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Engineers running from a Predator

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MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:25 PM
When David touches the blood on the control panel, it glows a very predator-blood green. Its not the same as Engineer blood. It's a different alien. The running engineer who dies, dies before he gets to the door. He is obviously hit by something. He doesn;t look like he is tripping. Possibly,he was hit by a predator. According to AvP movie, the predators had been guiding the humans for at least 10,000 years to build large pyramids and other structures, and using them to breed Xenos to hunt. Perhaps the Engineers are actually a servant race of the Predators, whose job it is to create fertile hunting grounds.
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MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 11:07 AM
there is absolutely no evidence that animals called "predators" exist anywhere in the Prometheus/Alien universe (thankfully). +1 zzplural.

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:39 PM
Sorry, but I don't see it! AvP is a separate entity and as far I know, and I'm sure others will agree is a stand alone, it has nothing to do with the official Alien universe and has nothing to do with Prometheus! AvP bleurgh!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:39 PM
[b]My...[/b] [b][/b] [b]Pains me to say, but there is logic there...and that green stuff scene rang as out of place to me.[/b] [b][/b] [b]But Predator blood is not sticky, and that thing was sticky...but again dried / old blood from those might be that way...[/b] [b][/b] [b]Well....not sure where this might lead. Maybe that green egg on the room is filled with Predator blood?[/b] [b][/b] [b]I am not sure I like this route...but it is not illogical given those scenes, and yes, they were running from something, and the one falling could have been hurt or tripping...they are sturdy that we know, for rail riffles and rail guns do not affect them greatly as we saw...[/b]

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:41 PM
Please god no!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:46 PM


Co-AdminMemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:51 PM
No. Just, no.
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Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 12:54 PM
but seriously, could you imagine - Ridley finally tying Alien and Predator together ? By confirming it through Prometheus. It plays over and over in my head - how does an Engineer just trip up fall like that. The God's can't be that cruel - may this never come to be! Never shall we think or utter such blasphemous nonsense! Arrrgh!!


MemberDeaconSep-25-2012 1:17 PM
Lol... Yes that was interesting it does look like Predator Blood, the Xeno and Engineer dont have that color blood. I dont think Ridley would go that route.... but lets hope that he gets to stay on board for Prometheus 2 as certainly Fox could go that route. There is another interesting thing that has similarities to Predator. The writing on the Urns is not the same as that on the Juggernaut or the other things written on the Doors and Walls of the Temple including the writing on the Engineer Head Statue. The Glyphs on the Urns are different and they look similar to Predators..... ;) And you know what if that AVP movie was never made or its sequel than yes Prometheus could go on to make a link with the Engineer, Xeno and Predators. The problem was not AVP... it was how AVP was made.....

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The Soothsayer

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 1:28 PM
Seems like most Alien purists despise the poor predators, so I am disinclined to agree. Fun theory though.


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 1:48 PM
Lets say that green stuff is actually Predator blood. Then were is the body which belonged to the dead Predator. If it was not killed then why did the Predators not decapitate the Engineers and take there heads as thropy's. No I do not think that was Predator blood.


Co-AdminMemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 2:24 PM
I love the Predator movies, I just think that the way they were mashed together was not very befitting of either of them.
[url=][img][/img][/url] "Is it dead this time?" "I dunno, poke it with this stick and see."


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 2:40 PM
I don't know why you all are so opposed to the possible introduction of the Predators. In all honestly, without any hint towards either the Alien or Predator franchise . . . Prometheus really isn't much more than an average possibly overdone tragedy of where we came from. Personally, I go to the movies to be entertained, not educated or "enlightened". That being said, I believe that the Engineers are running away from the deacon, but thats just me. Saying that AVP isn't canon isn't stupid, saying that Prometheus has no intention of being related to either (if not both) franchise is. Keep up the good work edwardinthefure!

