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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 9:12 PManother thread on here asks "what Alien film did you first see? which got me to thinking... when was the first time i saw ANYTHING ALIEN? i was 9 years old (1979), i lived in Phoenix Arizona at the time, my grandmother would take me and my cousin to carport sales in the Phoenix area, we were lower-working class types, so we'd usually go to the upper-class areas that had carport sales i was thumbing thru a cardboard box that had a bunch of magazines in them, and i happened upon a copy of OMNI Magazine, i opened it, and the double page spread of the Space Jockey pretty much knocked me over...i was INTRIGUED, i had been neck deep in ALL things sci-fi and Star Wars related...but THIS was definitely NOT Star Wars but definitely was sci-fi related, i somehow convinced my grandma to buy me the magazine, and i spent the better part of the week pretty much transfixed on the one powerful image that following week, there was some kids in my classroom literally arguing over a set of bubble gum trading cards, i had a fat stack of my own Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica cards, so i was thinking they were all in a huff over the same cards... come to find out, they were all excited about a set of ALIEN bubble gum cards, i asked to take a look at one of them, and it was (of course) the card of the alien just about to attack Ripley just before he was jettisoned out of the Narcissus again, i was STUNNED, just trying to figure out what "it" was i ended up trading a decent amount of my Star Wars / BSG cards for that ALIEN card, and a few others... i was wondering, what was all of you guys first exposure to anything ALIEN related...??
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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 9:41 PMFirst time I was exposed to anything Alien, my mother was watching Aliens in the lounge room, I must have been about 7 or so I guess? Anyways, I remember walking in first when the Alien attacks Hicks and Ripley in the elevator and Hicks gets acid splashed, Mum sent me out of the room but I wanted to stay and watch, so I walked back in a bit later when Bishop was getting tailed by the Queen and ripped in half. I thought it was a missile launching out of his chest. Got sent out again after that. Stupid parental units not letting me watch scary stuff :-P that is the earliest memory I have of anything Alien. Been hooked ever since :-D
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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 9:47 PMmy first exposure was the ALIENS film around 1986, I was 12. My parents owned a restaurant near Tulsa...there was a guy working there that mentioned he was going to see it and I begged all day to go with him - and to my surprise they let me. He sat in the back with some of his friends and I found some buddies close to the front. I was horrified and amazed at the same time. I was so close to the screen that I felt vulnerable...when it was over, I had gnawed all my fingernails, scooby doo style!! I still have crazy dreams about the xenomorphs (and I am almost 40)...cant get enough of this stuff;)

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FacehuggerMember288 XPApr-28-2012 10:22 PMFurguson VHS with matching curved screen TV in 1982 for me! I was 10 at the time and was forced to watch Alien by my 14 year old sister and 3 of her friends, with no pillow! They had all watched it the day before and thought it would be funny to make me watch it all. Little did they know thier little plan backfired and they introdued me to one of the best sci fi films of all time. I just hope Prometheus brings back some of that tension that was encountered all those years ago.........


