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We're going to blow up the ship...

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 1:06 AMWhy? This always bothered me since I was 10 and saw it for the first time. Lambert suggests that they get in the shuttle and get the hell out of there. That makes sense to me. Then Ripley jumps in with blowing up the ship. For what purpose? I can understand from a movie point of view. But from a logical point of view, it doesn't make sense if you have already decided to leave. Revenge against the company is probably the only logical thing I can suggest, but is that even worth it? The company already knows about the creature so if the Nostromo makes it to Earth with no crew, I would assume the company would know what happened and take appropriate steps. Mother may even warn the company before its arrival of what happened. Its not like the creature is going to take control of the ship once you leave. My Question is therefore....You are in Ripley's situation, you have decided to leave the ship in the shuttle with Parker and Lambert (assuming that the shuttle takes 3 not 4.) Would you go through all that trouble to blow up the ship and escape risking your life to get down there and back, or would you just get away in the shuttle, allow the Nostromo to continue on its journey and maybe broadcast some signal to warn people about the creature?
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OvomorphMember1 XPMay-07-2012 1:24 AMi guess ripley just wanted to kill it. a visceral reaction.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 1:38 AMIf all else fails, blow up the ship! Or the atmospheric processor. We all know that ain't the end of the movie, right!?


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 3:19 AMThey were thinking of everyone the Alien COULD kill if it survived. An entire planet. More, if they had colonized a few planets by that time. Fire cleans bad **** out of existance. Picking up a broadcast-ed warning didn't do THEM any good, did it? Y'know. Thinking about other people? Surprisingly, people used to do that back when Alien was made. If I had an entire planet's destruction at the talons of something that escaped on my ship on my head, I wouldn't feel real good about it, personally.
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red hood

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 4:00 AMI like this thread. Never thought about it. Even after going to the trouble of blowing it up she still did not kill the beast. She only separated herself from the beast. Good call.

gameover man

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 7:38 AMwhat did lambert and parker go down there for? wasnt it for fuel or oxygen for the life boat? ripley went down to set the self destruct. unless im wrong, lambert and parker had to go down there anyway. if i were in that position, to answer the question here, i dont know if i'd be thinking calmly enough to consider doing anything that delayed getting off the ship. preserve life first. the "right" thing to do would exterminate that thing, and i'd like to think i'd do the right thing, but who knows. in situations like those, i always say just stay where you are. why would they go looking for the thing? you've got a couple flamethrowers, and food. sit in the mess hall, together, dont leave, and let it make the next move. it cant sneak up on you there, and it will either starve, or have to come to you, and noone gets caught alone, in some dark corridor in the bowels of the ship. put in a movie and sit with your backs to one another.

Id Rather Be Eatin Something Else

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 9:28 AMthey thought they had all the angles covered in Aliens and look what happened to them, the damn things came crashing through the ceiling!

