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Prometheus can't go wrong for me

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 2:58 PMI don't know about anyone else, but Prometheus - when I finally get to see it on June 1st - simply cannot do any wrong - here's why... 1) There is nothing else like it out there - From the story to the production design, there is nothing else like Prometheus coming to cinema's this year. So, even if the story is utter bobbins, it will be a visual feast that has to be seen on the big screen. 2) Its not a 12A - I can take some comfort in the knowledge that being a 15 rated means we will get some darkness in the usually light and fluffy Summer season. 3) No Xenos? Who cares!!! - I dont know if I am in a minority, but I couldn't care less if there was a Xeno in this film; if the film was called - Alien: The Beginning I would take an issue, but it is not - it is a new story which will - hopefully - have a cool link to the Alien story. Unfortunately, like others have said, Alien Resurrection and the AVP films truly destroyed the Xeno and turned it into a neutered joke - you cannot return from that. 4) The score - I was worried about this one given the calibre of score in at least the first three Alien films but I very much like what Marc Streitenfeld has done and look forward to hearing how it works with the film. 5) Scott and Lindelof - Lastly, I think if the script had been pursued solely with Jon Spaihts input, I think this would have been a dud. But given that Scott and Lindelof gave it a rewrite, I think we will get something special. I believe Spaihts is a hack - harsh? Did you SEE The Darkest Hour - he wrote that film and had easily some of the worst, most cringeworthy dialogue I have ever heard - this is why Lindelof was drafted in and clearly why Spaihts is doing barely any media - IMO. Those are my thoughts - what are yours? What will it take for Prometheus to ruin your Summer?
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FacehuggerMember425 XPMay-20-2012 3:07 PMEwoks

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!

Right Said Brett

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:18 PMFor it to ruin my experience, it would have to be an Alien retread. I won't mind a cool connection to the original but no repeats of the same old Alien plots or xenos please. Going in a different direction would be a treat as far as the film is concerned. Just my two cents......


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:20 PMFirst post here. Hello. Apart from finding Ewoks, it would take a big ton of **** for Prometheus to ruin my summer. I was wondering about it the other day and I think that in the worst case it would still be miles above all the scifi crap we get lately. On a side note, I do think the starmaps on cave paintings is a bit embarrassing. They could've done it better. But let's see the film first and then cuss it all we like. EDIT And no xenos for me either. Not again.


FacehuggerMember425 XPMay-20-2012 3:22 PMThere arent many good ways to get them there without an intercepted transmission. Which has been done.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:23 PMI like to think yes its two seperate stories( Alien/Promethrus) completely involving the same "space jockey" race. Two of these space jockey crafts have crashed on different planets with similiar cargo........ hence you can have two ( Alien/Prometheus ) stories/films. Only the same Corporation in both films knows this.

Right Said Brett

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:23 PMWelcome to the site, jgoti. I'm fairly new as well as I joined earlier in the week.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:25 PM@RobG [b]Welcome, and thank g-d for YOU ![/b]


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:27 PM@jgoti, you too man, welcome.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:29 PM@jgoti: Welcome to the forum. Great first post!!! Umm....what would ruin this film for me? Jar-Jar Binx popping out of an ampule and running around licking up tiny aliens. P.S. If you can watch all 6 seasons of lost back-to-back, IMO, it is the best TV ever put on TV. Pure TV-crack!!! Especially seasons 1 and 6.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:35 PMGreat replies peeps - keep 'em coming! Who here is a UK resident? Who is going June 1st? I booked the day off work so will most likely see it at least twice!! Also, if you want to see the dark and putrid side of humanity, take a look at the IMDB Prometheus forum - truly awful, populated by some of the most insipid people I have ever come across - most of them are probably 12 years old but it is disturbing how many threads have the words "rape" and "******" in them - good job moderating there IMDB!!!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:36 PM@Spartacus - thank god for YOU - its your site!!

David 1

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:44 PMtrue friend, true.
[b]Ask nothing from no one. Demand nothing from no one. Expect nothing from no one.[/b]


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 3:48 PMI am waiting for the movie before big statements. If it turns out to be a much prettier and gorier retread/remix of Stargate episodes and zombified astronauts, it may be fun but definitely a disappointment. After all, it will then look like everything else out there. But if Scott can do with old ideas what he did in Alien, then of course it will be brilliant.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:03 PMOne more reason - charlize :)
Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:05 PMAnd Noomi...and Michael...and Idris! Yeah, blatantly should have mentioned the amazeballs cast!

