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A Second Viewing: The Sacrifice of a Masterpiece

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MemberOvomorphAug-05-2012 8:23 PM
Upon watching the movie Prometheus for a second time, I was struck by an overriding new understanding of the film makers needs and most of their objectives in the creation of this new segment of the Alien canon. While I sat there, I noted the frantic pace by which the entire movie was moving; with the characters fulfilling their plot requirements, the dialogue interjecting information, and the objectives being met with each chapter completed. Once the movie was finished, I just shook my head in understanding and of misery... Ridley had no other choice, but to structure this movie in such a way as to fulfill all that he wanted to present to the audience. It was really too much material, but due to constraints of budget and overall audience satisfaction, he had to economize his presentation. This sacrificed both narration and character development and set the movie at a breakneck pace. Do you see this as a worthwhile goal in order to create this movie, or should he have consulted other individuals about the story and rethought it's objectives with later movies in consideration?
31 Replies


MemberDeaconAug-07-2012 6:41 PM
Looks like my reply was deleted.... Why Mods? a explanation would be fine.... Ok here goes again in a nutshell for what i remember what i put... When i saw one of the featurete it showed Fords head being CGI'ed also in some of the trailers she seemed to be having a fit and looked as though she was not scared but something else. I can only assume that what happened to her was more than being pushed by the Engineer, but it had to b cut and a alternative death scene added to allow movie to pass for under 18s. As far as scary, well sorry but Scary Movie series was as Scary to me.... not many movies scare me if any.... only one movie makes me feel uncomfortable and thats the original The Thing by John Carpenter

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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