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Prometheus Fan Fiction

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Cry Havoc

OvomorphMember9 XPJun-12-2012 12:14 PMDon't read this if you haven't seen the movie. It ties up one or two of the background points. I wrote this after someone posted that Ridley Scott based The Engineers on Sumerian/Persian Myths and I did some research. You can even see Sumerian cuneiform wrting in the movie. Most of the names and ideas I used are from that Sumerian/Persian research. Hope you like it. It's also my response to the post on the forum of: [b]What Happened to the Engineers on LV_223?[/b] PRELUDE TO PROMETHEUS . . Pressing several cuneiform buttons and bubble knobs on the Central Control, Yaldabaoth saw that the Chosen Four-Fold - Tymajori, Iao, Monad, and Epithymia, were already in HypoStasis. The arrest of bodily functions for hibernation in HypoStasis was necessary for the interstellar distances traveled by the Dispersion Ship. . . Yaldabaoth spoke into the wallpanel: "See that the last Origen Ampules are loaded in the cargo hold of the Dispersion Ship. Accomplish the final Directives in preparation for the launch to the TargetWorld. They are Awakening. This cannot be allowed. They have become an Abomination, just as the Fallen Ones did aeons ago. These inferior creatures are a Plague. They are a fundamentally flawed imitation of our Divine Model. We will cleanse the sky, the stars of this Vermin." . . The 12 foot tall Yaldabaoth spoke louder. "Within the Superior Level of Reality, one day, We, the Rulers of the Darkness, the Personification of Royal Power and Glory, the Keepers of the Knowledge of Life, will finally wipe the filth out of this Universe. May the Mother of the Living and the Thirteenth Spirit be our Guides." . . It rose behind the stack of Urns. . . Logoi didn't see it until it was too late. He tried to fight, but it was relentless. Even through his BioSuit it came, melting. Pushing it's way towards his mouth, into his throat. Then he felt nothing more. . . An iridescent glass Ampule extruded from the producewall. . . "Thank the Artisan, the last of the Origen Ampules," Dumuzi said in the Ancient Flawless Dialect through his BioSuit muzzle. . . Origen was the currency of the Orthodox Archon Legion. . . Origen. The Divine Element. The Apocryphon Gel. The Cosmogonic Fluid. The Dew From Above. The Primal Monadic Source. The Essential Substance. . . An extremely mutagenic biotoxin. . . Origen. The way the Exegetica Codex required an Archon to spread it's Supreme Essence - their Helix Code - across the Galaxy. The Dispersion Protocol. . . He placed the Ampule into an Urn with three others. The others had already started to leech the black, oily fluid. . . Picking up a firmbottle, Dumuzi sprayed coolant around the four Origen Ampules. . . "Carefully," Ailoein told Dumuzi. "There have been so many accidents. The last thing we need is to deal with another Primal Being here. The Seven Worlds would never forgive us." . . "We would be triumphant in the end as always." . . "But even so, the Eighth World would not let us come Home. . . The Primal Embryo ripped through Logoi's thoracic cavity like papyrus. The red drenched his body and soon he stopped moving. The newborn Primal Being screeched and ran. . . "Behind you!" Norea screamed. . . It slowly stood. . . Taller than the tallest. . . "We have to capture it," said Molekh. . . The creature turned to the sound of his voice. . . Ailoein yelled "No! It has been tried! The Codex forbids it!" . . "Kakia, get behind it!" . . The Primal Being suddenly rushed to the closest person. . . They fell backwards, entwined. . . Into the load of Origen Urns. . . Several Urns cracked open and their Ampules fractured, the contents bubbling out. . . The creature rolled in the Origen and screamed. . . It flailed about and the Origen sprayed everywhere. . . It touched everyone. . . Miourgos began to dissipate almost instantly. . . "Get to Decontamination!" someone bellowed. . . The alarm rang out. . . The hololight recording would show all what happened. . . Soon, all of the doorwalls would shut against the lethal biotoxic accident and there would be no escape. . . Dumuzi could feel the Metempsychosis starting. . . He ran. . . He knew nothing could stop it, but he ran anyway. . . There were others ahead. . . He saw the opening to the Ceremonium and tried to stop to go in. . . Dumuzi stumbled and fell and the doorwall crashed down upon his neck.
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-14-2012 2:06 PMThanks! More to come perhaps-Once I've seen it in 3D and get a chance to write a review, however.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-12-2012 1:15 PMSeriously...

Mr.Yutani (Detective Hudson)

OvomorphMember0 XPJun-12-2012 1:48 PMDon't post that here!!! Send it to Mr.Scott to use for the next movie!!!!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-12-2012 3:35 PMWhy post this here? Try

Cry Havoc

OvomorphMember9 XPJun-12-2012 3:44 PMI thought everybody might enjoy it. It's just a background story to what could be going on in the holograph in the movie. It's also my response to the post on the forum of: [b]What Happened to the Engineers on LV_223?[/b]


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-12-2012 5:13 PMNever mind the haters man...its a crackin read brilliantly thought out and creatively dispalyed here...might not be everyones thought on the subject...but you should be proud of what youve written...its ace.

