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TrilobiteMember9516 XPApr-10-2012 7:10 AMSeeing how it is the Alien, and the franchise(s) it inhabits that brings us all here I am wondering what you think of these... [url=]Anchorpoint Essays[/url] The Anchorpoint Essays were written by Mike Lynch, a lifelong fan of the Alien franchise, between January 30th 1997-June 30th 2008. These Essays are a collection of theories and speculation linking the Movies, Comics and Video Games featuring the Alien creature, and as such cannot be considered as canon or definitive. Although a comprehensive insight into the a fans dedication and analysis of their favourite franchise, the theories presented are subjective and incomplete. It is my opinion that any insight taken from these essays should be taken with a generous pinch of salt, and that creative and narrative discretion should be employed while perusing these essays. But I am curious, what are your opinions of these "Essays".

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Werthers Original

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-10-2012 7:17 AMWOW I've got me some reading to do. I'll be back

Kronnang Dunn

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-10-2012 7:24 AMLOL.... It's been a while since I read those.... like 10 years or more. I used to read them when I was deep into the AVP Pc games. They are awesome.


TrilobiteMember9516 XPApr-10-2012 7:27 AMThats one of my problems right there, the content mixes information from the films, comics and video games, and therefore must be taken with a pinch of salt as the comics and video games are extended universe, or in other words not canon.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-10-2012 7:34 AMI remember these essays being one of my favourite websites a loooong time ago (I think the fingers from three hands are needed to count how many years back). I should have an offline version saved somewhere in one of my old floppies, because back then the URL was not that easy to remember and I couldn't bookmark it. Good memories!
Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.


OvomorphMember0 XPApr-10-2012 7:43 AMI did not know this had been done previously, so I guess as this was the first time I ever read them so I was able to be a bit more objective. THIS...section MAY have effected the plot of the film we are about to see if someone like Ridley had known or even considered it, But I do ot think that is likely either for the same reasons you mentioned off the top. -------------------------------- A Brief History and Overview The DNA Reflex (originally termed: "Invasive DNA Assimilation and Modification Reflexive Behavior") was a notion presented by the Weyland-Yutani Biological-Sciences Division in 2180 as a means to explain the Alien's ability to acquire gross anatomical traits from a host through modifications of that host's DNA. This theory - even in light of the events of Fiorina 161 - was initially regarded by the scientific communities, as "ridiculous" and "idealistic" due to the fact that it relied heavily on theoretical genetics. It did, however catch the attention of Colonel Jason C. Abbot, the head of Weyaland-Yutani's Biological-Weapons Division at that time. Despite the public's rejection of the theory, Colonel Abbot pressed several teams of Bio-Weapon engineers to begin further study into the plausibility and possibility of Internecivus Raptus employing what had unofficially become known as the DNA Reflex. Given a three-year timetable Abbot's teams worked under tight security to continue what the Bio-Sciences Division had started. As research continued it became increasingly apparent that what the Bio-Sciences Division had tapped into was not only plausible and possible, but the implications of the Alien's adaptation were both far reaching and terrifying. In 2183 a Classified Report entitled "The DNA Reflex" was issued - it outlined the three year research of Abbot's teams. Little is known of what happened to the report following its release, but it is known that Colonel Abbot met with Brigadier General James L. Carson, Brigadier General Shelly P. Abraham, and Major General Wendy A. Martinez 24 hours following its release. 48 hours after this meeting a second Clean-Up and Examination crew was dispatched to Fiorina 161, and a Survey team was assembled and sent to LV-426 - both teams consisted of several exobiologists, archeologists, geneticists (specializing in pathogens), and a compliment of USCA Corp. of Engineers. In 2185 the newly promoted Brigadier General Abbot released an updated form of "The DNA Reflex" to The Bio-Sciences Division with one additional copy going to the head of Weyalnd-Yutani's Special Projects Division - Rachel Cross. Unaware of the previous report, it was believed by the scientific community that this was the first release of this material - it was hailed as a triumph in further understanding I. raptus, and quickly became the excepted theory. We know now that what General Abbot released was a modified version of the original report form 2183. Material deemed "Sensitive" as well as additional findings from Fiorina 161 and LV-426 were not included, or only mildly incorporated so as to keep the reports up-to-date. It is believed that the complete version of "The DNA Reflex" from 2185, was deemed "Classified" by General Abbot, and subsequently withheld from the public. As a credit to Abbot's teams and the follow-up missions to Fiorina 161 and LV-426 it is further believed that it was Abbot's classified do***entation that spurred Dr. Wren's research nearly 200 years later. Over the following years, as Dr. Wren studied the recovered samples of blood and tissue from Fiorina 161, what was found was that the Alien embryo is not only a member of the deadly symbiosis with its host, but the host's genetic coding undergoes a process such that it is almost completely re-written. It is still not fully understood how such a drastic change can occur within an extremely short span of time (presumed to be 4 to 6 hours). It is also still not clear what percentage of the Alien's genetic code is infused into the host's. It has been presumed that Dr. Wren was aware of this, to some degree, and had do***entation to accompany his findings - however, these records were either lost in the Auriga's destruction, or are classified by the United Systems Military. What was available of Dr. Wren's work showed that the genetic modifications not only force the host organism to create the Alien embryo much in the way it would a cancer, but enhance aspects such as the host's immune system. In the medical records obtained from Fiorina 161 following Lieutenant Ripley's arrival: Lieutenant Ripley had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Hibernation Disorder - a short-term illness caused by a sudden and improper awakening from hyper-sleep. The symptoms range from coma to disorientation accompanied by headaches, soar throat, cough, and/or nausea and vomiting - depending on the severity of the case. The symptoms of this disorder can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days - again, depending on the severity of the case. Lieutenant Ripley was diagnosed with slight disorientation, soar throat, cough, nausea, and minor headaches. She was also diagnosed with minor abrasions and lacerations, and the subcutaneous rupture of blood vessels throughout the cornea of the left eye. Within a matter of 8 hours all recorded symptoms - with the exception of a few lacerations - had completely healed. However, since there was even less understanding of the Alien and its capabilities at that time the healing of Lieutenant Ripley's wounds and symptoms was not associated with the presence of an I. raptus embryo. The following entries include material from the report issued by Weyland-Yutani Bio-Sciences Division in 2180, as well as the public report released by Abbot's teams in 2185. Both are represented to better display the differences in approach between the two divisions, and how we achieved the theories we now have and use. continues but I think my point is clear. The Material is staggering with regards to it's potential implications for and influence on Prometheus. [b]Great Digg Snorky.[/b]

Werthers Original

OvomorphMember0 XPApr-10-2012 9:09 AMThis wasn't as good as I thought it would be but still a good read.
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