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 10:26 PMWhen I was growing up in the 80's there was this mom and pop video store called West End Video....My love of movies was born in that store as I walked up and down the isles, fascinated by the stacks of movies...and I wanted to see so many of them...there were certain VHS tapes I'd pick up to read the synopsis on the back over and over again because, well, they were usually rated R and I wasn't allowed to watch them..... In one corner, there was this one tape I'd come back to with every was silver with a black front, freyed edges and an egg hovering over a grate, cracked and split with green well as the beautifully creepy tagline, "In Space, no one can hear you scream." On the back, it had a small pic of Giger's SpaceJockey and one of Sigourney Weaver with her leg up on a console, staring off into space. I always had to come back to that tape, if only to see that SpaceJockey of which I could not get enough.... Fast forward a couple of years and I can remember eating dinner at this tiny pink table me and my sister used to eat at as kids in the dining room, which was adjacent to the living room where my parents were watching 'Aliens' on tv. My sister and I didn't want to finish dinner and they wouldn't let us watch the movie until we were finished...and even then, when we had, we were forced to watch in on this tiny black and white tv from the 60's in the dining room because my parents wanted to watch something else......I could only remember the special edition scene in the tunnel where the auto-turrets were tracking and firing......years later when we taped it off tv, that scene was missing and it drove me nuts because I knew I had seen it... My first alien film that I saw from beginning to end was 'Alien 3'.....I must have been about 11 or so......I can remember a friend telling me all about it. He'd seen it at another friends house. I wanted to see it so bad as I was an alien fan without ever having seen an alien movie and it was driving me nuts...I begged and pleaded until my mom finally gave in and we rented it for a sleep over.....Not long after that, we taped 'Aliens' off of tv and I was finally able to see that....It wasn't until I was about 13 or 14 that the same friend scolded me for never having seen 'Alien' and practically beat me up side the head for it...we rented it for another sleep over and the rest is history......I'll leave out 'AR' because that was a seriously dissapointing shot at seeing an alien movie in theaters...OH the pain...... I was blessed to 'Alien' in 2003 on the big screen and that was very cool, but I still wish they hadn't asked Ridley to edit a new cut, because I can't stand that so-called director's cut...totally ruins the tension, flow and pacing...but I digress...... Since I was eight or nine, all things 'Alien' have had some place in the back of my mind and to this day I am amazed by that first movie every single time I see it...

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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 11:28 PMI was 25 when I saw Alien here in Los Angeles. I had never heard of Ridley Scott, actually no one had...this was a foreign film, shot in England and it had no profile to speak of. I only learned about this film from an article in Crawdaddy, a rock and roll magazine and it had no pictures of the Alien of course, and only the barest of details. At the time, I was always seeking the latest thriller or monster movie and on the surface, Alien looked like very common fare in that regard....many many films catering to the youth market were always being announced and there was absolutley nothing that distinguished it from any other film of the time. What cannot be related by me to anyone reading this except those who saw it out of the box is what it was like to see this film in it's original era on the big was not a simple routine viewing of a film.... it was an unexpected fundamental shift in one's perception of what film was capable of doing to one's sense of experience. It is frustrating and sad that I am not eloquent enough to accurately describe that experience and I hope that all who see Prometheus are not disappointed....I know that I won't. I've only had this experience twice in my life...the other was seeing 2001 when it came out..again, here in Los Angeles.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-28-2012 11:33 PMForever War....I think you did put it rather nicely..I wasn't born until 82' and yet, as a student of film, I know exactly what you mean.... "What cannot be related by me to anyone reading this except those who saw it out of the box is what it was like to see this film in it's original era on the big was not a simple routine viewing of a film.... it was an unexpected fundamental shift in one's perception of what film was capable of doing to one's sense of experience. It is frustrating and sad that I am not eloquent enough to accurately describe that experience "


