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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 12:07 PMIf you have not seen CABIN IN THE WOODS, I suggest you skip everything in the theater this weekend, and go see this insane horror-thriller from Joss Whedon. I rather Whedon keep doing something creative like this than something more , uhm, conventional like AVENGERS. As I was watching this movie - whose strength is not in the so-called twist because it is revealed very early in the movie, but the way it keeps surprising you until the really go-for-broke ending - I wish the studio would grant the filmmaker more budget because this is a really fun, crafty, fan-pleasing stuff. Wait until the scene where they go "below.." H*ly crap! This is like CABIN FEVER mixed with RESIDENT EVIL cooked in a heavy broth of HUNGER GAMES with a little dash of EVIL DEAD & SILENT HILL, yea it is that weird! [SPOILERS] In the movie, you learn that there are five archetypes - The Seductress, The Athlete, The Scholar, The Fool & The Virgin - each a sacrifice to a some God/Demon residing below Earth surface. If the sacrifice is not met, the God will go ballistic. The backstory is delivered near the end by none other than ALIEN alumni Sigourney Weaver (!). Every event big small is orchestrated so that the five sacrificial lambs will meet their ends spectacularly. Their blood would seep to the ground to feed the, gulp, God. Literally! Something goes wrong of course and the Fool & the Virgin survive the first round of the sacrificial game. The final shot of the movie features a gigantic hand of an angry God bursting through the titular cabin and slam onto the screen to black. There is also a very cool scene in the movie where the last 2 survivors go through what looks like a gigantic storage facilities of monsters, demons, half-breeds, unGodly beasts throughout human written folklores & history (Something I would expect to see in PROMETHEUS with those temple facilities). This movie rocks on all accounts. We can all speculate about PROMETHEUS plot but no one has explored this angle: that the crew of PROMETHEUS is a sacrifice to the Gods so that He/It can be reborn in a new flesh, just like the subterranean God/Demon of CABIN. The Fool & the Virgin in PROMETHEUS could be represented by David & Shaw. The rest of the crew would fill the Jock/Athlete (Fifield/Janek/Mercs) & Scholar (Holloway) archetypes.
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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 12:12 PMThis sounds like fun EGR101 i think i may try to see it this weekend.


EngineerAdmin23401 XPApr-19-2012 1:16 PMI've kept this one open cause this it's the only one with a reply so far. As for CABIN IN THE WOODS - haven't seen it yet. My girlfriend went to go see it and she said it was "messed up", so I'm hoping to see it soon. Haha
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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 1:27 PM@Bughunter This for deleting double post As for CABIN INTEH WOODS, why your girlfriend said it was messed up? Because if you go in expecting to snicker & throw popcorn at stupid oversexed jocks & their shallow girlfriends, you will be in for a surprise. This is a much more cerebral movie than your typical TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE types. Some members of the audience I was with was laughing their asses off -- callously -- at the "victims". But when the movie cuts to the techs behind the scene (who control trap doors, the climate, release of monsters, basically the fate of the characters etc) callously betting on the victims, laughing their asses off at the stupid victims, suddenly the very same audience kept their mouths shut. The movie does a nice trick of putting a mirror at the audience : these *******s are you!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 1:28 PM@EGR101: You had me going. I wasn't sure this thread belonged here either, but your tie-in toward the end about sacrifice in reference to Prometheus brought it all home. Thanks for letting us know about the film. Sounds like a winner and I look forward to checking it out.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 1:30 PMHave to see it now, thanks EGR101.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 2:04 PMThanks there is another person who thinks the Avengers is generic hollywood ****!


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-19-2012 3:22 PMI went to watch it only be coinsidence. Me and some freinds had been planning to book a Cabin in a Woods for Friday the 13th... Only the person sorting it, said it was over booked, then looked at others and they was too pricey... So then looked at Holiday Parks instead.. nothing came of that. So about a week prior to Friday 13th i saw the advert on a Bus for Cabin in the Woods and thought as thats what we was suposed to be doing on Firday 13th it was kinda a coinsidence and funny that such a movie was out on the same day. We went to see it instead and well it was like Saw, Meets Final Destination, Meets Hills have Eyes, meets Chainsaw Masacre and a few others meets Big Brother. It reminded me of another movie where some Teens end up in a Abanded Factory/Warehouse complex (forgot the movie but it was pants) meets Big Brother. Well i never thought it was a good movie, a decent quirky idea with low budget cast but for me, its a movie to go Rent Rather than go to the Cinema, its kinda in the same category as Final Destinations.

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OvomorphMember0 XPApr-19-2012 3:54 PM@MacroBot1234 Avengers may be "generic hollywood ****". But I'm sure it will be fun as hell to watch. And I've been waiting for a movie featuring the characters I love since I was 4 years old. Its wont be on par with ALIEN, not even close, but not every movie has to be. Some can just be fun...and from what I hear most people are giving it good reviews which honestly surprised me since it looks cheesy as hell from the trailers. One thing that is undeniable is that Joss Whedon writes good character dialog. That's evident in shows like Firefly and movies like CITW. (I never really liked Buffy/Angel, but he does know what he's doing.) And he wrote excellent comics; he had a great run on X-Men comics. So it's nice to have an actual comic writer, write and direct a comic movie.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-20-2012 11:27 AMGood GOD I cannnot believe you just compared Prometheus to CITHW FFS!! It's a fun film but please..............


