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What happened to the Deacon on LV-223

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MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 11:38 AM
[url=][img][/img][/url] Has anyone seen the final picture in the Prometheus art book which has The Deacon walking twoard a Juggernaut ship with a quote from Ridley Scott about Promethus 2 plot ides?
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MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 9:42 PM
I really hope the next episode will include also action on LV-223, with Deacon morphing somehow into a Queen, laying her eggs and waiting a couple millennia for humans to come terra-forming this planet of all evil. The other direction, Shaw and David expedition, could lead to a infinity of possibilities, even good ones, but not as good as something preparing the path for Alien (first movie, also Ridley's). Or maybe, it could be also a big surprise! Who knows? Anyway, I hardly wait for the sequel... Come on, Ridley! Make it memorable! I give you all the credit in the world.

Space Screamer

MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 2:28 PM
Yeah, that's an interesting image indeed. I guess we may never know, really. With David and Shaw already having taken off in search of the Engineer home world at the end of the film, I'm not sure how they would work the Deacon back into the storyline.


AdminEngineerJul-11-2012 3:02 PM
Perhaps, other sleeping Engineers in neighboring temples wake up and start up their Juggernauts to chase after Shaw and David, but as a classic Alien move - the Deacon sneaks aboard the Juggernaut and causes hell. Perhaps, this is how we lead into ALIEN - the Deacon is somehow responsible for those eggs... ? It's a broad theory, but my 2 cents for now. Will theorize a bit more later. Good thread, thanks for posting!
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MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 3:11 PM
When I first saw that I just knew the little guy was up to some mischief... I think Deacon is the linchpin to the whole story... the cat is out of the proverbial bag and is on the move in the story now...

Capt. David

MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 3:38 PM
What ever happens with Shaw and David are pivotal to our future. We know that two more centuries go by with still no retaliation from the Engineers. But then ... 2,000 years have already gone by without the Engineers exacting revenge on Humanity for the killing of one of their emissaries. This suggest a possibility that the Engineers sent to destroy Humanity were on a one-way mission with no need to report back, and that Shaw either never reaches them (so they remain unaware of the fate of Earth), or that when Shaw reaches them (ironically wearing a symbol of the fate of the last Earth emissary) she is somehow able to win them over. Unless... What if what the crew of the Prometheus discovers on LV-223 is pivotal to the fate of the Engineers themselves? What if the Engineers found something that destroyed them on LV-223, but not before some of the ships carried that "something" back with them to their home world? In that last scenario, Shaw would arrive at to find a world already destroyed. So, so many ways this could go. I almost don't want them to answer this question with a sequel. At least not for another 30 years. Capt. David


MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 5:27 PM
I do not think that they have to go anywhere with the deacon. I think it just shows the nature of the substance (black goo) because of its similarity to the other aliens. Hamerpede is another example, i.e, acid for blood. I do not think that a sequel will have anything to do with the deacon, but it could leave another possible story to explore. One thing nobody has said is how it is possible for a search and rescue mission on LV-223. I personally just want to find out the same answers Shaw wants, and hope to see where her and David are headed as soon as possible minus a Deacon.


MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 8:38 PM
There are many directions the story could go with what the Deacon does next. As mentioned above whats to find in the remaining ships ? We know Weyland is dead in the crashed Juggernaut but what if Ford or the gunman weren't killed instantly by the engineer, say one or both are somehow still alive . When found by the Deacon what does it do to or with them.

Indy John

MemberOvomorphJul-11-2012 9:32 PM
"....other sleeping Engineers in neighboring temples wake up ..." The other Temples have been mentioned from time to time...With all of the action protrayed in would thjknk that some for the other ships would be put on 'alert' and at least check what is going on..before Shaw/David seek out the next adventure..
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MemberOvomorphJul-12-2012 12:48 AM
If you watch when Vickers get's rolled over by the Juggernaut she was in a rocky crag like shaw, quite possible she survives long enough for the deacon to find her and propagate.....

Indy John

MemberOvomorphJul-12-2012 11:41 PM
THat would require the Deacon ro have a quick maturation..and the ability to find perhaps the only living host on that moon! If Vickers cannot be found,,well The Deacon will become a Monk..
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