Hollow Way

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:09 PMRobG... great first post! I joined this site just a few days ago myself (after reading posts regularly for the past few weeks) I... like Holloway... am an American (about the same age as him too), and so I shall have to wait until June 8th (to be honest I will probably see it on June 10th). I am going to really have a hard time waiting 10 days to not know how the film goes once people start seeing it and sharing. RobG... you and I would be like the Prometheus crew... some from UK, some from USA. Cool huh? 1) There is nothing else like it out there - Which is why it is most likely going to be my favorite film this year (And no I did not spell "favorite" wrong... that's is how we spell it in USA lol). 2) Its not a 12A - Is that a film rating? It's rated R for Restricted over in USA. Yay! This means Milburn is in real trouble! 3) No Xenos? - No problem. One of the scariest creatures ever put on film in Alien... and they have done nothing but try to make it less frightening with every sequel they make. Ugh. 4) The score - Sounds good on trailers and featurettes! 5) Scott and Lindelof - Made a good script a great script. I haven't read the script... but from what I hear this is the case. For Prometheus to ruin my summer? It would have to suck. But from footage I've seen.. it will probably be one of the best films of the year, and possibly my favorite... yes spelling is correct... this year!

Hollow Way

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:10 PMDid I mention it has a great cast? Well... it does! ;) Oh sweet Charlize.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:13 PMyeah, hot actors. Lord knows we need more glamour.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 4:25 PM@Hollow Way Thanks for the reply! No need to apologise for the spelling - my other half is American and he says things wrong all the time - hehe, only joking! I so need to visit your country - been a life long dream to go there but havent made it yet - soon though - soon! The wait is almost over but have to say I am glad I live in the UK - I can barely hold on til June 1st! Thats a question - are people OK to post general feedback when it comes out? Like "its good", its "bad"? FYI - 12A is the UK equivalent of PG-13; 15 the equivalent of R The trailer/featurette music is not on the soundtrack so I recommend listening to the actual score if you can - tis on YouTube I think but I was a good boy and bought it from iTunes!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 6:36 PMIt's got 4% chance of going wrong for me, i'd like it to leave a lot of unanswered questions, why did this character do this? What was down there? Did this character know this? Did this character survive? I'd also like a scene akin to the original spacejockey/alien eggs scene in Alien where the audience is left full of wonder, this is what made Alien so special for me. 30 years after it's release we were still speculating on various aspects, I really hope it's eventful while giving us visual treats and leaves us wondering at least until the next one comes around, if Ridley is still around.. god forbid anything happening but he is 74 now; he can't afford to be putting things on hold anymore.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 7:29 PMSpaihts, the "go to guy for sci-fi scripts" is a horrible writer with a very talented agent/marketing team. My previous topic regarding Spaihts:


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 8:08 PMWelcome RobG and jgoti (clever spelling by the way! ;•) ! This is a very well-run, friendly, and civilized (for the most part) place. Sparty doesn't always mean it WHEN [b]HE [u]SCREAMS[/u]!!![/b]... I feel that I'm [u]very likely[/u] to like this film, but like dallas!dallas!, I'm still taking a 35% or so "wait and see" attitude. I [u]want[/u] this film to be a major REBOOT of this franchise. I want UNICORNS out the wazoo and I want their pointy horns to show themselves in a 2nd and 3rd film that have their existential genesis in this one. [img][/img] I do not personally believe the core of the backstory à la Ancient Aliens and whatnot, but I still find it immensely entertaining to theorize about things in a similar vein and if Ridley and Lindelof can surprise me I'll be floored and thrilled. Similar kinds of things emerged in [i]LOST[/i] and that brings me to... @abordoli — I agree that [i]LOST[/i] is worth watching. But, the ending was one of the WORST in the history of television. WRET.CHED. Because there was SO much really great stuff (especially early on) in the whole thing, I could stomach it. If Prometheus ends as badly as [i]LOST[/i], then Ridley is off his rocker. I don't think it will, though. In that I do (as of now, still) believe.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-20-2012 9:09 PMThe only way it could be ruined is if we see this after the credits. [img][/img]
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