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And the Moral of the story is....

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OvomorphMember80 XPSep-27-2012 9:20 PMWhen I think about the movie, there is a moral of the story for me. For me it is [b]Hubris[/b][u][/u]. THe Hubris of Weyland to call himself a god, for him to want more my life. Also, for the crew/ mission to land on LV-223 and think that they can uncover the past & purpose of the Engineers. They have no idea of the technology, language, purpose, materials, environment they are discovering. Their over-confidence in their own abilities and supreme technology (as they think) leads them to not even consider that they are delving into a science / technology/ culture that is beyond them.

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OvomorphMember0 XPSep-28-2012 1:55 AMHubris indeed. I felt that the entire time, and I've seen Prometheus many times. Cheers and Kudos! Prometheus has at times come across to me as a humorous old school space film made back in the 1930's,40's, and 50's... has that quality for me. I enjoy it to this day for sure for the Hubris.
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OvomorphMember0 XPSep-28-2012 1:55 AMMoral of the story is its better to leave some secrets as they as..otherwise it could lead to disasters..!!! [url=]Scrap Baling Press[/url] | [url=]Cardboard Baling Press[/url]

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FacehuggerMember158 XPSep-28-2012 6:42 AMYeah, I think hubris is definitely a theme. Weyland fancied himself a god! But I wanted to point out that to contrast Weyland's motivations, Shaw and Holloway's motivations are a bit more noble. I think they genuinely wanted to meet the beings just for the sake of scientific discovery. They are the "true believers" that Weyland wanted on board. Remember Shaw says that this is a scientific expeditions, no weapons allowed. That shows that her intentions are pure, I think. (not like the weapon did any good against the Engineer anyway). And even after it all went to ****, Shaw is still determined to get answers, possibly even MORE determined. Whereas, had Weyland survived, I bet he would still be hunting around for a means to delay his already over-due death. Selfishness/Hubris vs. Knowledge

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FacehuggerMember446 XPSep-28-2012 10:49 AMGetting back to Beowulf & the traits of a great Novel: Hamartia = Tragic Flaw Tragic Flaw of Prometheus is definitely Hubris = Excessive Pride! I would also place David's hubris on par, or above Weyland's. David's hubris was so bad, his head had to be forcefully removed! Engineer-style! I Love it!

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OvomorphMember80 XPSep-29-2012 3:34 PMNice Reference to Beowulf. I am reading it at the moment.

Today I have been dedicated to post on as many topics as possible until I pass out from drinking too many beers. 


OvomorphMember0 XPOct-01-2012 9:49 AMI think the moral of the story is quite simple. Playing god is dangerous business. The engineers tried to play god and it backfired. Humans (Weyland) tried to play god by creating an android and it backfired. The artificial intelligence developed an agenda of it's own and was not 100% loyal to it's creator anymore. David is the real threat to humans, not the engineers. David is developing an ego, just like his creator. The development of new life (artificial intelligence) is a real danger to our existence. Don't believe me? Do the research. One of the leading authorities on artificial intelligence believes this technological advancement could be a real threat to humans. If robots are given the ability to develop their own intellect and become more human like, they might decide that humans are no longer needed.
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