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-29-2012 12:38 AMHi everyone. My first contact happened when I was 5 years old. One day my father was watching Alien on TV and I was at his side, I did not know what was about to see. I believe in that same year had seen Dune, the Guild Navigator impressed me a lot. The first images I saw were when the exploration team arrived at the derelict ship and did not believe what I saw, a mysterious and desolate environment ... I thought the hallways of the ship were made of ribs and bones. Seeing Alien under the protective arm of my father is for me a memory that is priceless, it was great being able to see a film that was mature, visceral and transcendent beyond Saturday morning cartoons and Ray Harryhausen’s fantasy films. 40 days... we are almost there!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-29-2012 12:52 AMMy first contact was pretty inauspicious. Accidentally saw it on TV at around 6 years old. It was well into it when I started watching. Something about the white interior of the Nostromo, and the black, polished, bio-mechanical presence of the alien affected me deeply, which I would not realize until many years later when I saw the trailer for Aliens, then it happened all over again.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-29-2012 4:56 AM@Forever War: i get your description quite well i saw a few iconic films from the 1970's in their first runs, the mindset of moviegoers back then was pretty much naive compared to how they are now, it was a time that (sadly) will most likely not ever repeated in that specific wondrous as you stated in your post @craigamore: for some reason, i thought you had seen ALIEN first run in the cinema, your obvious admiration of this film comes thru in all of your posts. its interesting to find out that you cherish this film as though you'd seen it back in 1979 @everyone else....thank you for sharing your memories hopefully, we all will have new and fresh memories to cherish after June 8th....something to look forward to!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-29-2012 11:01 PMMy first exposure to Alien was the scene at the gas station restaurant with John Hurt in Spaceballs. I was very young and despite the fact that it was a joke it still scared my pants off. I also remember my mother explaining what an alien toy was to me in the toy store when I asked. That was probably sometime around the Alien Resurrection. Some years later we went to Disney World and there's this ride where they take you through all these movies like it's a tour. You go through like Cassablanca and other stuff that was not nearly as interesting and then there's Ripley with the flamethrower and all the strobe lights and this stuff starts dripping down on me and the f%! drops down out of the ceiling at you. Scary stuff for a young kid. I didn't actually see Alien until my mother decided I should watch it during seventh grade. Saw the 2003 Director's Cut. I thought it was just about the best and scariest thing I'd ever seen. Still can't watch it alone at nigh. Saw Aliens shortly after that. Although I had to see the other two, Alien 3 and resurrection through my own motivation. That summer I literally spent all my time just watching for times on the television when alien would be on tv, but it never was. Alien 3 was on all the time though. Just about every other night actually, so I watched that religiously. Alien 3 will always have a special place in my heart because of that. That's basically how I first saw Alien. And then some.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-29-2012 11:07 PMThanks Shardy...'Alien' means a lot to me.....


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-30-2012 11:47 AMI too was 9 years old. My dad was taking my cousin, who was 16 to see ALIEN at the local drive-in. I begged to go and somehow was included. I can agree with other posters that seeing a movie back then was quite different. It was more of an event. You couldn't just rent it in 6 months. In most cases, this was your one shot. It was also the only way to get the full cinematic effect, with a huge, wide screen, and superior, surround sound (our drive-in had FM broadcasting, and my dad's car had a quadrophonic sound system, rock-on 70's). So it was a big deal. I'll never forget what I saw! I already loved sci-fi and real space exploration, so I was sucked in from the credits. I was blown away by the incredible realism. As the camera worked it's way through the awakening of the Nostromo, I felt as though I was looking through time, at a reality yet to unfold, far in the future. I'd never imagined real, working atronauts and believed I could oneday work in space as well. Then the SJ. Wow. This was the first believable alien I'd ever seen. It was incredible. As for the Alien: I sat up late on Saturdays watching "Shock Theater" for fun. Those B-movie BS monsters scared for a few hours, then slipped into obscurity. This was different! This thing was transferred via art from someone else's nightmare directly into mine! It seemed real. Somehow horrible and elegant (almost beautiful) at the same time. It was also utterly unstoppable (well, almost). It has resided somewhere in the shadows of my periphery ever since. It was instantly my favorite movie! I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT FOR PROMETHEUS!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-30-2012 12:33 PMWow, this has got to be my favourite topic, so many stories to read and to relate to. My first exsposure to Alien was through this [img][/img] I was too young to see the movie. I used to play it a lot with my friends, and was mesmerized by the monster's appearance, as well as the picture of the SJ seat, which I couldn't quite understand. Some years later I read on a magazine an article about the brand new Aliens. There were no spoilers, no revealing pictures, but I was enthralled by the synopsis but I was still too young to go to a theatre. The first time I got to see Alien I was sent to bed by my parents as soon as the chestburster emerged. Some time later, watching Aliens, I was sent to bed early again, too much strain! Yet they had the power to give me nightmares. The first time I managed to watch them in full was on VHS in broad daylight! A few years later came Alien 3, and I was very excited, but no cinemas in my area showed it! When Alien Resurrection came out I went to see it twice, back to back, but the excitement was followed by delusion. Unfortunately, no cinemas in my area showed the 2003 DC of Alien. I don't think I have ever been so excited for a movie as I am for Prometheus. That's why I am going for the first midnight showing at the Imax. I feel like I am 13 again.
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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-30-2012 3:03 PMNoXWord, I agree, this is the most enjoyable thread I've come across as well! BTW, that game is awesome! I'd love to run across one. Thanks for the great picture. If you get bored, how about some close-ups of the images on the board? Thanks!


