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Theme of wanted and unwanted children

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Cry Havoc

OvomorphMember9 XPJun-14-2012 3:33 PMI realized this morning there's a theme of wanted and unwanted children throughout Prometheus. Old Man Weyland thinks of David as the son he never had. And seems to treat Meredith as nothing but an employee. She doesn't even have his last name. David seems disillusioned by the idea that someone could be created only 'because they could'. Of course, the Engineer at the end of the movie sure doesn't want to become a parent at the hands (tentacles) of the Huggoth/Trilobite. Shaw can't have children, but when she finds out she's pregnant, she immediately wants to abort it. It's an abomination to her. Do the Engineers see Mankind the same way? "We created them and look what they've become so we must destroy them before they reach farther into the stars!" The Engineers want to destroy all of Mankind - that they supposedly created. Not so much genocide as infanticide. So then you have to wonder: was the creation of Mankind only an accident in the backseat of space on a drunken prom night? hehe
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 7:22 PMshehe is searching the universe for her elusive parentgods, she aborts the unwanted fetus, she races off at the endstart in search of her progenitors, leaving behind the second-generation eruptling which - unless im reading too much into it - gasps a couple of syllables immediately after hatching that sound alot like a plaintive "mama ?" ... david said there were Many more spacecraft ... did the hatchling absorbassimilate navigational from the grigoriGiant alien ? ... will it pursue Mama in search of its own identity ? ... i seriously hope Mr Scott icorporates the Apocrypha mythology into Alien Harvest ...


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 3:38 PMDEfinitley an imprtant theme---Certainly the engineers view us as a misake--but I think more in the sens that they do not like the way we turned out then because we were created accidentally. Also, I do not think DAvid is disiluusioned at things being created beacuse they can--rather that is the whole point of the fruitlessness of Holloway and Shaw's search--it does not matter WHY we were created--what matters is waht you do withthe fact that you are HERE NOW


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 3:57 PMI like it. I like a lo...wait! Didnt I just say this in another thread! But yeah, great idea. Never thought of it like that.

David 1

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 4:08 PMif you read my review, I point to this Father - Child dualism, and also upon the notion of Humanity as an unexpected error. [url=]My Personal Review[/url] Plus, a wrong Idea of Sacrifice? [url=]Sacrifice or Murder[/url]
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 4:22 PMIt was obvious to me when Shaw saw the Engineer, her's was the cry of the abandoned child. You could see the affect on the engineer's face for a moment..

Indy John

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-12-2012 3:12 PMTHee children theme has not been what I would say thoroughly discussed. On a recent watching of our movie Shaw and Holloway are atalkingabout the DNA matching between the Engineer and Humans. I thought Shaws immediatre response to Holloway taht she can't have children was very sudden It was as if her being barren was always on her mind. Infact ot was almost seemed like it was her motivation to meet her makers and find out as to why she would not be able to have her own child., I have known several middle aged women who for medical reason or personal choice did not have kids. I don't recall that it was a particular regret of their life,,or even a regular thought that they are being punished. In Shaws case it seemingly was I hope that the more detaled posters would address this issue as to why Shaw responded as she did to Holloway on the subject of not being abe to have children and it's impact on Shaw and the storyline.
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OvomorphMember0 XPDec-12-2012 4:19 PMyup defo a key theme! and note holloways mood when they dont find living engineers (not while hes alive anyway!) he gets all drunk and pissy and says dont you want to know why they [i]abandoned[/i] us, sounds like theres absent parent issues, i reckon vickers must be weylands bastard daughter

Indy John

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-13-2012 1:18 PMSounds like Weyland has a dysfunctional family. Vickers which he barely ACKNOWLEDGES.. David a Built Son without a soul and is power hungry There was a suggestion that Weyland was sent ny the Engineers to Earth to advance the human race,,and based on the cir***stantial evidence they might be right. Try explaining the Weyland Birth and Company timelines. Extrordinary.
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