Cry Havoc

OvomorphMember9 XPJun-12-2012 10:10 PMThanks!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-13-2012 11:08 PM[size=200][i]Big Things...Small Beginnings[/i] [/size]An Excerpt from P R O M E T H E U S StarbeastEngineer0001 [i]Earth, Northern Continent. [/i] Far out past the great white-hot sun, there lay a string of planets stretched at nearly immeasurable great distances from the center of the juvenile system. Having been orientated as if some invisible hand had manipulated their eccentricity, they dwarfed the inner worlds that were vastly different in composition amidst the twinkling of stars and surrounding galaxies, nebulae and inert puffs of gas that filled the interstellar medium. Unlike their outer cousins, which remained massive in size with gaseous layers and noxious atmospheres and numerous moons, the smaller four terrestrial objects showed considerable atmospheric progression, heavy minerals, and geological activity. Situated in between the second and fourth orbiting bodies from the sun, the young planet was almost complete. It’s structure and basic elements were almost perfect at its core; a good distance from the nearest stellar furnace provided neither a chilling or boiling nature, and an inner core that’s geo-magnetic rotation sent puffs of steam and gas, and magnificent blue-purple and green rays into the sky that arced over the horizon. Adding a stable platform and gravitational field and elliptical orbit, it seemed a near miracle that it was close to design. The upper atmosphere was still expanding and warming from layered integration, but it would soon be complete; what mattered most were the lower volumes and layers that needed enhanced circulation of hydrogen, inert carbon, nitrogen and multiple fragments of ozone and oxygen. Below its pale but congested (and somewhat sulphuric) mist laid the new ground. The surface was varied but retained the original features that signified its earlier development. Vast, overwhelming layers of rock, basalt and magma diffuse had been vomited upwards from volcanic vents and powerful mountain forces-so that the structures that would become later “mountains” loomed over the oozing lakes and ponds of nearly-perfect self-replicating chemical molecules. In between the layers of peat and rock that had expanded rapidly some several months, they had become phenomenal developments during the previous period. The coastlines of the jagged land masses roared with the winds, water and occasional exhausts of diatomic ooze and liquefied carbon/silicate slices which threw up heaves of steam and heat upon contact. Terra forming had now brought it to the brink of near-primordial nature, with the grainy but smoothened and almost jarred surface of the new world stood ready for the final task: [i]Insemination[/i]. In the northern hemisphere inwards by several kilometres from the deep coastline of fjords and inlets, there lay a deep valley of sloped inclines up to peaks that touched the sky as if to reach out from geology to the cosmos. A few kilometres west and up a narrow embankment, lay a colossal fountain that drenched the valley below with torrents of water and mud. For the most part, it lay undisturbed. A shadow crept over the valley with little sound apart from a tweaked vibration of organics and rhythm. Moving rapidly at a gentle descent, it soon breached the wall of clouds and loomed over the edge of the waterfall near a rising mountain peak. A giant mass of metal and biology drifting soon emerged from the clouds, splitting the heavens as it did so. The saucer banked slightly and slowed to a graceful halt. Evenly distanced a mere half a kilometre above the falls, its presence alerted the world below with vibration in the ground. Underneath its interior and center of the vehicle, a small aperture swung open with precision and swiftness, allowing three slender figures to drop down, shortly afterwards gracefully coming to a soft landing on a smooth plain not far from the edge. They stretched themselves out about a foot and a half apart. The three figures stood about eight feet tall with long slender legs and roughed-up arms attached to a well-balanced, integrated and muscular torso- partially covered by a biomechanical vessel and a billowing dark grey (almost brown) cloak which hid their exterior to the new world they had set down upon. Their skin, a bluish-white membrane thick enough to resist the heaviest of blows barely hid the dark vessels carrying their streams of cells, nutrients, and genetic material encased in microcosmic capsules. And resting upon the torso stretched a small plateau supporting a head of various sensory organs controlled by the central nervous system. What could be called a face, consisted of a small but slightly wrinkled mouth with pale lips, well-curved (quite narrow) cheekbones and a rounded chin. The nose’s thin curvature blended perfectly into the forehead and into the skull where no trace of hair or any exterior membrane laid. The eyes were oval and black, with a lifeless gaze that added fear to the being’s sneering expression. Their robust feet steeped over the ground they stood upon up to the point the rock below creaked slightly, expanding into five small separate digits, as did their arms (although on a more circular-shaped padded exterior). The tallest one led the two towards the ledge and spoke not a word; their exchanged thoughts signifying a sense of anticipation and near-trepidation, but an overwhelming aura of confidence and precision. Perhaps almost pride. They stopped at the ledge and looked over the falls and stared deeply into the misty valley below, awing at the massive chasm that churned with what would soon become the waters of life. [i] These were the Engineers. [/i] They had come here for very one specific reason: A ritual based in cosmological teachings and civilized reason was about to begin. It was one that had been performed several hundred (if not thousands) of times. The seeding of biological material from their home world and installations abroad that would perpetuate and propagate vast expansion of organisms