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"Alien" documentary thread.

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AdminPraetorianMay-03-2012 8:54 PM
I thought it would be fun to start a thread for the "Alien" movie documentaries. Here are my additions: ~The documentary series -"Alien Makers": "H.R. Giger created one of the great iconic symbols of the cinema for the film 'Alien', here he talks about his work and the future of his projects including his Museum and Giger Bar at Gruyeres, Switzerland. [url=]Alien Makers-Part one[/url] [url=]Alien Makers-Part Two[/url] [Center]________________________[/Center] ~The 2003 Aliens (1986) DVD release: "This feature-length documentary plus extras, made especially for the 2003 Aliens (1986) DVD release, is incredibly informative with all its interviews with both the cast and crew, as well as behind the scenes footage filmed during the making of the film". [url=]Superior Firepower: The Making of Aliens [/url] [Center]________________________[/Center] ~The Beast Within: The making of Alien: "(2003) DVD Release: Behind-the-scenes look at the making of Alien, the terrifying classic about a spaceship crew trapped with a hideous monster that's hunting them one by one. Features interviews with director Ridley Scott and master designer H.R. Giger, as well as with star Sigourney Weaver and other members of the cast and crew, who share their experiences from working on the project and discuss the special efforts that went into bringing it all together". [url=]The Beast Within: The making of Alien-Part one[/url] [url=]The Beast Within: The making of Alien-Part Two[/url] [url=]The Beast Within: The making of Alien-Part Three[/url] [Center]________________________[/Center] Enjoy! :)
15 Replies


MemberOvomorphMay-03-2012 9:10 PM
Awesome!! Pure gold Svanya!


Co-AdminMemberOvomorphMay-03-2012 9:30 PM
I've got the box set, but thanks for posting this for anyone that doesn't Ms. Svanya, 'cause it is a good documentry :-P
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MemberOvomorphMay-04-2012 1:47 PM
Svanya is an A-List Alien fan. Nuff said. <--- My cute d-form xeno wags its tail in your direction. Thanks again!

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MemberOvomorphMay-04-2012 2:10 PM
Yeah, thanks to Svanya for sharing and reminding! I've known those for years and keep watching them, as they really ARE gold! Although most of you fellow fans might know them, I'd also like to add these: [url=]The Making Of A L I E N[/url] [url=]Alien Evolution[/url] [url=]ALIEN(1979) DOCUMENTARY - ALIEN MAKERS III: H.R. GIGER - Part 1/5[/url] ...and I would also like to recommend this [url=]blog[/url], take your time, browse older posts, it is really WELL worth it!


Co-AdminMemberOvomorphMay-04-2012 3:23 PM
excellent thread!
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MemberOvomorphMay-04-2012 6:39 PM
The Giger-fest is really scary in more ways than one. Can you imagine yourself as Giger, living in that studio _every_ day of your life? Brrrrr. When I was at Sierra, DARKSEED was one of the games we were working on. The scuttlebut was he was a Satanist, or pretended to be one for laughs. Doubt that's true, the man's strange enough as it is. Scary brilliance aside, Giger's world is not one to inhabit for any extended length of time. Would not be good for one's mental health.


MemberOvomorphMay-06-2012 3:58 PM
My 1st edition Giger [i]Alien[/i] artbook is buried somewhere in my vault of books so its cover doesn't scare me. I must be the most cowardly [i]Alien[/i] fan ever. Guess when I do watch the movies I use it as a character building exercise to put more backbone in my spine. Must admit though, my idea of paradise doesn't involve being hooked into some demonic bio-mech device. I'm a nature gal at heart. I'm really surprised Giger didn't open his museum in New York or some other major city. It certainly would get more traffic anywhere but where it is now. It's all about location, location, location, baby!

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Veteran MemberMemberOvomorphMay-06-2012 5:06 PM
RIGHT ON ..abordoli i found this site a few years back ,,,,and got right into


MemberOvomorphMay-06-2012 4:56 PM
I loved Darkseed (1 & 2). But this thread wouldn't be complete without posting a link to what I consider to be the (well, mine at least) "[url=]Alien Bible[/url]". Some of Giger's more "satanic"-ly viewed pieces have been incorporated in the Silent Hill franchise without a doubt. Not credited, but definitely "influenced". Before I started actively posting here, I was playing the new Silent Hill: Downpour (no where near as good as 1, 2 & 3 or "Homecoming" - I don't consider 4 as a Silent Hill since it wasn't originally and it wasn't that good).


MemberOvomorphMay-06-2012 8:54 PM
Yep I grabbed the Alien Makers DVDs a year back ... designed my own Artwork for them ... glad I did as they are NOT included on the Blu-ray Anthology Discs :( ... [b]ALIEN MAKERS DVDS (Torrents):[/b] The DVDs are FREE and are in Public Domain now and Dennis Lowe wants the DVDs to be shared to the masses ... [b]DVD 1:[/b] [url=]Torrent PAL[/url] [url=]Torrent NTSC[/url] [b]DVD II:[/b] [url=]Torrent PAL[/url] [url=]Torrent NTSC[/url] [b]DVD III (Giger Special):[/b] Currently unavailable [b]DVD IV:[/b] [url=]Torrent PAL[/url] [url=]Torrent NTSC[/url] [b]ALIEN MAKER SOUNDTRACK (MP3 Format):[/b] Jon Sorensen also made a special 'ablum' for the Alien Makers series to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Alien (in 2009) called 'Alien 5' ... this too is FREE and in Public Domain ... [url=]Alien 5 - Jon Sorensen (2009)[/url] Gold Dust for sure ... all of it ...


MemberOvomorphJul-02-2012 4:04 AM
Good stuff here. Thanks for posting it.


AdminPraetorianAug-04-2012 8:57 PM
Keep the posts coming guys. Lets get as many as possible here. :)


MemberOvomorphAug-07-2012 11:25 PM
Yes! So many documentaries and movies to watch before summer break is over. Wahoo! Great thread Svanya :)


MemberXenomorphNov-03-2014 12:37 AM

23-Minute 1979 'Alien' Interviews w/ Ridley Scott, H.R. Giger, Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt

This video shows a very old interview with Ridley Scott and others about the making of alien.


MemberXenomorphNov-17-2014 3:44 AM

please remove

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