity, perhaps as a result of what Dr. Shaw and David discover, finally throw off this tyranny as well--let humanity in this next movie realize that it has nothing but chains to lose: and a world (perhaps worlds) to gain.


OvomorphMember0 XPSep-20-2013 9:11 PMthe sequel, should explain the opening sequence of events, if the writers want to any justice to the movie. The next movie should answer a few questions: 1) the origins of the engineers, who are they and what their purpose is. 2) what role the original aliens play in all this... Two questions have is it is clear that the goo infects but also the alien reproduce in two ways they pod by the queen or they pop out of people. So, how did they develop? If evolution is the assumption or where they created from scratch. Also, the engineers were sighted by humans but they did not come down to earth. So what gives? Now they want to kill earth. any the loose fragments of tying in Alien with Prom. is imo just a way to get people to see the movie because of its success. more needs to be done to do the entire francise justice, predator series got out of hand if you ask me... I hope the same doesn't belie prom


OvomorphMember0 XPSep-23-2013 6:51 PMI do really think that it shoul'd be a link between prometheus 1 and the Alien saga. The engineers is just the fact that an entity create the ultimate weapon: Alien. In to Prometheus 2, Shawn sould go back to the original planet, and get with her the original life form, everything what they found is just the end of a civilisation, who's been destroyed by a thing. Dark and scary. Has to make a logic link with the futur "First alien saga", It is not so necessary that the pre-alien was the alien of the First movie, but that will be the link between the cultur of alien we descover in to the sheep with Ripley and the pre-alien and maybe not that Shawn died at the end of the movie to create the cultur. The compagny kwnow that there is alien form maybe cause of David. Now what I Think, that is Shawn and David, Should effectively going to Paradise. And descovering something that they just can't imagine. In to this planet, the rest of a incredible civilization who was exterminated by war and chimical weapon also kwown as Alien. The end of a civilization, who was thinking that they where gods. The others Engineers in to the ship should be used for something to make a link between the pre-Alien, Shawn and the discover of the Nostromo.


OvomorphMember0 XPSep-24-2013 7:00 PMI think that the prometheus plot circles around the topic of dysfunctional relationships between parents and their children. This is clearly seen between Vickus and Weyland and also between humanity (Shaw) and the engineers. The are so many possible ways Prometheus 2 can unfold but most people here have extremely interesting plot predictions. Cant wait for 2015.