in various forms on the planet. This time was different, however. Now, they were going to use a different synthesis to kick-start the primordial bath below-[i]themselves[/i]. It was a decision that had been devised by the Engineers who knew exactly and precisely what they were doing. They were going to seed an exact genetic copy of themselves to create a new race of beings that would stare out into space and deep into their inner souls. However, it came at a price: in order to sometimes create, one must sometimes destroy. Therefore, it meant that a lone being would sacrifice themselves to have their genome firmly implanted within the primordial compositions. It was, however, a monumental honour -one filled with pride and prestige for what might come for them afterwards, although a fleeting apprehension scampered through their consciousness. The tallest Elder turned to the third in line, and its companion stood sentinel, arms folded behind the back as they kept their hoods covered. The younger figure stood at attention, its eyes calm and obedient despite the lifeless mystique. The Elder looked up and pointed skywards, bringing its arm downwards with a single finger extending towards the youngling that gestured in a motion that was scarcely used. From its interior cloaked it produced a small flask and placed it at its feet; then, when all was ready, the two Elders sprung above the youngling and into the interior of the vessel above them. It was now time. The saucer rose above the terrain, and began ascending upwards slowly but then suddenly began accelerating into the clouds and rolled on to its rim and receded into the atmosphere, leaving a telltale wake that slowly began to collapse inwards. A final roar of thunder-like vibrations far above the planet signified their successful departure. The lone being stood their briefly contemplating the situation, and set to work. Lowering its hood and throwing it off to reveal a set of loose-fitting pale fabric, the figure walked towards the ledge and picked up the flask that had been placed their earlier and unscrewed the lid. Inside was a small pool of swirling black-green material that shined with lustre and elegant biology. Upright and relaxed, he took the object and pursed it to the lips, swallowing the substance whole. For a moment all was still. Then a searing chill reached all over the body and quivered the muscles, almost burning into the flesh, bone and sinuous matter that began collapsing and disintegrating the smaller chemicals and organic compounds. The cell’s inner guts-mitochondrial [i]genetic elements-began unravelling and destroying themselves, coming apart and mixing up within the various mess of soupy material that formerly constituted the individual[/i]. It raised its right arm, dropping the cup in the process and looked at its arms as the inner vessels decayed and broke, spilling its innards throughout the limb and eventually out of the skin. A final roar of pain (and possibly pride) emerged from its mouth as the skull shrivelled and fragmented-ending the use of the central nervous system and effectively cutting all direct links to the sensory system: Eyes, ears, mouth and nose were finally finished-the final thoughts of the (new) home dissipated. The knees collapsed, and the fragmented torso twisted and crumbled as the body of the former Sacrificial Engineer careened over the edge and plunged into the falls. It took approximately a brief moment for the corpse to hit the water and shatter the remaining vertebrae and remaining organs before it slowly settle to the bottom of the ravine (about twelve feet). There, the twisted remains of its genetic material settled in various encased vessels of rotting flesh and fluid(s), and began carrying themselves downstream towards the river’s various tributaries-ensuring their material were carried deep into the planet’s organic reservoirs. It would take a long time before the elements associated with the dead “volunteer” reached the stage where they could re-assemble and become the descended branch of beings that would be known as humans. Several million years (if not hundreds of millions) would pass with much action all around from small micro-bacterial, protists, fungal and plant birth, existence and death-along with the other primitive creatures from scaly beings that crawled in the mud, fluttered their fins or crept on hind legs, before upright and sentient sapiens would emerge from the planet. Once fully developed, their various social orders would combine into civilized rule and governances. Eventually, their creators would descend to meet their children and teach them the ways of the ancients, instilling in them intelligence, ethics, courage, compassion and innovation from their vast stores of universal potential that would reach unprecedented peaks amongst the other species. From that point on, they could flourish and live in prosperity and companionship that would hopefully not encroach upon the other worlds. There was, however, a simple standard that the Engineers would always enforce by guide or by force: No other descendant would be permitted to reach higher levels of intelligence or capability-for it was forbidden and unwise-likely dangerous at the behest of their “children”. For them there would be little to no mercy. In the meantime, the beings (eons-later to be known as Man), would scrounge, explore, learn and fight with one another blindly and develop; all the time while asking themselves the most fundamental questions. [i]What/Who am I? Where did I/We come from? What is this place? Where do we go from here? And perhaps most puzzling: Why are we here?[/i] It was a brave new step, but like the rest of the Universe, big things had small beginnings. I do not own. All content is submitted as fandom. Content is attributed to screenwriters John Spaihts and Damon Lindelof. Copyright of 20th Century Fox and Brandywine/Scott-Free Productions.

Cry Havoc

OvomorphMember9 XPJun-14-2012 12:45 AMVery cool! More! More! [size=50]I gotta learn to write like that.[/size]
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