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That Space Jockey in the alien ship come from where?

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-04-2012 10:01 AM In one scene the chair raised up, please watch closely on left one coffin thing opened up. I suspect this is where the SJ came from.
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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-04-2012 10:14 AMIt looks as though there are possibly four sarcophagi/pod things on that platform - deep freeze/hibernating SJs?


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-04-2012 10:42 AM@DAVIS You appear to be correct, I hadn't noticed that before - one sarcophagus seems to have opened/sunk into the floor....very well spotted! I had to watch it several times as I was so distracted by some of the beautiful French voices - the way that one Actress says, "Prometheus....vous voyez ca?...", nearly made me pass all the way out.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-04-2012 12:11 PMThe dubbing is beautiful! Also, we learn that vickers warns someone from not entering "this gallery or you will die" ("Tu vas mourrir si tu va dans cette gallerie") which means that at that point of the film (which is unknown), the crew has prior knowledge of something inhibiting them from going into the galleries. A snake like monster perhaps?


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-04-2012 12:33 PMYes i would assume he came from one of those sarcophagus. If you look 3 have holes in, two you can see clearly and they dont look uniform they look more like the holes made by the scene when something jumps from what i assume is Milburns mouth. So again i assume that those guys got Chest Bursted, is that by a Face Hugger or some other Organism and i do think the Blue Meane Engineer had something to do with it. I bet he is a Mad Scientist i mean Mad Engineer.... i think if we go back to the ancient civilisations all those pre Bible ones and some after (unless your Christian the Bible like Earth is 6'000 years old) any way those people beleaved in not 1 God but Gods. The Sumarians had Gods, Enril and Enki most pivatol, Greeks had Gods Zeus, Hades etc etc. Egyptians likewise. The Bible had the concept of ONE GOD... is what we are seeing in this movie a rogue Engineer who has a plan to create a new creation and wipe out the old one and also to kill off the other Gods, so he is the only One. Just like Highlander Highlander (there can be only one) This Jockey did not see him as equal he wanted to be the KING the only one GOD.

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-04-2012 2:39 PMI think your right on Big Dave. I believe the SJ we will meet is the equivalent to Marduk/Ra/Zeus/Lucifer. They all (its the same person) rebelled against and overthrew the existing pantheon of gods and demanded/required to be recognized as the ONE. The King of the Gods. Side note....all of those "gods" are known to be associated as the Light bearer/bringer and the Sun God, The giver of promethean fire. Marduk and his dragon. [img][/img]


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-06-2012 12:01 PMWhy not? Also the dragon was stolen from an other god...
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