OvomorphMember0 XPOct-08-2013 12:22 PM[i erroneously posted this in prometheus-1 thread - sorry - not trying to spam] I think its right to start the analysis with the most basic premise – RS names this movie Prometheus. According to Websters: “PROMETHEUS - In GREEK RELIGION, one of the TITANS and a god of fire. He was a master craftsman and a supreme trickster, and he was sometimes associated with the creation of humans. According to legend, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. In vengeance, ZEUS created PANDORA, who married Prometheus's brother and set loose all the evils of the world. Another tale held that ZEUS had Prometheus chained to a mountain and sent an eagle to devour his liver, which regenerated every night so that he could suffer the same torment the next day.” The movie is about creation, its possibilities/dangers, and our place as living creatures in the universe. RS use Prometheus’ fire as his metaphor for creation and destruction. Fire of all types; it can give life, and it can kill. Whether we’re speaking of a campfire that keeps you warm from the cold, but can rage out of control and destroy, or beneficial nuclear energy that can turn to nuclear apocalypse, fire in all of its forms is the ultimate double edged sword. Prometheus stole fire (the power to create and destroy) from the Gods (nature), and he was punished eternally. In the movie Prometheus, we have a race of humanoids called the Engineers. They are an advanced race, evolved over many billions of years, whose curiosity, experimentation, and ingenuity has led them to the creation of a genetic seed that can be used, in combination with their own DNA, to populate primordial planets with Engineer DNA, and thus populate the galaxy/universe with their own kind. This creation/reproduction/survival instinct is very familiar to us – it is the very instinct all living beings require to survive in a competitive environment. It is a necessity of evolution. The instinct to reproduce should not be considered in any way “evil”. We see some of these Engineers (the Good Engineers) dressed as monks, in a benevolent looking ship, spreading their genetic material on a primordial planet (not at all necessarily earth). Despite their good intentions though, the Good Engineers have in fact opened Pandora’s box, so to speak. Instead of reproducing naturally, the Good Engineers have committed a great hubris by trying to accelerate the reproductive/creation process – by creating the genetic seeding material that will allow them to quickly populate known space. This “fire” is a dangerous tool – and should never be let into the wrong hands (or maybe any hands at all!) On the Engineers home world(s) (ironically name Paradise – probably more appropriately Paradise Lost) or a nearby competitive Engineer planet (we must imagine that the Engineers themselves had populated many solar systems, having easily depleted the resources of their original birthplace), a more militaristic/nefarious group of Engineers (the Bad Engineers) decides to experiment with the seed. Intentionally or not, they weaponise it – creating a DNA devouring/altering form of the seed that infects all living things it touches, turning them into pure killing machines, or hosts for those machines (all of the different incarnations of the Xenomorph). Effectively, where the Good Engineers have used the seed for life, the Bad Engineers have used it for death. Again, fire can create or destroy. Seeing the purity of organism, and its raw killing power, it becomes as a God to these Bad Engineers. They worship this new fire, this destructive power. Whereas the Good Engineers see the universe as fundamentally benevolent, and may believe in a benevolent God, the Bad Engineers worship this new destructive seed, a new terrifying God of Death (see Hades, Thanatos, or Erebus). A war between the Good Engineers and the Bad Engineers ensues, and Paradise is definitely lost as this genetic virus is let loose on the Good Engineers home world(s). The Good Engineers flee, and the Bad Engineers follow. A race across the Galaxy (universe?) begins, with the Good Engineers trying to survive, and procreate through the use of their genetic material and the seed. The Bad Engineers seek out the Good Engineers and their worlds and trying to destroy each one before it can grow and flourish. The Engineers we meet in their battleship on LV-223 are clearly the Bad Engineers, undone by an accidental release of their own weapon upon themselves. We, as Humans on earth, are the genetic offspring of the Good Engineers, from millennia past. Our world would be, presumably, a target for extinction by the Bad Engineers. Why are the Bad Engineers bad? Why would they want to destroy their own kind? Do I really need to point to the Billions of humans that we humans have destroyed through war, torture, murder, and genocide in the few years we have been on our own planet? It is the competitive instinct to survive, to kill or be killed, that has raised our species to a level of supreme dominance on this planet. That instinct is core to all animals. Why should the Engineers be any different? Neither vast amounts of conditioning nor hundreds of generations of selective breeding will ever entirely remove that killer instinct from a species. Quite simply, your life *requires* death of another. Without death there is no evolution, no life. In Huxley’s “Brave New World” or Zamyatin’s “We” this point is beautifully illustrated. In both cases, perfectly controlled societies were undone by the natural survival instinct. You can try and control the system, but it only takes one outlier, one man in a trillion to remember that he is an animal, to set fire to the whole mirage of utopia. The Bad Engineers were, and are, an inevitability. Similarly, evil humans were, are, and always will be a part of our species. This, in my opinion, sums up the present and future story of RS’s Prometheus. The story is as old as the Greek Mythology it borrows its name from. The story illuminates a great truth – that only nature can create life in balance. When nature’s own offspring (part of nature itself, of course) try to upset that balance, the results are always a return to the mean. If RS wants to get moralistic, he could be saying much about our own mistaken desires to become God-like – to create in our own image – whether by artificial mechanical (robotic – see Battlestar Gallactica reboot, or David/Bishop in this series) or artificial genetic means. But maybe he’s saying nothing more than this - play with fire and you’re going to bet burned.
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