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Fox's ability to guard movie plot, screenplay.

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OvomorphMember67 XPMay-30-2012 3:09 PMAfterr seeing the movie, in your opinion, after all of these supposed original drafts and screenplays of Prometheus have been posted prior to screenings and discussed here for months, were any true? If so DON'T explain which post, version, who, what, why, where or how, because they are numerous and a lot diametrically opposed to the extreme. I have not seen the movie, and won't untill the 13th, I was just curious as to how well guarded this movie has been. You can simply put leaked or not leaked, or anything spoiler free.
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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 3:26 PMHuh is FOX that spoiled all the movie with the TOO MANY Trailers and featurettes ..The leaked scripts were all wrong ... both the Zeus and the Starbeast are totally fake ... however some speculations were very right on the mark and others totally wrong ..but the core of the movie was totally spoiled by FOX himself


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 3:32 PMIt's called being an Alien geek??? Perhaps? We're all people here who have put our brains together to figure out what Ridley is trying to show us.. Please we're fans, we're hardcore fans... SO WHAT?! Be happy that RS wants to give us this!! Personally i'm in for a FEAST tomorrow.. And I will dvelve at every little detail


OvomorphMember3 XPMay-30-2012 3:48 PMFrantz has a point though. I've not seen this movie yet, and won't until the 8th or 9th, but it sounds true that Fox put out too many trailers. I was hoping that there would be a Prometheus trailer with the very same ambience, pacing, and suspense that the 1979 Alien trailer had.......but, we can't have trailers like that anymore, because times have changed. While old-schoolers would squeal at the notion of a Prometheus trailer based off of the Alien trailer, it just wouldn't appeal to the bigger percentage, which comprises the mainstream audience. The old Alien trailer was great for what it was, and it didn't even show too much, just to keep some surprises hidden for the full movie......but now, in the present time, the audience practically [i]needs[/i](?) new content, even if the new content borders on TMI or spoilage. As for how Fox handles it all, I doubt they even care, because in the end, once again, it's all about making money and insuring a predicted revenue. Sir Ridley himself might disagree, but he's small compared to the company. ):


OvomorphMember67 XPMay-30-2012 4:10 PMThanks guys, the original Alien had a montage of footage that was exciting but kept you intrigued, heck even the Facehugger egg they showed in trailers was an egg that did not look leathery, and have that cross organic oppening on top, it was an egg right out of the store with some spackle on it that cracked open horizontally and emmited light. I'm sure I am going to love the movie based on feed back. When the Engineer/Space jockey was showed in the trailers I felt a sinking sense of unease at the exposure of something that could have been tantamount to Whoaaaaaaa seeing them in their true form for the first time in the theater and now that part of Alien mystique seems to be gone, walking in blindly through this house of horror that was Alien, not knowing what to expect other than people in a bad situation. Glad they kept it under wraps and can't wait to experience it on the big screen.


OvomorphMember67 XPMay-30-2012 11:21 PMgoodd analogy with the cat.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 10:56 PMWhat's funny is how secret they tried to act like they were keeping everything. I haven't seen it but reading pretty much all the spoilers I totally think they gave away too much. Yet they did all that crap like make all the actors read the script under supervision and that. Then they let most of the cat out of the bag. We might not have known the sex of the cat but we new the color and species.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-04-2012 2:54 PMI loved how I had to turn over my cell phone at the critics screening I attended in Chicago the day before it debuted internationally and audience members posted photos. Like I'm going to risk my ability to get screenings to take a crappy cell phone pic of a movie scene?
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