OvomorphMember1 XPApr-30-2012 5:27 PMI saw Alien premiere in Philadelphia, Pa. with my oldest brother. I was 18 and knew nothing except for the images i had just seen in a comic store, across the street from the theatre. After downing a few beers, courtesy of my Bro', i was primed and ready....2001: A space Horror In space, only Ridley can make you scream!

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OvomorphMember0 XPMay-01-2012 3:00 AMI have that WHOLE set of trading cards all neatly inserted into card wallets. Perhaps itll be worth something after Prometheus.


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-01-2012 10:07 PMShardy, you & I seem to be part of the GenX generation. I was even a few years younger than you when I saw 'Alien' & it was due to dear ol' Dad thinking that since it was a sci-fi film, then hey, it _has_ to be like 'Star Wars,' right? WRONG! Somehow he managed to miss or ignore not only the 'R' rating, but also the tagline "In space no one can hear you scream." (Well, it _was_ in pretty small text on the poster) So I had the privilege of not only seeing the entire Alien franchise in proper chronological order, but also seeing the original masterpiece that started it all in an actual movie theater. Utter terror aside, I believe seeing 'Alien' at such a tender age rendered me virtually incapable of being scared by any horror film that came afterward. Halloween? Puh-leeze. Hellraiser? So what? The Shining? Nicholson's hammyness spoiled it. Predator? Why should I be afraid of a Rastafarian crab? Carpenter's 'The Thing?' Don't make me laugh. Even though 'Alien' was inspired by the original 1951 'The Thing,' Carpenter's meatball on legs just can't compete with Giger's beyond-creepy creature designs. Now here's a completely off-topic nerdy question that relates to your avatar, Shardy. Why did Scott choose a bio-hazard design that looks exactly like the Purina pet-food logo? As a kid, I wondered about that when I first saw the movie... and geekgal that I am, I still wonder about it!


OvomorphMember0 XPMay-03-2012 7:56 PMJv8r said: "As for the Alien: I used to sit up late on Saturdays watching "Shock Theater" for fun. Those B-movie BS monsters scared for a few hours, then slipped into obscurity. This was different! This thing was transferred via art from someone else's nightmare directly into mine! It seemed real. Somehow horrible and elegant (almost beautiful) at the same time. It was also utterly unstoppable (well, almost). It has resided somewhere in the shadows of my periphery ever since." @Jv8r, I think what made 'Alien' so damn scary was that it _was_ the first, most realistic sci-fi horror film. RS, O' Bannon, & Giger focused on realism because they knew the more like 'real life' they could get their sets, their environments, their creature 'innards,' & their crew's predicaments and mannerisms, the more frightening the movie is. The realism heightens the terror because the audience thinks, "This could actually [i][u]happen[/u]."[/i] I also know what you mean by "it's almost beautiful." The average person thinks one is weird describing a horror film that way. But [i]Alien[/i] does stand apart from all other horror films in this regard. The way light in [i]Alien[/i]'s space & hostile planet is depicted, how the various spacecraft look & move in their environments, the well-crafted design that went into every set, the ever-present feeling of isolation & claustophobia, the care they took to make sure everything had a realistic "lived in" quality, it all adds up to create a very believable situation that [i]could[/i] happen in 200 years (or less!).

