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OvomorphMember80 XPJul-06-2012 8:27 PMPlenty of people in the 3.30 pm matinee showing today ! All over 40 yrs old!!! 3rd viewing and it gets better each time. (1) Milburn ha mutiple (3)mission patches on his suit. One on either side of the Promtheus patch. (2) This mission is nothing special for these guys. (3) Hands off is a military methods to avoid altering a course/speed in a ramming situation (naval etc.) (4) Holloway has a cross on his right hand shoulder (5) Holloway is the the less academic of the couple and he uses his other talents - frontman. presenter to get things moving. (6) Chance, the other pilot and Janek are team and have a team bond. Prometheus is their ship, they have flown it many times together. (7) Weyland in the beggining says he wants to get Prometheus 'back' or words to that effect. Interesting. (8) There is a long shot of Shaw and Vickers running from the Juggernaut --- they are running at an angle not striaght on!

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OvomorphMember35 XPJul-06-2012 8:43 PMMore!!

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OvomorphMember80 XPJul-06-2012 9:20 PMI do have a few.... (1) When the survey team first exit their vehicles there are two security guys (one dismounted) and one in the cab that remain behind. One plot hole plugged there! (2) When Shaw goes back for David.. to the left of Shaw is another body with its yellow suit lights still on....the bodies did move after the crash and rolling of the Juggernaut. (3) Vickers says that the search for the LV-223 [u]and[/u] the mission cost a trillion. Not just the mission. (4) The Engineer does not retch after leaving its stasis pod. It does bend down on one knee after seeing the humans. May be it is one bended knee to is master/God before killing in their name. (5) The Seed Engineer at the beggining has a broken thumb nail. It is the nail of a mortal/working life form. These guys are not perfect or the Gods. Visual details like that are carefully monitored by RS. That is a clue. (6) I sensed that "Because we Could" not only relates to David's creation but also to the mission. We went becasue we could but ....we have no idea what we getting into. (7) Shaw's knowledge of the limited numbers of the Pauling Med pod production and her deft selection of the mdical procedure whilst under incredible stress tells me that Dr. Shaw may have more than one discipline, MD being one of them.

Today I have been dedicated to post on as many topics as possible until I pass out from drinking too many beers. 

Forever War

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-07-2012 12:32 AMRidley is not the guy some people have been lulled into thinking he old English director whos best ideas about science fiction began with Alien and ended with Blade no no no NOOOOOOOOO! This guy is sharp as a razor blade and everything we see and hear is for a reason. People who have given up on this, I'm sorry to say, missed the boat. I was ready for this, not because i have a giant brain but because Ridley himself said it in his codified way of speaking...before the film came out. Parrot....thanks for the refresher...seen it 4 times and missed 3 of your catches


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-07-2012 1:19 AM@parrot: ive seen the film several times. In general, i have a very high opinion of Prometheus. I disagree with many of the "plot hole" assertions that have been floating around out there. Much of the film is self-contained and explained (aside from the many elements that are clearly meant to be unanswered, but those are not plot holes....just part of the films aesthetic). However, something that has bothered me a great deal (occurred during the first viewing and continued to bug me in each of the subsequent viewings) is the "hands off" proclamation by janek (i know its small, but it irritated me). Then the flight crew proceeds to put their hands up in the air as if they are riding a roller coaster. I thought it was intended to be some sort of emotional appeal. Like: "everyone throw their hands up. here we go. these are our last few moments of life before we valiantly give up our lives to save earth etc.". If the term is indeed a nautical term and is intended to signal..."ok. the course is set. hands off so we dont deviate from our present course...we've only got one shot at this etc. etc.", then that whole scene has been restored for me. What you said makes total sense. Thanks for making a little piece of the film that much better for me!


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-07-2012 3:43 AMParrot - lot's of good stuff there - including the meaning of "hands up" I've had two viewings here, but I find your interpretation of the Engineer stumbling interesting...I don't think I agree with it. I think it was an almost comical nod to the Prometheus crew retching after their stasis. Here, the Engineer has been down *2000 years*. Wouldn't it make sense that he has to recover a little bit from that?


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-07-2012 12:36 PM[u]parrot[/u]: Thanks for the posts. In regards to your initial post and your notes about the makeup of the audience during your third viewing of the film, I live in NYC and this past Monday evening at 8:30PM I saw the film for the 4th time, this time at a 3D, non-IMAX screening. My previous viewings of the film had all been at IMAX, 3D screenings. At my most recent viewing of the film there were at least 50 people in the audience. I’m not going to go into an extended defense of the film but I will say that I found it interesting that almost 4 weeks after its release the film is still drawing interested filmgoers. I say that because/in regards to the flack that the film is drawing from some people. If the film was the pile of poop that some make it out to be no one would be going to see the film at this point. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the film a fifth time! When I get a chance to do so I’ll make a post about your notes on the film.

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OvomorphMember80 XPJul-19-2012 6:51 PMThx for your replies. I plan to see it a 4th time too. By the way I noticed something else. In the ampule room when Fifield and Milburn, there is a little interplay that suggests these guys have become friends. Here goes... I am a Brit, My gf is am American. In the US she uses the middle finger to sometimes communicate with me. As Brit I reply by "flickign the V's", whcih means the same as the middle finger. Fifled flicks the "v;s" to Milburn who replies in kind and they both laugh. Fifeild is a Brit and Milburn is an American...this shows they are messing around as friends, definitely. Well I got the 4 discs set of Blade Runner for $13, brand new and I amnow going to enjoy one of the "Directors Cuts". Goodnight!

Today I have been dedicated to post on as many topics as possible until I pass out from drinking too many beers. 

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OvomorphMember0 XPJul-20-2012 12:16 PM''As Brit I reply by "flickign the V's", whcih means the same as the middle finger. Fifled flicks the "v;s" to Milburn who replies in kind and they both laugh.." Thanks for mentioning detaqils that in one country might have a different meaning. I recall taking with a Canadian who wore a 'Jumper'' I had not heard this term except as a young girl's one piece dress. He explained that his reference was to a style of sweater. I suspect that older American based Directors tend to be self centered in a movie's production..thinking mostly of US markets... With so much money at stake, including words..phrases..that are easily translated..understood is best for all.
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