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 3:29 PM
[quote][b][i]I don't know why you all are so opposed to the possible introduction of the Predators. In all honestly, without any hint towards either the Alien or Predator franchise . . .[/b] [/i] [/quote] Blasphemy! you have uttered the unspeakable... seize him!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 4:45 PM
Aha! Now seriously, Predator and Predators are very good movies , with Predator 2 being well put together...and that is an alien well designed, and in my opinion the bugs are no match whatsoever to them. And yet they are a culture of beings which even respect some aspects of life (remember Predator 2, when one of them spares the police woman who is pregnant...they do have honor, as we saw on the original AVP comics and books, where we do depict their culture and behavior. AvP movies, whereas departing from a really good comic and books (I liked them a lot) was poorly, really poorly done, and to tie them to it all, more than anything, would not work due Weyland himself, who died on the first AVP movie, and we all know Lance Enriksen face by now... Now, thinking about how to do this, it would need to be a total remake of the concept, tying the movie with Predator and Predators, yet distancing it completely to the AvP movies. As for the urns, it could mean that those urns are not actually engineer tech, but something they stole and are analysing for their use, which is an interesting way to see it, as aestethically speaking, those urns differ completely from all the rest of their tech we saw in the movie... Could it be another hint in front of our faces along the movie as mentioned by Ridley Scott on another aspect of the plot yet to unfold? This does open interesting possibilities, even if not tied to Predators at all...I like the idea!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 5:50 PM
I like the Predator character. Bringing it into the story doesnt bother me one bit. But I say: whats with the weak plastic made David? Couldnt Weyland bring along a couple of tough Terminators?

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 6:02 PM
[quote][b][i]Bringing it into the story doesnt bother me one bit. [/i][/b] [/quote] ... Seize him!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 6:58 PM
Now you bring Skynet into the fray.... So that is why they wanted to kill us all...they have foreseen Skynet coming aboutt...biotech against conventional tech indeed! Maybe one Terminator shoot too ahead in time and ended up amng Engineers somewhere and they traced its origin, targeting Earth for destruction XD XD XD XD


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 7:03 PM
@ Edward: Seems you made a vow to yourself to act in the role of a jackass. It does not serve you well.


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 7:15 PM
Eh Not my intention, but I could not resist the temptation


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 9:51 PM
Ridley Scott will bring some connection to the Predators along only in the final movie....this movie has opened our minds up to questions we never thought about asking in the AvP, ALIEN. Predator multiverse and i think Ridley and the writers did a incredible job of showing us some things and not too much....i am pretty sure after the first two weeks they Ridley and the writers sat back and laughed at us..cause once we left the theater with or brains twirlling they knew they hit it for us true fans who "thought" we knew......either way Jockies(engineers), ALIEN strain and ALIEN itself, and Predators all have a connection to each other and "humans"......if u remember in the first alien movie...the company woke them up and ordered them to go bring the ALIEN back...and Weyland company funded the mission which means they knew all just intrested to see if Yutani corporation will take over the next movie too since the "real" Weyland died in this one........Predators my have been apart of the "evolution" too so the green "blood" may have been from the "first" set of ancestor indeed they may have ran from one because they failed to follow directions which is way the one chamber was locked up....FAILED EXPERIMENTS...getting to the possibility that the ALIENS were not originally the Ultimate prey...the Jockeys were experimenting with the strain to actually kill the Predators....(that is all)........This is Lt. AvPHunter..last surviving member of the Sulocco...signing out..........


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 10:10 PM
Well If they work it well I am ok with that...


MemberChestbursterSep-25-2012 10:23 PM
it sounds really freakin cool for a predators to be in this movie, but only in a comic book or something. we have come to far to let the predators be part of this. if avp had been well thought out, acted, and written, then i can easily see the exact same movie(im talking about prometheus now) with the hint mentioned above, of predators being epic and sequels expand and have predator, sj, and alien action, but like i mentioned before, it, shoud not, can not, and will not work. enntertaining thought though!

