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More questions. Canvassing answers.

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OvomorphMember1 XPJun-07-2012 3:26 AMQuestion 1. Firstly, the Engineers created Man. Secondly, as attested by the cave paintings, they visited from time to time. So what makes the protagonists think they want to destroy it the next time? Question 2. The title of the film is Prometheus. But where are the parallels to the myth? Was it that David stole the ampule? But actually all the body horror that inflicted the humans was of their own doing, not the Engineers (apart from killing Weyland et al). Question 3. Why didn't Janek guide Fifield and Milburn at least to the mouth of the Temple - because it was all mapped out - rather than let them wander all over the shop. Question 4. If all of the away team went in the Temple and all emerged together except Fifield and Milburn, then who took the large rover as Holloway remarked, "they've already left"...? It seems that all these questions are symptomatic of a weak script and therefore can't really be answered because otherwise the film would provide the answers.
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OvomorphMember5 XPJun-07-2012 3:32 AMI think 3 & 4 is just weakness in the script/plot. For 2, I think the title is just to help the audience make a link to 'someone' who helped mankind, but was punished for it by 'someone'. For 1, I would say that 'someone' visited earth and inspired the cave drawings, but it's not clear who, and it's not clear if it was a warning or an invitation.

Micro changes in air density

OvomorphMember17 XPJun-07-2012 4:00 AMTo answer the first 2 is impossible. I have seen the film and there are so many ambiguities with it, it has little credibility. We just have to take it as a modern day sci fi flick and not ask to many questions. I came away with about 50 questions I need answering ok I get the sequel thing and leaving the door open etc but there are lots of oddities including: Janek having not been off the ship suddenly predicts the entire plot and vows to suicide. His crew within minutes fall in on a suicide mission. I dont buy this because there is no story behind it. Vickers and Janek get off together!!! No sense here at all. Vickers character was interesting but in the end meaningless. Janek character as the captain of the ship is not credible and there is no intro to this either. A rouge Android who seems to know everything and is capable of human emotion, back stabbing and lying. What was the significant of the murals in the Engineer cave the giant stone head in the cave and on top of it? What was in the other three temples? Milburn and Fifield are not credible characters to sent on such a mission. Running away at the first sight of blood. and showing no interest in the mission as a whole. Running off like kids. The crew were too young in general to send on such a mission. Vickers demise was odd considering she was outrun by Shaw who just had a C section. The only decent character Holloway was killed off early. Where do I stop. Disappointing


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-07-2012 4:25 AMq1: created, maybe. Seems they visited for sure. Shaw sees infected holloway, what happened to her (don't know about david) infected fifield dead milbourne. the moon is hell, and the devil is the engineer going to earth. i'd be scared ****less to, and wouldn't want dead going to earth. It's there conclusion of what they see. q2: It's Peter Weyland that named the ship Prometheus, and that wants to get fire (extended or eternal life) from the engineers. q3: I think Janek wanted them to go check detected life (in the ship) and they just went the oposite way, as with all the dead bodys around, they to scared. q4: they are about do die in a storm. the smartes person just don't watch, say they left and want to go home to save his life? some ppl didn't know why they were on the journey, they knew they'd get payed. that's a valid reason to get a fiefield and milbourne on board. They were qualified for their work on home planet. maybe they thought the go to a colonised planet, or a new to be colonised planet. It was secret, how to keep a miljon dollar project secret? give it an official colony mission.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-07-2012 4:43 AMThe black goo is a type of God's particle, only works with Engineer, or Higher Beings? Any mortal human attempts to mix it with his own inferior DNA would result in abominations, mutations, infections, dissolution, final solution. David may have foreknowledge. All that time alone in the ship with all the high technological resource available to him before the crew wakes up, he may receive the transmission back from Engineer's world (he lies to Holloway about not receiving any replies) and has been communicating back and forth with the Engineers and lies about it when the crew is awake, even to Weyland? There is so much ambiguity in the story and all his sarcastic remarks to Holloway & Shaw do not seem to be purely wordplay. He may have some serious deep seated contempt for the human race and orchestrate their overall demise, poisoning Holloway, opening up the urn chamber etc.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-07-2012 4:44 AMThere seems to be a massive editing regarding the Janek character conclusion about the temple being a military outpost and his decision to go down with the ship. Very poor set up I think, or massive cutting of scenes.
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