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MemberOvomorphJun-04-2012 2:19 PM
MODERATORS - DO NOT DELETE MY POST - YOU HAVE DELETED TWO OF MINE THIS WEEK FOR NO REASON!!! Here in the uk the film is now on general release and i have seen the film 3 times over 3 days. I loved the film and plan to see it again this week. For those who have seen the film, there are a couple of points I am interested in getting other views on... 1) On my third viewing, noticed a bit more on what is on the mural the Holloway examines. The image of an alien is clear but this time I noticed face huggers on it also. This is interesting as first time I assumed the alien at the end of the film - that attacks the engineer - was a proto-face hugger of sorts, but the mural Holloway looks at clearly shows the alien life cycle as we know it. Does this mean the engineers worship the aliens? I felt it seemed that way. And what was the green rock in front of the mural - again, looked like something of worship? Does that green rock contain the building blocks for the xeno morph and the engineers were trying to recreate it? Really cant wait to see this on blu-ray and pause that scene - I think there is a lot there (like the black lit hatch door in season 3 of Lost!!). Thoughts? 2) What did David say to the Engineer? One of the last words he said sounded like a variation of "creator" - but whatever it was it pissed them off! Thoughts? 3) I am thrilled at the potential of seeing David and Shaw travel to follow the Engineers - so much scope for some epic sci-fi. I also thought that we havent touched on LV426 and the original space jockey yet - I thought it would be cool if in a third film, to lead into Alien, that it is Shaw perhaps in the Space Jockey suit and she is the one who spawns the developed Xeno morph and being a woman gives it reproductive organs, hence the Queen (who lays all of the eggs that Kane finds?) - I personally think this would be an awesome arc - that in trying to save the Earth from death, Shaw is the one who eventually inflicts it - would be kinda beautiful and dark and in keeping with the tone of the Alien universe. Thoughts? Look forward to hearing what people think.
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MemberOvomorphJun-04-2012 2:42 PM
Would a movie with just 2 characters work? Prometheus was over the top with the amount of crew members but an entire film based around just 2 humans would be from one extreme to the other. IMHO


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2012 2:49 PM
I kinda agree there but would be interesting and besides, the story is now so open - who knows who or what they could encounter!!


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2012 3:04 PM
on LV223 if a spacecraft rolls behind you dont run straight do zigzags and warn your mate to run a different direction. But if a SJ especially rolls the ship no one hear your fart in space


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2012 3:51 PM
Post moved over from the OP requested deleted "SPOILER - Discussion thread for those who have seen the film" thread. deano | Posted Jun-04-2012 3:35 PM i saw the film for the first time last night in 3d, thought it was amazing and very cleverly thought out, it answers some things but also creates new questions like- whats with the guy at the beginning drinking the stuff then falling in the water fall dying + the round spaceship above him i thought mr weyland originally was sopposed to look like bishop but in prometheus its not. why was only one of the enginneers alive why were the enginneers running into the "big head" room when they veiwed the hologram playback
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