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MemberOvomorphJun-14-2012 7:05 PM
in the dinnertime scene in ALIEN, a moment before Kane dies, Parker is telling a story, and in the edit his story gets cut off he is heard telling the crew "What happen one time to this guy was - - " then his audio is cut. i was told that he tells the story of someone who went to a brothel, and was having sex in a zero gravity chamber, and there was something "different" about the lady he was having sex with and something about spinning mirrors in the zero gravity chamber, Parker's story also lends a bit to what Kane told him about the food they were eating aboard the Notromo the line Lambert says: "Well you pound down the stuff like there's no tomorrow" to which Parker replies: "I'd rather be eatin' something else right now,but I'm thinking about food" then Kane jokes: "Well at least you know what it's made of" Kane's very last words were related to Parker's story. then of course the chestburster scene happens i've gooooooooogled this scene, and nothing about the Parker's story does anyone have any valid info about that i am referring to? any / all info would be much appreciated thanx =)
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MemberOvomorphJun-17-2012 9:47 AM
I'm sure it was just some Arcturian


MemberOvomorphJun-21-2012 3:06 AM
The story is in the Alan Dean Foster novel, but I believe its timing is switched to when Parker and Brett get a call from Kane to report to the bridge shortly after awakening. I am almost certain it is the same story but I don't have the novel on hand. If someone else does . . .


MemberFacehuggerAug-03-2012 1:04 PM
@dallas!dallas! Yes, that story is in the Alan Dean Foster novel. It takes does take place at the beginning. It's Ripley who calls them to the mess hall. In the novel during the 'last supper' The topic of conversation is about the artificial food before Kane starts to get cramps.
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