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UK Trailer - closer to movie...

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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 5:43 AMI would say watching the UK/International trailer was closer than the "bang/crash" USA trailer - to the finished movie- BUT i still think they released WAY TOO much footage... It was a strange old movie - 24 hrs after watching it - I'd still give it 7/10... it is technically awesome - script has problems...
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 5:54 AMI agree... I'm not sure if I WANT to see it again because I actually liked it, or NEED to see it again to understand the bits I missed, as I was too busy ogling the scenery (I thought the 3D was great, but slightly distracting). Either way, I'll see it again.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 5:57 AMI much preferred the UK trailer and its soundtrack to the "bang/crash" USA trailer because it gave the movie a more mysterious and deep feeling...unfortunately the movie wasnt deep at all really...It did have a bit of a mysterious feeling to it though...just waaaaay too rushed with too many things unanswered and overlooked/unexplained.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 5:57 AMYes... my mates were saying that; "I want to see it again..." If you haven't seen it yet, go and watch the longer UK/International trailer if you want a closer taste of the film - The 1st teaser was awesome BUT very deceptive


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 7:39 AMWay too much given out, but at the same time, some of it was slightly distorted from the final product i wonder if there had been edits in between the original trailer and final cut


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 8:01 AMI have started another thread about this (Have we seen Prometheus, yet?) as I have a theory. Basically I believe/hope that there will be a directors cut out there which we'll all see later. I'd agree that the trailers give away too much, but I think that's part of the plan - set us up for the film so we know what's going to happen and can keep up, then later release the full version (I'm going for 3 hours) which develops the plot and characters (ESPECIALLY the characters) fully, as opposed to the lightening quick pace of the film as it is. I think that it's always been the plan to get to a looooong version, but studios don't like theatrical versions being over 2 hours, and the theatrical version of Prometheus out there just seems too short and there's too much going on, so in short the trailers give us the plot of the film so when we sit down to watch it we can at least understand or keep up with what's going on. Once we've all got used to the theatrical release there'll be another extended release, which will probably be whay Ridley intended all along. That's what I think, and it will be epic - but I may be completely delusional!!!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 8:10 AM@Cuddles - I would say youre hopeful, not delusional. Im hoping youre right too as this movie does have huge potential still...although planning it as part of a 2-parter or trilogy has probably ruined some of that. But yeah, an extended edition will certainly make this movie a LOT better.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 8:30 AMI stayed to the end and that Weyland "Date" came up ?/11/12 - has this been discussed are are they going to announce something?


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-06-2012 9:13 AM@RH I didn't see that! I was too busy picking my jaw up off the floor... I don't recall any discussions either. Maybe the DVD/BR release date? I think I read somewhere that it wasn't being released until much later in the year, as opposed to the few months gap they generally leave for DVD releases.
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