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-20-2012 8:22 PM @thefacehead Cabin in the woods is a very clever film with an absolutely superb final act. No one on here has yet seen Prometheus ( I presume) so although CITW cannot be compared to it, there is also no reason to assume that Prometheus will be better? The proof will be in the pudding and I am far from convinced that Prometheus is going to be a game changer of a film. CITW though, has already been described as this. Just saying.....


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-23-2012 7:16 PMwatching it tonight.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-24-2012 10:24 PMI am actually watching it right now, LOVE that Coffee Cup !!!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-24-2012 10:32 PMO.K. met the guy at the gas station, so far, Major Rip off of The Remake Of "I spit on Your Grave'' which I just Loved in it's extended directors cut. It's so formulaic but I see why everyone has liked it so far, will check in after I see the rest. Oh, and let's be really really clear, this movie hasn't got a thing On Prometheus, Not a Chance!


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-24-2012 10:38 PMSaw this flick last weekend. Sorry, didn't much care for it. However, it did have a fairly original concept. I'm really surprised it received so many great reviews though. Maybe I was expecting too much. Problem is...I think Joss W. is pretty much a hack. Even though I've enjoyed a smidgen of his television work, it really doesn't transition to cinema very well...for me. Just too juvenile or teenager-ish...and least for me. I hope y'all get more out of it than I did. ~N


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-25-2012 10:22 AMI got tied up last night on these boards so I watched it all from the beginning and just now finished. When I made my first comment last night about how formulaic this film was I was just at the end of the gas station scene at the start...and only a few short seconds later we see "The Bird" do it's thing. So, at that moment I had some hope for this film. I knew what was going on as someone already mentioned because of that short 2 second reveal with the Bird. The last act would have been absolutely tremendous except for the fact that it was completely ruined by and in that it has been done, and recently at that, and was a complete and utter rip off of two films in particular one old and one which ran most recently and which I will not mention so as not to spoil it for anyone else. This thing could have been a magnificent movie if not for the fact that it was just so very incredibly STUPID during several moments and /or scenes...and it's 5 "chosen" principles are all, save for one of them, Chris Hemsworth...such extremely bad actors. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford completely carry this film and if not for them the whole thing is a Major Flop and falls apart at the seems from just deplorable acting !!! All that said, some of the special effects were terrific, especially at the end, in which there is a Major Payoff and it is Grand... and the plot, or story they started out with I think is a strong one...somewhere in the direction I think, It take s a left turn and never quite recovers... ...I think the screenplay is highly original but it was abused. I think Whedon wrote something very smart here and direction and production turned it all into something very dumb. ..But the ending is strong...and redeems the films worth to the Horror Genre some degree and I think in some ways it is relevant as a science fiction tale. In the end I think what we have here are some wonderful ideas that unfortunately were not properly developed and despite all its potential this film is a disaster as far as good film making goes, and at the same time, strangely, entertaining to watch. Lastly, The best part for me, being a true Film Oficionado, or so I like to think was the shock of re-discovering such an Old and Trusted friend from my nightmares and dreams of the 80's, and what freaks me out most is a lot of people will see this film who are younger, and will not even know or understand or be able to recognize whom, exactly it is, they are actually seeing. Those of us OLD enough do, and THIS IS THING THAT DESTROYS ANY CHANCE FOR SUCCESS THIS FILM HAD TO BEGIN WITH...BECAUSE THE WHOLE POINT, THAT IS, IN ORDER TO TRULY ENJOY AND UNDERSTAND THIS FILM AS IT WAS INTENDED, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHO THAT IS...SO VERY MUCH OF THIS FILMS CREDIBILITY HINGES ON THE VIEWER KNOWING WHO THAT IS... sadly so many people just will not know, even a heck of a lot of Older people like myself who either never made the connection or were not paying attention to horror films in the 80's. ***Spoiler of sorts***STOP RIGHT HERE !!!*** *** If you haven't seen this film, stop right now and do not read my last comment BELOW ALL THE STARS*** * * * * * Just so we are clear, in that last passage I AM not referring to the surprise female character...and this time, I recognized her voice immediately...I am talking about "PINHEAD." and anyone that read this far, I hope you recognized him immediately other wise you pretty much missed the whole film !!! i STILL HAVE HIS TIN BOX COLLECTORS CASE OF THE ORIGINAL AND EVERY COUPLE, OF MONTHS i MAKE A POINT OF RE WATCHING THAT INCREDIBLE FILM "HELLRAISER" AND 1 OR 2 OF IT'S SEQUELS WHICH MANY OF US HAVE MENTIONED MANY TIMES ON THIS VERY FORUM.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-25-2012 1:52 PMBump for Forever War


OvomorphMember13 XPApr-25-2012 2:01 PMIf the FOol was On acid it would have made the ultimate end of the world Scoobey Doo Movie, The whole mystery solving crew is there and the R.V. is the mystery van out to discover real Ghosts, Monsters and Aliens.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-25-2012 2:06 PM[quote]f the FOol was On acid it would have made the ultimate end of the world Scoobey Doo Movie, The whole mystery solving crew is there and the R.V. is the mystery van out to discover real Ghosts, Monsters and Aliens. lmao hysterical "Ruh", I love it hahahahaha[/quote]


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-25-2012 2:11 PMthe more I think about it afterwards like this, the more I like that movie even if just as a Friday Night Popcorn kind of date experience. I think it's the perfect make out film, because your date will be so put off by all the blood she'll be "head in your chest" the whole film and shaking like a leaf afterwards. much so,,,she'll be open to anything just to forget what she just saw! LMAO.
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