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PROMETHEUS Possibilties from script gaps

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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-08-2012 9:23 AMPossibilities after seeing the film; OPENING - The ship watching the Engineer 'seed' the planet (RS stated it may or may not be Earth) could be "Piloted" by the TRUE GODS. I just saw some fabulous images of "Opening scene draft" (Is this fan art) and the engineer is being 'encouraged' by another different being/alien in a cloak. I know that if Ridley goes down the [i]ancient civilization beliefs in past visits to the earth[/i], then we will find out that the engineers 'work' for a higher power. This is a possibility and makes way for a larger sequel if box office permits... XENO - many people think that they have existed for a long time before Prometheus - discuss... BLACK GOO - Now this seems to act in a very aggressive manner. Is it meant for us... mankind? An upgrade? We do it to our phones every year! We engineered them... Let's think unlike humans RELIGION - Has the growth of religion on Earth from Early Judasim (3000BC) to Christians (2000 BC) "Offended" our creators? WEYLAND - Are there any more Weyland family left? Are they 'bad' - or will Mr Yutani appear in the possible next one? SCIENTISTS - Will Weyland-Yutani hire more intelligent scientists that don't take their helmets off without proper environmental scanning or pet visciou hammerpeded with inane grins on their faces... also hire scientists who want to be there? ARNOLD - Will "Dutch" kick the Engineeers ass in the sequel (that is not a serious point BtW)
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-08-2012 9:46 AMARGHNOLD!!!!
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