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Major Noob

MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 10:39 PM
I think the question of Predators being canon or not is largely one of aesthetics, and alterations to what those who are solely devoted to Alien see as sacred. I don't mind Predator films but they belong to a flashier sci fi action universe and agree the Aliens were used to breathe life in a franchise(s) that was circling the drain. Gotta say here too RS and Prometheus certainly weren't out to teach or enlighten anybody, borne out by the fact that it is 100% fiction. But don't listen to me, RS said it himself: " it's a movie, not science class "! Prometheus was an alternate exploration of the hideous possibilities in the Alien universe, an opportunity to see something more than the done to death Xeno.


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 10:49 PM
That is why I still have hope they will forget the damned bugs! But yet that mural... Yet that final scene with a kind of bug bursting out... There is so much more than Space Ants to all this, and yet there they are... Bugs....sheesh...


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 10:53 PM
Were the hell are all of you people coming from with these crazy Predator and Terminator ideas. I first viewed Alien when I was nine years old. Since then the most impressive scene in the film to me has been the Space Jockey scene. The music score for that scene is amazing and the camera angles also bring grandeur to the scene. I am one to believe that the answers to many of the questions revolving around the Alien and Prometheous universe can be found by studying that scene carefully. We do not need any Predators in this universe when we already have what I have always stated as an elephantine race of Space Jockeys. The original SJ is well over 15 feet tall, which towers over any engineer. I am one to believe that the Engineers are a by product of experimentation by the Elephantine Space Jockeys. All you have to do is look at the SJ scene in Alien carefully. You will find that its rib cage has been blown out. The so called air hose running down the face to the chest in my opinion is really a real long elephantine nose. If it was made of an artificial material then that means that the material would of rotted away by the time that the Nostromo crew touched down on LV-426. No my friends the long nose is intact because it is made with the same kind of material the rest of the skeletol structure is made of. By the way @warrior7 if you rather be entertained then enlightened then you should wait for Transformer 4 to come out. Why is it so difficult nowadays for people to use there imagination. Why cant people think for themselves with out having everything have to be explained to them. Use your imagination people, that is why you have a brain.


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 11:19 PM
If you listen to the brain that you mention, it might tell you that artificial materials do not necessarily rot. The chair in which the SJ is sitting is artificial. And the bent bones that you mention are not necessarily bones at all. But they [i]could[/i] be, that is true. Personally, I think the whole business of an organism having its snout joined to its rib cage is a bit daft. It looks cool and weird but could serve no useful evolutionary purpose — quite the contrary in fact. At a stretch, I could imagine that — for whatever reason — the Engineers are big time into mimicry of another race, a race that has bondage in its genes, but Occam's Razor gets in the way a little.
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MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 11:50 PM
Some expletive aside, the concept of the Steroid Guys being in a conflict with the SJ (the real, giant ones) is interesting. I posted my idea on that, so I will not repeat myself, but if that is the course they will use it would be very interesting. The real masters are the SJ who created the Steroid Guys as their tools. The tools resented their masters after a time and entered in conflict with them. They would copy their tech and even use armor to imitate them to an extent, but the SJ would be the real thing... Well, ideas... But one thing I agree, the SJ would have a exoesqueleton, for if it was not that there would not be much left on that chair...although toxic atmosphere could help preserve somewhat the body...


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 7:36 AM
There have been ideas that the engineers are at war with another race (perhaps the real space jockeys?) and they are using xeno's as weapons against them. Humans are a tool in this war for the engineers. Perhaps their war is with predators..... It's almost cool to think about. Engineers are taller or same height as predators, and seem just as strong. It's about an equal struggle. Humans are a tool for one race but just another trophy for the other. With that said, the thought of bringing in the predators into the sanctity of this glorious franchise (again, barf) is completely sacrilegious.


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 8:39 AM
Oneironaut 717, you dare challenge me! SEIZE HIM! Hehe, just kidding


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 8:45 AM
Well, ridding the idea, then the Muscle Guys are at war with Predators, and the REAL Space Jockeys are there maybe trying to protect bystanders like us, trying to avoid unconnected civilizations to be whiped out in the process No matter if the Muscle Guys are te ones that created us, we are our own masters now... Cheap I is the AvP idea XD
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