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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 12:41 89% at the moment, some top reviewers - just awaiting Empires review... Total film not included BUT gave 4/5... Keep an eye on it - more will be added in the next 24hrs Later taters xx
9 Responses to ROTTEN-TOMATOES post LONDON Screenings


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 12:46 PMPretty good score for Rotten Tomatoes. This time tomorrow I'll be climbing the walls with excitement.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 12:48 PMI know its early but by tommo, alot of the top reviewers will be on there... Can't wait for IMAX Tues!!! London and then pub... lol


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 1:14 PM My favorite review so far!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 1:21 PMI'm really happy about the 89%, I know it's going to change, but still it's so cool! One thing I'm going to ignore is IMDb score.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 1:23 PM[quote=Xenomorpheus]This time tomorrow I'll be climbing the walls with excitement.[/quote] Same here
Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.


PraetorianAdmin4331 XPMay-30-2012 1:34 PMUGH, I still have until the 8th a week to see it. *cries*


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 1:37 PMMy cousin is a massive fan and looked on this forum ONLY once in JAN - never again... he knows nothing about Prometheus except the 1st teaser before we see it next week... in some ways, I envy him! lol


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 2:09 PM@ Ruth...actually the IMDB score is very positive so far! @RH....i wish I had his self control...i envy! @ Svanya...same here...i'm so scared i get hit by a truck before seeing it!..;)

the coming

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-30-2012 3:44 PMrt always starts high...let it even out
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