gameover man

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 10:12 AM@irbese...but there werent waves of them in alien, there was one, and they knew that. and they werent familiar with that complex. any way you slice it, making that thing come up with the plan to ambush 5 of you in a well lit room is a better plan than crawling around in ventilation ducts...alone.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 10:29 AMThey had no reason to assume or believe that that creature could wipe out an entire planet. I have no reason to believe that either, and that's after seeing everything Alien related ever made. The entire planet isn't a series of dark corridors and ventilation shafts with no aerial support and tanks.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 1:24 PMThis is an excellent question. I never thought of this but you are right. This was a horrible, horrible decision made by Ripley (superior to Dallas my ass!). If all three went down to get extra oxygen then there is very little chance the alien would have surprised them. All for what? Revenge against the company? Because the alien was a danger to the earth (that has been discussed to death and shown, imo, to be silly)? Just pure adrenaline? No, Ripley should have stayed with Parker and Lambert. I mean, Lambert may have gotten a bit annoying, but Parker only got cooler as the movie progressed. Damn you Ripley! Parker should have lived!!! Ripley has just lost a lot in my eyes. Excellent, excellent question. But I am just joking about the Dallas part. He screwed up royally, too. Parker was ultimately the smartest one.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-07-2012 2:16 PMI would say this question is ok. I think that Ripley was right in blowing up the ship however. The Alien has to die, plain and simple. There is no reason to think it was the wrong thing to do. Yeah it ended up making no difference and she had to find a more clever way but how would they think that it would find its way into the shuttle. She knew by this time that the company only wanted the life form. Ok so it seems some people say she was just sticking it into the face of the company by blowing up their expensive ship but it's heat of the moment. I blow up the damn ship to. The have no guns or anyway of fighting. An explosion will kill it. If not it will die floating in space. If they would have had more survivors it would have taken the scare away from the end of the movie. One survivor made for better beginning to the sequel. If they would have had multiple survivors running around the beginning of Aliens talking about this creature it would have been weird. I like the fact that only one person has any info about the Alien which made the discovery by the company more realistic. Ok some crazy women is talking about Aliens living on LV-426. Send some expendable family out there to check it out. I can understand complaining about the dumb **** that happened in Ressurection but some folks claim that it all went downhill after the first film and now we are complaining about this film. I like the discussion to hear what others may have done. That part is cool, but to say Ripley has lost your respect. What? This movie is over 30 years old and she lost your respect now. Come on, really.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 12:53 AMI still want Parker to live. I know he had to die. Of course, it's a horror movie. I wanted Father Karras to make it out of The Exorcist. I wanted Roger to live out his days happily in the mall in the original DOTD. And poor Ben from NOTLD. And every time I watch these I still get pissed when they get it. But Parker/Karras/Roger/Ben can't live. I get that. But I actually like Alien more thinking that Ripley made a poor choice. Which it was. But you're right, I shouldn't have damned Ripley. Carried away in the heat of the moment. She and I are cool with each other. But every time I watch Alien I will now say "NO!" when she says they are going to blow up the ship. Just like I scream YES! when Parker tells Dallas to freeze Kane! Poor Parker (freeze him) and Lambert (let's get the hell out of here/use the shuttle) were right all along. At least they made it the longest.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 5:21 AMThere is NO WAY the Alien would wipe out Earth. It kills people slowly by biting them. Like Lions, Bears, Wolves etc. I don't see any of those creatures wiping out humanity. It's the other way round. Some less destructive options for dealing with the alien situation: 1) The alien scurries off into the Mining Unit the Nostromo is towing. Just disengage from the Mining Unit and go home. The Company can come back for its alien. 2) Close all the doors. This alien has shown no proclivity (I like that 'proclivity', oh yeah) for using acid to cut through doors. Close all the doors and go to hypersleep. [this one is risky I] 3) Shut the air off (vent the entire ship). All the evidence suggests the alien breathes oxygen. Everyone get in the escape pod and fly off for a few days. Yes you'll get cabin fever, but once you come back you know the Alien has asphyxiated. 4) Same as 3) but flood the ship with some noxius gas. It's a mining vessel - there must be some noxious gases on board. 5) Everyone stick together then flame the alien when it eventually comes to you. All the splitting up and taking it on one-to-one is ridiculous. Mankind didn't wipe out woolie mammoths and sabre tooth tigers by taking them on one-to-one. That's not how we roll.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 5:37 AMlol what movie makes you think aliens/xenos go around slowly biting people? i was under the impression they like to take as many victems as possible to use to breed, by either "alien" or "aliens" means of continuing the race. i have never seen a movie in the alien universe with a xeno slowly biting someone, i do have a box turtle that does that but i dont remember him being in any of the movies or comics either. little duface is so lazy he lets earthworms outrun him.
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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 6:22 AMI didn't say it bites them slowly. It kills them slowly. By biting them (fast, slow, medium speed bites - doen't matter). Occasionally it kills quick. Bottom line is, it's got the approximate killing power of a bear.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 6:39 AM"It kills people slowly by biting them" is what you said. up there ^ every death from a xeno i have seen was from a very fast strike from the tail or being impaled from the inner mouth, except of course from being cocooned and impregnated. you never said anything about the speed of the bites, how deep they were, and what locations the xenos are targeting. not all large predators target the same areas, especially bears. FYI bears arent as agile as xenos have been shown to be. they also dont have tails with a bayonet like structure for impaling and slicing prey. it doesnt take much field experience to see the huge difference in wounds from different species of animal attacks on humans. id rather tangle with a mountain lion then a full grown male moose in rut. the moose isnt going to kill me from bites but he is going to gore the sh*t out of me in no time. xenos are not only smart, agile, vicious, and cocoon you for breeding. they also have the acid blood and low enough body temp not to bee seen on infrared.
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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 7:13 AMBut, you couldn't shoot a xeno like a bear or mountain lion because the acid might melt all the way through to the earth's core, and then...and then....lava would bubble up and...there'd be a volcano!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 7:27 AMii need to check my chair for laugh induced pee. your reply is epic, silica!
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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 7:29 AM;o)

sujan rudra

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 8:13 AMAI do not bite them slowly. It slowly kills them. The (fast, slow, medium speed, bite - doen't matter) solder. Occasionally, it is quickly killed. Bottom line, it is estimated that the killing of a bear got the power. I was a part of every death from a xeno or the inner being, from impaled to strike very quickly, and from being cocooned from the course without impregnated. [url=]free google traffic[/url]

sujan rudra

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 8:14 AMAI do not bite them slowly. It slowly kills them. The (fast, slow, medium speed, bite - doen't matter) solder. Occasionally, it is quickly killed. Bottom line, it is estimated that the killing of a bear got the power. I was a part of every death from a xeno or the inner being, from impaled to strike very quickly, and from being cocooned from the course without impregnated. [url=]free google traffic[/url]


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 8:29 AMSpambot?
Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-08-2012 10:30 AM"It kills people slowly by biting them" is not the same statement as "it kills people by slowly biting them" I don't know who's worse, us or them. You don't see them f-ing up basic grammar.
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