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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-21-2012 5:16 AMFor me, I was exposed to 'Alien' right from the very start. It was August 1979, I was 12 and I was reading the daily newspaper and there was a report on this new sci-fi/horror movie called 'Alien'. Being a hardcore 'Star Wars' and 'Battlestar Galactica' fan, I was immediately intrigued. The full-page article showed a huge black-and-white photo of the Space-Jockey inside the derelict which just looked very expensive and very strange - it reported on how different and totally scary this movie was supposed to be and how no-one really knew what the Alien looked like. One day at school my friend told me his sister went to see it and had been terrified which just added to the intriuge. Later that year, maybe October, November(?) one day at a newsagent, there was one of those late-70s/early 80s full-colour poster/magazine totally dedicated to the movie-franchise - I bought it and from that point onward wanted to know everything about the movie (this 1st issue just had interviews, rare publicity-photos, etc This was the first issue - the 2nd issue actually had a full-on, sideview photo of the Alien and I was blown away. I took it to school and everybody wanted to see this photo/magazine and ther general opinion was "WTF IS THAT!?" It just looked hideous...unlike anything Id ever seen before....very weird. All along the bottom of the page said something like: [i]"The alien lives to kill and kills to live..."[/i]The first-ever TV clip I saw was early 1980 for a movie awards show - they showed the clip of Dallas in the air-vent up until he turns around and it's there. I couldn't sleep after that - scared sh!tless!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-24-2012 3:35 AMI was infected by the Alien magick immediatley and forever in about ´88. I loved Star Wars, early SciFis and Horror, too. When I look back I now clearly can say what impressed me the most. It was the movie posters, the design, the overall feel..they were much simpler than todays. I remember just [i]seeing[/i] the poster with the half head of Dawn of the Dead gave me chills. Same with the Alien egg poster, remember? ;) Those were the days, the early 80ies when splatter movies were new and rated the first time. I mean, I was too young in the 80ies I saw Alien on VHS in ´88. Aliens gave me an similar feel as Terminator I. A friend was a collector of Splatter and we watched regulary although I was more into SciFi-Horror..


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-29-2012 6:50 AMPhilly, 1979 11 years old with my mom. Alien and Aliens are my favorite movies of all time to this day.


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-29-2012 3:29 PMPops took me to see ALIEN in the summer of '79 when I was six. "Hey, kiddo. Wanna go see a movie?" "Yeah!" "Well, go get the paper and see what's playing." "What's ALIEN?" "Hell if I know. Sounds like a space movie. You liked STAR WARS, right?" Once the nightmares stopped, I was hooked!


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-29-2012 8:48 PMI guess I was a pretty well-spoken kid and liked to hang out with my older neighbours and their respective friends. These were the early/mid 90's, and we gathered religiously after school to play all kinds of videogames together (Master System, Genesis, NES... Warcraft on my old 486 :p). I remember that some of the older guys absolutely worshipped the Alien movies, and kept talking about how weirdly terrifying this creature was, how they'd never seen anything like it in any other story. Being totally, well... alien to the concept, their descriptions sounded exaggerated and even silly to me. I knew right then it was something I had to see for myself - not with them, though, as they thought it was 'too much' for me; and unfortunately my folks shared their opinion and wouldn't let me watch it. A couple of years went by and one day, I catched this commercial on the TV where they announced they were airing Alien 3 for the first time... along with the previous installments over the course of three nights. Wow, this was my chance. I was 9 years old, give or take, and spoiled enough to have a TV right in the bedroom. So I remember vividly trying to keep myself awake in the dark, counting the minutes just until after midnight so I could close the door and watch them, by myself. Mind you, I had not seen Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001 or any of the like by then, so this was my first true sci-fi / horror flick, and it affected me deeply. So I was positively terrified after just going through the first chapter - but at the same time, utterly fascinated by Giger's/Ridley's vision. It was such a remarkable experience. Many of the less in-your-face aspects of the film stuck with me for a long, long time: the grungy, gritty look of the Nostromo; the oh-so-eerie close-up and fade-out of the Space Jockey; a sweaty, scared-to-death Ripley escaping through these dark, claustrophobic hallways with the Xenomorph lurking behind every corner. Growing up, I found myself appreciating them even more, and how they are still so effective, especially when compared to most of the more recent genre productions. Then again, the bar was set high so early on - and the first three films quickly went on to become my all-time favorites. They are timeless.


OvomorphMember81 XPJul-08-2012 9:59 PMI think I was about 13 when Alien was shown in Australia. From memory it was banned for a while and I think it was R rated... This of course made me want to see it even more as I had seen an image of the Alien in the newspaper and was hooked by its bizzar head shape and strange back tubes. I managed to get a ticket, cant remember if I had any trouble. It knocked my socks off, loved it, scared the **** out of me which lasted for months. Then years later when Aliens came out went to the premier and again instantly became hooked! Stated collecting as much stuff as possible and reading everything to be read. Of course this was before the internet existed so stuff wasnt easy to find....


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-12-2012 11:15 AMWatching the last 30 minutes of Aliens on my friend's iPod in the school library a few years ago. If we're only talking full movies, then Prometheus.


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-12-2012 11:29 AMWhen I went to see Alien, it was raining and cold out in Albuquerque... I saw the posters and the postcards and thought... "hey a cool run of the mill science fiction movie." When the film finished, I walked outside, the rain was still coming down, as I got on my hands and knees and checked the underside of my Volvo.... and then I checked the backseat... finally I closed the door and just sat there... looking out into the world that was change forever...


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-15-2012 3:57 AMI feel so young xD I've had Aliens with me pretty much all my life. I've always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. Huuuuuuge star wars and star trek fan even when I was little, always loved movies like Blade Runner, Judge Dredd, Predator. Sadly, I wasn't able to see any of them in theatres (except resurrection, bleh.) because I was born in the 90's, but I had an older brother who was really into it, and parents who really didn't care what I watched. I remember being so scared watching Alien when I was around 5 or 6. I mean terrified. I couldn't even look at the VHS covers with the egg and the xeno face for several years. I still have nightmares once a week or so about them. Seriously, I think I need a counselor. lol Despite being unable to sleep for years because of it, it's always been one of my favorite movies and series. One of my favorite games, Metroid, was greatly inspired by Alien, and I'm a Tyranid player in Warhammer 40k. I still play the games, watch the movies again and again (just finished watching Aliens a couple hours ago and bought the new Aliens: Infestation ds game a few weeks ago.). For me, there wasn't really a "first encounter" that I can remember. It's just always been there all my life, traumatizing and fascinating me at the same time. I also remember playing with those Kenner toys all the time. I always found it rather funny that they made all these toys, which seemed to market towards kids based on one of the scariest movies (imo) ever. [IMG][/IMG] P.S. Apone is such a badass.


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-16-2012 8:32 PMthe alien trilogy is interesting prometheus is a goo dpoint just because you think they are god it doesnt mean your right.theyre just another alien race trapped in this universe doing what they do!!!


FacehuggerMember211 XPAug-02-2012 12:27 PMI was 9 (1991) yeas old. Mt Dad had bought some films off a bloke from his local pub. One of these was Aliens and with it being an 18 certificate i wasn't allowed to watch it. I wasn't going to let that stop me so that night i crept downstairs late one night and watched it. I was so blown away bu it that i watched it again straight after. Next day, tired as hell, i was telling everyone about Aliens and the action that took place. I heard about a 3rd film and was excited. I collected Aliens comics and started collecting movie mags that had any info on the new Alien movie. Saw the Alien 3 followed by Alien after that. Ever since then I've been obsessed with the first 3 films. That's the short version lol.
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